Golden Buzzer: Tyler Butler-Figueroa Earns Simon Cowell's Support - America's Got Talent 2019

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Nangdap jai Lyngdoh
Nangdap jai Lyngdoh - Timme sedan
Tyler deserves this year he really a dynamite performance 💞
Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper - Timme sedan
Every single person who disliked the video is probably the bullies. BURN YOU JERKS!!!
I loved it. I wish there was a love button.
Dani H
Dani H - Timme sedan
Wow he was born to do this! The way he moves with the music 😩💕
Daffodil Samuel
Daffodil Samuel - Timme sedan
God is with you love, He has healed you. The sky is the limit, keep on soaring, you’re amazing. God bless!!!
Idris Nzeng
Idris Nzeng - Timme sedan
Back here for the 5th time,and i still get emotional watching this video.touching and inspiring story🤗🤗
Jhona V.
Jhona V. - Timme sedan
omg it makes me cry over and over again... but i am so happy for him🤗 God bless you kid.
JEFRY 5121
JEFRY 5121 - Timme sedan
This kid cute😃😃
Mershah Wanjiku Vander 4B Provstegårdskolen
This is how many people want to give this child a hug . happy so many of u ugree deserves much than this . and this video makes me cry .
SAVAGE ATMA - Timme sedan
What is the name of the song he played ? Can anyone tell me ?
Vamsi Saiteja 1923
Vamsi Saiteja 1923 - Timme sedan
Great job Tyler. You're such an inspiration to all of us. Truly you are above all of us. Great lesson to the guys who bullied you. I wanna hug you💚💚💚
Tita Josan
Tita Josan - Timme sedan
Erlan Atabaev
Erlan Atabaev - Timme sedan
Damn i am crying. Greetings from Kyrgyzstan....
Ali Mettah
Ali Mettah - Timme sedan
Im crying now 😥😥
Rem Elorde
Rem Elorde - Timme sedan
Damn i cried You did a good job tyler (╥﹏╥) well deserve Golden buzzer
Bayu Melvera
Bayu Melvera - Timme sedan
Why am i crying??? 😭
Muhammad Hasif J
Muhammad Hasif J - Timme sedan
Best audition ever seen
Youssra Bingo
Youssra Bingo - Timme sedan
Much loved ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
seethayya bilugudi
seethayya bilugudi - Timme sedan
Please tell me🤔🤔 --how to be calm without seeing this performance atleast two times in a day 😢😢i control my self without seeing it😭😭😭
Nasro Nure
Nasro Nure - Timme sedan
angelie rose cruz
angelie rose cruz - Timme sedan
Revenge _SA
Revenge _SA - 2 timmar sedan
This show will forever remind me of how strangers can make you feel so proud even way better than your family.Humanity still exists.
gunawan channel
gunawan channel - 2 timmar sedan
Whats title soundtrack golden buzzer??
Lolie Anna Kambey
Lolie Anna Kambey - 2 timmar sedan
Kartini0909 Renda
Kartini0909 Renda - 2 timmar sedan
Oooo my god😱😱😱, i love you boys😘😘😘😍😍,
Nuwar Alabdallat
Nuwar Alabdallat - 2 timmar sedan
Whats the name of the song he played
W B - 2 timmar sedan
:( :( :( :(
Tawfik DZ
Tawfik DZ - 2 timmar sedan
انت حقا موهوب لقد جعلتني ابكي😢. ما هذه الطاقه 🥰. You are truly talented. You made me cry.😢 What is this energy
Yogie LaeDJ
Yogie LaeDJ - 2 timmar sedan
helen85 - 2 timmar sedan
Aww this lil boy is so Adorable and talented May God keep Continue to bless them with good health...p.s. I love Simon💖💖
Jose Miguel
Jose Miguel - 2 timmar sedan
Kupar1994 Nongrang
Kupar1994 Nongrang - 2 timmar sedan
God Bless Him and please healing him. Gave him a healthy life
Ohana 831
Ohana 831 - 2 timmar sedan
The love of humanity when Simon hit that buzzer. Everyone came together and rejoiced. That’s what life should be. “I feel proud of myself and happy” Because everyone showed the ultimate happiness for him🙌🏼
Dianing Arum Kusuma Wardhani
Dianing Arum Kusuma Wardhani - 2 timmar sedan
I believe in the future he'll be more successful than those kids who bullied him
Dyana Naga
Dyana Naga - 2 timmar sedan
I have played this video many times and I have never been bored
Christian Serquina
Christian Serquina - 2 timmar sedan
We stan violin players 😔👊
Hasnol Sam
Hasnol Sam - 2 timmar sedan
I cried 😭
JustScrolling x
JustScrolling x - 2 timmar sedan
I love how both the songs fit him so perfect
Sabine Sabine Sab
Sabine Sabine Sab - 2 timmar sedan
Wooooooooooooooooow 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anna Westerhuis
Anna Westerhuis - 2 timmar sedan
Damn onions
assma altaleb
assma altaleb - 2 timmar sedan
An amizing 😍😍
Mihael Mačak
Mihael Mačak - 2 timmar sedan
This kid is an inspiration.
