It's Time To Stop This Content Thief

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Jaeden Bennett
Jaeden Bennett - 4 minuter sedan
Ketchup would be a jelly though right?
Steelier - Timme sedan
After this I’m cool with article thirteen
Thomas Haines
Thomas Haines - 2 timmar sedan
Amy schumer steals jokes all the time lol
Jesse - 2 timmar sedan
They're all a bunch of Jimmy's and Timmy's anyways. Fuck 'em.
Jesse - 2 timmar sedan
File a class action lawsuit against them.
ZeusGamingPro - 2 timmar sedan
You know as much work as you put into all of this, you had to stop and think at some point, what will this really do? I mean in the long run. Absolutely nothing. There are millions of accounts on instagram constantly stealing other peoples work and posting it. This is just one major account, however did it really make an impact? No. Sure he will stop for being publicly criticized for it. However other accounts will not. He still post memes and gets paid I’m sure, but yes he does credit them now. Does that really matter? No.
Daniel Nielsen
Daniel Nielsen - 3 timmar sedan
Just a bit ironic Amy Schumer of all people doesn't like that someone steels other people's jokes and content.
Siddhant Bharti
Siddhant Bharti - 3 timmar sedan
Notice FIlthyFrank on the left side of the wall!
Lisa R
Lisa R - 3 timmar sedan
5:03 hahhahaaqhhqhqhqhqhqhqhhq
Robert Beauchamp
Robert Beauchamp - 4 timmar sedan
When your stepdad comes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Chaqara Prod.
Chaqara Prod. - 5 timmar sedan
3:08 you fricked up h3h3
Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson - 8 timmar sedan
Morgan Salgat
Morgan Salgat - 8 timmar sedan
big laughs! what a gaff guys! great job elliot!
Loopy Panda
Loopy Panda - 8 timmar sedan
wasn't fuckjerry also briefly mentioned in the fyre festival doc on netflix
躍るDD_ChO - 8 timmar sedan
FuckJerry is the reason why Article 13 was made
боркегзэдаанщхэьтшщ большой человек
only funny person left on youtube
Aaron E.
Aaron E. - 9 timmar sedan
Frick aint a four letter word
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra - 9 timmar sedan
First comment
MattSlinky - 9 timmar sedan
(kid copy and paste articles from Wikipedia for his assignment)
...."eh, whats the worst that can happen?"
...."how do i make money? Ill use what i learnt at school!"
(copy pastes memes the internet for his "career assignment")
...."eh, whats the worst that can happen?"

Good job school system
*slow clap*
CGN Fake
CGN Fake - 9 timmar sedan
Memes turned from something that people were probably made fun of for enjoying 6 or 7 years ago but now its just fuckboy fiesta.
Unseen 28
Unseen 28 - 10 timmar sedan
This makes me violently angry, even more the people that give these people a platform
Europai - 10 timmar sedan
This was good video. Wouldn't have heard of these guys if it wasn't for you.
Europai - 4 timmar sedan
+Armando Ramon why would that make me happy?
Armando Ramon
Armando Ramon - 4 timmar sedan
Europai and you are happy Because of it?
Arnold Strong Numero Uno
Arnold Strong Numero Uno - 10 timmar sedan
Thank you
Killa - 10 timmar sedan
I can’t think of ANYTHING that Ethan stole from FilthyFrank...
Ben Richrds
Ben Richrds - 10 timmar sedan
He is the meme machine
ZXxsniperMsrXx - 11 timmar sedan
Amy schumer is the one who invented stealing stuff off other people
Jacob Henson
Jacob Henson - 11 timmar sedan
is this the new content cop?
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox - 11 timmar sedan
Dang. . What a freak
Nav S
Nav S - 12 timmar sedan
frickjerry unfollowed! frick that guy dude.
Angel Perez
Angel Perez - 12 timmar sedan
The trump one is easy, just off the top of my head "when grandpa comes to visit except 5x more greedy and 10x more orange" lol ik im lame
Armando Ramon
Armando Ramon - 4 timmar sedan
Angel Perez wat
Joey D
Joey D - 12 timmar sedan
Tebele is a hebrew last name...
Wonder who could be behind this one!
