Avengers Endgame Doctor Strange's LIE Explained!

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Lex P
Lex P - 10 dagar sedan
I don't think he lied.. 1 we do not know if this was the 1st future where they won and Dr strange just ran with it..
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi - 27 dagar sedan
No International shipping...what are you implying here, Manscaped?
ruste shackleferd
ruste shackleferd - Månad sedan
Everybody lies to Tony.
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord - Månad sedan
He did manipulate tony but to get the right ending possibly there are other ways that win but end up losing in a different battle against a more powerful villain
Zain Ghazi
Zain Ghazi - Månad sedan
No shipping to Canada?? :(
Rmanigu - 4 timmar sedan
Strong theory
kitty lover5
kitty lover5 - Dag sedan
Dr.strange:it was the only way
Jumpste148 - 2 dagar sedan
Wait strange doesn’t die if he never would of been snapped back then he would not have seen past but he did so he knew what the future
Andrej Virant
Andrej Virant - 2 dagar sedan
When Dr.Strange told Stark that if he tells him what happens, it won't happen, he knew what would happen if he told him and it was not the end they wanted.
J serna
J serna - 2 dagar sedan
Pretty sure you're over thinking it as always
Fluffy Gamer
Fluffy Gamer - 3 dagar sedan
Dr Strange saw tony was costing the studio too much mulla lol
CROW KAORU - 3 dagar sedan
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz - 4 dagar sedan
All these videos about End Game have ruined the movie...... It’s already over let the movie be the movie.
Mike Bassett
Mike Bassett - 5 dagar sedan
The real reason he didn’t verbalize the result is because it would have ruined the end of the movie . Lol lot of ppl over think this . It’s just that simple in actuality .
Brady Uldrikis
Brady Uldrikis - 5 dagar sedan
There’s a video where RDJ is talking in an interview and he said that his mark 85 suit was specifically designed to handle the stones and to carry out the snap and for his suit to not keep him alive. It had something to do with the suit not being able to do both. Tony Stark knew he was going to die but knew it was the only way.
bob thebuilder
bob thebuilder - 6 dagar sedan
not true
James Laycock
James Laycock - 6 dagar sedan
Always thought when Tony asked "how many do we win?" Strange said 'won' not 'one'...
m I o . o I m
m I o . o I m - 7 dagar sedan
it's a time stone. It was projecting possible futures, not THE future. in THE future he's alive.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 4 dagar sedan
m I o . o I m : Correct.
young wolf
young wolf - 7 dagar sedan
I was woundering the same thing how was strange able to see beyond his death....but the blip ain't a death and I guess he saw himself coming back from the blip in the 14 mil futures he seen which then allowed him to see beyond his "blip death"
Matthew Wedgwood
Matthew Wedgwood - 7 dagar sedan
In theory Tony had 6 stones and he could have used any one of them, Thanos also used more than one at a time without suffering the consequences
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 8 dagar sedan
Nice theory but you should remember that stark has been sacrificing his life since the first avengers movie. im pretty sure doctor strange does not need to manipulate stark so that he couldn't escape sacrificing
Al Jester Dela Cruz
Al Jester Dela Cruz - 8 dagar sedan
What a garbage content!!
SammyBro2005 - 8 dagar sedan
I really hope tony comes back some how. 🤞🤞😢
Philip Garnier
Philip Garnier - 8 dagar sedan
so shit
Sabastion Bailey
Sabastion Bailey - 9 dagar sedan
Maybe you think think back on the soul stone when thanos snapped everyone away did they die or did they go to the soul realm and if so does the soul realm prevent strange from seeing the time line since he isnt really dead like when they tried to bring back romanoff with the snap it didnt work but they could bring everyone else back
Sabastion Bailey
Sabastion Bailey - 4 dagar sedan
Your missing my point they clearly stated that no matter how hard they concentrated they could not bring back romanoff from the dead however they could bring back everyone from the snap the avengers themselves as well as thanos dont understand the true power of the infinity stones so to say that they are dead is like us saying that the sky is blue when in fact it's just how it appears scientifically they sky only reflects the color of the most prominent thing on earth aka water just like their explanation reflects their greatest fear that they are really all dead but the only way that everything worked out is if they had only been temporarily removed from existence and transported to the souls realm or maybe some other form of existence that we arent able to see strange never said once that anyone would die instead he said their was only one way and if they had all really died than star lord the one character that had the potential to actually survive using the stones due to his parentage would only have to take up the gauntlet and bring back Tony and romanoff
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 4 dagar sedan
Sabastion Bailey No they died. The film states that they died. This film actually answers most questions clearly but somehow people don’t hear the answers,, and then go off on tangents. Example. “You murdered trillions!” - Hulk. “You should be grateful” - Thanos. Yet, we keep asking if they really died???
