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"Perfectly Natural" by Victor Alonso-Berbel
For Wanda and Zach, Future Families is a lifetime opportunity: a virtual parenting system that gives their baby access to a better life. But they soon realize this technology may come at a higher cost.
For first-time parents Wanda and Zach, Future Families is a lifetime opportunity: a virtual childcare system that gives their baby access to a better life. Sponsored by the company where Wanda works, this technology allows her to leave her son connected to a virtual version of herself while she works additional hours.
The possibilities are endless: the baby can learn anything that Artificial Intelligence teaches him, has medical support and is always taken care of by the virtual mother.
Who hasn’t believed that technology would make their lives easier-only to find there’s often a downside? Wanda will soon realize that her company has a secret agenda, and this technology may come at a higher cost.
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Samantha Brody
Samantha Brody - Timme sedan
Black Mirror who?
Everything Ph14
Everything Ph14 - 14 timmar sedan
hey let’s try watching these without reading description
just let whatever hits us hits us eh?
unknown unknown
unknown unknown - 2 dagar sedan
Peanut B
Peanut B - 2 dagar sedan
Death stranding?
Antonio Bonaparte
Antonio Bonaparte - 3 dagar sedan
Mit dem 5G werden sie so eine totale Überwachung und Kontrolle aufbauen. Und deshalb wollen sie ja das bar Geld abschaffen und das man nur noch mit dem Handy oder dem Chip oder Tätowieren bezahlen kann so wie es in Schweden und in anderen Ländern schon lange ein geführt würde und gut funktioniert. Offenbarung und Daniel kann man nach lesen in was für eine Zeit wir eigentlich jetzt schon Leben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🧐
BlazingFiregamer 9
BlazingFiregamer 9 - 3 dagar sedan
So if there is a blackout the baby just dies.
hailster05 - 3 dagar sedan
As a sibling I find this to literally be terrible... spending time with your family is important... it builds strong relationships and bonds... things that can't be replicated by machinery. It doesn't matter if its missing an opportunity, family is most important... and knowing that this is a possibility scares me in that sense... This was extremely well done and definitely shows how important spending time with your children is... and despite this being horrifying in the traditional way... it was the scariest thing to imagine as a part of a family, as a sibling and for those who are parents
Bohouš a Max
Bohouš a Max - 3 dagar sedan
How this baby poops? Max have to shit soo much
cliff onator
cliff onator - 4 dagar sedan
Free market solutions
Tommy Pickren
Tommy Pickren - 4 dagar sedan
We already have this;; " State intrusion in the family unit ",,, public school, welfare, law enforcement, and so much more....
Hey, how is that eutopia working out for ya?????? Did your kid get shot at school? Were they one of the shooters???? Yeah; think i will pass!!!!!!!!
Flávia Prattes
Flávia Prattes - 4 dagar sedan
Deus me livre disdo!!!
Tecnologia do demônio.
rosana cruz
rosana cruz - 4 dagar sedan
Pôr favor alguém coloca tradução em português, não entendi nadinha disso, que agonia 😱 🤪😵
Esmeralda Lopez
Esmeralda Lopez - 4 dagar sedan
And here I am, thinking about the cool phone the mom has.
Wakane - 4 dagar sedan
When I first see you're putting some "mind device shit" on a perfectly health baby, I know it's gonna turn sh*t.
Comedy Funny xp
Comedy Funny xp - 5 dagar sedan
Inspired in Black Mirror?
My Heart LORD Jesus Christ
My Heart LORD Jesus Christ - 7 dagar sedan
That is evil ... world science and social media will destroy both our physical and spiritual life. . . .
Esther Torres
Esther Torres - 7 dagar sedan
ohhhhhhh .... personalmente prefiero la enseñanza por método natural...y disfrutar de mi hija a todas las horas del día... Jajajajajaja
Boran Bulut
Boran Bulut - 8 dagar sedan
People who watch black mirror :
Antonio Bonaparte
Antonio Bonaparte - 8 dagar sedan
Traurig Zukunft! Eine totale Überwachung der Welt! Vielleicht kommt es noch soweit. Aber ich hoffe das ich das nicht mehr miterleben muss. Aber die Technologie haben sie ja fast dafür heutzutage dazu. Es kommt alles wie es in der Bibel geschrieben steht, eine totale Überwachung Staat.
MANVI SHARMA - 8 dagar sedan
Imagine if they forget to pay the electric bill 🤣🤣🤣
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer - 8 dagar sedan
The baby is much happier real life sucks 🤣
Headscrew - 8 dagar sedan
So ein Käse..
Gif Gif
Gif Gif - 8 dagar sedan
Такие же отношения между родителями и третьими лицами сушествуют и сейчас, и существовали: между деной и мужем , между матерью и ее Матерью (мол бабушка предлагает взять себе доя себя внука, пол предлогом -пусть дочь работает )-психологический газлайтинг имеет множество нитей
marie el
marie el - 8 dagar sedan
اكو عربي يشرحلي بلييز😑
Elena Battaglia
Elena Battaglia - 9 dagar sedan
Isn't that what's already happening with phones?
