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Laura Rueda
Laura Rueda - 2 dagar sedan
Love the people in the background and you talking and laughing 😆
Joja Joka
Joja Joka - 2 dagar sedan
Hi I'm jackleen from Egypt 🇪🇬 ilove u so much 😘😘😘 I am makeup artist baby 🤗 I'm learn makeup from u.. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Jennifer Parkin
Jennifer Parkin - 3 dagar sedan
Eye tutorial?
TheTruth and TheLife
TheTruth and TheLife - 6 dagar sedan
I know you went over it a bit in this vid but Can you do a complete mid-day/evening makeup touch up video please? I have no idea where to begin when it comes to doing a touch up in myself!!!
Graziella Hannan
Graziella Hannan - 8 dagar sedan
Simple... just don’t buy her lipstick and it’ll last lol
Sara - 13 dagar sedan
I love this video so much lol
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Tracey Doyle - 13 dagar sedan
Holy shit u talk so fast my brain can’t keep up with u. Get some Ritalin girl.
Tracey Doyle
Tracey Doyle - 13 dagar sedan
That background is so bright it actually gives me an aura like I’m going to get a migraine. Weird my eyes are.
Jeanine - 16 dagar sedan
She sounds like she inhaled some helium,. and rolled her audio/video on fast forward. This lady is a true MANIAC............and con artist.
Steven Ginger
Steven Ginger - 18 dagar sedan
DE Shave
DE Shave - 18 dagar sedan
You look so much better without the makeup. You are naturally beautiful.
Breanna Estep
Breanna Estep - 19 dagar sedan
I still have issues with my undereyes creasing any suggestions??
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan - 19 dagar sedan
Alissa Gilbert
Alissa Gilbert - 20 dagar sedan
Y’all I’m not sure how to know if My skin is oily or dry and if I’m using the proper moisturizer and primer for my makeup because of that! Can someone give me advice!
wplunkett88 - 20 dagar sedan
Thank you for doing this.
syed rehman
syed rehman - 20 dagar sedan
Gina Marie Appice Hogan
Gina Marie Appice Hogan - 21 dag sedan
Did this step by step for a concert at the amphitheater last Saturday. Lasted 100% perfect in this crazy FL heat!!! Ty!!!
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Jade Bailey - 21 dag sedan
I just came here to read the comments 👀
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Alicia V Sanchez - 22 dagar sedan
OMG this gave me a headache. How can someone talk so fast, so much and so loud. I love her make up but trying to follow along made me anxious.
Maddie Thatcher
Maddie Thatcher - 22 dagar sedan
tayluh herman
tayluh herman - 23 dagar sedan
please send me the products you used in this tutorial 🙏🏼 please lol cuz i need some better products foreals ☺️
Thu Ha Nguyen
Thu Ha Nguyen - 23 dagar sedan
"Magnetic mirror" 😂😂
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Rough Diamond - 23 dagar sedan
Can you please do a tutorial on this eye look, amazing!
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Jincasa Djent - 24 dagar sedan
Jaclyn hill sets her make up with the sperm of young boys, I have proof!
Olga SerpA
Olga SerpA - 24 dagar sedan
christine harper
christine harper - 24 dagar sedan
I can’t get mine face to not look crape under eyes and cheeks? I never had the issue until I hit about 34 now I just have such a difficult time with it. SOS 🆘 also I need to mute chin acne just started getting them at my age lmao help girly? I am super fair, see my profile pic also on Instagram and Twitter @christinebygrave ❤️
Thegaminguyslife - 25 dagar sedan
my question is how do you move ur face.
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Emmy Love - 26 dagar sedan
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Robby - 26 dagar sedan
I’m afraid of clowns... girls I hope you don’t feel that wearing this much makeup is in anyway attractive....
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Norah Alkridis - 26 dagar sedan
Best video thank you!
bdi. H
bdi. H - 26 dagar sedan
i mute the sound throughout the video
Vivian Olivier
Vivian Olivier - 27 dagar sedan
Would u say the mist for mac is a replacement for the can or should I use UD purple and black one?
Arlene Santana
Arlene Santana - 27 dagar sedan
My conceal creases under my eyes all the time no matter what I do to make it stick. Then it will look cakey after pressing in setting powder
deku deluxe
deku deluxe - 26 dagar sedan
@Arlene Santana np
Arlene Santana
Arlene Santana - 26 dagar sedan
deku deluxe Duh!!! Omg I feel embarrassed that I didn’t think of it like that before.... 😭😭😂😂 but thank you! BTW, I tried using the same products but different techniques and that’s helped a lot also. Thank you!!💕💕
deku deluxe
deku deluxe - 26 dagar sedan
Try using a different concealer or not as much if things look cakey that usually means there is too much of something
m b
m b - 28 dagar sedan
Pls no other talk like in this video
danuhlee - 28 dagar sedan
Wait but I want to know how to make eyeshadow last all day, bc that’s the one thing that always fades on me first 😭
waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw
bitches are spamming here now - fuck them all lady COME BACK
Natasha MCC
Natasha MCC - 29 dagar sedan
can u tell us how to heal our cut up lips from your lipsticks?
