Geneva Motor Show 2018 Highlights REVIEW TOUR upcoming new cars @ GIMS - Autogefühl

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Jason Zacarias
Jason Zacarias - 22 timmar sedan
28:42 nice blazer coat but those shoes.... What! Are! Those!?!!!
Q - 2 dagar sedan
Could do with a bigger mic....
Autogefühl - 2 dagar sedan
As u can see from our the driving parts, we use a clip on for recording those. The big mic is full intention for best sound quality and least background noise which u then of course dont hear. And for more details on the microphone:
The Overclocker
The Overclocker - 3 dagar sedan
Electric cars are so fun and geeky. Battery technology is interesting between manufactures trying to achieving range with less is facinating.
Vanessa Palmer
Vanessa Palmer - 6 dagar sedan
Hey, this is 003.  How cool is that, huh!!  Thanks for popping in on my YouTube channel, and hanging out with us.  I'm glad you all attended My Exhibitions.  Pretty neat.  It was a lot of hard work, but we got it out there.  We let it all hang out there.  All out in the open, on land, and at sea, too!
exsition - 9 dagar sedan
That bmw in the first clip is sexy
Ian R
Ian R - 11 dagar sedan
thank God for a colour that isn't white, black, red or a bad blue. So many grey cars look like asian businessmen suits. The green on the Mercedes AMG GT-R is another example. Great video.
Lincoln Vundla
Lincoln Vundla - 11 dagar sedan
who did the sound track at 2:00:00 i need it please
Moose Knucks
Moose Knucks - 17 dagar sedan
Seeing this car makes me realize how lazy the new Supra was with inspiration.
Nick Kautz
Nick Kautz - 19 dagar sedan
"haven't been many cars in history that have divided opinions so dramatically as the Leaf" .... I'm done
Propeller Head
Propeller Head - 25 dagar sedan
"And animal skin seats" I think he means Leather..
Autogefühl - 25 dagar sedan
First, check out what the leather industry is trying to do: Below this video you'll find more resources in the pinned comment to explain the topic even more in-depth.
Propeller Head
Propeller Head - 25 dagar sedan
How come every car manufacture builds with the metric system but all tires or tyres are measured in inches.? Weird.
Trotamundos La decisión
Trotamundos La decisión - 26 dagar sedan
golfmaniac007 - 27 dagar sedan
that benz GT.....thats absolute.
Chad Simmons
Chad Simmons - 22 dagar sedan
That Benz reminds me of a Lambo Huracan
Lou Montana
Lou Montana - Månad sedan
I fell asleep and I awoke to this guy yakking about a Mercedes. I thought I was in a dealership!
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods - Månad sedan
They stole the new Toyota Supra rear lights
Based af
Based af - Månad sedan
2:55:54 does this guy work for mercedes? Lmaoooo yeah thats horrendous
Autogefühl - Månad sedan
tyt ggg
tyt ggg - Månad sedan
Hope you don't come across any speed bumps
duviday - Månad sedan
How can you honestly stand there and tell people the X4 is a well-designed car?
The grills are far too big and obnoxious, the rear is WAY too flat and squared off, and the roofline is simply idiotic.
But alas we all know BMW will sell millions.
Carlos Escudero
Carlos Escudero - Månad sedan
Shawn Zhang
Shawn Zhang - Månad sedan
M FX - Månad sedan
So all these electric cars can do 0-60 in 2 seconds, great, now they can accidentally go into an intersection and wipe out Both lanes of traffic instead of just one.
THTT Productions
THTT Productions - 2 månader sedan
The concept lambo looks good. Why cant car companies make their cars look more like the concepts? They're better than what the concept becomes.
Chuckey YooHoo!
Chuckey YooHoo! - 2 månader sedan
I bet he got paid by Nissan, it looks worse than Fiat 500
Autogefühl - 2 månader sedan
Believe me, the day we get paid by any manufacturer, Nissan would be the last to do so :D
Andrew smith
Andrew smith - 3 månader sedan
That BMW m8gt from the back look like the new z4/supra
BootlegEL - 3 månader sedan
That M8 is sweet but no fantasy not like the i8 this is a missed opportunity for something out of the box like the old M8!
