We Must Stop This Millionaire Content Thief

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JMPeRager - Timme sedan
Never even heard of them before...
Then again, I barely used Instagram sooo....
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean - 9 timmar sedan
😂 Ethan has big dick energy these people are going to make memes go extinct
Jboy Lman
Jboy Lman - Dag sedan
Don’t call it the short bus award! That’s insulting to people who ride a short bus IRL!
William Matthews
William Matthews - Dag sedan
when she asked them to meme the trump photo they should have just said "hamburger"
Labyriiint - Dag sedan
08:44 that was some creepy shit
Sulaf Altwairgi
Sulaf Altwairgi - Dag sedan
Frick you Jerry.
Jesse Wanderss
Jesse Wanderss - 2 dagar sedan
this is the bad side of the new media "gold rush" it is a gold rush. its highly unregulated right now and there's so much opportunity. might have to make my own commentary on this topic soon. (with fort nite b roll of course)
Jesse Wanderss
Jesse Wanderss - 2 dagar sedan
dang. poor adam samberg... what a thief...
Mei Ling Zhou
Mei Ling Zhou - 2 dagar sedan
fuckjerry now does "credit AND consent" lmao
Mr. Reptur
Mr. Reptur - 2 dagar sedan
I really thought the person in the thumbnail was Joey Salads
pwfordever - 3 dagar sedan
That’s kind of Ethan to include amy schumer in the list of comedians
Teo Georgalas
Teo Georgalas - 3 dagar sedan
Is this supposed to be new, Instagram has been stealing memes from reddit since the start of time.
Angela Wynter Palermo
Angela Wynter Palermo - 3 dagar sedan
Uhhhhh unfollowed him I never did
alexander velasquez
alexander velasquez - 3 dagar sedan
J Patch
J Patch - 3 dagar sedan
Move over comedy 😂
Mobile_drug_dealer - 3 dagar sedan
I make 75,000 a yr
Aaron Horowitz
Aaron Horowitz - 4 dagar sedan
Why doesn't someone just start a class action lawsuit against them? They've stolen from thousands of creators over the years.
me - 4 dagar sedan
This was Pain.
MetaL BraiN \m/Extreme Metal Enthusiast \m/
Amy Schumer? That’s ironic.
taserrr - 4 dagar sedan
Isn't that plagiarism? Isn't that what lawsuits are for?
a person
a person - 4 dagar sedan
two months later...
ftrwrwbg - 5 dagar sedan
I never knew there was an entire stealing content award show
Tovala Cram
Tovala Cram - 5 dagar sedan
Harrison Tucker
Harrison Tucker - 5 dagar sedan
I swear all these Instagram meme accounts are gonna end up being multi millionaires..
MrMarieBlanc - 5 dagar sedan
Dude, I'm just distracted by Hila's beautiful art. Papa bless, y'all
Silentsam90 - 6 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or does FrickJerry look like a younger, evil Ethan?
Lique Mora
Lique Mora - 6 dagar sedan
$75,000 per branded post... *cries over degrees*
Emcee Sky
Emcee Sky - 6 dagar sedan
how do thy get away with this without being touched
Emcee Sky
Emcee Sky - 6 dagar sedan
just throw these guys off the 10th floor of a building
AnishGokhale - 6 dagar sedan
Where is your supppper coolll intro!??
i am inevitable
i am inevitable - 6 dagar sedan
Its like they want to anger redditors
occultist.powers - 6 dagar sedan
if amy schumer calls you a joke thief you know it's fucking bad
Cockzinga - 6 dagar sedan
People who follow this page are too braindead and sedated to give a shit if the pagerunners are content thieves.
RonaldoHoy - 6 dagar sedan
unfollowed fjerry after watching this video. dude's an ass.
Kawaiifu - 6 dagar sedan
now i've been wondering for at least a dozen videos now, is that kang or kodos on your wall? cause if its kang...
Garrett Howard
Garrett Howard - 6 dagar sedan
5:00 FOX 13 Memphis! I watch that station
Lenny Geoffrey Linoir
Lenny Geoffrey Linoir - 7 dagar sedan
I was expecting Greed Theft Auto. I read it wrong.
