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In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the ultimate Geneva Motor Show 2018 Highlights REVIEW TOUR.
00:00 BMW M8 Concept
02:37 Nissan Leaf
14:24 Hyundai Kona electric
30:12 Lexus UX
41:10 Future Concept Vehicles @ VW Group
42:19 Skoda Vision X
50:52 Seat Leon Cupra e-Racer
55:52 VW Moia
57:55 VW I.D. Vizzion
1:07:45 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio
1:13:48 Italdesign Zerouno Duerta
1:17:44 Volvo V60
1:45:20 Honda CR-V
1:59:21 BMW X4
2:15:22 Peugeot 508
2:25:09 Mercedes C-Class C43 AMG
2:43:16 Mercedes AMG GT 4 Door
3:04:02 Mercedes G-Class G63
3:19:25 Mazda6
3:29:10 Audi A6
3:47:37 Ford Edge ST-Line
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Peugeot 508
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Hyundai Kona EV
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Lexus UX
Jazzaddict's Intro by Cosimo Fogg (201)
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Audi A6
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Smita - 6 dagar sedan
Voice audio is good quality, but I thing the compromise would be minor, and wouldn't matter to anyone for speech, if they used a high end small mic, clipped on the shirt. Probably it is so people see he is from a 'popular' big media or TV, like the reporters on National TV, big mics. Maybe people do nto enter in the car bother him, when they see the big MIC. I don't know, it seems dumb nowadays, even dumber for car journalists, where he need this other hand most of the time.
Autogefühl - 6 dagar sedan
As u can see from our the driving parts, we use a clip on for recording those. The big mic is full intention for best sound quality and least background noise which u then of course dont hear. And for more details on the microphone:
Autogefühl - 6 dagar sedan
Less echo and background noise :)
Roberto Broglia
Roberto Broglia - 7 dagar sedan
Internet Blanket
Internet Blanket - 13 dagar sedan
and more money
Laurent helfer
Laurent helfer - 14 dagar sedan
This guy exactly look like a nissan leaf when he close to the car he act like if it was a brother and they taking pictures. I was redondandly thinking to that when he said not my face...i laugh for 10min
Custom Creator
Custom Creator - 18 dagar sedan
Yea we see the intention..... to look like a lambo
That Ebutuoy Guy
That Ebutuoy Guy - 24 dagar sedan
This is going to be provocative but the M8 concept looks like a Kia Stinger 2 door. The silhouette is there.
TÙNG PHẠM - Månad sedan
coffeeinthemorning - Månad sedan
There is no substitute for leather. Did you expect volvo to not put leather but use Vinyl instead?
Autogefühl - Månad sedan
The new Polestar is completely animal free. First, check out what the leather industry is trying to do: Below this video you'll find more resources in the pinned comment to explain the topic even more in-depth.
ion Bismut
ion Bismut - Månad sedan
if lamborghini become electric or ferrari that design of lambo need to be completed change it. Why? because the car was made for combustion engine, so the aerodinamic shape result from that..
Lesa Phasha
Lesa Phasha - Månad sedan
i am impressed by the lamboghini man... i really wanto be like him
Rick B
Rick B - Månad sedan
The german Clark Kent lol.
tw1898 - Månad sedan
The two electric cars, nice, but what about a Tesla? A midsized SUV, hard to beat the Model X. And the Model 3? Best and most innovative car of the year, by my standards. I hope one of them makes it into the 2019 show. Model Y, this year or next, should be an amazing option for a small SUV. The reliability, regular updates, and supercharger network make Teslas the real-deal alternative to traditional gas/diesel vehicles.

I agree with the piano-black issue -- looks nice for a few days, but then fingerprints, dust, scratches, just calling out for a third-party solution.
carti perk
carti perk - Månad sedan
#buzzofftoxic Blog
#buzzofftoxic Blog - Månad sedan
BMW m stands for me more of the same toxic sad you have been takenin by big toxic old oil😞🙏our world is dying... PLEASE REVIEW OLD TOXIC petrol shit AS IT MUST BE FASED OUT A. S. P FOR ALL OUR SAKE #buzzofftoxic
Xantylon74 - Månad sedan
1:02:00 The Käfer (beetle) with it's design from Porsche and Hitler was much better than Golf design. The golf was just a brick compared to the Beetle.
mardamek3 - Månad sedan
The Peugeot 508 looks like a Chevy Impala + Honda Accord lovechild :)))
Syoshi - Månad sedan
VW, lamborghini, Audi, Bently, Buggati, Porche, And Man. Idk any else.
