Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

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MxsfitSSB - 7 timmar sedan
I think La Choy tastes so different because its Gluten Free
James Johnson
James Johnson - 9 timmar sedan
Hellman's? Yall need that Blue Plate son. Real Mayonnaise.
Rebel_Jean 90
Rebel_Jean 90 - 10 timmar sedan
The mustard part almost made me puke I hate mustard that much😷
Keonyn - 16 timmar sedan
La Choy soy sauce is awful. It's basically just salt water with some dye and artificial flavor.
Keonyn - 16 timmar sedan
Should have put Hunts in there for Ketchup as they're probably the #1 competitor to Heinz.
Antonio Kauley32
Antonio Kauley32 - 16 timmar sedan
Oklahoma has La Choy🤣
Sephario1 - 17 timmar sedan
Was Link's sign based on the box art for Zelda II? It's got the same color and style of letters. Really hope that was intentional, cause that's very cool.
FURFANATOR MAN - 18 timmar sedan
mayo part almost made me throw up
TheNachoNinja II
TheNachoNinja II - 21 timme sedan
Holy crap, the amount of sodium that they are eating rn
Myna Aynslee
Myna Aynslee - Dag sedan
Turn it into a drinking game: take a shot every time Link says the word "pungent"
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt - Dag sedan
there is a catch here as we don't know that Great value ketchup is made by Heinz!!! So it the same thing!!!
Kenzie Stice
Kenzie Stice - Dag sedan
you guys are so funny
The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep - 2 dagar sedan
Trader Joe’s mayo is the only mayo going in my mouth
huntman1412 - 2 dagar sedan
How have you still not done this with cereal???
Neko - 3 dagar sedan
link got me tierd with intro
GSTACK57 - 3 dagar sedan
Y’all eating that mayonnaise made me nauseous.
Emerald Gem
Emerald Gem - 4 dagar sedan
I don’t know why Rhett made me die laughing when he said “su-um wrong wit it”
nooran yehia
nooran yehia - 4 dagar sedan
Finally, Hellman's exposed for the sh***y mayo that it is!
iiSubWayii Games
iiSubWayii Games - 4 dagar sedan
I keep having Trojan ads on their videos 😂😂😂
Ricardo De Luna
Ricardo De Luna - 4 dagar sedan
How are they eating mayonnaise on a spoon like it's nothing? Mayonnaise is so nasty, and Link is so picky with food yet he likes mayonnaise? I'm so confused
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz - 5 dagar sedan
It's weird how after I watch this episode, a few days later I went to the grocery store and saw some Dukes at Walmart. Front and center like it was some new product, coincidence I think not
Sydney  Mathis
Sydney Mathis - 5 dagar sedan
They always are like ohhh what and then taste it again
Colie Ellison
Colie Ellison - 5 dagar sedan
How dare you claim to be from the Carolinas and not recognize dukes as the superior mayonnaise
Got Game?
Got Game? - 6 dagar sedan
I dip my Oreos in ketchup
Im Vasty
Im Vasty - 6 dagar sedan
Eating mayo off the spoon
Triest Wright
Triest Wright - 7 dagar sedan
Eww straight soy sauce that's so nasty. Wondering who came up with the paintbrush bit, so random.
infrapunaperse - 7 dagar sedan
Does have Marimekko shirt?
Anaanya Poddar
Anaanya Poddar - 7 dagar sedan
No one :
Link: there is vinegar in it.
Is there vinegar it in ?
Adam Gil
Adam Gil - 7 dagar sedan
Best Ketchup: Winiary Pikantny
Best Mayonnaise: Mosso Napoleoński
Best Mustard: Agrovita Chrzanowy
Zombeenom - 7 dagar sedan
Mcdonalds Fancy ketchup is the best
Zaar. - 8 dagar sedan
chicken sauce, man
BOYCAVE 7 - 8 dagar sedan
You should have painted your tongue with the ketchup
CountRising MoonStar
CountRising MoonStar - 8 dagar sedan
Who else was here before they even had the “ghost” issue once
If you were then dislike this comment
emilie adele
emilie adele - 8 dagar sedan
surprised you guys didnt do ranch!