Natasha MCC
Natasha MCC - 28 dagar sedan
@waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw says the ones whos name is literally waitingfortheworldtoburn
Lori Testy
Lori Testy - 29 dagar sedan
Keep your head up and know things will get better.
Andi Fitzgerald
Andi Fitzgerald - Månad sedan
The world isn’t as vibrant & happy without you.. and we love & miss you so much!!!! I hope you’re doing great 💛
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Taylor Zufall - Månad sedan
Happy birthday!!!! Miss you♡
She has a new insta!!! I found it it’s @jaclynhillyt ON INSTA!!!!
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Nina Buho - Månad sedan
You are a disgusting human being
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Sydney Howard - Månad sedan
I miss you :(
Milagros Essentials
Milagros Essentials - Månad sedan
Sydney Howard I miss her too!! 😔 I'm always checking. I hope she comes back soon. I'm doing a giveaway on my channel (New Pat McGRATH foundation)
Eloise Ingram
Eloise Ingram - Månad sedan
⭕️Could anyone help me please??⭕️

When I put loose powder on my face, it makes me crusty . Because I have really dry skin even when I moisturise and put skin boosters on. But if I don’t set my concealer it creases🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - 26 dagar sedan
Eloise Ingram yeah for sure 👍🏻
Eloise Ingram
Eloise Ingram - 26 dagar sedan
Thank you both, I will be sure to try your suggestions💓
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - Månad sedan
You could put moisturizer on and then your concealer and then your powder you can try different moisturizers and different concealers to see which one works best for you
Milagros Essentials
Milagros Essentials - Månad sedan
Eloise Ingram I have really dry skin. I don't use concealer but I use the Milani set prep Glow powder to set my face, it's incredible. The new Pat McGRATH foundation is great for dry skin. I love it 💗 I'm doing a giveaway on my channel: Pat McGrath foundation (in case you want to enter)
Mariana Castaneda
Mariana Castaneda - Månad sedan
Popping in here to say I miss seeing your face on my screen, I hope you’re well Jaclyn. Come back to us soon💗
heymitchy01 - Månad sedan
So trashy, no class at all.
Jess B
Jess B - Månad sedan
Really missing you and your videos 😕 x
Tania Santamaría
Tania Santamaría - Månad sedan
Jaclyn when are you comming back :(((
Carolyn Suhor
Carolyn Suhor - Månad sedan
Hey Jaclyn, Girl it's been a month. Things happens. Yes the shit hit the fan with the lipstick debacle but, it's not the end of the world unless you let it. Hold your head up and push forward. You didn't get all of these subscribers from not coming online. Please come back and don't let the haters get under your skin. Always move forward and don't look back. ❤
Hope McBeth
Hope McBeth - Månad sedan
Miss u girl. ♥️
Claire Madison
Claire Madison - Månad sedan
I’m still here for you, Jaclyn.
Vertell - Månad sedan
Nicely done!
Ashleigh Woolley
Ashleigh Woolley - Månad sedan
Step one - shave your lipstick
Victoria Lynn
Victoria Lynn - Månad sedan
I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I just feel the need to put it out there anyways. First of all, your true subscribers want you to do what’s best for you. Whether that’s taking some time to heal, getting back into the tutorials and favorites videos we fell in love with, our pouring your passion into your own brand.
Secondly, when you do come back, please make sure you’re ready to come back. I feel like you’ve been so on and off for the past couple of years because you’re coming back into social media before you’ve given yourself time to heal. Give yourself that time. We’re all human and we all need it. Just make sure that when you do come back you’ve given yourself that time of healing and you’ve found that fire and passion that started all of this. The same fire that I saw when I watch my first video of you several years ago doing your foundation in your back yard.
Thirdly, if your own makeup brand is what you want, raise it up and protect it like it’s a fucking baby shitzu. Once you’ve straightened things out, I’m DYING to try whatever product you put out because I still trust your experience and talent with cosmetics. If thats not what you truly want, then don’t put it out. Find whatever it is you most desire and freaking go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, social media, being a brand owner, a full time shitzu mommy, or a freaking clothing designer cause I’d buy that shit too. Bottom line, if YouTube and product creation isn’t what’s going to make you happy, it’s never going to make anyone else happy.
Take care of yourself, and take some time to heal and figure out exactly what it is that you want. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. We’re all just swallowed up by the louder crowd. You taught me what I know, and thanks to you I was finally able to find my own self confidence through makeup. Not because I think I need it to be confident, but because through makeup I’ve learned what features I love about myself. I honestly owe that to you and for that you’ll always have my support no matter what you do with your career. I truly hope that you see this and take it to heart.
