I Said Yes to My Dad For 24 Hours! - Challenge

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Preston - 5 månader sedan
Subscribe or I'll say no to you for 24 hours...
Maryann Colinia
Maryann Colinia - 9 dagar sedan
I am in Canada
TAHSAN Alam - 21 dag sedan
kayleigh griffiths
kayleigh griffiths - Månad sedan
Just kidding 😜😜😜😜
kayleigh griffiths
kayleigh griffiths - Månad sedan
Danny Taeckens
Danny Taeckens - Månad sedan
Preston do you not wanna buy me a Lamborghini
John Dempsey
John Dempsey - 23 timmar sedan
Not b day June14 I have a shirt not😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
John Dempsey
John Dempsey - 23 timmar sedan
Sorry son
Nicole Byrnes
Nicole Byrnes - Dag sedan
im contry
Dianne Pascua
Dianne Pascua - Dag sedan
Plsss say yes to barney for 24 hours
wes hand
wes hand - 4 dagar sedan
Do u actually were dippers
John Verterra
John Verterra - 5 dagar sedan
3:53 preston left the juice
leave a like if u notice
Mariacris Balane
Mariacris Balane - 5 dagar sedan
No more please no more!!
Jay Manalo
Jay Manalo - 5 dagar sedan
If u want preston say yes to his family
Jay Manalo
Jay Manalo - 5 dagar sedan
Ummmm i mean joke
Jay Manalo
Jay Manalo - 5 dagar sedan
I didnt subscribe
Smxmdmdjc Uehehdn
Smxmdmdjc Uehehdn - 5 dagar sedan
If u look properly at Preston’s phone, he is fake calling
Dylan Green
Dylan Green - 8 dagar sedan
Do u think I should do the same
Maryann Colinia
Maryann Colinia - 9 dagar sedan
You should say yes to your mom for 48 hours.
Joseph Jarnagin
Joseph Jarnagin - 9 dagar sedan
sponsored by ea huh well ea is evil
ange gilroy
ange gilroy - 10 dagar sedan
DAVID 🧔🏽 that’s a great lot of toilet 🚽 paper 🧻
Yee Wui Foong
Yee Wui Foong - 11 dagar sedan
do a channel that your wife will say yes to you for 24 hours
Hulkoned 111
Hulkoned 111 - 11 dagar sedan
Preston why were u pretending to do a fake phone call
Diya Sharma
Diya Sharma - 12 dagar sedan
Preston wasn’t even calling anyone. When Barney comes in if you look at his phone you can see his page where you unlock the phone. Like if you saw👍🏼
Luke and Grady 1016
Luke and Grady 1016 - 15 dagar sedan
You got Chick-fil-A when I Chick-fil-A
Picklemaster - 16 dagar sedan
I fell so bad for you Preston
LeaP Sakkada
LeaP Sakkada - 16 dagar sedan
I like you
Messi Snow
Messi Snow - 17 dagar sedan
Preston needs to get next year Ellensburg and its birthday shell shell B April 31st
Beyblade burst tournaments
Beyblade burst tournaments - 18 dagar sedan
I was there to
My Official
My Official - 23 dagar sedan
im your fan
Digital Player
Digital Player - 23 dagar sedan
This hasn't been bad at ALL dad.........(Moments Ago) HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPP😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Afnane Sahnoune
Afnane Sahnoune - 24 dagar sedan
And i didnt tell my parents now thay will be so mad pleas chrome help me
Afnane Sahnoune
Afnane Sahnoune - 24 dagar sedan
Preston i am 7 years old and i wanted to play in the size and i pushed the botoun that has ad to cart and 1 or 2 seconds i pushed the botoun that has buy now i want you to cancel the order pleas cancel it
Tanya Mcintosh
Tanya Mcintosh - 25 dagar sedan
Levi Cirpaci
Levi Cirpaci - 25 dagar sedan
Preston I wish I could live at your house
iron kid2019
iron kid2019 - 25 dagar sedan
Preston i live in texas elgin for a fan meetingrits
sherly orellana
sherly orellana - 26 dagar sedan
abd i see the idk jump in to the window
sherly orellana
sherly orellana - 26 dagar sedan
your friend get one bag of food and give it for free
sherly orellana
sherly orellana - 26 dagar sedan
i see that
sherly orellana
sherly orellana - 26 dagar sedan
you robber
Bryan Javorek
Bryan Javorek - 26 dagar sedan
I am a Trump supporter and I will not apologize for it.😎
Lundgren Escarate
Lundgren Escarate - 29 dagar sedan
5:04 He not on the phone bruh
Bssbzb Hshzvz
Bssbzb Hshzvz - Månad sedan
Preston in your birthday it will be better if your dad said yes to you for 24 hours because you did not make that vidio hit a like if you igree
YajD Gaming
YajD Gaming - Månad sedan
Papafrags is so not cool his boring his lame😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
I like memes
I like memes - Månad sedan
gifting my next 1k subs
Amber Bailey
Amber Bailey - Månad sedan
His dad wons a Lamborghini
alvin panaite
alvin panaite - Månad sedan
you have the best vidoes
Dxpprxsed x
Dxpprxsed x - Månad sedan
Can you not get me a tesla?
Ben brayley
Ben brayley - Månad sedan
ight bet jk jk i rly like preston
MrSayunc - Månad sedan
I’m sorry you had to do that to your dad 🥺☹️🥺☹️🥺
Tanjin Islam
Tanjin Islam - Månad sedan
We have the same phone
Michael Ismikel
Michael Ismikel - Månad sedan
One like = one prayer for Preston’s bank account
UnknownGamer12 - Månad sedan
But how will you find us??
Rafal Zabinski
Rafal Zabinski - Månad sedan
yesenia juarez
yesenia juarez - Månad sedan
Y’all can do yes to Preston :)
Anna Heinrich
Anna Heinrich - Månad sedan
Your dad is very mean
Alan Backer
Alan Backer - Månad sedan
what the i need robux like 500
Chivakak Sreang
Chivakak Sreang - Månad sedan
by the way you are great
Abdoulie Jallow
Abdoulie Jallow - Månad sedan
I like Apex
sandra crosby
sandra crosby - Månad sedan
Fear Iced
Fear Iced - Månad sedan
Half off
Watching in 2019??
Everybody says yes to Preston!!
Nerveen Lotfy
Nerveen Lotfy - 24 dagar sedan
This was uploaded in 2019
Chivakak Sreang
Chivakak Sreang - Månad sedan
what a great father you have preston
Emma Duyzer
Emma Duyzer - Månad sedan
Why would Preston say I spent all that time getting a lambo and said don't scratch it or ill have to pay for it? IS IT A RENTAL?
Dijana Panic
Dijana Panic - Månad sedan
I did come there
Satvinder Bhavra
Satvinder Bhavra - Månad sedan
Debra Kester
Debra Kester - Månad sedan
My neice follows your videos and I just found out who your dad is. PLEASE, where can I find his CD Grace Rules? Amazon is sold out. I've tried to reach him on Facebook. I have bought all his other CDs. I listen to Grace Rules on YouTube but would love to get the CD. Would you help me? I would sure appreciate it. Sorry if I'm a bother I just don't know where else to search. Thank you so much for your time!