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Lorenzo Rodriguez - 8 dagar sedan
11:25 how many problems you got _______.
katrina james
katrina james - 8 dagar sedan
They didn't eat the josh sauce
Chocolate Addict
Chocolate Addict - Dag sedan
They did, in Good Mythical More
PseudoKirby - 8 dagar sedan
I am not sure why exactly, but EVERY TIME they compete I root for Link to win
Laura Verriest
Laura Verriest - 9 dagar sedan
I got an ad for paint in the middle of the mustard segment
Laura Verriest
Laura Verriest - 9 dagar sedan
This is my link brush I’ve been savin it
dearis - 9 dagar sedan
Linn just became 21 Savage 11:25
Andrew Littrell
Andrew Littrell - 9 dagar sedan
3:36 oh my God guys that’s so gross!!! This is one of those really gross things you don’t do! It was literally a vine a few years ago!
Ben Cornelius
Ben Cornelius - 9 dagar sedan
Is anyone else getting really tired of food videos? Because i am. Rhett and link are turning into that weird kid that ate worms on the playground for attention
glory bee
glory bee - 10 dagar sedan
Condiment conniption
stewie griffin
stewie griffin - 10 dagar sedan
i come from a rare species of subreddit r/ketchuphate and I can NOT approve of this and I can most definitely NOT approve of Rhett eating ketchup by the spoon
Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen - 10 dagar sedan
Also I'd throw up if I painted mustard on my tongue
Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter - 10 dagar sedan
Bro dukes is so much better than Hellman’s
Gilberto Ramirez
Gilberto Ramirez - 10 dagar sedan
steve voice is so sexy, can you read me a book Steve lol
Unit 47
Unit 47 - 10 dagar sedan
Food: exists
Link: yeah that's vinegar
wontonamo bay
wontonamo bay - 10 dagar sedan
how much soy sauce you got?

a lot
Maddy Online
Maddy Online - 10 dagar sedan
the guy in green at the end looked like a mix of rhett anf link when he had the wings still
Natalie Dale
Natalie Dale - 10 dagar sedan
That’s how Bob Ross ate his mustard. He would paint happy little clouds with mustard
SKIING the Sky’s Today
SKIING the Sky’s Today - 10 dagar sedan
I saw your sign as I was heading through the bourder
Joann Baxter
Joann Baxter - 10 dagar sedan
The one on the right looks like a cross between josh peck and Shane dawsons friend Garrett
Alyssa Brandt
Alyssa Brandt - 11 dagar sedan
Dukes mayonnaise is superior to all other mayonnaise
Paolo Caso
Paolo Caso - 11 dagar sedan
**21 savage voice** 11:23
Suq - 11 dagar sedan

Carl Hienz
(Me and my unpopular fandoms)
Arie Benschop
Arie Benschop - 11 dagar sedan
What's with the paint brushes?
That betch
That betch - 11 dagar sedan
7:05 LMAOOO get scared girl !
Its Remmeeh
Its Remmeeh - 11 dagar sedan
Who else thought they were gonna eat fries or sum with the condiments not just a spoon full of it😂
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 11 dagar sedan
We all know pissman's mustard is where its at
jenna pick
jenna pick - 11 dagar sedan
watching u guys spoon sauce into ur mouths is so hard to watch
Hak - Fortnite
Hak - Fortnite - 11 dagar sedan
Vinegar count x13
Phoenix Marzrover
Phoenix Marzrover - 11 dagar sedan
What about relish ... it's like mustards side kick ...
ChaoticDeCe - 12 dagar sedan
Duke's is an off brand? Nah, that's name brand all the way!
Jeremy Sparks
Jeremy Sparks - 12 dagar sedan
LOL, the first three ketchup's are all made by Red Gold, just with different labels where they are sold.