THE MAD TECHIE - 3 månader sedan
I think you need a bigger microphone :)
Autogefühl - 3 månader sedan
For more information on this topic:
THE MAD TECHIE - 3 månader sedan
In the Lexus, How long will that touch pad last once a Coke is spilled into it.
Lou Montana
Lou Montana - Månad sedan
Did you marry my ex-wife? That bitch trashed every nice car I bought for her.
THE MAD TECHIE - 3 månader sedan
People do realize that most electric cars are powered by burning COAL or Natural Gas (nuclear is even 10%)...(most of the worlds power comes from Coal), The UK is one of the few nations to finally get to around 50% clean energy. But in most of the world electricity usually Coal or natural gas in origin. Only around 22% of power world wide is clean (hydro, wind, solar) energy so to call EV cars "Zero Emission" is misleading-- perhaps less emission as power plants have become cleaner in many places than they were years ago , but ZERO is a misnomer.
THE MAD TECHIE - 3 månader sedan
In that Hyundai Kona- I hope you are 6ft 5in tall. Or I will not be driving it LOL I don't like my hair touching the top of the Car, The head room in the front looks bad the rear is horrible.
Budok Klate
Budok Klate - 3 månader sedan
1:13:48 This is just my car in my dream. Lol. Thnx me later.
pat Bowl
pat Bowl - 3 månader sedan
I wonder if a "malfunction" will become "accident" soon. If im not doing the driving, i wont have to pay insurance?? lmao
Ali Tartila
Ali Tartila - 3 månader sedan
Ali Tartila
Ali Tartila - 3 månader sedan
Ali Tartila
Ali Tartila - 3 månader sedan
joe woof
joe woof - 3 månader sedan
im amazed at these future cars.....lets say ur in traffic and u cant get of the highway and u need to use the bathroom.... y not do something about that?? car with emergency \seat to go????
joe woof
joe woof - 3 månader sedan
I just lov how some 1 that doesn't know how to change oil or change a tire,, they review cars .
King Brilliant
King Brilliant - 3 månader sedan
these large, modern cars are absolute monoliths.. massive and inelegant.
Mosquito - 3 månader sedan
If it was the last day on earth will take koenigsegg and drive to the space
Manny C Weiss
Manny C Weiss - 3 månader sedan
x4 looks like alfa stelvio................shame.
Android Gamer
Android Gamer - 3 månader sedan
Kona means pussy here... That's why they call it Kauai
Sokol Miftari
Sokol Miftari - 3 månader sedan
BMW Strategy , do a inredible prototype so the amg gt 63s 4 door have competition a prototype car and people will wait for m8 to buy ,but what happends is that wont look even close to the prototype
Ali Ali
Ali Ali - 3 månader sedan
You can tell this guy watched doug's YouTube channel on the G-wagon lol
Autogefühl - 3 månader sedan
Why? I didnt even know such channel exists until I read some comments like "My 2 favorite channels are autogefühl and doug"
Ali Ali
Ali Ali - 3 månader sedan
@Autogefühl I find that hard to believe lmbo 😂
Autogefühl - 3 månader sedan
I dont have time to watch other youtube channels tbh. I have never watched "Doug", i dont even know him
Patrick Lionel Kossou
Patrick Lionel Kossou - 3 månader sedan
This Peugeot 508 looks really ugly inside.
tomtalk24 - 4 månader sedan
Can journalist fight! You can see the hate in the other journalists faces when you also want to review the car lol!
Ju M.
Ju M. - 4 månader sedan
Man I wish they still made the CRV in a manual. The body is beautiful.
No Names
No Names - 4 månader sedan
You would have been way more successful breaking this up into 20 seperate parts.
Autogefühl - 4 månader sedan
SEzone search Autogefuehl model name and u ll find those :)
HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa
HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa - 4 månader sedan
Hmmm..that bmw looks alot like the new 2019 supra wonder how that
Lo Riley
Lo Riley - 4 månader sedan
M stands for money pit, nice color
Person Man Man
Person Man Man - 4 månader sedan
20:51 Very true. All car infotainment systems look very dated, they look to me like early smartphone systems.
