Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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Etlhey Santos
Etlhey Santos - 53 minuter sedan
Bonito? Isso é aterrorizante. Ela mal consegue sentar.
Liss Salvatierra
Liss Salvatierra - Timme sedan
hello hello
hello hello - 2 timmar sedan
This is horrible
Jerika Cruz
Jerika Cruz - 2 timmar sedan
Ok no hate but wasn’t she pregnant?😭 how...? ¿Huh¿?🥴 im confused asl 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sharon Emsley
Sharon Emsley - 3 timmar sedan
It looks so uncomfortable.
Anniekins - 4 timmar sedan
Denzel is right.. the dress does kinda make her look like a roach
Priscylla Correia
Priscylla Correia - 5 timmar sedan
that's sad
Alyssa A. Saliou
Alyssa A. Saliou - 5 timmar sedan
Random question: What's the piano intermezzo called again?
tanya he
tanya he - 5 timmar sedan
Kim: My dream is to go to the Met Gala and here I am!! My dream came true!!😁😁
Me: Well my dream is to get an A in all my subjects and I'm still not there. My dreams did not come true😢😢
Sarah Lopes
Sarah Lopes - 6 timmar sedan
This is horrible, she can not seat, eat or anything (???) wtf is happen with y’all that thinks that it is normal???
milena padilha
milena padilha - 6 timmar sedan
Como uma pessoa faz isso com o próprio corpo ? 😥
Alia Ali
Alia Ali - 7 timmar sedan
Why isn’t anyone talking about when they played Clair de lune?
Renata Rivero
Renata Rivero - 8 timmar sedan
Sus pechos parecerían que iban a explotar
BruceBrown86 - 9 timmar sedan
Stop to follow this fake people !!!
Ctina Blankk
Ctina Blankk - 9 timmar sedan
Of course the dress is beautiful, and so is she, gorgeous really, but she looks like she's in so much pain the whole time. Literally looks like she's on the verge of crying for the fitting with that corset. They say "beauty is pain", but that seems a bit extreme. Especially, considering the fact that someone has to take weeks, if not months, all that time to do the proper corset/waist training for that without seriously injuring themselves. Crazy.
Milena Benites
Milena Benites - 9 timmar sedan
Diogo paródias kakakakakk
Maia L
Maia L - 10 timmar sedan
her organs are really suffering :|
Sayazin - 11 timmar sedan
This is sad. WTF?!
Sayazin - 11 timmar sedan
Sick people. Could be live in a zoo.
ɑѵɑղժɑ ೃೕೂ
ɑѵɑղժɑ ೃೕೂ - 11 timmar sedan
I didn’t even notice that was Kim in the thumbnail ngl
GRITTERSTAR5 - 13 timmar sedan
I sometimes like her without so much makeup and contour. She looks younger before her makeup is done.
Brenda Campos
Brenda Campos - 13 timmar sedan
this is so problematic in so many levels
Cait D
Cait D - 14 timmar sedan
Silver Bullock
Silver Bullock - 14 timmar sedan
The fact that Kim always expresses her gratitude and how blessed she is makes me love her more!!
nandini kaystha
nandini kaystha - 15 timmar sedan
I cannot even wear tight jeans for an hour🤐🤐🤐🤐
Minji Gim
Minji Gim - 15 timmar sedan
Thierry Mugler is an amazing fashion designer, but he did NOT invent camp
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress - 15 timmar sedan
anyone sees how frightened she looks in the thumbnail? Those guys fidgeting are ughh
QUEENG - 15 timmar sedan
the way she says kom thoo
Martine Fortin
Martine Fortin - 16 timmar sedan
Wow! Three persons to help you dress! And probably three more for hair and makeup and we wonder why celebrities look so good.
Alberto Gallerani MD
Alberto Gallerani MD - 17 timmar sedan
Kelly Hunert
Kelly Hunert - 18 timmar sedan
So beyond gorgeous! ❤️ you Kim!