Syoshi - Månad sedan
oh wait I forgot Scania
Marquincastrin Vasquin
Marquincastrin Vasquin - Månad sedan
jeff jeff
jeff jeff - Månad sedan
Tokyo strikes back (KOR)

July 02,2019
Tokyo is about to take retaliatory action against South Korea for Supreme Court rulings demanding Japanese companies compensate individuals forced to work during World War II. 
According to a Sankei Shimbun report, the Japanese government will impose restriction on Japanese exports to South Korea of three key materials used in smartphones, displays and semiconductors from July 4. 
Tokyo is aiming straight at Korea’s mainstay exports. Japan will stop preferential treatment for the three key materials bound for South Korea, requiring exporters to seek permission every time they ship items to South Korea. 
Tokyo has not confirmed the report. But its plausibility is high, given the cold response Tokyo showed to South Korea’s president last week at the Group of 20 (G-20) summit in Osaka, Japan and to a team of Korean lawmakers visiting in May. Underscoring the icy ties, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe greeted Korean President Moon Jae-in with just an eight-second handshake at the G-20 summit. 
Damage to Korean companies is inevitable. Tokyo wants to bully its way forward by hurting Korean companies instead of dealing with the matter directly with Seoul. 
Some think Tokyo has decided on retaliatory action for political gain ahead of July 21 upper house elections. 
But economic retaliation could backfire on Japan. Losing Korean clients, who are the world’s largest in chip and display production, could boomerang on Japanese suppliers. The two countries rely on one another in complicated supply chains. 
Over the last decade, companies in the two countries have been engaged in over 100 overseas resource developments. Any fissures in those long-held partnerships would only benefit rivals in other countries. 
Business relationships must remain intact regardless of diplomatic friction. The Japanese government must not make a mistake out of shortsightedness. The Korean government must make extra efforts to restore the relationship and protect economic cooperation. 
JoongAng Ilbo, July
Janez Demsar
Janez Demsar - 2 månader sedan
VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Škoda.. Thats all I've got
Tech Tips
Tech Tips - 2 månader sedan
Looking at our roads then most are not good enough to drive some of these cars on. But I would love to get one of these in the future.
OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer
OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer - 2 månader sedan
1:13:48 รถ Speed Drifters
geoffnepo - 2 månader sedan
Thomas, I’m with you on those fake exhaust nonsense every manufacturers seem to put out these days, trapezoid exhaust tips may integrate better in rear bumper/valance but in my opinion it just look silly
Denis Ho
Denis Ho - 2 månader sedan
looks like a supra from the back. i think the design is based of the recent bmw partnership with toyota.
FlyingLunatic - 2 månader sedan
Wow a car with real exhausts! Who would have thought….
FlyingLunatic - 2 månader sedan
Was refering to the M8...
JuiceBoX 007
JuiceBoX 007 - 2 månader sedan
from 2020 every car company should make a gas n electric version of every new model released. that will save them the head ache of finding attractive designs for electric vehicles. if i purchase an electric car i really wouldn't want it to stand out too much.
Detonate Klubstompers
Detonate Klubstompers - 2 månader sedan
M stands for More Money
124 Spider
124 Spider - 2 månader sedan
Year ago. Get it off!
Autogefühl - 2 månader sedan
Just tune in to the 2019 edition
Sovereign Monarch
Sovereign Monarch - 2 månader sedan
thanks for not having music in the back ground! Listening to this with relaxing nature sounds is ironically relaxing.
Matthew z
Matthew z - 2 månader sedan
josh lowe
josh lowe - 3 månader sedan
23:46 I fell a sleep and when I woke this video was play. I thought it was the old taxi cab game show from all the flashing @ 23:46
Jayden - 2 månader sedan
Same I was watching something Telsa related I think, then I woke to this aha
cali818 - 3 månader sedan
good job hyundai for giving the kona light colored interior but with BLACK car should have light colored carpet :D
Jason Zacarias
Jason Zacarias - 3 månader sedan
28:42 nice blazer coat but those shoes.... What! Are! Those!?!!!
Q - 3 månader sedan
Could do with a bigger mic....
Autogefühl - 3 månader sedan
As u can see from our the driving parts, we use a clip on for recording those. The big mic is full intention for best sound quality and least background noise which u then of course dont hear. And for more details on the microphone:
The Overclocker
The Overclocker - 3 månader sedan
Electric cars are so fun and geeky. Battery technology is interesting between manufactures trying to achieving range with less is facinating.
