Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - 2 månader sedan
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Michael Eady
Michael Eady - 6 dagar sedan
try the sound card drives ect
Nigel lol
Nigel lol - 17 dagar sedan
answer me this: who would even do this?
BlastOffProductions Games
BlastOffProductions Games - 19 dagar sedan
Swiftshiftzz Do you mean OSX vs Windows?
BlastOffProductions Games
BlastOffProductions Games - 19 dagar sedan
Linus Tech Tips I have a question. Would it be possible to install the MAC OS X Snow Leopard (that I bought on a disk) onto this PC, and if this is even possible, would it be legal?
Perry S
Perry S - 21 dag sedan
Человек what about about 🤟🏻
Nadim Searight
Nadim Searight - 2 timmar sedan
Never forget that the “I” on the end of GUI doesn’t mean interface. Which is why Linus has to say GUI Interface
dreggory82 - 4 timmar sedan
I don't want a mac, mac's suck. Stupid limited proprietary OS that only is acceptable to social elitists.
tanishq singla
tanishq singla - 7 timmar sedan
Anthony what college you went, man he just rocked in this video
Otto Olsen
Otto Olsen - 9 timmar sedan
Apple must be glad!! this is to think diffrent.
IAM - Music
IAM - Music - 12 timmar sedan
saifulazrinfoto - 14 timmar sedan
The best mac is pc.
whoisdin - 16 timmar sedan
paul maydaynight
paul maydaynight - 17 timmar sedan
Anthony, good job now do the simpler thing, make and use a unique generic iPXE slax
to make the image and apps you want to use, then boot any other bare lan pc from the original slax directly over the lan as standard to ram,save your changes by creating a module,nothing else required.
May's Law states, in reference to Moore's Law:

“Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore's Law.”
vanco - Dag sedan
Anthony froze like a hanged android from 0:52 till 1:14 . Hilarious !!
Deep Soul
Deep Soul - Dag sedan
Manjaro on the Desktop... God choice man I like it too
Martin Törnell
Martin Törnell - Dag sedan
I tried this instructions for 1 day... then I gave up and reinstalled windows 10. After seeing more then 200 error messages I am sure I will never try to use Linux ever again.
Vult - Dag sedan
"With this method, we can create the Mac that Apple fanboys only dream of! One that doesn't thermal throttle!"
Let Passion Burn
Let Passion Burn - Dag sedan
How does Apple not come after the hackintosh piracy? 😳
Rahul R
Rahul R - Dag sedan
Is 2 graphics is used in 1 CPU?
Hank Threlkeld
Hank Threlkeld - Dag sedan
All the dislikes are apple workers
Jmeker Giura
Jmeker Giura - Dag sedan
"U can use MAC OS on any computer now"
Apple company: "Wait, that's illegal"
Ziyan Junaideen
Ziyan Junaideen - Dag sedan
I run primarily on Linux...
Like to have a Mac for learning iOS development...
Windows for Video and Photo editing...
But don't want to have too many computers...
I think a powerful 3900X build will do well and VMs for Windows and Mac
Looks like we need 2 graphics cards (because of the pass through)
I looked recently and the cheapest mac (Mini) is like 800 USD...
That is about a new Radeon 7
J M.
J M. - Dag sedan
Hahaha I love how Anthony does all the work and he is just yelling Woooow! :D
JonnyJ783 - Dag sedan
yes we want more of this
OlafurArons - Dag sedan
So. Even a PC runs Mac OS better than a Mac? Apple, eat yer heart out.
Hazbi Selmani
Hazbi Selmani - Dag sedan
Ain't gonna spend all the day for OS 😂
IceCreamJunkie - Dag sedan
Yes, you can run Mac OS on ANY PC! All you need is a PC, a Mac, AND a Linux machine and follow ridiculously complicated steps!
Michael Zavala
Michael Zavala - Dag sedan
This is most likely for the most native way. There’s other ways to install it without all these cumbersome steps
Saumya Ranjan
Saumya Ranjan - Dag sedan
Hackintosh is far better then your Linux VM. And Linus you are wrong this time. Try insanelymac instead tonymacx86 😝. Misleading title Linus. It’s just and hackintosh At VM.
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq - 2 dagar sedan
OMFG He receives soo many sponors he is fucking soo soo sold man today is the day i unsubscribe!!!