Frederik MHz
Frederik MHz - 7 dagar sedan
if money weren't a thing, all these creeps would be "acknowledged" psychopaths, now they are just unacknowledged psychopaths
Stevie the stunna Stawniczy
Stevie the stunna Stawniczy - 8 dagar sedan
Has he ever made his own meme
Gakrel - 8 dagar sedan
Man fuckjerry
Chelsea Brazelton
Chelsea Brazelton - 8 dagar sedan
So no one has caught on to this before interviewing him and giving him awards and money?! Anything is possible
Abdulrahman - 8 dagar sedan
I swear , ethan is the best dancer , he is so smooth with the rhythm he dances on.
Papa bless
Old Couches
Old Couches - 8 dagar sedan
everytime I watch h3h3 I get pissed off at youtube
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny - 8 dagar sedan
Wait there was an award for this memes and shit?
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny - 8 dagar sedan
People who shove been nominated, Grandayyy dolan dark flying kitty and many more
Js äV
Js äV - 8 dagar sedan
4:11 The phrase is: "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" Even the presenter can't steal things properly.
dermetaller15 - 9 dagar sedan
You should become a journalist. Oh yeah and a dancer, great moves!
Gamer_is_hacking 1
Gamer_is_hacking 1 - 9 dagar sedan
Dam thought this was dateline
Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva
Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva - 9 dagar sedan
Sad thing is that their instagram is still alive and strong.
Charts JvChonte
Charts JvChonte - 9 dagar sedan
Love it
Rita Fernandes
Rita Fernandes - 10 dagar sedan
4:30 to 4:49 were probably the cringiest seconds of my entire year. yikes
Meme Menu
Meme Menu - 10 dagar sedan
Anyone else thought it was Joey salads in the thumbnail
Emmett M
Emmett M - 11 dagar sedan
where are he actual meme accounts like grandayy and bepisman ( don't kow if I spelled them right)
Pfitz - 11 dagar sedan
Seriously, why do all these guys look just like Joey Salads and SoFlo?
yogi bear
yogi bear - 11 dagar sedan
As for the "meme this" moment it could've been "when your wife leaves but she didn't realize she left the biggest baby in charge of the other babies"
"When your baby fever actually gets you pregnant and you realize what you've done"
"Put us down orange man WE KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE"
ckeeky zekey
ckeeky zekey - 11 dagar sedan
12:56 When you steal so many jokes that you need to jump on a bandwagon to get some attention off of yourself...
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy - 11 dagar sedan
Amy schumer bringing justice to joke thieves is like The Joker arresting Bane...Except the joker is funny
Elvis Joner
Elvis Joner - 12 dagar sedan
When a bunch of normies invent an award for normie memes.
Finndontsin666 _____
Finndontsin666 _____ - 12 dagar sedan
Oh no he had the F word oh noooooOOOOooooo
Mattblaze1477 - 12 dagar sedan
The guys at Fuck Jerry are absolute 100% frauds.
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour - 12 dagar sedan
I thought that was Joey Salads.
goose - 13 dagar sedan
YaBoyBillson - 13 dagar sedan
am I an asshole for genuinely hoping these guys get hit by a truck
Deniz Ece
Deniz Ece - 13 dagar sedan
I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that these journalists don't recognise the format and font of those posts that are clearly stolen cropped tweets. Isn't Twitter THE platform that every journalist uses? You'd think that every person who has seen Twitter before would notice that immediately.
Seth - 13 dagar sedan
He stole content just how you stole Sam Hyde's style
Peach Tea
Peach Tea - 12 dagar sedan
Seth oh come off it people have been over this for years including San Hyde
Foken Jo
Foken Jo - 13 dagar sedan
How amusing, I laughed when Ethan said Amy Shumer, since her career is based on theft. Gotta love that irony.
ChanoBeats - 13 dagar sedan
Sometimes you sound like a bitch
Canon - 13 dagar sedan
if its 75k you could atleast offer the creator like 20 bucks and they would be happy ffs
XxGalaxy RozezZ
XxGalaxy RozezZ - 13 dagar sedan
Pfff a smoothie? Everyone knows ketchup is a jam. You don't drink ketchup unless you're fucking weird. You put that shit on food to make it taste better like a jam.