Kendall Bolser
Kendall Bolser - 12 dagar sedan
I think I would’ve gotten the ketchup right cause I a hate all ketchup expect for Heinz ( we got to food places and I can always tell if it’s Heinz or not)
xd Magix
xd Magix - 12 dagar sedan
The best ketchup in my opinion is whataburger ketchup
LamePunPond - 12 dagar sedan
So you do a Sriracha sauce taste test without even using a bottle of the original Sriracha? Blasphemy!
aaron jones
aaron jones - 12 dagar sedan
yeatus fahitus
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett - 12 dagar sedan
The sun does come out in London :(
Shunta Jones
Shunta Jones - 12 dagar sedan
Hailey Wilde
Hailey Wilde - 12 dagar sedan
Was anyone else not expecting them to eat the ketchup out of spoons? Because I am shocked.
PidgeVoltronLuv - 12 dagar sedan
I say the person who gets the point first doesn’t have to eat it but if the second person who gets the point after them does because technically the first person to get the point is the winner while the second person to get the point loses.
Anonymous - 12 dagar sedan
Haha!! Had to click on the video, because..... my name is Heinz!!
Eli Washburn
Eli Washburn - 12 dagar sedan
What were they calling those sauce cups?
geremias carrion
geremias carrion - 12 dagar sedan
Klikx - 12 dagar sedan
“two shots of vodka”
ECO PS4 - 12 dagar sedan
Why does link look like Brandon urie
Hugh Mongous
Hugh Mongous - 12 dagar sedan
as a person who is disgusted by mayo, this is hard to watch
Thedancepter 364
Thedancepter 364 - 12 dagar sedan
First time I’ve ever see people eat mustard with paintbrushes
S M - 12 dagar sedan
Dukes is by far best mayonaise
MegaMoto85 - 12 dagar sedan
there is no bitter section of your tounge, thats a myth
Arina Sixx
Arina Sixx - 12 dagar sedan
For the people who know
"Enjoy the mayo"
Arina Sixx
Arina Sixx - 12 dagar sedan
Link you should do asmr xD you have the voice
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 12 dagar sedan
Blazing Phoenix
Blazing Phoenix - 13 dagar sedan
"Lemme get the bitter section of your toungue"
*shoves paintbrush down throat*
Justin Long
Justin Long - 13 dagar sedan
Dukes forever!
Christopher Ennabe
Christopher Ennabe - 13 dagar sedan
Yea, because Hellman’s is trash and Duke’s is life.
Alexis Harris
Alexis Harris - 13 dagar sedan
You guys should do this with cereal
Katie Petkewich
Katie Petkewich - 13 dagar sedan
Rhett: "It's gritty"
Link: "It's gritty"
Rhett: "It's granular"
Link: "It's granular even"
Rikard - 13 dagar sedan
What's a name brand?
Feral Feline
Feral Feline - 13 dagar sedan
Soy Sauce? For all you unsophisticated haoles, it is really "shoyu". And they should have taste tested Aloha brand. Beats Kikocrap all the way.
Asher Perez
Asher Perez - 13 dagar sedan
My Pebble
My Pebble - 13 dagar sedan
Shouldn’t you be tasting it with fries??
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 13 dagar sedan
i grew up with lachoy soy sauce and i'll stick with it! the first kikoman brand tastes like wine to me.
GroovingPict - 13 dagar sedan
why are American mustards all piss yellow? can someone explain that to me? why would you dye it (and they obviously do dye it) a piss yellow colour
Beedy KH
Beedy KH - 13 dagar sedan
I can't eat a spoon of mayonnaise!!
MaverickAzrael - 13 dagar sedan
Dukes is NOT an off brand!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
W B - 13 dagar sedan
Pretty off brand. Typically found only in the local Family Dollars and Dollar Generals and only a small amount kept in stock at the local Winn Dixie. Taste is pretty off brand too.
Dovino - 13 dagar sedan
growing up asian la choy has been the only acceptable soy sauce in my house
jOefLy - 13 dagar sedan