Tovvie - 4 timmar sedan
h3h3 is jewish too tho
Will Rivera
Will Rivera - 12 timmar sedan
Oh so you're telling me with 7billion+ people on the planet, the joke you supposedly made up all originally wasn't said before or done before? Hmm. Seems to me that no comedian or actually any person can be original at this point shut the fuck up
Sarah Bonneau
Sarah Bonneau - 13 timmar sedan
frick frickjerry
Black Sticky
Black Sticky - 13 timmar sedan
Why.. and how the fudge is this happening!? HOW the fudge can you be famous by actually STEALING someone else stuff? Why is people so fudging brainless? Like stealing from Disney is "soo wong" but I can take shit from other people becuse their not super big businesses?
Black Sticky
Black Sticky - 12 timmar sedan
I just saw their instagram.. It's just.. stolen posts from people.. AND THEY HAVE 14.1 milion followers!? How the fudge!? It's just garbage! People!.. why, the heck, are you following this shit!? My thoughts of humans brains rotting are getting more and more confirmed every day. Fudge.. man...
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan - 13 timmar sedan
You know you’ve stolen to many memes once Amy Fucking Schumer is calling you out
Skid1288 - 13 timmar sedan
When even A*MY SCHUMER* hates you for STEALING *J O K E S* you probably should stop having any internet connection ever
Isaac 272
Isaac 272 - 13 timmar sedan
They’re not memes, just tweets
Nick Naval
Nick Naval - 13 timmar sedan
Ethan you need to realize all meme accounts except for the ones on reddit steal memes, this ones just making money
BeatBeatPunk _
BeatBeatPunk _ - 13 timmar sedan
"Backed by comedians such as Amy Schumer, ..."
~Best joke 2019
Coolhand 118
Coolhand 118 - 13 timmar sedan
I would totally expect this video to be removed within the next month... because of *copyright*
Kathleen Magley
Kathleen Magley - 13 timmar sedan
his vibe is super dull
Cholly Sa
Cholly Sa - 13 timmar sedan
Is this a green screen or is the lighting just weird
Sir Frosty Coldswarth
Sir Frosty Coldswarth - 13 timmar sedan
oMg gUys DiD AmY - IrOny - SchUmer acTually LiterAlly unironicallY cAlL thiS MaN Out For SteAling FunnY JokE ....... OMG THe IRoniC IronY Of AlL off ThE IroNy.. hOleee ee e scHmUcK
Administrator Skye
Administrator Skye - 14 timmar sedan
Song at 0:30 ?
Afterfall 81
Afterfall 81 - 15 timmar sedan
Dan Lawrence
Dan Lawrence - 15 timmar sedan
They really stole that logo? Hahaha
3721 Pesos
3721 Pesos - 15 timmar sedan
Content sheriff
anthony LLJ
anthony LLJ - 15 timmar sedan
why did you say Amy Schumer after saying comedians
Jewish Dad
Jewish Dad - 15 timmar sedan
i don't identify with these normie memes
G22 - 16 timmar sedan
idk some of fuckjerry's memes are good and actually relatable
sideeffect - 11 timmar sedan
They're not his
Ryan Foley
Ryan Foley - 16 timmar sedan
When you realize an “when you” memes are not memes
Pignarteoto - 16 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice the Brandon Rodgers reference
_ 9YearOld _
_ 9YearOld _ - 19 timmar sedan
Why does this video sound like 1000 ways to die?
skantiloak - 20 timmar sedan
When will he be invited into your podcast ?
Daniel Roberto
Daniel Roberto - 21 timme sedan
I give credit even when i put memes on my ig stories, why tf do they refuse so bad to do it, it takes 10 seconds at most
Jack Fee
Jack Fee - 23 timmar sedan
is that joey salads
Maiaynoose’s Comment
Unfortunate - Dag sedan
With your curly hair you look exactly like my driving instructor. But he never laughed at all and only talked to me when i fucked something up. Definately not cool.
Gringus Bingus
Gringus Bingus - Dag sedan
Content cop, Content stop
Mikky Hunter
Mikky Hunter - Dag sedan
*_Is there a perfect formula?_*
*_F*ckJerry: I don’t know is a good example for it._*
D🅰️mn, this ♑️♊️🅱️🅱️🅰️ can’t even steal grammatically correct sentences
Yunus Elmas
Yunus Elmas - Dag sedan
At the end of the day jokes are meant to make people laugh and be told on. Not everyone ever hears/sees the joke you might have seen multiple times.
