Footballers FAKED these Tricks, But I did them for REAL!! (Part 2)

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Yom Holland
Yom Holland - 3 timmar sedan
how do you fake those
Grace Sauyai
Grace Sauyai - 8 timmar sedan
You fuck
RATTAN MENZIES - 11 timmar sedan
How do I know you arent faking
sashas world sashas world
sashas world sashas world - 12 timmar sedan
Why you guys hating
Dan The Banana Man
Dan The Banana Man - 14 timmar sedan
How do you fake those tricks? It seems like more effort than actual doing it
RAUL RAMIREZ ALVAREZ - 15 timmar sedan
More the one of pogba
RAUL RAMIREZ ALVAREZ - 15 timmar sedan
Did you noticed that he is doing it fake
RAUL RAMIREZ ALVAREZ - 15 timmar sedan
He cheated he was doing it whiteout blindfolded
NastyCsgo - 19 timmar sedan
Ozil hahahhahaha
moible fortnite gamer
moible fortnite gamer - Dag sedan
Because ronaldo dosent fake like Messi
Like if u agree
Sword of death
Sword of death - Dag sedan
You are noob
Tiger For life
Tiger For life - Dag sedan
Next: this murderer faked his killings but I did it for real
Łükâš Ćärrērö
Łükâš Ćärrērö - Dag sedan
These are professionals,so how might there tricks be fake and yours real?
Ronaldo skill is fake?
C Tani C Tani
C Tani C Tani - Dag sedan
They are expert... man
deenbean10 - Dag sedan
Keiran: YES!!
(Jumps off his shed casually)
asfan123 jan
asfan123 jan - Dag sedan
Joshy04 - 2 dagar sedan
How are you sure they're fake neymars one isnt that hard
Noobslayer 2199
Noobslayer 2199 - 2 dagar sedan
The first one the guy was blind folded
Pusheen The Cat
Pusheen The Cat - 2 dagar sedan
The advert I got
Be bold with bold hair
xDream - 2 dagar sedan
so fucking fake
Mira Izadi
Mira Izadi - 3 dagar sedan
Its bliendfolded Kieran 00:30
TEAM CORNER Animation - KFS -
You stupid. Why u said that everybody tricks shot is fake. How do u know it is fake.
U think that u are the only one who are not fake. U idiot.
oggar boom
oggar boom - 3 dagar sedan
are you from sweden
oggar boom
oggar boom - 3 dagar sedan
är du från sverige
BorraxX123 - 3 dagar sedan
The sport your playing is called soccer
Aaron Gaming and Vlogs
Aaron Gaming and Vlogs - 3 dagar sedan
There ain't fake your fake
정은호 - 3 dagar sedan
네이마르꺼 원샷
Sandra Rodriguez
Sandra Rodriguez - 3 dagar sedan
Nah footballers didn’t fake them your just trying to think your better then them
Peter Kolev
Peter Kolev - 3 dagar sedan
i dont think they faked it
Gaming_ Nostalgia_05
Gaming_ Nostalgia_05 - 3 dagar sedan
Watched the first one of this aswell and they were both amazing.

Just subbed and liked
Nice work 👌👌👍
Will Obiajulu
Will Obiajulu - 3 dagar sedan
3:20 looked ssooooo fake
Jermaine Chua
Jermaine Chua - 4 dagar sedan
fuck u how u know their are all fake stupid ronaldo and messi is better than u asshole. Say ppl fake fuck u
Maxy Playz
Maxy Playz - 4 dagar sedan
U aren’t real bro
DJZ Gaming
DJZ Gaming - 5 dagar sedan
He’s basically copying the same ones from last video
NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC - 6 dagar sedan
If they are fake
So why they are popular
If u are real so why dont u r so popular
NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC - 6 dagar sedan
Why they are fake
kenanidis iordanis
kenanidis iordanis - 6 dagar sedan
This guy has a lot of patience
vishnu p p
vishnu p p - 6 dagar sedan
Man ronaldo is a soccer player he spend whole time with the ball so he can do the things with football which u cant do
Bhrusean Tv
Bhrusean Tv - 7 dagar sedan
Your thumbnails really make me hate you.... 😒.....
Who else feel the same???
PANDA GAMING - 7 dagar sedan
You are the fake fuck man hahahaha ronaldo is real ronaldo is besst
Eliel Lopez
Eliel Lopez - 7 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice that in the pogba one he dribbled his phone but this fuck did around the world?
Dragneel Adhoo
Dragneel Adhoo - 7 dagar sedan
Footballers did these for real and i faked these shots.
THE GOAT - 7 dagar sedan
That’s real bitch and your fake mf
Its me jerol 127 yt
Its me jerol 127 yt - 7 dagar sedan
Thats what they said try and try until you succeed ☺☺
SavagePlays - 7 dagar sedan
Yo ik hoorde dat je nederlands was ik hoorde de cameraman zeggen "ja die telde"
Galaxy PlayZ
Galaxy PlayZ - 8 dagar sedan
Salah never fake a thing you piece of shit
annasaurus - 8 dagar sedan
3:04 put it in 0.25x you can see when it goes past the pole it cuts. it’s fake.
Sandra Rodriguez
Sandra Rodriguez - 3 dagar sedan
Your right I did it too
michael milner
michael milner - 8 dagar sedan
reus was blindfolded so you did not complete the first trick all the way
Soleman da beast S
Soleman da beast S - 9 dagar sedan
Pogba is actually kicking a soccer ball and a camera connected
I'm indian
I'm indian - 9 dagar sedan
See my channel
You will shocked after see my video
Tiaan Lorenzen
Tiaan Lorenzen - 9 dagar sedan
IT IS NOT FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not better than the pro ' s buddy
Wazin Idris
Wazin Idris - 10 dagar sedan
bh semua artis main bula fake kau inda fake lah bodod
PGY Kiwi
PGY Kiwi - 10 dagar sedan
I have done the last shot meny times it is not imposible
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar - 10 dagar sedan
So worst video
i will memeatize u child
i will memeatize u child - 10 dagar sedan
This dude would say anything is fake for content
donna wilbur
donna wilbur - 10 dagar sedan
You don’t know if it is fake
Trae vg
Trae vg - 10 dagar sedan
Ronaldihnos shot Isn’t impossible you gotta have faith and skill
Softball legend mya Wilson
Softball legend mya Wilson - 10 dagar sedan
3:26 did he even kick it or threw it
Mythic 123
Mythic 123 - 11 dagar sedan