Emma  Southern
Emma Southern - Månad sedan
Meg Boudreaux
Meg Boudreaux - Månad sedan
I just got your pallet today and I love it so much
Adrian165 - Månad sedan
Hey jacklyn , idol if you still go on here to read comments ...but hopefully you read mine !!! I really want you to come back to the world I bet you’re going through hard times cause of the social media and I get it ! You want the best for us but you have to remember at the end of the day we are human ... we make mistakes ... it’s never going to be right the 1st ,2nd , not the 3rd it’s all about trying to get it right ... please Jaclyn just come back to do make up videos ... I miss seeing your work online !!! You’ve even inspired me to start my channel it’s coming up soon ... well hope you get better soon and don’t give up just yet I know good things are coming to you . Love you @jaclynhill
Dara st.angelo
Dara st.angelo - Månad sedan
her nails are so bad ...and not in a good way ... they look like press on nails .. yuk get a good nail tech .. well i guess thats the least of this womans worries rt now
Shirley Wangari
Shirley Wangari - Månad sedan
I miss your videos so much 😭😭😭😭
Angela Siame
Angela Siame - Månad sedan
Miss you Jacklyn and hope you’re okay. Pray whatever you’re dealing with, that you get through it victoriously. You’re my makeup GOAT 😘😘😘
Melody's Vanities
Melody's Vanities - Månad sedan
Nikki Walker
Nikki Walker - Månad sedan
Still love you and hope youre doing okay♡
Oceanchild818 - Månad sedan
Tooooooooo fast
aimie85 - Månad sedan
I have learned so much off you jac thank you for that x
Kim Colo
Kim Colo - Månad sedan
Love this video
Audrey Two
Audrey Two - Månad sedan
1) Clean/exfoliate face
2) Primer (something slightly tacky/sticky) she applies w/ her fingers
3) Second primer on t-zone (Jaclyn does this because she sees pores, so this isn't necessarily for your t-zone)
4) Press foundation onto face using a damp sponge (thin layer initially, then a second application if preferred) *sheer/dewy products will always move
5) Oil-free concealer on t-zone using damp beauty sponge (be attentive at nostril creases)
6) Set undereye area w/ powder lighter than your skin tone (but not w/ translucent powder)
7) Set face w/translucent powder by pressing w/ beauty sponge
8) Touch up w/ colored powder using brush
9) Setting spray, maybe too much ;) Jaclyn uses a little fan to dry the setting present - don't move your face muscles!
10) Looking cakey? Use a damp sponge (no product) & gently touch everything up
11) Apply bronzer w/ fluffy brush
12) Bake at & under cheek contour as well as outside nose contour, especially along nostril creases, using translucent powder
13) Do yo brows & eyes
14) Brush away baking powder
15) Apply blush w/ fluffy brush
16) Use same, non-translucent powder on chin & areas on both sides of the nose
17) Apply highlight
18) Set w/ setting spray
17) Highlight again then press it into skin w/ sponge
18) Do yo lips
*For touch ups*
1) Spray setting spray on damp sponge and tap all over face
2) Apply powder, highlighter etc if needed
Coraline Brown
Coraline Brown - Månad sedan
Thank you for doing this! I was getting dizzy trying to keep up 😂
Leah Ellyson
Leah Ellyson - Månad sedan
My question is how does your bottom lash mascara not leave vague black smudges under your eyes throughout the day?
Jessica H
Jessica H - Månad sedan
I watched your videos from day one, loved them... haven’t watched you in a long time and this video 😔 who are you anymore? Showing your breasts on camera but blurring them? Cmon. Have class and decency. I’ve always commented and been a lifted of you when ppl were mean. I’m not trying to be mean but I don’t even see the down to earth Jaclyn anymore. Your body is your temple. It is not for the world to see just bc kardashians do it doesn’t make us cool or right in the eyes of the lord. I won’t watch another video.
mary quintana
mary quintana - Månad sedan
I miss you pls come back
Amanda Nicole Hoffman
Amanda Nicole Hoffman - Månad sedan
My tip is not using your lipsticks
tjbmom3 - Månad sedan
Miss your makeup tutorials ❤️
Lady Kush Mua
Lady Kush Mua - Månad sedan
Just stop sis you are no longer a influencer .. you did good by deleting all your social media but you forgot one platform ..YouTube !! Delete your channel once and for ALL 🗣 no one believes you’re lying clout chasing ass ppl like you I can’t stand you’re only in it for the money bitch step aside and let new upcoming influencers shine and do better!!!
El Pablito
El Pablito - Månad sedan
Riya Vyas
Riya Vyas - Månad sedan
So informative 💕
Becca M.
Becca M. - Månad sedan
:( I miss Jaclyn!!
Sandie R
Sandie R - Månad sedan
Is her eyeliner tattooed?
Giao Bui
Giao Bui - Månad sedan
Why does her skin always look soooo flawlessss!
Katie Hanson Photography
Katie Hanson Photography - Månad sedan
Does anyone know what shade she’s using for the Lancôme Absolue powder?
Crystal Perales
Crystal Perales - Månad sedan
I’m barely learning how to do my makeup and I have oily skin, so I wanted to know what good setting powder and baking powder is good for my face
Laura Spain
Laura Spain - Månad sedan
Girl dont go again to that nail technitian because she or he dont know how to glue getting sick seeing that high tips.....btw I never watched any video of you I dont knew who are you and girl ...get a real job....your videos are pure garbage 🗑