Eunice Kesa
Eunice Kesa - 2 timmar sedan
This is not a place to cut onions ... who is cutting them ? 😢😢😭
Morgan Ward
Morgan Ward - 2 timmar sedan
I had leukemia as well
Scott s
Scott s - 2 timmar sedan
Get him on tour with a Andre riue
Morgan Ward
Morgan Ward - 2 timmar sedan
That is absolutely sad. I had cancer when I was 9 and I’m 15 now. Nobody should EVER have to be bullied, because of cancer. People make me sick. God bless Tyler ♥️
Madalina Gutu
Madalina Gutu - 2 timmar sedan
Creative Star
Creative Star - 2 timmar sedan
God surely will bless you Simeon..Go Champ! You are a winner, Tyler!
Wali My love
Wali My love - 2 timmar sedan
✌️💪👏👏👏 bravo m'y bro
SAMIT PANYO - 2 timmar sedan
Great boy.
What song Tyler play and what song background
amir khan
amir khan - 2 timmar sedan
love u simon cowl its deserve
Yasser OWEIDA - 2 timmar sedan
Wonderful, very talented, but I don't like that the story always influences the judgement, even if it's hard.
Mzansinews official
Mzansinews official - 2 timmar sedan
Please guys subscribe to my channel
Ali Imranskepns
Ali Imranskepns - 2 timmar sedan
Im cry.. im cry. Im cry... omg sure im cry.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Maxwell Dorbor
Maxwell Dorbor - 2 timmar sedan
I feel annoyed when I see people giving a thumb down on a video for no reason 😡!!!
Great inspiration Tyler ❤️
Silvia Stueckemann
Silvia Stueckemann - 2 timmar sedan
was für ein süßer kleiner Kerl,sei nicht traurig wenn die Menschen böse zu dir sind,du bist ein toller Junge
Jenna Daisy
Jenna Daisy - 2 timmar sedan
I thougt I won't cry... I did.
Hanu Saad
Hanu Saad - 2 timmar sedan
TheSilentHacker - 3 timmar sedan
truth(music) liberates you.
G hammekini
G hammekini - 3 timmar sedan
This was awesome but damnit I can’t stop crying😭😭😭
Leo Messi Mammm
Leo Messi Mammm - 3 timmar sedan
Smart boy 👦
Tabs Capulso
Tabs Capulso - 3 timmar sedan
you deserve it....!!!!
Smokester - 3 timmar sedan
My heart hurts 😩
Catherine Anjouanaise
Catherine Anjouanaise - 3 timmar sedan
slamet raden dimas
slamet raden dimas - 3 timmar sedan
What's the title of this song
Matthias Zorn
Matthias Zorn - 3 timmar sedan
Bully:„i can bully whoever I want!“

Tyler:hold my violin
Warlock Legacy
Warlock Legacy - 3 timmar sedan
This made me Ugly cry so HARD the part that I wanted to ask about is What type of Demon bullies a kid with CANCER what type of lonely despicable human being does that to someone
 - 3 timmar sedan
THANKS SIMON FOR THE GOLDEN BUZZER ! 😇💪❤❤❤💛💛💛💛💛💛💥💥💥💫💫💫💫💣💣💣👑
Дай бог ему здоровья!!!!