Callum Parkes
Callum Parkes - Dag sedan
Short bus of award shows hahahahahah
Fin Redinger
Fin Redinger - Dag sedan
they're reposting normies
DiscoverSooke - Dag sedan
So you create a 16 minute video rant about people stealing other people's content yet you use their stolen content to create your content? And you're making money from this? My head hurts...
sideeffect - 11 timmar sedan
How is he using their stolen content? My head hurts.....
Liam - Dag sedan
I steal memes and gay quotes
Game Review
Game Review - Dag sedan
Stfu... even your content is not good
Abatteries - Dag sedan
You're just jealous, Ethan! There's so much work that goes into finding a good post to make. It's so much harder than making your own content! You heard Elliot, it sometimes takes him a couple of HOURS to find a post. I don't think any "comedian" has ever taken that long on any of their "original" content. Comedy is boring and antiquated. This is the new generation! You better get jiggy with it
(P.S. fuckjerry is my favorite group ever. I hope to meet jerry some day, as i think he's the funniest of them all)
Xcel Fantom
Xcel Fantom - Dag sedan
wait so if i owe money on to my credit card company, does that mean they can take away my *V-card?*
this is a *joke* btw
Greezy - Dag sedan
Broooooo i've been saying fuck jerry (no literally fuck that guy) for years.
Motherly Bear
Motherly Bear - Dag sedan
I think H3 has better before, but at least he's getting a bit better than all 2017 and 18
Shanarose Hartie
Shanarose Hartie - Dag sedan
Shorty Awards is sooooo cringey
Uranus InBanana
Uranus InBanana - Dag sedan
We need a punishment for those issuing false DMCA
Uranus InBanana
Uranus InBanana - Dag sedan
God my own trash memes are better than his own created memes
whiteman withoutdark
whiteman withoutdark - Dag sedan
hh nice advertisment to him :D
DuxD - Dag sedan
Never thought I’d find “comedians” worse than Amy Schuler.
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
Oh yeah good cover up with the youtube channel. Youre into killing people.
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
Ive got another body not on this earth. You will all die soon. Hope you see this ;)
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
You will see:)
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
You look dumb
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
You arent jesus. Sorry. Your little drone lizard died in my brain.
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
And I rose like jesus btw. Im kind of jesus.
JUAN PABLO - Dag sedan
Ummm go u follow frickjerry after watching this
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
Luckily Ive still got my intelligence and big heart.
zap zip
zap zip - Dag sedan
Looks like joey salads
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
It was you bro youre the reason im a drone
Tyler Dotson
Tyler Dotson - Dag sedan
The plan failed. That hoe thinks Im a lizard now
Albert Hammons
Albert Hammons - Dag sedan
Damn I liked you guys until I found out how liberal y’all are... I fear people will unsubscribe because your snowflakes
When She Shows You Her Moves
When She Shows You Her Moves - 16 timmar sedan
He’s made fun of liberals tho
N Wilt
N Wilt - 2 dagar sedan
They should all ban together (class-action lawsuit)!!!
Death plaz
Death plaz - 2 dagar sedan
Please react to ali a ps5
Skiizeh - 2 dagar sedan
they started to credit people 🌚
No Thanks
No Thanks - 2 dagar sedan
I hope one day that you can make better video's again ,but I can't continue to support this diluted and misguided content.
Dylan Hines
Dylan Hines - 2 dagar sedan
He couldn’t even come up with a quick thank you speech. You’re the only person on YouTube I sometimes watch. Props my dude on being original and funny.
TheFuryLivesOn - 2 dagar sedan
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor - 2 dagar sedan
Prank invasion kisses his sister.... Come on Ethan and Hila, we need that sweet content from you on this juiciness
Hanate's Gaming Show
Hanate's Gaming Show - 7 timmar sedan
He already talked about that video on Shane Dawson Did WHAT With His Cat?!
EXE - 2 dagar sedan
Is that beanie to hide grey hairs
Benny Hp
Benny Hp - 2 dagar sedan
Literally the daddy of youtube 😂
LeoInuPC - 2 dagar sedan
It'd be pretty damn cool if they died of cancer.
Riley McMann
Riley McMann - 2 dagar sedan
You should do a new prank invasion video. On his new scandal
Ya DADDY - 2 dagar sedan
H3 falling off 🤦🏼‍♂️😢
Caitlyn G
Caitlyn G - 2 dagar sedan
h3h3 or shane dawson conspiracy theory vid