Kyler Brock
Kyler Brock - 9 dagar sedan
Animation Marvel
Animation Marvel - 10 dagar sedan
U might be overthinking it
Daring _12
Daring _12 - 10 dagar sedan
He has the freaking stone that is why he can see after his death !!😐
The Kid Production
The Kid Production - 10 dagar sedan
Hm if only They had a device to reverse Tony's death🤔
The E. B
The E. B - 11 dagar sedan
Or was simply chilling in the soul stone
Gacha Eizen
Gacha Eizen - 11 dagar sedan
Maybe its because he didnt tell him because he didnt want to let him know he died
Iccy Bei’s Nights
Iccy Bei’s Nights - 11 dagar sedan
Don’t you ever disrespect my Daddy Strange like that again 😂
Billy Evans
Billy Evans - 11 dagar sedan
people are over thinking this. 14million outcomes. thats alot of variables. several of which more than likely included "tony, theres one way we win and you sacrifice yourself to do it" and tony fumbles at the goal line and those become fail outcomes. everything strange does from that point on he knows he has to do, including watching quill freak out and ruin their chance on Titan. Including watching Tony get stabbed. Including giving up the stone. It was the only way.
Ben Huckins
Ben Huckins - 12 dagar sedan
2 words.... MIRROR DIMENSION!!!!
FS Vapes
FS Vapes - 13 dagar sedan
Trick question. They weren’t dead. They were in limbo. Which is how Strange woke up Parker, and told him it has been 5 years and was time to go. Everyone was paused, except for strange.
Bash Bango
Bash Bango - 13 dagar sedan
There were three ways
Number 1: Tony snap
Number 2: kill baby Thanos
Number 3: Antman crawl up Thanos’s butt and expand
Chris Andrew 2002
Chris Andrew 2002 - 14 dagar sedan
Strange knew Tony would have to sacrifice himself. Telling him that could mess with his decision. Simple as that
Ste Roe
Ste Roe - 14 dagar sedan
Dr strange could see after his “death” because he never died. He was brought back.
Mario Tavarez
Mario Tavarez - 14 dagar sedan
Born in 94 really broke anyway i can read comics without paying job doesn’t pay much 💀 really been wanting the real deal
TheLagKilledMe - 14 dagar sedan
He was able to see the future because in a timeline he came back. He didn’t see what happened when he was dead. Even if he didn’t die we know for certain that the “snapping” would happen which in this case is not a victory. Either way strange would be able to see the complete future and this wasn’t a lie.
Wes Bison
Wes Bison - 14 dagar sedan
Instead of 14000000 being the amount of times he saw the similar situation take place it was how many different peoples perspectives he saw ot from and the only one option to win was only Tony stark could find q way to beat thanos. Noone else could beat him
Nick paddy
Nick paddy - 14 dagar sedan
Dr. Strange looked into 14 million possible futures, and only in 1 did they win, Strange could have died prior to knowing they won, so he can't look far enough into it to know they won, so technically he didn't lie, he only lived in enough of them to see them win once. Now we can also assume if Strange died, being the capable sorcerer he is, many other main Avengers died before him, enough to be able to tell the probably didn't win.

Or The Ancient One didn't use the time stone to peer through time, seeing as Strange looked into futures in which he lost the time stone, but still was able to come back to Titan before the first snap, meaning he could look into the future without consequence and therefore see past his death.
Draiocht Tepes
Draiocht Tepes - 14 dagar sedan
I don't think he lied. I think the screenwriters did though. There were so many possibilities they didn't even try.
TheWinkingSkeever - 14 dagar sedan
I think it was only half the truth, I’m sure there could have been hundreds of winning out comes, but knowing strange we can only assume this was the most efficient outcome. Sure there could have been many different ways in which they win some of which tony could have survived even but whose to say what amount casualties or destruction could have happened if any of those took place. Strange picked the most beneficial outcome though, one that proved to reduce the number of casualties and destruction to it’s absolute minimum, but he’d have to sacrifice the worlds greatest hero to do it. A truth both Strange and Stark knew in that moment and accepted.
josue vega
josue vega - 14 dagar sedan
Again with more theories. My god yall fishing out that money huh lol
TSS_PandaNite The 3rd
TSS_PandaNite The 3rd - 16 dagar sedan
Our its a line dundundun its a movie nit everthing has to have a secreat mening
DylanHtubeYT - 16 dagar sedan
according to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker they passed out and came back five years later after the snap.he said that Dr strange said the remaining needed them to help in the final battle in endgame
Willchan18 - 17 dagar sedan
I think Dr. Strange lied. Just watch how avengers infinity war should have ended by hishe
SeaMonster874 - 17 dagar sedan
Dr. Strange: I saw 14 million possible futures
Tony: How many do we win?
Dr. Strange: two
*starlord explodes*
Johnny J. Park
Johnny J. Park - 18 dagar sedan
why do we have to care when these are not real
Hunter - 18 dagar sedan
Maybe Strange was pointing up to captain marvel telling stark to fly up there
Jose Morgia
Jose Morgia - 18 dagar sedan
Dr. Strange just wants Tony Stark gone
Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry - 19 dagar sedan
Omg, you're advertising in the middle of the video? So lame!
The Reaper!
The Reaper! - 19 dagar sedan
Tony's dying
Doctor Strange can reverse time.
WTF! They just end up tony for no reason lol