Zainab Al fatlawi
Zainab Al fatlawi - 3 timmar sedan
Amazing boy
sompong homsai
sompong homsai - 3 timmar sedan
Meliyeti Kosasih
Meliyeti Kosasih - 3 timmar sedan
I love violin and also playing violin like him. And I know how difficult to learn violin.
You have to practice and practice everyday. 🤗
Very proud of this lill' boy ❤️. Just can't stop crying. Very touched
Jesus Norberto Silao
Jesus Norberto Silao - 3 timmar sedan
awesome talent! deserve a golden have a good heart and please continue to be a good person.. soar high kid..#Philippines ❤😄❤😀
Батырбаев Арман
1000%супер талант👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Dorothy York
Dorothy York - 3 timmar sedan
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Watched it over an over. U will rise. Ull see. I'll be watching. Congratulations tyler....😘
Isack Mohamed
Isack Mohamed - 3 timmar sedan
Amazing kind with an amazing talent
A'an Budiono
A'an Budiono - 3 timmar sedan
Orang Indonesia yang kesini karena postingan IG. Kasih jempolnya. Huhu. 😭😭
Ruan Dreyer
Ruan Dreyer - 3 timmar sedan
Really..the world would be a much better place if moments like these could happen more often...hats of to all you awesome peeps..
That's the line gave me goosebumps "I'm feeling proud of myself "..thanks little champ for the motivation
Alina Nadya
Alina Nadya - 3 timmar sedan
When this boys said that he felt proud of him self...its really hit me..touch my deserved to get golden buzzer bcs you are the truth winner in real life young boy😭😭🤗😊
andrea garcia
andrea garcia - 3 timmar sedan
Great job!!!!
We love you Tyler!!!🥰
o o
o o - 3 timmar sedan
I am craying ,, that amazing young man,, wow 😢😢😢😢😢
Z. Q.
Z. Q. - 3 timmar sedan
Really nice performance
celekuhle gigaba
celekuhle gigaba - 3 timmar sedan
Z. Q.
Z. Q. - 3 timmar sedan
Get well soon ...insha Allah don't worry baby
R.A. Wallenberg
R.A. Wallenberg - 3 timmar sedan
Little King 👑 🔝👏🏾🔥
Aren kichu
Aren kichu - 3 timmar sedan
Oh my dear, Whatever you are, Jesus always love you..may God bless you!
johnny hankins
johnny hankins - 3 timmar sedan
simon way to go you made the world happy by doing the golden buzzer
Sebotse John
Sebotse John - 3 timmar sedan
Wow this kid has a talent 😍😍
Dorothy Ngei
Dorothy Ngei - 4 timmar sedan
I love how they do slowmo golden buzzer reaction brings goosebumps 💞💞💞😭😭😭
Yusdari Panungkazz
Yusdari Panungkazz - 4 timmar sedan
Your the best
Maryam khabaz
Maryam khabaz - 4 timmar sedan
I couldn't stop crying 😍🤩😭😭
Antonio Alsanati
Antonio Alsanati - 4 timmar sedan
Who else has watched this like 20 times in a row because you can’t believe how good he is
Indrakumar Puvvula
Indrakumar Puvvula - 4 timmar sedan
9.7k robots here
Nada Rashed
Nada Rashed - 4 timmar sedan
So beautiful and amazing talent… I am so proud of my self… wish best for yu tyler..
Venom Ali
Venom Ali - 4 timmar sedan
This kid is so talented, made me weep 🤧
kashif gold96
kashif gold96 - 4 timmar sedan
Wao so beautiful I love you so much.
Bi makcha
Bi makcha - 4 timmar sedan
Great Simon
Loya Naorem
Loya Naorem - 4 timmar sedan
This is when Simon follows his heart ✊
eat pasta run fasta
eat pasta run fasta - 4 timmar sedan
Even tho i’m years older than him, he’s my idol! Stay strong Champion❤️
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf - 4 timmar sedan
He played incredibly with his whole body moving while i cant even play c note perfectly even when im sitting 😥😭