LK LL - 2 dagar sedan
I can stop at how to install manjaro
Jadasic - 2 dagar sedan
Threadriper + sli super 2080 ti with 128gb ram and on 2ter ssd flash and 8k TV u showed us before
Rahat Elric
Rahat Elric - 2 dagar sedan
1:38. Is that nvidia ?
Bharat Madho
Bharat Madho - 2 dagar sedan
4:27 /ban~LinusTechTips~
krishna tkkb
krishna tkkb - 2 dagar sedan
3:56 which theme is that ?? Please tell me
Mycelium Networks
Mycelium Networks - 2 dagar sedan
How about create a version without owning a real mac, can we just download that .iso file?
Michael Zavala
Michael Zavala - Dag sedan
There’s ISOs on torrent sites or others if you do a bit of web searching. I remember installing Mac OS way back when it was first announced they were switching to Intel.
Jeremy Bish
Jeremy Bish - 2 dagar sedan
Anthony in the back at the beginning is me 😂
Hiranmoy Ghosh
Hiranmoy Ghosh - 2 dagar sedan
0:53 to 1:16 Anthony
avjebs - 2 dagar sedan
How exactly is vm non compromised
Leonelle Marks
Leonelle Marks - 2 dagar sedan
Things are easier than that, then who needs to use pathetic MacOSXZYMRY bla bla bla...
blahtoausername - 2 dagar sedan
What's the Linux distro and/or theme?
Abhik Ahuja
Abhik Ahuja - Dag sedan
manjaro kde default everything
Illya Muromets
Illya Muromets - 3 dagar sedan
Lol dedocated graphics card 1:37
GurkenKiller 555
GurkenKiller 555 - 3 dagar sedan
4:40 it’s legal if you have the license for macOS from Apple and when you have a .Mac than you have a license
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow - 3 dagar sedan
Too much to do about nothing.. just use Linux.. if you want something that's close to using a mac.. my opinion is why use a mac.. when Linux is a better option for a lack of software.. that runs on PC hardware an can run on older pc hardware.. considering that it probably has as much software available as any mac would... with the added option to not think... Apple/google blackmailer.
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow - 3 dagar sedan
Remember to take the worm out of the Apple... why would you even want to byte that... that fruit is rotten.
Menang Jamir
Menang Jamir - 3 dagar sedan
Hi, i would appreciate a lot if you could help me in building a hackintosh. I have installed OSX Yosemite on an old computer earlier (i.e. "long time ago/once upon a time").
I have a secondary PC which is just lying on the desk and collecting dust. And so, i would like to try my hands on in buiding a Hackintosh.
My secondary PC Specs are:
ASUS X79-Deluxe
Intel i7 4930K
nVidia GeForce GTX 1070
G.Skill 4x4GB RAM
Crucial MX300 275GB SSD
and so on...
Previously i have tried "" "" and "" but now i am confused as to which would be the best and ideal build for the above PC specs. NOTE: I don't own/run any Vitual Machine. But i just want to Install "macOS Mojave" on the secondary PC (if it is all POSSIBLE). And, there are lots of sites to choose from... like....
And so, which one would you recommend for my BUILD. Thank You. You Guys, ROCK.
JP Guthrie
JP Guthrie - 3 dagar sedan
Fortunately, I have more money than time, so I paid someone to do it for me.
Christian Filippone
Christian Filippone - 3 dagar sedan
0:53 Is Anthony running on windows XP? He looks like he froze & needs a restart.
HalfofMyInnerme - 3 dagar sedan
I love how Linus doesn't even try to hide how much he dislikes Apple. :D
AndrewDaLegendary - 4 dagar sedan
We all know the answer to this windows vs mac os = windows
T XYZ - 4 dagar sedan
Why won't Apple like it ? You've been able to run Microsoft Windows on Apple machines for over 2 decades now !!!! This is nothing new....
Strange you didn't mention this at all !
Eric Barth
Eric Barth - 4 dagar sedan
The way Anthony stands there after he says 'Heyyy' .. spooks me a little. I like it.
Bo Dake
Bo Dake - 4 dagar sedan
works wonderfully with mojave :)
Falnight - 4 dagar sedan
But can it run crysis?
Yelonki1980 - 4 dagar sedan
That was easy.