OldrNwizr2 - 19 timmar sedan
The 'dripping water droplets' are SO gorgeous! I love it x
Victoria - 20 timmar sedan
Where are ur lungs like how
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker - 20 timmar sedan
Look how those whites touches her n curse her’s worse than I thought think n it seems to be etc
Gabbie Stranges
Gabbie Stranges - 21 timme sedan
1:26 ummm
Is your waist just a big ol’ joke?
Sky Ortega
Sky Ortega - 21 timme sedan
The Mortecai
The Mortecai - 22 timmar sedan
your getting old kim...
Deby Ortiz
Deby Ortiz - 23 timmar sedan
Córset should back! Because women are losing the feminine shape up today with surgery etc!! Let back to be real like the antique women's
stxrfish - 23 timmar sedan
Nayadi Suarez
Nayadi Suarez - Dag sedan
Kim por lo visto le encantan los tonos cafés.
Cris - Dag sedan
Tortura como padrão de beleza!
Júlia Britto
Júlia Britto - Dag sedan
Omg 😕
lv amv
lv amv - Dag sedan
Can she walk..what happens if she falls.
Paula Arquitetura
Paula Arquitetura - Dag sedan
Que pecado, que judiação, toda amarrada. Isso é medieval. Pra que tanta tortura?
Kaila Dwinell
Kaila Dwinell - Dag sedan
Ok Mugler- but why the F are we allowing the CORSET back in style??? This must be stopped now
charlotte ribeiro
charlotte ribeiro - Dag sedan
Les français ont a bien entendu « montres un peu plus de cul »
Small - Dag sedan
Tá Mas.... Kim se tá respirando?
Nino Carter
Nino Carter - Dag sedan
Name of the piano song pls
bella arnold
bella arnold - Dag sedan
that looks so uncomfortable lol but she makes it look so gorgeous and easy😂
Cecília castro
Cecília castro - Dag sedan
Q vídeo o desconfortável de assistir, credo
Amber Wanless
Amber Wanless - Dag sedan
beatriz rodrigues
beatriz rodrigues - Dag sedan
perfection is the disease of the nation
Beyoncé- Pretty Hurts
00 Spooking
00 Spooking - Dag sedan
Her organs are turtle necking out of her va-jay-jay.She'll end up giving birth to one of them out on stage at the met gala.
love life
love life - Dag sedan
oh my god, she has a natural beauty!her make up stunning as always, she is the one who needs to release skincare earlier than Kylie..hihi
alva - Dag sedan
kim is so grateful and genuine❤️ and gorgeous
Pink Punx
Pink Punx - Dag sedan
Mariana Sombra
Mariana Sombra - Dag sedan
thats torture.
Somar - Dag sedan
This isn't beautiful, this is sick.
Miguel Ángel Santana
Miguel Ángel Santana - Dag sedan
2:55 what Melody is??
Lucas - 22 timmar sedan
clair de lune.
MrPuma78 - Dag sedan
Vyoperovana zebra,vyplne prdele,vypada smesne!!Tohle ze je krasny??Ha ha.
Larissa Mendonça
Larissa Mendonça - Dag sedan
Como alguém pode olhar pra isso e achar bonito? Isto é sem duvida escravidão da moda e de um corpo perfeito
Lorens Galahad
Lorens Galahad - Dag sedan
x x
x x - Dag sedan
que horrível, e ainda tem gente que acha bonito
Beca Henriques
Beca Henriques - Dag sedan
The beauty industry pressure its so big that made kim use a dress that she cant even breathe normally, this is not pretty, this is horrible.
Ysa - Dag sedan
Carolina Cunha
Carolina Cunha - Dag sedan
why couldn't they make it simply bigger, but still tight? she wouldn't have to stop breathing... ):
Ansaar ĹĐÑ Abdul amer
Saudi king's son offer u for 65cr?yes or no...
I'm a right?
Micaela Fernandes
Micaela Fernandes - Dag sedan
a cintura dela ta dando agonia de tao fina
Twin Avocados
Twin Avocados - Dag sedan
Omg how does she breathe and fit in that how did she wear this and especially for hours how is her waist so small
Elly Becky
Elly Becky - Dag sedan
Alexandrismos pra vcs que assistem!
