Sci-Fi Short Film "Perfectly Natural" | Presented by DUST

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DUST - 4 månader sedan
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Зулфия Гулямходжаева
Ээээ,DUST,а чё ,на русском языке слабо что-ли?Можешь общаться на русском языке?Есть русскоязычные,ауу???
Nili Adler
Nili Adler - Månad sedan
I don't like it,it's not perfectly natural
liza lara
liza lara - Månad sedan
Is like the Twightlight zone episodes!!. I like it!
Isabel Lovely
Isabel Lovely - Månad sedan
Soo you can just steal ideas from black mirror
Gruntology .9
Gruntology .9 - Månad sedan
DUST damn Google spying on us. I found a photo of this show and wants to watch it. Forget about it again lol and now here is a trailer to see it. After I downloaded it today from google photos
Carolyn Cotton
Carolyn Cotton - 16 timmar sedan
This is terrifying! There is NO WAY I would hook my children to something like that. So sad
*GamingWithBekah* - 20 timmar sedan
Even though it said "SHORT FILM" I thought this was a movie trailer... I'm dumb 😅
This is Jordi
This is Jordi - 23 timmar sedan
How does the child eats?
Mieneil Zah
Mieneil Zah - Dag sedan
Oh i dont like it. It better not exist. It never bring any good to any parenthood
Mieneil Zah
Mieneil Zah - Dag sedan
U didnt like those technology.It rarely bring any good for any future generation.Except separation
Between realities and virtual realities
Mieneil Zah
Mieneil Zah - Dag sedan
This is no fiction.Are you galactic federation?Why
Those technology. That too real to be call fiction.
That no fiction. It will happen whether human ready
To accept or not. Nothing new on earth.All just repeating
ASHWINI REDDY - 2 dagar sedan
Wait is that it I wanted see more
Finn - 2 dagar sedan
End stage capitalism. Work becomes your life, but we still need you to have kids because we need more cogs to run the machine. You won’t be able to raise them though because we need you working 80 hours a week in order to give you just enough to take care of your family. Oh, & you won’t be able to retire either.
ignorance iseverywhere
ignorance iseverywhere - 3 dagar sedan
This is some Black Mirror stuff
Mercy Mathitu
Mercy Mathitu - 3 dagar sedan
Hello black mirror
Lan Anh Nguyễn
Lan Anh Nguyễn - 5 dagar sedan
Squizzy Galor
Squizzy Galor - 6 dagar sedan
thts fkn horrible. who i=on earth would do that and raise a child like that?
Donte Wurreebootett
Donte Wurreebootett - 6 dagar sedan
This is kinda sad
sakib azad
sakib azad - 7 dagar sedan
The fact gaming channels have more subscribersthan this
JulianneHell - 7 dagar sedan
El argumento es bueno, da para un capitulo de Black Mirror
Sne ha
Sne ha - 7 dagar sedan
Why all the screen are transparent or white, that's difficult to see, make em dark!
Sne ha
Sne ha - 7 dagar sedan
So did he learn Chinese or not?!
Brendah jules
Brendah jules - 8 dagar sedan
This is definitely going to happen in the future and if it's upgraded that you can carry your baby how you want and the system allows it. I guess it's a good go.
Markial Gardner
Markial Gardner - 8 dagar sedan
I want more
GOOGLE VIVA051919 - 8 dagar sedan
i'd rather believe in the idea of 3210 nokia being auction in the near future 😂
jacqueline schael
jacqueline schael - 8 dagar sedan
The most sinister day care service ever.
iamcats - 9 dagar sedan
If this was EA you would need to buy loot boxes/ loot packs for clothes/furnishings and dlc for actions and learning also you would need to purchase time slots to see your children, also dlc to add you in as parents/ humans as you start out as a non humanoid and need dlc to upgrade, expansion packs are required for your children to see other children
A Non
A Non - 9 dagar sedan
I think there could have been more added to this video
Crystal A
Crystal A - 9 dagar sedan
Black mirror
Shaun Gould
Shaun Gould - 9 dagar sedan
Her boss clearly recommended it to her because it makes her a better employee, not because it was good for her.
Shaun Gould
Shaun Gould - 9 dagar sedan
This is both completely believable and totally terrifying.
Omowunmi - 9 dagar sedan
Bootleg black mirrors
Shoto *vix* Todoroki
Shoto *vix* Todoroki - 9 dagar sedan
If a computer told me I couldn’t hold my baby I would have got full mama bear mode and take my child..... if I had one
meg nemo
meg nemo - 9 dagar sedan
If you dont want a kid to raise get one of those silacone babies instead. I thought we all figured out this was bad news when we watched the matrix movies.
Marilisa Verbicaro
Marilisa Verbicaro - 10 dagar sedan
Schrecklich!würde es nie erlauben oder mitmachen!Kinder brauchen Realität und echte wärme und liebe
just kidding yall mmm
just kidding yall mmm - 10 dagar sedan
Whats the name of the movie?
kel storm
kel storm - 11 dagar sedan
glad you sorted the audio, on playlist it was really off. Loved it now i could watch it 😀
Keith Gannaban
Keith Gannaban - 11 dagar sedan
I wish I have a phone like that lol
Fariba Deljo
Fariba Deljo - 11 dagar sedan
Wth did I just watch. Freakishly horrifying
Allassandra Egan
Allassandra Egan - 11 dagar sedan
the baby is so cutr
Killer 48
Killer 48 - 11 dagar sedan
So just imagine trying to feed your baby and not being able to and the monitor just says "Sorry, we are updating ur baby" like wtf yall making him turn 2 without waiting one full year or what
Vincen Alfoncius
Vincen Alfoncius - 12 dagar sedan
Jaidin Borenski
Jaidin Borenski - 12 dagar sedan
Wanda: **Puts Max back in the machine**
Husband: **Tries to comfort her**
Wanda: **Walks past him out of the room**
Harald Pettesen
Harald Pettesen - 12 dagar sedan
Very good video, small movies make great luck. Short films are in
sarahx87 - 12 dagar sedan
DaSheng Catarina
DaSheng Catarina - 13 dagar sedan
Why is the title of the video in portuguese? 😂😂 I think it was a mistake. But nice short!!!
judy valencia
judy valencia - 13 dagar sedan
The mom was so creepy.
David Kutzler
David Kutzler - 13 dagar sedan
You're not my real mom!!!
Julie - 13 dagar sedan
9 hours a day?? don't u need to feed him or change the diaper??
Summer Mix
Summer Mix - 13 dagar sedan
I believe her boss (I think that was her boss) told her about scifi mother and father is to keep her late at work and keep her from missing work. Because said we need you here and you are all star worker. The mother should have removed that device from her son's face. Why do you think her boss didn't want that for her kids.
Vitor Silva
Vitor Silva - 14 dagar sedan
Rodger Myles
Rodger Myles - 14 dagar sedan
Now and in the future the best way to achieve is by hard effort. There are many parallels in this film. We need to think not about AI itself taking over but being used as a tool by the elite to more effectively control the average citizen.
Cavsome - 14 dagar sedan
The saddest and scariest thing is ...this is now. I don't want to raise my child so I let the internet and the school teachers raise him. I'm so rich my nannies will take care of him.
go girl
go girl - 14 dagar sedan
What in the hell did I just see