Benjamin Mairs
Benjamin Mairs - 13 dagar sedan
FrickJerry is like an Alabama abortion law...nobody gives a damn about creators
Buk Lau
Buk Lau - 13 dagar sedan
What a time to be alive...making millions for nothing
ColourfulSushi - 13 dagar sedan
I can't believe there's actually an award ceremony for memes.
thebigwarthog - 14 dagar sedan
You can just look at these guys and tell they’re douches.
WilltheLemon - 14 dagar sedan
We are giving awards to,people for retarted memes 😶😶
James Annone
James Annone - 14 dagar sedan
10:04 When Baby ni🅱️🅱️as meet Santa in the summer
Drip System
Drip System - 14 dagar sedan
These guys need all that money for future legal fees cmon guys
Drip System
Drip System - 14 dagar sedan
HA "this is you weve all done it" am I right guys. Sarcasm is dead. memees
Jhoangelz7 - 14 dagar sedan
this guy is real life Mr. Satan
Ezekiel Morrison
Ezekiel Morrison - 14 dagar sedan
100% of reddit users understand that memes die when they're posted on Instagram
Andrey Pokhvalynskiy
Andrey Pokhvalynskiy - 14 dagar sedan
What happened to Nord VPN? I’m disappointed.
Col83 - 14 dagar sedan
Right or wrong, for 10 million, who wouldn't do this of they could? I would.
Razzy1312 - 15 dagar sedan
6:19 *JESUS CROIST!!!*
jordjust09 - 15 dagar sedan
Kyle B
Kyle B - 15 dagar sedan
Nice Rob Dyke parody
jeff dinkleburg
jeff dinkleburg - 17 dagar sedan
im breaking one of these thiefs jaws if i ever see em
Netronos X
Netronos X - 17 dagar sedan
6:17 you didn't bleep out the first part of jerrys name, Lel

Edit: and a bunch of times 12:51 onward
Joj Cena
Joj Cena - 17 dagar sedan
1:30 are these dudes literally selling solo cups?
Pdx Mama
Pdx Mama - 17 dagar sedan
That stupid "journalist" on ABC news is the whole reason why people don't trust the mainstream media, bc they don't do their homework.
kelly maganini
kelly maganini - 17 dagar sedan
Great video but all I could think about is the fact that FRICK IS 5 LETTERS NOT 4
LightBlazeMC - 18 dagar sedan
how did i read this as grand theft memes
A C - 18 dagar sedan
You can't even repost anymore, even when you do give full credit and tag them in the photo and in the comments that is visible people will still complain and report you lol. So you can never really win unless you have more subscribers than the person your trying to repost.
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan - 18 dagar sedan
Why is it every single comic he listed (12:48) are the same list I'd give of horrible leftist ironically unfunny comics.
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan - 18 dagar sedan
This video, and all reaction videos, are content theft. This video has 3.2 million views, and would not have happened without the content it's using to react to.
There is no original content here.
A TC - 19 dagar sedan
7:57 sociopath convention
Penngrove Cartwright
Penngrove Cartwright - 19 dagar sedan
You can read fuckjerry on the first convo screenshot
Donald Harer
Donald Harer - 19 dagar sedan
I guy has hacked my friends Instagram accounts and he has admitted that he is Elliot Tebele and works for Jerry media. He is now trying to extort him and destroy his accounts!
Sawzaw78 ʕ•̫͡ ʔ ʕ•̫͡ ʔ ʕ•̫͡ ʔ
This is the GallowBoob of instagram
Tha nos
Tha nos - 20 dagar sedan
This is a joke but you are dressed as a thief
Telendil - 20 dagar sedan
Why not sue them???? Its always the same with content creators. Just collect 200 people they used stuff from and sue them together for the money they made and for potentail loses because they solte the work that could have made others popular.
momeитo Мояi
momeитo Мояi - 20 dagar sedan
The fact that making something as stupid as a meme for a career and having nominations for it ? I didnt know that it was a job or that there was a meme stealer or a tabele dude to steal them and making cash...