Vanessa Palmer
Vanessa Palmer - 3 månader sedan
Hey, this is 003.  How cool is that, huh!!  Thanks for popping in on my YouTube channel, and hanging out with us.  I'm glad you all attended My Exhibitions.  Pretty neat.  It was a lot of hard work, but we got it out there.  We let it all hang out there.  All out in the open, on land, and at sea, too!
exsition - 3 månader sedan
That bmw in the first clip is sexy
Lincoln Vundla
Lincoln Vundla - 3 månader sedan
who did the sound track at 2:00:00 i need it please
Buba Schlub
Buba Schlub - 2 månader sedan
Andrew Applepie-Secrets
Moose Knucks
Moose Knucks - 3 månader sedan
Seeing this car makes me realize how lazy the new Supra was with inspiration.
Nick Kautz
Nick Kautz - 3 månader sedan
"haven't been many cars in history that have divided opinions so dramatically as the Leaf" .... I'm done
Propeller Head
Propeller Head - 3 månader sedan
"And animal skin seats" I think he means Leather..
Autogefühl - 3 månader sedan
First, check out what the leather industry is trying to do: Below this video you'll find more resources in the pinned comment to explain the topic even more in-depth.
Propeller Head
Propeller Head - 3 månader sedan
How come every car manufacture builds with the metric system but all tires or tyres are measured in inches.? Weird.
Trotamundos La decisión
Trotamundos La decisión - 4 månader sedan
golfmaniac007 - 4 månader sedan
that benz GT.....thats absolute.
Chad Simmons
Chad Simmons - 3 månader sedan
That Benz reminds me of a Lambo Huracan
Lou Montana
Lou Montana - 4 månader sedan
I fell asleep and I awoke to this guy yakking about a Mercedes. I thought I was in a dealership!
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods - 4 månader sedan
They stole the new Toyota Supra rear lights
Based af
Based af - 4 månader sedan
2:55:54 does this guy work for mercedes? Lmaoooo yeah thats horrendous
Autogefühl - 4 månader sedan
tyt ggg
tyt ggg - 4 månader sedan
Hope you don't come across any speed bumps
duviday - 4 månader sedan
How can you honestly stand there and tell people the X4 is a well-designed car?
The grills are far too big and obnoxious, the rear is WAY too flat and squared off, and the roofline is simply idiotic.
But alas we all know BMW will sell millions.
Carlos Escudero
Carlos Escudero - 4 månader sedan
Shawn Zhang
Shawn Zhang - 4 månader sedan
ML F1 - 4 månader sedan
So all these electric cars can do 0-60 in 2 seconds, great, now they can accidentally go into an intersection and wipe out Both lanes of traffic instead of just one.
THTT Productions
THTT Productions - 5 månader sedan
The concept lambo looks good. Why cant car companies make their cars look more like the concepts? They're better than what the concept becomes.
Chuckey YooHoo!
Chuckey YooHoo! - 5 månader sedan
I bet he got paid by Nissan, it looks worse than Fiat 500
Autogefühl - 5 månader sedan
Believe me, the day we get paid by any manufacturer, Nissan would be the last to do so :D
Andrew smith
Andrew smith - 6 månader sedan
That BMW m8gt from the back look like the new z4/supra
BootlegEL - 6 månader sedan
That M8 is sweet but no fantasy not like the i8 this is a missed opportunity for something out of the box like the old M8!
THE MAD TECHIE - 6 månader sedan
I think you need a bigger microphone :)
Autogefühl - 6 månader sedan
For more information on this topic:
THE MAD TECHIE - 6 månader sedan
In the Lexus, How long will that touch pad last once a Coke is spilled into it.
Lou Montana
Lou Montana - 4 månader sedan
Did you marry my ex-wife? That bitch trashed every nice car I bought for her.
THE MAD TECHIE - 6 månader sedan
People do realize that most electric cars are powered by burning COAL or Natural Gas (nuclear is even 10%)...(most of the worlds power comes from Coal), The UK is one of the few nations to finally get to around 50% clean energy. But in most of the world electricity usually Coal or natural gas in origin. Only around 22% of power world wide is clean (hydro, wind, solar) energy so to call EV cars "Zero Emission" is misleading-- perhaps less emission as power plants have become cleaner in many places than they were years ago , but ZERO is a misnomer.
THE MAD TECHIE - 6 månader sedan
In that Hyundai Kona- I hope you are 6ft 5in tall. Or I will not be driving it LOL I don't like my hair touching the top of the Car, The head room in the front looks bad the rear is horrible.