Avengers Endgame Doctor Strange's LIE Explained!

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Avengers Endgame Doctor Strange Tony Stark scene... could Strange have been lying to Stark about his future vision? Get 20% OFF @Manscaped + Free Shipping with code ROCKSTARS20 at MANSCAPED.com! bit.ly/2PSnbvF
In the Endgame final battle, why did Doctor Strange tell Tony Stark, "If I tell you what happens, it won't happen"? Could Strange have been hiding the truth from Tony Stark because he knew a secret about Iron Man that Stark didn't know himself? Erik Voss analyzes Doctor Strange's true intentions and hidden agenda, exploring Strange's careful word choice. What was Doctor Strange's plan exactly in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame? And what did we miss from the Ancient One's final words to Doctor Strange that explains Strange's Time Stone visions?
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New Rockstars
New Rockstars - 5 månader sedan
Get 20% OFF @Manscaped + Free Shipping with code ROCKSTARS20 at MANSCAPED.com! http://bit.ly/2PSnbvF
Lex P
Lex P - 4 månader sedan
I don't think he lied.. 1 we do not know if this was the 1st future where they won and Dr strange just ran with it..
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi - 4 månader sedan
No International shipping...what are you implying here, Manscaped?
ruste shackleferd
ruste shackleferd - 5 månader sedan
Everybody lies to Tony.
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord - 5 månader sedan
He did manipulate tony but to get the right ending possibly there are other ways that win but end up losing in a different battle against a more powerful villain
Zain Ghazi
Zain Ghazi - 5 månader sedan
No shipping to Canada?? :(
Coolkidz Media
Coolkidz Media - 4 timmar sedan
I think Dr.Strange only saw one way of winning I think he told the truth
nita wary
nita wary - 8 timmar sedan
I don't think Doctor Strange would ever lie to Tony....Obviously he might have signalled for a reason behind 😊❤️❤️❤️
DeathSkiller 2.0
DeathSkiller 2.0 - 2 dagar sedan
It was not fair...

Strange watched Avengers:Endgame and we have to wait a whole year
Amplified Videology
Amplified Videology - 3 dagar sedan
I don’t think Dr. Strange lied. I think it was written poorly to say there’s only one outcome. It was badly written fodder. There are a few scenarios in Infinity War alone that would have worked.
josh kirwan
josh kirwan - 4 dagar sedan
Strange used rhe time stone
Red Ronin
Red Ronin - 5 dagar sedan
Maybe it's just a movie and you're over thinking everything just enjoy it damnit 🙄
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq - 6 dagar sedan
kama kaze 2
kama kaze 2 - 6 dagar sedan
There were 2 sernarios were they could of won ...1 with tony dead or 1 with his massive ego alive,so he lied an give the world a break
kama kaze 2
kama kaze 2 - 6 dagar sedan
1 trembling finger ...yeah the middle finger
PJ Sanre
PJ Sanre - 7 dagar sedan
Shouldve sling ring thanos' hand and closed it. Or his head
The ONSG Channel
The ONSG Channel - 9 dagar sedan
Why should I comment with my thoughts? it's not like you'll read it.
Rick Ledford
Rick Ledford - 9 dagar sedan
I have unsubscribed from this channel because you use the GD word not only is it tasteless unnecessary and barbaric they're still some type of civilization in this world it's a trash word it's just a trash word goodbye you piece of trash
John Higgins
John Higgins - 9 dagar sedan
Why didn't Doctor Strange turn back time to bring back Tony Stark?
Lava - 9 dagar sedan
Doctor strange looks at all deleted scenes
Doctor strange: Oh no
Luuk Van Loon
Luuk Van Loon - 9 dagar sedan
my theory is that the avengers didn't win. Dr strange saw many ways to defeat Thanos but only way to actually win with all the avengers still alive. They could defeat Thanos with ease but exept for one possible future where no-one died. In that future after hulk snapped everyone back, spidey would snap thanos away, note how long it took both of them to turn to dust. Spidey would live on and thanos and his army were all gone & dusted.
comment your thougts
Rishujeet Rai
Rishujeet Rai - 10 dagar sedan
After snapping Thanos away...Tony did have an expression of someone who just realized he got played. *Hmmmmmm*
Luke Hobbs
Luke Hobbs - 10 dagar sedan
Bill & Ted should have turned up at the end and saved the day. Excellent!
