23 290
2 900

Gaming Channel:
Varaktighet: 4:20


Zavvy - Timme sedan
This is fake
Preston PlayZ
Preston PlayZ - 2 timmar sedan
1:12 is in tv his name is Mr Cherry
Kurtis Polglase
Kurtis Polglase - 16 timmar sedan
The fishes are bristlenoses
Xxunicornpop MilcaXx
Xxunicornpop MilcaXx - 19 timmar sedan
I mean there professional player like obviously they would beat them
Luis Ayala-Villasenor
Luis Ayala-Villasenor - 19 timmar sedan
I love ❤️ 2:43 I ❤️ 💕 💗 cats
Luis Ayala-Villasenor
Luis Ayala-Villasenor - 19 timmar sedan
2:06 that was a prank video not hating tho
Gay Spencer
Gay Spencer - Dag sedan
Quit making a Japan clips and play Fortnite
Ollie Ox
Ollie Ox - Dag sedan
My friend did live in Japan
Gay Spencer
Gay Spencer - Dag sedan
Hundred dollars you will roast Stephen Curry because you’re trash and scare with your trash headphones two dollar headphones
Kenzo Alexander
Kenzo Alexander - Dag sedan
In jakarta indonesia there is a cafee that you can wach penguin
Adriane Manuel
Adriane Manuel - Dag sedan
You are not playing in the computer and your natvloging
Jacob Gabriel Bolivar
Jacob Gabriel Bolivar - 2 dagar sedan
We are in 2019
But they are in 2999
DrawingKnight - 2 dagar sedan
david marques
david marques - 3 dagar sedan
Your so good jk 😂🤣
Kevin Chiu
Kevin Chiu - 3 dagar sedan
I love you
Evette Zuniga
Evette Zuniga - 3 dagar sedan
Ok that’s it I’ve seen enough I NEED to live in Japan
DTganster Fortnite just should can add me
3:31 I like it
woof woof
woof woof - 3 dagar sedan
Let’s move to japan ppl
PRO LIFE - 3 dagar sedan
Im japanneis but my key bord was not acircle
julie lacs
julie lacs - 5 dagar sedan
Wyatt Gancs
Wyatt Gancs - 6 dagar sedan
The orange and white fish are koi's
ya man Ya man
ya man Ya man - 6 dagar sedan
In Michigan you have to go under a bridge
conconcrunch the crunchers
conconcrunch the crunchers - 7 dagar sedan
Thumbnail Circle keyboard Alexa

Me:Seems legit.
Paiman Abdullasdfg
Paiman Abdullasdfg - 7 dagar sedan
I like to go to Japan but they say threres momo in Japan
TJ_Pokeejack - 7 dagar sedan
You know Japan is in the world right cause your clickbait doesn’t say so
Blue Phoenix 123
Blue Phoenix 123 - 9 dagar sedan
Pretty sure that person crushing those nuts is cherry
Sari Ani
Sari Ani - 10 dagar sedan
3:21 so cute give me a like if u agreed
Erin Woodward
Erin Woodward - 10 dagar sedan
Colin Howley
Colin Howley - 10 dagar sedan
The worlds shortest escalator is for lazy people.
qll Viper llp
qll Viper llp - 11 dagar sedan
This is why im moving to japan when i grow up
Minru Ong
Minru Ong - 11 dagar sedan
Singapore has that in Jurong point just 3sec
TheOmegaHydra YT
TheOmegaHydra YT - 12 dagar sedan
I just went to deer thing this summer
Wolfy Girl
Wolfy Girl - 12 dagar sedan
I can’t do the cat train I’m allergic to cats only very furry ones
I just mow Anna watch youtube2 Hyhhh
0:34 is it me or does that pole look like a cigarette 😧😧😧
Emily Free
Emily Free - 12 dagar sedan
The time is 7:15
YEET BOIS - 12 dagar sedan
BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM all those boom made a fallout 75 oh earth was gone rip earth 0-2019
Kristen Johnson
Kristen Johnson - 13 dagar sedan
2:56 the guys face is so weird
Lucia Dowell
Lucia Dowell - 14 dagar sedan
Im whaching this on the toliet
Christine Brown
Christine Brown - 15 dagar sedan
same i just want to go to japan just for that cool stuff!
KK Kapur
KK Kapur - 15 dagar sedan
Japan is so wierd
Lee Strickland
Lee Strickland - 16 dagar sedan
In Australia theres kangaroo island
Kitty princess 111
Kitty princess 111 - 16 dagar sedan
1:23 that’s from a TV show
lucid _yt
lucid _yt - 16 dagar sedan
This his how many times he said Japan |
ANDREW SCHARDINE - 16 dagar sedan
They are koi fish the are in many shapes and sizes
TC Pzycho
TC Pzycho - 17 dagar sedan
Japan is better then yoyr cauntry
MJD 1 - 17 dagar sedan
The one with the fish in Japan those fish are called koi
Rido Sastro
Rido Sastro - 17 dagar sedan
1:06 wow ! Amazing
⬇click if you play soccer
King 80hd
King 80hd - 17 dagar sedan
Ummm you know the world includes japan look at the thumbnail
D4RK_ JUP1T3R - 18 dagar sedan
Lisa Yun
Lisa Yun - 18 dagar sedan
I already know the sliding 🍜 game
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas - 18 dagar sedan
Japan is so school 👌
Carly Dokis
Carly Dokis - 18 dagar sedan
And I thought Japanese urban legends were bad Xd
Advuntre time tresure
Advuntre time tresure - 18 dagar sedan
Team Lucas and George
Team Lucas and George - 18 dagar sedan
M. M, n. ,cxxx cxx
Team Lucas and George
Team Lucas and George - 18 dagar sedan
Z. Zxxz
Team Lucas and George
Team Lucas and George - 18 dagar sedan
. . .. .? ?. .! . ? , ?! . . ,
free memes
free memes - 18 dagar sedan
Mea while in North Korea
A Loser eheheh
A Loser eheheh - 18 dagar sedan
Bruh I swear Japan be on 2035 while we’re in2019🤣🤣
LovelyLittleKittengacha 12
LovelyLittleKittengacha 12 - 18 dagar sedan
Video : *japanese robot makes ice cream*
Video :Dramatic music
Me: Why though....?