Norway vs. Sweden - Game Highlights

Katteenn - 7 dagar sedan
that last goal for sweden was so nasty
Marika P
Marika P - 7 dagar sedan
Norway good in skis but suck in hockey :p
Marika P
Marika P - 7 dagar sedan
dentist linguist
dentist linguist - 8 dagar sedan
I thought that Norway would perform better. I'm thinking of how the commentators pronounce Larsen vs Larsson. Or is there a player called Larsen in the Swedish team? I know, they haven't the easiest job in the world.
ZyX - 8 dagar sedan
There is only a Larsson and a Ekman Larsson in sweden's team
name changes allowed every 90 days
Грозный IVAN
Грозный IVAN - 10 dagar sedan
How is it that Norway and Sweden are like almost same people yet Norway just sucks in hockey? like Finland has their shit together lol.
Jonas Mattsson
Jonas Mattsson - 9 dagar sedan
It's because hockey isn't popular in Norway, they only have around 50 hockey rinks in the entire country. Instead they're into skiing and silly sports like curling.
Teö - 9 dagar sedan
Грозный IVAN Sweden and Finland is the only nordic country that can play hockey.
Mr. Everson
Mr. Everson - 10 dagar sedan
Norway mby u can try something against us- Latvia, but if u play like this, u look worse than Austria.
Labus Labas
Labus Labas - 10 dagar sedan
det är ju förbjudet att aga barn i Sverige
it's prohibited to punish children in Sweden
Matouš Rett
Matouš Rett - 10 dagar sedan
Greetings team sweden from czech republic
Simon Johansson
Simon Johansson - 7 dagar sedan
Thank you 🇸🇪
Filthy weeb #SBG
Filthy weeb #SBG - 8 dagar sedan
ur trash
Anthony Spanbauer
Anthony Spanbauer - 10 dagar sedan
Norway could use zuccc
20LEGEND - 10 dagar sedan
henkkazor - 10 dagar sedan
Did we expect something else?
Peter Karel Kraus
Peter Karel Kraus - 10 dagar sedan
Wow, a blowout. In skiing it would be Norway's to lose.
Евгений Львов
Евгений Львов - 10 dagar sedan
Вратарь дырявый пиздец)))
FreddieBear1 - 10 dagar sedan
Well deserved Sweden👏👏👏👏
My countrymen have nothing to contribute with after a tough start like that. Also many poor power play opportunities wasted in the first period. Hopefully by next years we will have better organized rosters + a coach that can plan ahead and build. When Norway won in 2011, that team were also a group with inexperienced players, but the lines had more chemistry, and the team fought with more passion. Hopefully we can bring it back in the future.
aziz sadeqi
aziz sadeqi - 10 dagar sedan
Both countries are just shit🖕🖕🖕
Saruman is my mom
Saruman is my mom - 9 dagar sedan
Is that why Sweden has won 2 years in a row?
Michal Pastrnek
Michal Pastrnek - 10 dagar sedan
Sverige og Norge er fortsatt brødre
Michal Pastrnek
Michal Pastrnek - Dag sedan
Jonas Sarwari Svensker har flere bedre spillere enn nordmenn
Jonas Sarwari
Jonas Sarwari - Dag sedan
Hvorfor er sverige så gode enn vi nordmenn?
Fiskgratäng 2
Fiskgratäng 2 - 6 dagar sedan
Måns - 7 dagar sedan
Niklas öhman
Niklas öhman - 7 dagar sedan
Det är vi absolut.
Joacim Samuelsson
Joacim Samuelsson - 10 dagar sedan
The Norwegian team probably forgot to take asthma Medicine before the game.
John Smith
John Smith - 9 dagar sedan
+20LEGEND totaly right
20LEGEND - 10 dagar sedan
Gahahahaaa😂 precis de ja tänkte skriva!
Vitaly Arkharov
Vitaly Arkharov - 10 dagar sedan
Давно так шведы не били своих западных соседей! Inte granne, dock!
