Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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Angela Izzo
Angela Izzo - 20 minuter sedan
Her personality is nice. She's evolved into quite the woman.
Blackie Love
Blackie Love - 3 timmar sedan
It was so cool to watch those men doll her up. I wish my man could do makeup and hair omg 😭😭😭 Like Anthony cuts 😭😭😭😩
BantaLol Lol
BantaLol Lol - 18 timmar sedan
I feel like Kim is just so much more welcoming and easy to talk to x
` mxmgab
` mxmgab - 19 timmar sedan
this is sad
sister shalissa
sister shalissa - 19 timmar sedan
I felt it when Kims waist went '' 👃🏻''
leah Bb
leah Bb - 22 timmar sedan
Kim is better than the rest of her sisters period
Amawhe Trinity
Amawhe Trinity - Dag sedan
Okay Kim is just way too cute
mnacheva1 - Dag sedan
this is so sad
eloise sharan
eloise sharan - Dag sedan
How can anyone’s stomach get that small !!!!!!
Mamu MauMau
Mamu MauMau - Dag sedan
Oh god...Stop the presses!!! Kim K. has announced to the whole world that she is going to eat a dozen donuts!!!!
Real people do nor give a flying f ck about any of this celebrity worship crap. Only gods lost little sheep care
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Camille •
Camille • - 2 dagar sedan
I love everything.. just a little confused about the hair.. and her corset, yikes 😳
Camille •
Camille • - 2 dagar sedan
I love everything.. just a little confused about the hair.. and her corset, yikes 😳
Akm Kamruzzaman Nelu
Akm Kamruzzaman Nelu - 2 dagar sedan
Can she ever breathe in that tied dress? I don't think so🙄
It's Aini Nr.
It's Aini Nr. - 2 dagar sedan
why i think she's beautiful before make up! LOL
Araish Jamal555
Araish Jamal555 - 2 dagar sedan
Why her complexion looks darker after make up??
princessamianydia jasmine
princessamianydia jasmine - 2 dagar sedan
The piano
What's the song
It's so beautiful
Hory Shitu
Hory Shitu - 2 dagar sedan
The waist is too snatched, it looks unnatural.
Little Rose
Little Rose - Dag sedan
Hory Shitu it’s supposed to, camp
Loyane Pontes
Loyane Pontes - 2 dagar sedan
Valha minha nossa kkkkkkkkk Pourra tu é guerreira pra usar um negócio desse
수정 - 2 dagar sedan
기괴... 대체 왜.....
Invincible Beauty
Invincible Beauty - 3 dagar sedan
Kim hasn't gotten so much more humble. I've always loved her but now I respect and love her.
Mia 01
Mia 01 - 3 dagar sedan
It's beautiful but i just don't understand what this has to do with camp
Alison Ach
Alison Ach - 3 dagar sedan
Kim is gorgeous
Рита Пак
Рита Пак - 3 dagar sedan
Jesus! How she can breathe in this corset? That's really dangerous for her health :(
Kilo Kilo
Kilo Kilo - 2 dagar sedan
Рита Пак the corset moulds with her body (custom), so it wouldn’t do anything dangerous to her
spartus - 3 dagar sedan
Gotta pee ... Omg .. Gotta pee .. Omg
david francis
david francis - 3 dagar sedan
ned jou
ned jou - 3 dagar sedan
Kimberly you look so beautiful without makeup, you look so pure and clean.. i think all this social media didn't gave you the real appreciate that you deserve.
Syriah Williams
Syriah Williams - 3 dagar sedan
That looks very uncomfortable although it is beautiful. I think her fashion designers are crazy lol
Edit : she’s beautiful without make up
isa danmar
isa danmar - 3 dagar sedan
That looks super unhealthy
Purple love
Purple love - 3 dagar sedan
*Okay but what if she needs the toilet*
Miguel Cuevas
Miguel Cuevas - 4 dagar sedan
Que lo que tienen las kardashay tienen el culo de oro cagán flores no ombe no son todas iguales cual es la chercha aquí en los gandules hay mujeres que hieden menos que está tipa
emaan zulfiqar
emaan zulfiqar - 4 dagar sedan
how is she even alive after this 😵😳
Livia Amora
Livia Amora - 4 dagar sedan
Kim is seak!
Breshy - 4 dagar sedan
what - 4 dagar sedan
Out of all the Kardashian's I like kim the most
Natashia Smith
Natashia Smith - 4 dagar sedan
Talk about suffering for beauty...
What I want to know is when she'll drop the last name and just be Kim, as if we need a last name.
123Lucy 321
123Lucy 321 - 4 dagar sedan
Can we talk about how Mario snapped while doing her makeup...
DSREN WARHOL - 4 dagar sedan
Ms. Lalady
Ms. Lalady - 4 dagar sedan
The shallowest woman in America... KKW
ImperfNerf - 4 dagar sedan
Serious question- does anyone find a waist that small with the rest of her proportions attractive?
