The Flying Man

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Twitter: @marcusalqueres
A new superhero is coming, only this time it's on his terms. Will he still be considered a hero? (English, Portuguese and French subtitles)
Directed, produced, financed, edited and story by Marcus Alqueres (
Sound and score by: Roger Lima (
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment
Website: (for press release)
Written by: Marcus Alqueres and Henry Grazinoli
DOP: Anthony Scott Burns
Production Manager: Christopher Yurkovich
Visual Effects: João Sita / Marcus Alqueres
Mike: Nick Smyth
Rob: Rick Cordeiro
Voices:Justin T. Lee
Colorist: Marco Polsinelli from Topix Fx
A/B Camera: Julian Van Mill / Anthony Scott Burns / Marcus Alqueres
Script Revision: Moss Badran
Sound Recordist: David Guerra / Randy Resh
Production Assistant: Nick Bechard
Additional DOP: Marcus Alqueres (opening and hospital scenes)
Makeup: Helen Johns / Carly Sellen
Special Thanks:
Beatriz Costa / Daniel Luna / Richard Penner / Sarah Arruda
Fernando Faria / Livia Ramos / Xande Torres / Chris Bahry -
Sylvain Taillon / Chris Wallace
Film och animation
Varaktighet: 9:21


Marcus Alqueres
Marcus Alqueres - 6 månader sedan
Thank you for your continued support throughout the years, it makes it all worth it. I'm always thrilled to read new comments and your feedback has been valuable to me as I continue to work on adapting this to the big screen. It's only alive because of YOU. Hopefully you'll see The Flying Man on theaters soon enough! Meanwhile you can always check my channel for other shorts.
Lawrence Wenzel
Lawrence Wenzel - 2 dagar sedan
just screened this, intriguing. On the move for a 'documentorial' proceedural"
King Esteem
King Esteem - 3 dagar sedan
Bro me and my wife just watched this. This is freakin awesome! We want more! We were thinking about going to the movies and were looking at movie trailers for 2019 and this popped up. We were hoping this was playing in the theaters but apparently not. My wife is mad she wants to watch this movie now! Lol Bro you've got to get this movie to the theaters.
The Mean Arena
The Mean Arena - 3 dagar sedan
@Jonathan Mulle Concepts are easy, execution is not. This is all about his execution which is fabulous.
Murray Flewelling
Murray Flewelling - 3 dagar sedan
Goddam it I wanted to find and watch this as I thought it was the trailer
Parker Picone
Parker Picone - 5 dagar sedan
Man I wish we could've seen what the flying man looked like
Koaasst - 2 timmar sedan
nice to see a positive comment section. ive been disappointed in commenters lately.
Clarence Steverson
Clarence Steverson - 3 timmar sedan
Ugh, so disappointing. Just when I was getting into it. NICE CONCEPT!!!
Shanerra Johnson
Shanerra Johnson - 4 timmar sedan
Well done very amazing😉
Eric Figueroa
Eric Figueroa - 4 timmar sedan
Mike, when are you guys making this a Netflix series?
KING MUFASA - 5 timmar sedan
this is better than all these marvel movies we have been watching. Please put it ion the big screen. I would pay to watch it
MMM MMM - 9 timmar sedan
November 2019 , FTW
Hugo Bayley
Hugo Bayley - 10 timmar sedan
Id this real
Roy Matthijssen
Roy Matthijssen - 11 timmar sedan
The world needs an whole army on every continent of these guys. ;)
PTI Argentina - La Historia de Kiara -
just a big WOW!!!!! from Argentina...Looking forward to it being made into a film! The soundtrack is great too!
just some guy on the internet
just some guy on the internet - 13 timmar sedan
Melissa anderson
Melissa anderson - Dag sedan
I heard about this dude the flying man.. is This for real..
brando lopezz
brando lopezz - 20 timmar sedan
Christopher Swift
Christopher Swift - Dag sedan
So we give you support marcus because this is awsome , however you dont deliver what we want ..complete this flick and continue to be awsome..
CHUNKY A 💎 - Dag sedan
I peed myself a little.
rylanandersson - Dag sedan
I'm right there with everyone just seeing this in late 2019. You who made this probably know that this is studio quality, and you probably have already gotten careers in big stuff, but if not, definitely try to make this into something bigger. It'd actually stand a chance.
Leon van Kammen
Leon van Kammen - Dag sedan
I would definately go see this movie.
Marcus Kristian
Marcus Kristian - Dag sedan
k8fearsnoart - Dag sedan
OMG This was AWESOME!! Excellent film, great plot, I am SO glad that I came across this today! Thank you so much!
LarryUK - Dag sedan
That was good. Better than most tv series.
MC Love
MC Love - Dag sedan
I thought it was a movie....
Dawn King
Dawn King - Dag sedan
Very suspenseful...and good! This has Netflix written all over it.
Burrus Houston
Burrus Houston - Dag sedan
Im sure this is only the begining to a new frontier. Awesome script. It's #mauzeworld.
christian chibuzor
christian chibuzor - Dag sedan
Good Lord, its 2019 and am just viewing this for the very first time.. where is the full movie?