Ludde Andersson
Ludde Andersson - 10 dagar sedan
Ingen som snackar om Hörnqvists alla styrningar hittills? :DDD
John Smith
John Smith - 5 dagar sedan
Denna videon är bara goal ...Hörnqvist...epic strong och en hejdare på spelbygge...
DanTheMan - 10 dagar sedan
Nhl: shows saves , attendance and goals.
IIHF: Shows only goals
Ziddel - 9 dagar sedan
Just watch the match live. It's not that hard
Libor Kundrát
Libor Kundrát - 10 dagar sedan
I think it's done so you have to watch the games themselves, rather than wait for the highlights.
Galet Gött
Galet Gött - 10 dagar sedan
Great done Norge.
Galet Gött
Galet Gött - 10 dagar sedan
9-1 to Sweden. Wow!!!
LissAnDrA - SVENSKEN - 11 dagar sedan
Respect to little Brothers, im so happy and we got Klingberg in Sweden today but next match is in thursday against Austria. ❤🇸🇪❤
Turtle Reed
Turtle Reed - 11 dagar sedan
Let’s go boys Sverige
CD Smith
CD Smith - 11 dagar sedan
Sure, it was a blowout, as expected, but that goal Norway got looked damned good.
adamski2 - 11 dagar sedan
its nice to have denmark and norway in the big cups. cheer for them when sweden is not playing! dont give up
Icon of Sin
Icon of Sin - 11 dagar sedan
Good hockey 🏒
TERRORISTÄ - 11 dagar sedan
Livä ä än fäst!!!! Häll mä om dä fålk å fä!!! 🍺🍺🍺🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🍺🍺🍺🍺🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🍺🇸🇪🍺🇸🇪🇸🇪🍺🍺🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
ApplejackJack _
ApplejackJack _ - 11 dagar sedan
Hey look, Nylander did something. Wish he would have helped Toronto out in the playoffs 😔
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
I agree Staffan that a lot is on the coach however if you like in "lill-nyllets" case sort of go on strike for higher pay/ you state that you're worth close to superstar money then you have to deliver either the coaching is bad or not....he did get the ice time and it's about how he use that time with that pay. I actually know his father pretty good and it is hockey related, it is a lot of the same in him as his father and that is the bad parts. However with the right coaching and he in a good mood he deliver well over that pay...sadly he is not consistent enough...that is my opinion and as I said I only know his dad but I see a lot of Micke "Nyllet" Nylander in him.
staffan144 - 10 dagar sedan
+Andy Woohoo its just a warm up so far. But its also about coaching, getting the most out of the players, which is the job of the coach, rather than placing all blame on the players for not producing
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
Limpis, of course it's not NHL...different skill level, different rink, different rules etc.
Limpis - 10 dagar sedan
Leafs would still have lost the series even if nylander played like this. Also want to point out that hes points comes from the game vs Italy and Norway. No nhl caliber teams
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
Well there are simple things as coaching, it could be that he did not get the same role as in the national team...I'm not a fan of him but to be fair he is good with the coaching that suits his style, same as it was with his dad.
TheOxux - 11 dagar sedan
Just asking why do we have to have so many lopsided games like this in the World Championships... It is of course nice to see some domination and beautiful goals but it doesnt make any sense. There's way too many teams who are there just to give the better teams a chance to improve their goal difference and thats all.
staffan144 - 10 dagar sedan
+TheOxux its actually a chance also for the good teams to warm up and find their play. Usually the best teams have players (new rosters) that have seen each other only for a few days and the teams need a few 'practice games' to find their way before the real tournament starts in the playoff.
Limpis - 10 dagar sedan
+TheOxux the countries themself should try to solve it. The hockey culture in the countries that go between group A and B are often very small. They are certainly good but not as good as the big ones. There is no "middle ground". Only good teams and "bad" teams. But when you think of it, hockey is a pretty small sport around the world.