Kane Farh
Kane Farh - 5 dagar sedan
Nonsense ..she looks unfit trying to cover her out of shape body by using shapers.
She needs to hit the gym and eat less fat
Lea Crz
Lea Crz - 5 dagar sedan
Si il y a un français qui passe par là, à 2:24 le mec blond dit au photographe « montre un peu plus de cul »😂😭
Niven lim
Niven lim - 6 dagar sedan
Total Wife moment
- but we really have to swe what he’s wearing
R M - 6 dagar sedan
*organs have left the chat*
Rena Hebibi
Rena Hebibi - 6 dagar sedan
چ بی خاونه بخدا😂
XoTheTheorist - 6 dagar sedan
Can she breathe 😂
Kimber Lee
Kimber Lee - 6 dagar sedan
Nothing like getting ribs removed,eh?
Шоки шоки
Шоки шоки - 6 dagar sedan
she looks without make up like an angel, with make up an Iran men
Zoids Zu
Zoids Zu - 6 dagar sedan
My body hurts just watching this 😱.
LUCIFER - 7 dagar sedan
it has been months and I'm still shook about this look
LaProfetesse - 7 dagar sedan
Oh my God. She looks so much prettier WITHOUT makeup on.
yojo joseph
yojo joseph - 7 dagar sedan
She is pretty and positive , glad that all the hate she gets didnt make her negetive.
Eden Garden
Eden Garden - 7 dagar sedan
I have one question... why?
Esperanza Elena
Esperanza Elena - 7 dagar sedan
YasLeo Yas
YasLeo Yas - 7 dagar sedan
She stole the gala for me. This glam look will forever be ingrained in my mind as one of the most beautiful l have ever seen in my life. ❤
Ophir B
Ophir B - 7 dagar sedan
She’s looks like she’s dying
S 2
S 2 - 7 dagar sedan
Parece que ela ta comprimida nessa roupa
H S - 8 dagar sedan
The guys in the thumbnail look kinda like creeps im sorry
stefania rampazzo
stefania rampazzo - 8 dagar sedan
No respiraaaaaa
Անի - 8 dagar sedan
She looks so Armenian to a T without makeup 😭
BB Wolf
BB Wolf - 8 dagar sedan
I'm polishing my Bishop watching . . . Very nice . . .
Martine Bisson
Martine Bisson - 8 dagar sedan
Gros cul
Aneyda Rubio
Aneyda Rubio - 8 dagar sedan
Ni tan si quiera se puede mover
lil asian boi
lil asian boi - 8 dagar sedan
if kim can eat donuts once in like ages, i think to myself that it’s ok to eat them every day 🤷‍♀️
Jessica Noel
Jessica Noel - 8 dagar sedan
kim is prettier without makeup
ItzJust_Midori - 9 dagar sedan
watching this is painful. help.
Maddy Martinez
Maddy Martinez - 9 dagar sedan
She fr looks like some dead sea weed that washed up on the beach 💀
Minenhle Longwe
Minenhle Longwe - 9 dagar sedan
I love Kim Kardashian for real
Влад Ожмегов
Влад Ожмегов - 9 dagar sedan
Я вас в жопу ебал ублюдки американские.
Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown - 9 dagar sedan
Las Kardashian en Culiacán
Athena Vahl
Athena Vahl - 9 dagar sedan
Coitadaaa ☹️
Brooke Maletis
Brooke Maletis - 9 dagar sedan
Love it!!
Josue Lopez
Josue Lopez - 9 dagar sedan
Humans are so stupid
Rodney Dodson
Rodney Dodson - 10 dagar sedan
Humbled by the idea that she's rich, famous, and attending a Vogue Gala... I don't think she's using that word right, but ok ha. She looks great though!
kitten :3
kitten :3 - 10 dagar sedan
This is just stupid, not even cool just dumb
Maddy Martinez
Maddy Martinez - 9 dagar sedan
Yeah kinda but you don't have to be so rude about it
Saadia Soukrati
Saadia Soukrati - 10 dagar sedan
Elle a un corps bizarre en bas on dirait le corps d un insecte
sanjh sandy
sanjh sandy - 10 dagar sedan
I like kim bt that waist is not looking nice, tooooo slim. Surgery gone too far
monsterhigh75 - 10 dagar sedan
i actually like her....... i think she is a sweet person..who sometimes makes poor decision.... but don't we all?
Moonima alam
Moonima alam - 10 dagar sedan
She is actually quite pretty without all that heavy make up.
sophie is fetch
sophie is fetch - 10 dagar sedan
Kim: I can eat a dozen by myself but a dozen probably equal 1 donut
Me: I can eat a dozen regular donuts 😂
애 정Minnvie
애 정Minnvie - 10 dagar sedan
3:33 to 4:07 that’s very nice husband and wife going to a special romantic event together