Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

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Bobbi heart
Bobbi heart - 19 timmar sedan
A family friend of ours used to take small packets of soy sauce and drink them straight by themselves
DEW W - 2 dagar sedan
I used to eat mustard by the spoonful, and drink A-1 directly from the bottle.
Sir Shitsalot
Sir Shitsalot - 5 dagar sedan
Who does the dishes
KAHE Edmonds
KAHE Edmonds - 7 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or do Rhett and Link ALWAYS tie? Just wondering...
Hattie Hughes
Hattie Hughes - 7 dagar sedan
Link, the whole video: ViNeGaR
Stephen G
Stephen G - 8 dagar sedan
Link this episode: VINEGAR
Ray Con
Ray Con - 8 dagar sedan
The taller guy with the beard likes Walmart soda Walmart catch up were you born in Alabama
Daniel Vinas
Daniel Vinas - 8 dagar sedan
Guys I found Waldo
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - 12 dagar sedan
Using a paint brush is the most hip way to eat mustard
Leilabeth Ledford
Leilabeth Ledford - 13 dagar sedan
How is dukes not name brand?
G . i . t . M .
G . i . t . M . - 13 dagar sedan
La Choy has some of THE best sweet n sour sauce. They have the regular red sauce and one with duck sauce mixed in. Both are highly recommended
Josh Smith
Josh Smith - 14 dagar sedan
After watching this video, I need to go listen to bon jovi
Ravens Brood
Ravens Brood - 14 dagar sedan
Heinz 57 hands down..
brofenix - 15 dagar sedan
Ramicon? What is that?
Cora B
Cora B - 18 dagar sedan
They’re just eating mayonaise
The Stout Family
The Stout Family - 19 dagar sedan
Why are rhett and link dressed like they are celebrating Memorial Day/independence day? Lol.
{GD} NarrowMaxx
{GD} NarrowMaxx - 19 dagar sedan
Texas Pete is famous
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - 20 dagar sedan
Why are Alaskan natives really tanned?
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - 20 dagar sedan
Your tongue doesn't have sectors of taste buds...
Lauressa Beach
Lauressa Beach - 21 dag sedan
best quote "NO! paint my tongue you doofus!"
SpikyTuber - 21 dag sedan
I love your cologne!
Michaël X
Michaël X - 21 dag sedan
Now go all the way down.
Isidbigi - 22 dagar sedan
Link is strange AF
Wolverine Spirit
Wolverine Spirit - 23 dagar sedan
3:31 Duke's Is Name Brand
5:35 Texas Pete Is Name Brand
G . i . t . M .
G . i . t . M . - 13 dagar sedan
The premise was for the most popular brand. Also, dukes kinda gets a pass because I doubt many people in cali have heard of it.
Rachael Smith
Rachael Smith - 25 dagar sedan
Link: *pUnGENtt*
Trevor L.
Trevor L. - 29 dagar sedan
Costa Rica has really good ketchup. Best ketchup in the world.
Sydnee_44 Counts
Sydnee_44 Counts - 29 dagar sedan
Link: Paint my ting dufus
Eli Kessler
Eli Kessler - Månad sedan
I had the same reaction to La Choy soy sauce, I didn't realize until after I cooked with it that it had corn syrup in it and I was wondering why my fried rice tasted sweet
ParkOnly BMX
ParkOnly BMX - Månad sedan
I’ve been watching good mythical morning since 2012
Sadman Alam
Sadman Alam - Månad sedan
Rhett: It's good though. (Literally every episode)
John Fear
John Fear - Månad sedan
I think Link's spirit animal is double-dipping...
Amethyst Gallo
Amethyst Gallo - Månad sedan
“I’m a dukes man” doesnt even know it’s dukes
counter - Månad sedan
Watching them eat that much mayonnaise and ketchup by itself made me nervous
Aya Saleh
Aya Saleh - Månad sedan
I love mayonnaise, I can little put it on everything but never can eat it alone in a spoonful like this 🤢🤢🤢
edi - Månad sedan
Did you just say Helmann’s mayo is bad?
Ethan_Lev - Månad sedan
11:05 was that not funny?
Luben Lambov
Luben Lambov - Månad sedan
Someone should tell 'em both how soy sauce is made :D
Alimadrid 7
Alimadrid 7 - Månad sedan
when link becomes 21 savage 11:21
Music Covers
Music Covers - Månad sedan
0:57 *”CONdiMEnt”*
San Moro
San Moro - Månad sedan
Every time he says vinegar take a shot
Becca Brockwell
Becca Brockwell - Månad sedan
no one:
absolutely no one on this earth
Rhett and Link:
tulip1328 - Månad sedan
watching them eat condiments by the spoonful makes me uncomfortable... great video tho
fun loo loo
fun loo loo - Månad sedan
Why are there only sauces🤔🤷
TheKogunEnjou - Månad sedan
If you're a Duke's man, Mrs. Filbert's will kick your ass then bend down and pet you as you wince on the floor. The initial bite is so hard but it has a really sweet, addictive aftertaste.
Benjamin - Månad sedan
Salt and vi...
Dean Barnes
Dean Barnes - Månad sedan
Don’t disrespect London it’s my city
Garrette Dobner
Garrette Dobner - Månad sedan
3:32: maybe that, is josh sauce
RTV RM Games
RTV RM Games - Månad sedan
Your welcome for liking, commenting and subscribing
Lj Nicholson
Lj Nicholson - Månad sedan
They were sauce brushes!!!!
Mr.Sneezy Anus
Mr.Sneezy Anus - Månad sedan
to call texas petes anything but watery pepper sauce is insult to everything it's compared to