TheOxux - 10 dagar sedan
+Limpis well not really that, those two teams in the World Cup were a bad idea in my opinion, because they dont represent their own countries and the other teams do. But would be nice if the IIHF find a solution how to minimalize lopsided games like this in the WC
Limpis - 10 dagar sedan
+TheOxux btw having a group with worse teams seems a bit wrong. The best teams should go to the quarterfinals imo. I shouldn't be that one group is easier for the sake of it.
Limpis - 10 dagar sedan
+TheOxux when nhl hosted the "world cup" or what ever it was called(NHL's own world tournament in 2017 separate from the "normal" iihf world cup right now) the major countries got their own teams (Sweden, Russia Finland Czech, USA and Canada only consisting of nhl players from that country). Than they added two other teams. One European team consisting of the best European players (not including Finland, Sweden,Russia and Czech). The last team was north Americans under the age of 22 or 23 if I remember correctly. Do you want something like that? The "less good" teams piled up into one?
Otvor Ociska
Otvor Ociska - 11 dagar sedan
Harry - 11 dagar sedan
Nylander leading the tournament in scoring, who would have thought about that.
JD Marshall
JD Marshall - 9 dagar sedan
He's good when he shows up on time
vtt355 - 10 dagar sedan
It's easy to score a ton of points against Italy, Norway...
TheOxux - 10 dagar sedan
Obviously not the Toronto fanboys
Joel Årsjö
Joel Årsjö - 10 dagar sedan
LissAnDrA - SVENSKEN - 11 dagar sedan
Im not suprised he is very good and the best player in WC 2017.
Тайлер Дерден
Тайлер Дерден - 11 dagar sedan
Viking battle
Pyck3 - 4 dagar sedan
+Éinar Tøril ligma ballz.
Éinar Tøril
Éinar Tøril - 4 dagar sedan
+Pyck3 not nordic, but scandinavian u re
Steve Yzerman
Steve Yzerman - 10 dagar sedan
+Krotiz There is no viking DNA, 'vikings' belong to the northern descendants of the Germanic Race..
JappaX1 - 10 dagar sedan
@krotiz Sweden, Norway, Denmark settled in Iceland during Viking area, they're pretty much Scandinavian
henkkazor - 10 dagar sedan
+Johnny Snow yep, they aren't.
TheViktivator - 11 dagar sedan
Respect to Norway, keep on going guys
MuffyCakeMan - 11 dagar sedan
The 9th goal tip should be used more. That was a thing of beauty
John Smith
John Smith - 5 dagar sedan
Amazing tip score....All in on that
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen - 11 dagar sedan
We suck so bad we shouldnt be allowed to play
Alexander Fooy
Alexander Fooy - 11 dagar sedan
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen Perhaps you’ll beat Italy and maybe Austria.
whiteninja 267
whiteninja 267 - 11 dagar sedan
Markstrom and Petterson the goats
Loui Eriksson
Loui Eriksson - 9 dagar sedan
Im doin better
Ali Boroumand
Ali Boroumand - 10 dagar sedan
Petterson -1 in a 9-1 win. Yup, goat. 😂
Анатолий Зимин
Анатолий Зимин - 11 dagar sedan
Избиение младенцев продолжается
Ennis Del Mar
Ennis Del Mar - 11 dagar sedan
ohh I think Sweden will go far this year beating the hardest opponent in the tournament with 9-1, looking visious.
TERRORISTÄ - 11 dagar sedan
Ennis Del Mar zvidjét is the best
Momo Tillo
Momo Tillo - 11 dagar sedan
iam Pontus
iam Pontus - 11 dagar sedan
Close game 😉
Derp Derpson
Derp Derpson - 11 dagar sedan
+iam Pontus han drev också uppenbarligen
iam Pontus
iam Pontus - 11 dagar sedan
"Almost had it"? I hope you knew I was ironic
Ennis Del Mar
Ennis Del Mar - 11 dagar sedan
yeah, unfortunately for norway, they almost had it. you know the saying "live by the sword, die by the sword".