Fredryc Dazzle Comida
Fredryc Dazzle Comida - 14 dagar sedan
Yes, it's true that Strange should not be able to see the future beyond his death, as stated by the Ancient One. But, Strange can still see the events before his death in those 14,000,604 possibilities. Thus, he can still orchestrate it to make it happen or not.

IMO, Strange's death in Infinity War is not an actual death because he will be revived at the Endgame, so he can still see the future being revived and the events after. Just my logical opinion tho.
Trillboi Q
Trillboi Q - 15 dagar sedan
Because that wasn’t actually the end of him 🤷🏽‍♂️ that’s why he seen past it
Purple Dolphin Studios
Purple Dolphin Studios - 15 dagar sedan
Technically, since the multiverse is a thing, there are *infinite* timelines in which they win as well as infinite timelines in which they lose. Strange may not be familiar with that concept, but he can't reasonably be expected to check literally infinite outcomes. It's possible that he only saw one out of the 14 million he saw.
Emerson Herndon
Emerson Herndon - 15 dagar sedan
Strange killed tony lol and he didn’t even use time to bring him back
Emerson Herndon
Emerson Herndon - 15 dagar sedan
Dr strange just wanted tiny dead because he disrespected Jim in his house.
A-Triangle - 16 dagar sedan
1 His timeline continued 5 years later.
2 You have to remember, the infinity stones needed to be kept in safe hands,
after the end game. He propably, was not only finding the timeline of Thanos' defeat.
But also prevent all kinds of serious dangers, that could erupt, after his defeat.
When the Hulk, received the time stone, it was imperative to return it to it's
original timeline, or the whole universe would blow up, or something.
Thorn Wallis
Thorn Wallis - 18 dagar sedan
Well as explained in the movie the people who were snapped were only kind of dead so he wasn't completely dead
Liane Robinson
Liane Robinson - 18 dagar sedan
Is it itchy when it grows back?
John Emerson Magtangob
John Emerson Magtangob - 19 dagar sedan
Do you remember Dr strange say if you let me choose time stone or your live he said timestone then thanos grab Tony and Dr strange gave away the stone because he knew if Tony died they will never win
John Emerson Magtangob
John Emerson Magtangob - 19 dagar sedan
Because Tony died Dr strange saw it
Big Cazza
Big Cazza - 19 dagar sedan
scissors: im about to ruin manscaped's whole career
Santiago Orozco
Santiago Orozco - 21 dag sedan
He formed the basis or the foundation of decision to do what needs to be done no matter what.
Jason - 21 dag sedan
Neards always take us places no one ask to go.
teddy75691 - 21 dag sedan
It's a movie n not a reality so stop it squidward..
Rodshark75 - 23 dagar sedan
Overthinking ramblings are rambing and overthought
Paul Jay
Paul Jay - 24 dagar sedan
Never looked at that until I saw this vid
ricaard - 25 dagar sedan
Maria Fernandes
Maria Fernandes - 25 dagar sedan
Doctor strange did not lied
Michael Rodeiguez
Michael Rodeiguez - 26 dagar sedan
What if there was no way to win and Doctor Strange made his own way by telling stark that there was one
Dr GREENTHUMB - 26 dagar sedan
So maybe the only reason he was able to see past his death was because he came back and and seen the future from there.
Jeff Glenn
Jeff Glenn - 26 dagar sedan
So your saying if he cant see after his death? Wow no wonder he could go through over 14 million scenarios and find the one wich wins ... Because hes alive now that was so simple...
Kenneth Nash
Kenneth Nash - 27 dagar sedan
If there is one fry on plate, that does not mean that there aren't many fries on plate.
John Wright
John Wright - 28 dagar sedan
Are you guys just coming up with stuff now? This is one of the stupidest questions anybody's ever asked about this movie.