Maybe except for Tesla
Person Man Man
Person Man Man - 4 månader sedan
This video is very great, 5 hours of good work, but also it wasn't boring to watch either, great commentary throughout
Keep up the great work, your channel is better quality than many channels
Thaa FreezY
Thaa FreezY - Månad sedan
@Autogefühl 11 1Y111111111Y11111y1111111y111111111111111A1
Autogefühl - 4 månader sedan
Love to hear that!! Please recommend :)
mavallarino - 4 månader sedan
It’s not even a coupè!
MrFwlger - 4 månader sedan
What's up with that outfit my man?
Just Simple Forex 365
Just Simple Forex 365 - 3 månader sedan
start your own channel, loser.
Kingmoe _0.o
Kingmoe _0.o - 4 månader sedan
The 850 is a total disappoitment !!
hungrynapps - 4 månader sedan
Took me 3 days to watch out this video.. lol
Holy Crusader boi
Holy Crusader boi - 4 månader sedan
more everything
more design
more style
more speed
more power
more money
Will Andersen
Will Andersen - 4 månader sedan
1:58 - A mic so big it makes me jealous
Autogefühl - 4 månader sedan
Collide9 - 4 månader sedan
I agree with your comments on car design and amenities. Great job!!
Jet pack cat
Jet pack cat - 4 månader sedan
Went to sleep and woke up here
Autogefühl - 4 månader sedan
welcome =)
stratos fun
stratos fun - 4 månader sedan
Another boring car still looking like the ancient Design its had for two decades
celso bigliazzi
celso bigliazzi - 4 månader sedan
O futuro é o carro elétrico aperfeiçoado com energia eletro magnético de ato continuo .
Aman Nadha
Aman Nadha - 4 månader sedan
It has become a hulk
Janusha - 4 månader sedan
A battery pack with fat yellow cables on display isnt quite as sexy as a big V8 or V12
Lisa Lavergne
Lisa Lavergne - 4 månader sedan
Hello: Looking good; am very impressed with the 2019 Auto Show, it's very unique and stylish. All the diffrent Companies vehicle's have lots of concepts in details, and much more then just standard looks, it makes you feel like you're really looking towards a fresh future, great job!
King Brilliant
King Brilliant - 4 månader sedan
The first electric cars predate the internal combustion engine.
Muchten - 4 månader sedan
*p l e a s e* drive the cupra daddy
DooHo Won
DooHo Won - 4 månader sedan
That M8 is beautiful simply beautiful
Ondra Nesnídal
Ondra Nesnídal - 4 månader sedan
I am very impressed, how you said ŠKODA. :--)
Autogefühl - 4 månader sedan
always =)
Erick Cisneros
Erick Cisneros - 4 månader sedan
Greystone •
Greystone • - 5 månader sedan
al Bidik
al Bidik - 5 månader sedan
REAR it like supra
hungrynapps - 5 månader sedan
I can't believe I watched this whole video ... 4hours ..
Autogefühl - 5 månader sedan
awesome =) Tune in for more:
Rahul Macwan
Rahul Macwan - 5 månader sedan
Wow now I remember why I went to sleep...
amindamok - 5 månader sedan
There is really very little future for autonomous cars. The desire to own them will be very slight. When a car can simply drive itself it no longer differentiates it from public transportation. You can see from the designs how they are turning them in to roving livingrooms. It might seem novel. But will owning one be necessary? With autonomous cars it would be far more desirable to just have one come to you as you need it.
Eric Boyles
Eric Boyles - 5 månader sedan
Maybe the car should be called....the GRIEF. Because that’s how you’ll feel after paying too much for it.
Happy Robins
Happy Robins - 5 månader sedan
This guy spending too much time with Volvo
Happy Robins
Happy Robins - 5 månader sedan
I'm loving that new Nissan leaf, well done Nissan 👍👍
Jorge Barcelo
Jorge Barcelo - 5 månader sedan
this dude's torso's long
Cameron D.F Chisholm
Cameron D.F Chisholm - 5 månader sedan
33:00 Chevy Corsica did it first hahah. And the Topaz! Lol
CelentAle - 5 månader sedan
Shit gasoline...