Drink Water
Drink Water - 11 dagar sedan
Jag chansade på 7-2 till Sverige innan matchen.
Men pöjkarna bjöd över.
Redigt fin match rakt igenom, och vissa stunder var det konstverk efter konstverk!
Och bra kämpat av Norrmännen ändå, speciellt med målet i slutet!
Respekt att hålla i och inte ge upp!
Mathieu B
Mathieu B - 11 dagar sedan
Wtf was that goalie doing
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
I think his best.
PlaGue - 11 dagar sedan
Rip Slovakia 🇸🇰😭
Anton Johansson
Anton Johansson - 11 dagar sedan
Norway had a shitty game i mean come on Norway thats just embarassing, you have done a bad tournament so far
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen - 10 dagar sedan
Anton Johansson True, but we are not too bad in handball
S W - 10 dagar sedan
Norway should stick to skiing, they’re shit at any other sport.. :/
Johnny Snow
Johnny Snow - 11 dagar sedan
+Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen Yeah It's quite embarrassing.
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen
Jørgen Midtsian Johnsen - 11 dagar sedan
Anton Johansson we suck thats it
S E - 11 dagar sedan
Still respect brothers of Norway. Well fought
FreddieBear1 - 10 dagar sedan
S W I guess I'll follow more skiing when other countries becomes more competitive ;) However for now I'll stick to watching hockey. My team needs the support (especially now lol)! I do enjoy the sport, and I enjoy supporting underdogs, so the Norwegian national team is a perfect match for me! Haugen is great for sure, even became the MVP and a champion in the EBEL playoffs this season. Unfortunately he needed a break with new born child and wife, so that's why he is not playing. I think Rosseli Olsen, Ken Andre Olimb and a non injured Patrick Thoresen would also help a lot. Possibly also a new coach (or the previous one before Daddy Thoresen)!
S W - 10 dagar sedan
FreddieBear1 You guys are great at skiing, should stick to that hehe. But yeah, the team is in a need of a mayor change. Lars Haugen is a legend tho, underrated as hell.
FreddieBear1 - 10 dagar sedan
S E I appreciate the kind comments, however as a Norwegian I have to accept the fact that it wasn't good enough. I know we have a lot to learn still, but we can do much better than what we proved in this game. Hopefully by next time we face each other, it will be more exiting and competitive!! Good luck with the rest of your tournament.
vtt355 - 10 dagar sedan
+Vertti Niskanen torille &suomen maailmanmestaruuden
Vertti Niskanen
Vertti Niskanen - 10 dagar sedan
+vtt355 torille & niilo22 kommenttien
AhXon - 11 dagar sedan
Norway did well i most say for losing big to Sweden.
Well Played Sweden and Norway.
Alex G
Alex G - 11 dagar sedan
Lundqvist should've had that one
Alex G
Alex G - 11 dagar sedan
+Anton Johansson Oh shiiid! Sorry didn't actually see the match so had no idea they let Markström stand this time
Anton Johansson
Anton Johansson - 11 dagar sedan
Alex G its Markström 😂
Alex G
Alex G - 11 dagar sedan
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
Well we can hope they win / I'm a Swede but anything can happen..:Lundqvist did not look to good and sadly I think his glory days are over.
Alex G
Alex G - 10 dagar sedan
+Andy Woohoo Well if team Sweden doesn't win this year then I can at least still feel like a winner. A small victory but still🥇
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
lol well I just have to be an @ss because I'm jealous not winning anything... however good sport Alex ;)
Alex G
Alex G - 10 dagar sedan
+Andy Woohoo Sorry. first time actually, and when the opportunity showed I couldn't resist😁
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo - 10 dagar sedan
Congrats, you win the can now go to any rink and ask for a cross check in the face... "First" is the lamest post in any video on SEzone...more lame then a goat in a skirt and lipstick