Gemini Man (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Kastor Royal
Kastor Royal - 25 minuter sedan
... I’m a Gemini
Skype group disbanded
Skype group disbanded - 6 timmar sedan
Why is the song "Forever young" by Alphaville here
IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87 - 7 timmar sedan
As a Gemini, should I be concerned of my own clone? Assuming I have one that'll kill me?
Shanti McFadden
Shanti McFadden - 7 timmar sedan
Another Looper
Kevin M
Kevin M - 8 timmar sedan
Will after he left bel air .
 - 8 timmar sedan
I hope One day, he will make ‘fresh prince of bel-air’ again.. cgi is an wonder.. but i swear i miss the old days with carlton and will smith, other.. pff
Jessica Mooneye
Jessica Mooneye - 9 timmar sedan
Cassie Towne
Cassie Towne - 11 timmar sedan
Will Smith back in the movies
I guess he's done wining about Hollywood being racist
Dhananjay Singh
Dhananjay Singh - 22 timmar sedan
Remember !!! The island movie with same concept
tr3mayn - Dag sedan
this looks pretty cool. if they were able to do all of this based on the concept of "Gemini", then I can't wait for "Cancer Man" to come to thea....wait. there was already a "cancer man" movie?
Elan Shady
Elan Shady - Dag sedan
Yeah im fuckin Gemini...
X Skid
X Skid - Dag sedan
I want u too think this here on what for for what this is @.
Ice Cool
Ice Cool - Dag sedan
Potential Movie Titles:
1. Big Willy vs Lil Willy
2. The Fresh Prince Strikes Back
3. Will Smith - Attack of the clones
Ricardo Palmer
Ricardo Palmer - 2 timmar sedan
4. Mr and Mr Smith 5. You are Legend? 6. Not today Jaden!
Mr Pokiesmeister
Mr Pokiesmeister - Dag sedan
Will back on top .. Bad Boys as well hell yeah!
theMadMisra - Dag sedan
This movie was shot in 60fps
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer - Dag sedan
It’s not CGI, the Illuminati just pulled one of his clones out of cold storage.
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer - 14 timmar sedan
Nick The First “You’re” not your. More like “Nick the first grader.”
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer - 14 timmar sedan
Nick The First says the dude who doesn’t have a sense of humor. r/wooosh. Lol what a moron.
Nick The First
Nick The First - Dag sedan
Seto Lucifer what the hell your really dumb
Carrol Leandro
Carrol Leandro - Dag sedan
Will Smith is the new Jason Bourne.
Shawna Spadafore
Shawna Spadafore - Dag sedan
I’d see this movie finally a good movie
Gus Mckee
Gus Mckee - 2 dagar sedan
What's the end soundtrack
Cheddar Bob
Cheddar Bob - 2 dagar sedan
Be funny if they actually used his clone to create this X)
Teorija Ludaka
Teorija Ludaka - 2 dagar sedan
The Prince is back 🤭
Jim Hults
Jim Hults - 2 dagar sedan
1:01 Royal Pain!!
Scotti Brown
Scotti Brown - 2 dagar sedan
I have what might be a stupid question
I know they use the de-aging CGI, which makes sense with the face. What did they do though for the voice? Because Will Smith’s voice now is a little deeper now then it was back in the 1990s. Or am I just overthinking this?
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee - 2 dagar sedan
I actually thought it's a deathstroke movie
Thumper - 2 dagar sedan
A movie about 2 Will Smiths? SMH...
Greg B
Greg B - 3 dagar sedan
I’m hyped! Ang lee and will?!!... day one!
Esroff Hanafi
Esroff Hanafi - 3 dagar sedan
Clone Will Smith?

You're that ninja..
Kung Fu Kraken
Kung Fu Kraken - 3 dagar sedan
What's the song name and artist for the track in this trailer?
DragonBlue42 - 3 dagar sedan
Kung Fu Kraken Ursine Vulpine forever young
Sharon Wallace
Sharon Wallace - 3 dagar sedan
If you know this song could you please comment what it is. And who sings it.
DragonBlue42 - 3 dagar sedan
Sharon Wallace Ursine Vulpine forever young
Diego Leal
Diego Leal - 3 dagar sedan
Movie is gonna bomb! No Jaden Smith? Little Willie from Philly should face 2 simple facts. 1- He will never win an Oscar. 2- He will never be the lead role in a blockbuster movie again.
K Ojo
K Ojo - 4 dagar sedan
Metal Gear: Solid Smith vs. Big Willie😉
Dogboi76 - 4 dagar sedan
Will Smith: Genesis
Ty Boogie
Ty Boogie - 4 dagar sedan
They better be cutting kojima a check
Kevin Holloway
Kevin Holloway - 4 dagar sedan
Did anybody else notice "screenplay by David Benioff" at the end 😞?
shadeofmercury - 5 dagar sedan
this looks pretty cool actually
IP josh
IP josh - 5 dagar sedan
I’m really skeptical about every movie that gets made these days. Everything feels the same or just sucks in general.
But this movie..this trailer makes me genuinely excited to see this movie! Like I actually got chills watching the trailer, and that doesn’t happen much. I think we’re looking at a top 5 movie of all time here 💯
John Corinthians
John Corinthians - 5 dagar sedan
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a bitch !
Life Of Why
Life Of Why - 6 dagar sedan
A lot of big names behing this one. I'll bite.
Brittany Peevyhouse/Hayden/Renteria
OMG some of you were totally fucking retarded it's Will Smith and his freaking son hello it's not well Smith and Will Smith it's his real life son used in the fucking film get your fucking story straight people
Rebecca Logan
Rebecca Logan - 6 dagar sedan
Why we don’t have any movie about zodiac sign except this one????😂❤️
Ben Cruz
Ben Cruz - 6 dagar sedan
0:22 Made me think this was a fan made trailer.
Alannah Rodriquez
Alannah Rodriquez - 7 dagar sedan
I hope I'm not the only one who is so excited to see this 😆❣️
SmiffyLel - 8 dagar sedan
0:59 wong
theProdigalSon - 8 dagar sedan
that shit look wack...i'll wait for it on RedBox or some other shit....
theProdigalSon - 7 dagar sedan
@Greg B shit just looks str8 wack to me....and i don't need validation either....
Greg B
Greg B - 7 dagar sedan
theProdigalSon hater this looks original compared to all these overrated superhero movies coming out... let me guess your the one who complains that’s there’s not original movies out???
Ron Westray
Ron Westray - 8 dagar sedan
Quady Rhames
Quady Rhames - 8 dagar sedan
That's actually Will's younger face just how they do it.
odddity - 8 dagar sedan
Feels like a reboot of The One.
A K - 9 dagar sedan
Will Smith as terminator
A A - 9 dagar sedan
Big Boss Vs Solid Snake.
Osama Azam
Osama Azam - 9 dagar sedan
Nakid snake vs solid snake lol