Grant Palmer
Grant Palmer - Dag sedan
That was awesome!
Another Carpenter
Another Carpenter - 2 dagar sedan
So many hopes this would have made it by now!
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 2 dagar sedan
Six years later and on viewing this short again it had managed to hold up against all the current advances in moviemaking. The prioritizing of impact and quality content allowed this to remain just as good now as when I first viewed it.
Dolo 25
Dolo 25 - 2 dagar sedan
Beamer Boy
Beamer Boy - 2 dagar sedan
Bruhh why can’t y’all just put a full movie on your YouTube Chanel or Netflix
Steve Pica
Steve Pica - 2 dagar sedan
I've watched this numerous times over the years and it never loses it's impact. Top notch writing, acting and production. Would make a great mini series if not a full length film.
J. M.
J. M. - 2 dagar sedan
the acting from "rob" is pretty shotty, but an awesome concept and great execution
Jay Camacho
Jay Camacho - 2 dagar sedan
This is real good. I would like to see a fully fleshed out movie of this.
Goodbread Johnson
Goodbread Johnson - 2 dagar sedan
Would be great as an Outer Limits, Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, The Dark Room... Of course, the flying man goes 'off the rails' at the end with the realization that all of humanity is the evil that he must purge.
Prime Tv
Prime Tv - 2 dagar sedan
Who’s watching in Nov 2019 🙄
Shaun2525 - Dag sedan
us... lol
Noel Nunez
Noel Nunez - 2 dagar sedan
When is the movie coming out?
jesufemua - 2 dagar sedan
that's it? oh come on guys, I need this movie
ProducersVault - 2 dagar sedan
Marcus this is a Classic, I love your short.
Nanohurtz Entertainment
Nanohurtz Entertainment - 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, if they can release a series about jerky super heroes with a paycheck and a penchant for killing innocent people, they can CERTAINLY make a series about a mysterious flying vigilante.
Jovan Superino
Jovan Superino - 2 dagar sedan
Thought this was a trailer of a movie. Whoever made this must make a full length movie, or at least be given a job on hollywood. This is lit.
Matt Newman
Matt Newman - 3 dagar sedan
Cant wait to see this in theaters, amazing short, definitely see to see the full movie
John Brisker
John Brisker - 3 dagar sedan
this was awesome someone needs to help turn this into something more!! would love to see a sequel to this👍
Noon Sod
Noon Sod - 3 dagar sedan
this need to be in theaters worldwide soon!
Sonja Fruhmann
Sonja Fruhmann - 3 dagar sedan
This should be a television series. The potential ist huge!
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira - 2 timmar sedan
@k8fearsnoart I agree but still a full length solo movie of this would be very interesting.
k8fearsnoart - Dag sedan
Some things are perfect the way they are. Short story, excellent film; no need to stretch it out and have it get old and stale. We don't need more motivation for the flying man other than what was given. There are too many sequels and series as it is.
Kurt Downey
Kurt Downey - 3 dagar sedan
Excellent Marcus- Hope to see it in full length.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - 3 dagar sedan
Omg .. Please make this a full movie .. I'd pay to watch this! This is awesome.. Just awesome! ..
Darrell Bibby
Darrell Bibby - 3 dagar sedan
Calvin Lyons
Calvin Lyons - 3 dagar sedan
Novel concept. Well done. I hope somebody picks this up and makes it a full length movie or TV show.
Angelito Gelato
Angelito Gelato - 3 dagar sedan
This really deserves to be made in full. Its really good👏💯
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris - 4 dagar sedan
Wow really cool
Matt Rand
Matt Rand - 4 dagar sedan
I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by this! I want more please!
altar7 - 4 dagar sedan
1:32 when your lead actor can't smoke convincingly...
Confait - 4 dagar sedan
omg this is good good
Meat Hook
Meat Hook - 4 dagar sedan
I saw this when it was first posted, and it pops up in my feed maybe twice a year. I watch it every time. This really should be a movie or show.
El Nicoya
El Nicoya - 4 dagar sedan
Genyfur - 4 dagar sedan
This needs to be made into a feature length movie. Great job!
PlntErth 1967
PlntErth 1967 - 4 dagar sedan
I have seen these images of the Flying Man over the years, but never stopping to further explore the content. Now I wished I had done so. This should be a movie. What's the hold up?!
Paul Sohn
Paul Sohn - 4 dagar sedan
This just showed up for me in YT recommendations, Nov 2019. Looks awesome, would definitely watch in theaters or Netflix.
sam kusnandar
sam kusnandar - 4 dagar sedan
Make a full movie...this is great...!
Shooting MOA
Shooting MOA - 4 dagar sedan
That was very cool.. MORE
oscarcsar - 4 dagar sedan
When there are better stories in You tube shorts than in Hollywood blockbusters.
Shawn Czerwinski
Shawn Czerwinski - 5 dagar sedan
Just stumbled across this. What a fantastic short film. This needs to be picked up and made into a motion picture. Awesome job Mr. Marcus Alqueres! This is better quality work than most of what comes out of Hollywood these days.