Jessy Rodrigues2018
Jessy Rodrigues2018 - 9 dagar sedan
Espero que nunca se torne real.
Pink Daisy
Pink Daisy - 9 dagar sedan
Anyone else have some strong Saiki-k vibes from seeing the thumbnail?
SabdeX - 10 dagar sedan
Detroit : Become human
Larry Roberts
Larry Roberts - 10 dagar sedan
Some parents don't spend time with their children in real life so this is at least something giving time to even though it is missing human interaction touch
Géza Rácz
Géza Rácz - 10 dagar sedan
Szegénykém még álmába se hagyják 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Grimyuu - 10 dagar sedan
Thumbnail: *exists*
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 10 dagar sedan
stolen by black mirror.
Oleg Polishchuk
Oleg Polishchuk - 10 dagar sedan
Black mirror be like
Katie Flynn
Katie Flynn - 10 dagar sedan
"You should get the orange soda it's really good"
"Ok I'll have an orange soda"
"I'll have the strawberry"
"Yeah, strawberry soda for me too"
Water Under The Bridge
Water Under The Bridge - 11 dagar sedan
Watch his first sentence be “Hello, I’m the baby sent by Cyberlife.”
TaLorde Hornbro
TaLorde Hornbro - 11 dagar sedan
OMG! That was soooooo smart! Can someone Please tell me how something can be so Smart and Meta at the same time? Cuz that's really hard right? My Mind was BLOWN watching this! 'Specially the "twist" at the end, when you find out the short-film was a Hammer the WHOLE time! And I'm a nail! (*spoilers) It's a Hammer, and we're all Nails! Nails! NAILS! NAILS! NAILS! NA!LS! NA!LS!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿
JR Reed
JR Reed - 11 dagar sedan
Mason Michaelis
Mason Michaelis - 11 dagar sedan
Detroit becomes human enters chat
Jan Pohořelický
Jan Pohořelický - 11 dagar sedan
Does not make sence that much...
Rafaela Ojeda
Rafaela Ojeda - 11 dagar sedan
Porca miseria: ma è proprio angosciante che, una coppia virtuale si goda il bambino, ed i veri genitori non possono nemmeno prenderlo in braccio, eppure debbono fingere che sia tutto a posto. Meno male che, è solo finzione, UFFFFFFFFF. 👍👍👍 Buon video.
mr. meme man
mr. meme man - 11 dagar sedan
Hi my name is connor I'm the android sent by cyberlife
Fat Fairy
Fat Fairy - 12 dagar sedan
This could be an episode on black mirror
Gadah Al mojil
Gadah Al mojil - 12 dagar sedan
وش اسمه؟؟
Lady Bug
Lady Bug - 12 dagar sedan
Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean the baby doesn’t have physical needs. Like being fed, changed, clothed, etc. which makes me think if the baby is being left their to waste away?
Анастасия Рубец
Подскажите название фильма?
concerned boi
concerned boi - 12 dagar sedan
Mom: *completely fine with turning kid into a robot*
Dad: *searching for divorce papers intensifies*
Debbie Joyner
Debbie Joyner - 12 dagar sedan
xbryana6 - 12 dagar sedan
Are those AirPods pro 4:24
Wilson Dias
Wilson Dias - 12 dagar sedan
GRATO muito obrigada gostei
Barney Barnett
Barney Barnett - 13 dagar sedan
Tanner H.
Tanner H. - 13 dagar sedan
What? It just ends like that? I want more!
ErinOcelotl :3
ErinOcelotl :3 - 14 dagar sedan
If something like this ends up being real one day I -
Captain Meliodas
Captain Meliodas - 14 dagar sedan
Ahhh this literally black mirror like-
Eleonora Bultrini
Eleonora Bultrini - 14 dagar sedan
Kelli Bauer
Kelli Bauer - 14 dagar sedan
*gets a virus*
Devin Durm
Devin Durm - 14 dagar sedan
“Describe Dusts content in one word”
Victoria Anne
Victoria Anne - 8 dagar sedan
@Devin Durm mmm could be
Devin Durm
Devin Durm - 10 dagar sedan
Victoria Anne If your screen is hot maybe
Victoria Anne
Victoria Anne - 10 dagar sedan
@Devin Durm It like glides when I move my screen up and down. Is tha not what it's supposed to do
Devin Durm
Devin Durm - 10 dagar sedan
Victoria Anne .....?
Victoria Anne
Victoria Anne - 10 dagar sedan
Oh my god how is your profile picture moving like that
tim knight
tim knight - 14 dagar sedan
I don't know what everyone is talking about this is a normal thing
Name not found
Name not found - 14 dagar sedan
Easy there HAL9000.
A. D.
A. D. - 14 dagar sedan
Moral of the story
"Dont have other people watch your kids, do it yourselves!"
hannah barnes
hannah barnes - 14 dagar sedan
I feel like soon enough, we all just gonna be giant sims.