W eletric car ✌️
Thenalya - 5 månader sedan
For some great V8 sound jump to 2:50:55 :).
tony johnson
tony johnson - 5 månader sedan
What size are the wheels?
Nishan .P
Nishan .P - 3 månader sedan
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson - 5 månader sedan
Can't get over that badass piano groove from 30:30-30:50
Zack Zada
Zack Zada - 5 månader sedan
Spot on Thomas on the AMG performance seats. The "standard" MB-Tex/DINAMICA are more comfortable and $2.5K cheaper. Thanks for the recommendation.
Autogefühl - 5 månader sedan
cheers, indeed!
Tsuyama no Kinsan津山の金さん
Wonderfu 👍゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。💕 Very good
Tsuyama no Kinsan津山の金さん
@Autogefühl (^_-)-☆
Autogefühl - 5 månader sedan
thanks and feel free to share :)
Mr. 2cents.
Mr. 2cents. - 6 månader sedan
That M8 GT, once it makes it to production and every coolness of the concept is stripped off, it might look like a Prius. 😂
JLPetersen01 - 6 månader sedan
Where is the most important and beautiful car to come to Europe ? The Tesla model 3 ??? Well, my country don´t manufacture cars, and i could´nt care less for these complicated and vulgar looking cars in this video...
Autogefühl - 6 månader sedan
Iba Saafir
Iba Saafir - 6 månader sedan
that lambo was off the mf meatrack
Adrian Gabriel Gramada
Adrian Gabriel Gramada - 6 månader sedan
WTF ! HA-HA-HA :) They all are nothing but depserate, egotistic designless attempts of a tool that should by now be the embodiment of simplicity and functionality. Simply steel boxes on wheels that do nothing but waste resources all around including my time. Sorry for this outburst but you people never seize to amaze me with your culture of incompetence dressed up with nice words ... Bye now :) BTW A true car will soon come to market and leave no chance for this charades anymore ... hopefully ;)
funkymofo - 6 månader sedan
The dashboard of the Hyundai Kona looks like a Pixar whale shark.
Daniel Sharma
Daniel Sharma - 6 månader sedan
the cut-aways are so interesting
James Raymond
James Raymond - 6 månader sedan
I love your cheesy sense of humor 😂😂😂 (to rear passengers in HR-V) "What are you doing? Stop that!!"
Autogefühl - 6 månader sedan
Tony Pate
Tony Pate - 6 månader sedan
"Simplistic" The ironry goes over the cubed head this silly master race boy faster then free tickets Das Audi Auto window (tinted) licking rally at ze local bunker.
NYC Driver Log
NYC Driver Log - 6 månader sedan
aww that Mazda 6 wagon looks amazing! such a shame we don't get it here, while the sedan has a sloping roofline :(
Sylvia - 6 månader sedan
Guys, I'm just getting around to watching this. What an amazing job you've done. I do like to hear your opinionated views on animal skin, seat comfort etc. Thanks for the tour of the show. I felt like I was right there with you!
Autogefühl - 6 månader sedan
Highly appreciated!!
Victor - 7 månader sedan
mercedes kicking it
Elektrolyfe - 7 månader sedan
Is there any Tesla Segments?
Autogefühl - 7 månader sedan
Autogefühl - 7 månader sedan
In our Paris motor show coverage linked below
francis christopher
francis christopher - 7 månader sedan
title this an ASMRautoshow.
Autogefühl - 7 månader sedan
John Smitty
John Smitty - 7 månader sedan
That transition music is God awful. What is this a porno?
Harry Axe
Harry Axe - 11 månader sedan
Stop saying 290 mile range when you mean kilometers!! Kia Kona does not have a 290 mile range.
Globa - År sedan
IMHO, 'Skoda Vision X' B e a u t i f u l . x 5,
and that car sell itself without words.
Ben Crosbie
Ben Crosbie - 8 månader sedan
Globa im in love with it and wish the car as it is should be in production