John Mastroligulano
John Mastroligulano - 29 dagar sedan
It has to do with the mind stone. Sorry better that I don't go into detail but let's just say I've always been cursed with knowledge & doing what I've done to get us here the sacrifices I've F-ing made would only be if there were absolutely no other option. EAR=to hear, TH=thought. You get two clues the second is Keepers of TalosIV.
Marie Duran
Marie Duran - Månad sedan
I find it ironic, that both Dr. Strange and Tony Stark had to go down a humbling road in order to be a better person. They were both egomaniacs before Endgame. I think they both had to go through what they did to be able to use their powers responsibly. If Dr. Strange lied, it's because he had to. If you saw your friend die in the future and if he didn't die the world will be destroyed, you would lie too, or at least not tell him everything. Remember omission of facts is a lie too.
T C - Månad sedan
Dr. Strange : “If it comes to saving you, or the kid, or the Time Stone (and therefore countless lives), I will not hesitate to let either of you die.”
Scott Conforto
Scott Conforto - Månad sedan
Dr. Strange told Tony what he “needed” to hear not necessarily what was true. Remember the Oracle in the Matrix?
Ironman Tony stark
Ironman Tony stark - Månad sedan
I think he lied
Mitchell Mulder
Mitchell Mulder - Månad sedan
Yeah it is about is family, knowing would have not done that, in the greater cause, if you remember, Tony did not want to join in Endgame, until he found out how it really could be un done
Patrick Fahie
Patrick Fahie - Månad sedan
Dr strange could have foreseen what would have happened if he told stark there were 2, 3 ,4 etc possibilities and in all the other scenarios, if tony thought there was more than one way to win, they actually lost. So in the end, there really was only one scenario that worked, telling tony there was only one correct scenario.
M2 - Månad sedan
Dr. Strange knew Stark was going to die in his vision.
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson - Månad sedan
No lie. Unless Marvel releases another 14 million versions of the movie, that features a few million different victories.
I think what was stated here, was spot on.
Mike Dittmer
Mike Dittmer - Månad sedan
One is just an easier answer to Tony's question. --How many did you see? Well, one, but that doesn't fully describe it, that "one" is always just the path to winning, from there depending on a multitude of factors that "one" could lead to countless other versions where we win, but with varying outcomes. meaning, you might need to sacrifice yourself, for us to achieve the most desirable outcome of winning. Where we might technically win without the need for you to sacrifice yourself, but the level and totality of the win would not be so complete. So, let's just say "one" because even now that I have said too much your neurotic brain will overthink this and screw the whole thing up so forget everything and focus on only one stinking solution. You gotta die.
dimitri dionissiou
dimitri dionissiou - Månad sedan
Maybe the reason that Doctor Strange saw less than infinite possibilities because he only survived in fourteen million, six hundred and five times.
lequitasch - Månad sedan
I don't know about lying. But the rest, duh! I knew that Stark tinkering was neccessary. He wasn't the person to wield the stones, but Strange knew that Tony would not stop thinking about both the solution and what he was told.
ExoticPlayzRBLX - Månad sedan
Before watching: hmm this look interesting
After watching this: F&*CK YOU DOCTOR BANG
Dhruva Shah
Dhruva Shah - Månad sedan
Hopefully we find out some alternative futures Dr Strange saw, in the his second movie
Robert Pothier
Robert Pothier - Månad sedan
Yip. I believe it is VERY possible he saw only 100 possibilities or less and just said what he knew would work
CIifford 2018
CIifford 2018 - Månad sedan
He said that there's only one because when he look in the future he saw several future where they will win and decided to pick the future that he will tell Tony that there's only one time that they would win... I think?
CyberFaction - Månad sedan
When he said trim Dr.Stranges weird goatee into your nut that earned my like.
Rc journeyz
Rc journeyz - Månad sedan
I think that end snap didn't have to happen Tony had all the stones he could have whipped Thanos ass all over the universe without Tony dieing just saying
weirdasskid - Månad sedan