Hanishka Mestry
Hanishka Mestry - Dag sedan
At 2:49 did anyone see Kourtney Kardashian
ozuna fel
ozuna fel - Dag sedan
Simplemente horrible esa mujer 🤮
Isabele Silva
Isabele Silva - Dag sedan
Iike. Good Very
Perry Winkle
Perry Winkle - Dag sedan
is she pregnant in this??
CessMercedes - Dag sedan
She looks good
seven1283 - Dag sedan
Amazing ! 🦄🧚🏻‍♀️ Kim is beautiful, creative team is beyond professional, very inspirational. 🌞✨💖
Livy Shinwoo
Livy Shinwoo - Dag sedan
Leslie Perez
Leslie Perez - Dag sedan
Kim is definitely the more polished amongst the sisters.
I don't follow the Kardashians, but once in a while I happen to find videos about Kylie, Kendall or Kim. Just watched Kylie's video getting ready for the Met Gala, and she was so rude.
4:59 just notice how she acknowledges her team, whereas Kylie literally just said "I think I need... ONE OF THEM".
Just look at how Kim chats with them, and how relaxed her team looks.
Kylie's was nothing like this.
Gabriela Curci
Gabriela Curci - Dag sedan
Coitada, o que esse povo alienado não faz pra exaltar o ego
Orian Nunes
Orian Nunes - Dag sedan
does anyone know what this piano song is called?
Nataly Oliveira Silva
Nataly Oliveira Silva - Dag sedan
Onde a procura pela "perfeição" leva as pessoas
Nataly Oliveira Silva
Nataly Oliveira Silva - Dag sedan
Gente que absurdo tudo que ela fez pra um dia, ficar sem comer direito por dias, vários tratamentos
Jamayra Greyce
Jamayra Greyce - Dag sedan
kj _edits
kj _edits - Dag sedan
chega fiquei sem ar kkk
Ingrid Tomski
Ingrid Tomski - Dag sedan
That’s not healthy at all....
Cláudia Cárin
Cláudia Cárin - Dag sedan
Oh my godddd this video is so bizarre
women have to love each other as they are..Sad to think that 15 year old girls think beauty is this
Billy Kane
Billy Kane - Dag sedan
4:08 she holds an iphone 8 plus , 4:12 she's using an iphone x it's normal ?
Luca - Dag sedan
A música triste combina com o vídeo
Felipe Cipriano
Felipe Cipriano - Dag sedan
Emma Pf15T3R
Emma Pf15T3R - Dag sedan
1:43 just like kim

Don't @ me
Sofia Rosas
Sofia Rosas - Dag sedan
so we're preatching clothes that supress basic human needs? come on people
Lilliany ketien
Lilliany ketien - Dag sedan
Fiquei com falta de ar só de olhar. Como consegue ficar tão apertada assim? Não respira? kkkkk socorro
Nisha Kanjolia
Nisha Kanjolia - Dag sedan
They don't have shame or ❓
Family Smith
Family Smith - Dag sedan
I feel sorry for her international organs 😬😂
82 KT
82 KT - Dag sedan
Can You help me?? Supcribe. View, Like??
Meire Oliveira
Meire Oliveira - Dag sedan
Pobre menina rica
Heloiza Masaoka
Heloiza Masaoka - Dag sedan
Please. Please please please stop acting like starving is ok, like wearing clothes that could possibly hurt you is ok. This is not ok. This is not healthy. When are the fashion industry stop being ridiculous. This, Kim and Vouge showing her as a beauty Venus, is gonna affect thousands of ppl and not in a positive way.
Please stop.
송이송이 - 2 dagar sedan
You don't need that...
trizz coelho
trizz coelho - 2 dagar sedan
This is so sick! OMG You cant sit, pee or breathe just because you got to look perfect in your clothes...
Yasmim Anabella
Yasmim Anabella - 2 dagar sedan
Ridiculous. What a beautiful message to tell girls. "Your waist should be so thin that you can't even breathe".
damkjjwx_ - 2 dagar sedan
Paloma Cristina
Paloma Cristina - 2 dagar sedan
So sad