The Flying Man

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Marcus Alqueres
Marcus Alqueres - 2 månader sedan
Thank you for your continued support throughout the years, it makes it all worth it. I'm always thrilled to read new comments and your feedback has been valuable to me as I continue to work on adapting this to the big screen. It's only alive because of YOU. Hopefully you'll see The Flying Man on theaters soon enough! Meanwhile you can always check my channel for other shorts.
Jacob Valencia
Jacob Valencia - 2 dagar sedan
This reminds me of a movie of these guys who drink this serum from this little blue vial then they become these black angel like beings but most of the time they are human. Do you know that movie? Please tell me if you do
Mike Hill
Mike Hill - 4 dagar sedan
Great work on what i can only assume was a very limited budget. Kudos to whomever did you special effects as they damn near kept up with the what the big film producers do.
alwaysbusiness4 - 5 dagar sedan
Can't wait for this to hit the theaters something fresh something new finally......
Reach 3D Printers
Reach 3D Printers - 7 dagar sedan
"shut up and take my money" -Netflix
Seb - 9 dagar sedan
Do a indiegogo campaign for like $5mil and let everyone who contributes be a producer! The new new Hollywood
Nelson Morales
Nelson Morales - 17 timmar sedan
dude!! make it a movie!!!!! this would be a billion dollar idea all the movies right now are such crap.
Chico Pico
Chico Pico - 19 timmar sedan
That super not funny new movie called Supervised totally robbed this conception.
FurionAlchemist - 21 timme sedan
Well, that was a giant waste of time.
Shane Finn
Shane Finn - 23 timmar sedan
Great concept
Missing star Productions Missing star productions
Just found this in 2019, and I hope you fly some more episodes in! Hooked!
Chuck Fair
Chuck Fair - Dag sedan
искатель хищников
Charlie Melidosian
Charlie Melidosian - Dag sedan
This was way ahead of even mainstream 2013 CGI and style, and I would argue it still holds it's own now in 2019. I really hope you guys can get this noticed by Netflix or make something longer out of it. Maybe start an indiegogo campaign? I would donate to that instantly
Robert Hoff
Robert Hoff - Dag sedan
Conrad Bates
Conrad Bates - 2 dagar sedan
Wow, I'd watch a full length movie on this.
AJsVIEW - 2 dagar sedan
When an ordinary team works together and makes something better than Universal Pictures
Charlie Melidosian
Charlie Melidosian - Dag sedan
And that was put together almost 7 years ago!!! It's amazing how well the quality and CGI can still rival big budget superhero movies today
Jeremy B
Jeremy B - 2 dagar sedan
Wow, this is amazing!
Manuel Rosales
Manuel Rosales - 2 dagar sedan
Great story and film. I like that he killed every bad guy. Not like weak-ass Superman or Batman. Capturing a villain/criminal is a short term solution that actually creates another financial problem. Do you know how much it would cost to feed and store these scumbags in jail?
Robert Carvajal
Robert Carvajal - 2 dagar sedan
Mr SS - 3 dagar sedan
He only have his day time running lights on, need to turn on headlights
Darth Desec
Darth Desec - 3 dagar sedan
Wow. Unsettling.
awakepuppet - 3 dagar sedan
2019 that was a teas for sure that was awesome I definitely want more of this
Gio Gio
Gio Gio - 3 dagar sedan
Gio Gio
Gio Gio - 3 dagar sedan
New drugs?
Linda Lacombe
Linda Lacombe - 4 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this short movie and would love to see more of this one!
Christie Martin
Christie Martin - 4 dagar sedan
So what happened to him. Did he get thrown out of the window or what? It would make a good sifi movie. Very good.
brodywelsh - 5 dagar sedan
TheAngel0525 - 5 dagar sedan
this should be a full length movie maybe even a franchise
Eric Lessard
Eric Lessard - 5 dagar sedan
Looks like a movie wheres the rest? Im down for watching the whole movie
Oliver Lacey
Oliver Lacey - 5 dagar sedan
good film. I enjoyed it! 👍🏽
vidyanand sagar
vidyanand sagar - 6 dagar sedan
MC bc
Kiny Nova
Kiny Nova - 6 dagar sedan
Thought if was a movie very interesting please where is the full video
James Dahmer
James Dahmer - 6 dagar sedan
was that a jeep or a ford escape?
BoogerBeast - 6 dagar sedan
Hurry up with the movie already
R Byas
R Byas - 7 dagar sedan
Better than most of dcs films these days
Jack Knight
Jack Knight - 7 dagar sedan
Netflix/Marvel Studios should hire you!
drtb69 - 7 dagar sedan
Cool concept, would love to be in one of these films!
Thunda and Lightnen
Thunda and Lightnen - 7 dagar sedan
love to see more of these films
Ango Matic
Ango Matic - 8 dagar sedan
what's the name of the movie
eventvisionsinc - 8 dagar sedan
We do fly in the spiritual realm ☁️
Just Sum Guy
Just Sum Guy - 6 dagar sedan
@eventvisionsinc: True..and its as real as this..just on a different frequency....
unknown dimension music music
This is awesome, I wanna see more of this, Do some more short clips about the flying man, that would be great
David Wright
David Wright - 8 dagar sedan
Great quality...i thought also I was watching a trailer to a big screen movie..nicely done chaps...
Nicholas InSeattle
Nicholas InSeattle - 8 dagar sedan
Marcus, If you're out here still or reading the comments... let's talk! I find myself baffled that this story has not been made into a full length feature... unless I missed it out in theaters? This was entered in 2013... near to-the-day 6 years ago. Ahem!..."?" At 17,646,996 views and counting, I'd say it's a hit and should have been up on the big screen and on DVDs many years ago. Email me Marcus... Ciao!
Noel Nunez
Noel Nunez - 8 dagar sedan
Why isn’t this a freaking movie this kinda pissed me off
john carrillo iv
john carrillo iv - 8 dagar sedan
This whould be a awasome movie ...I whould definitely go see it
warmongle ilikebacon
warmongle ilikebacon - 8 dagar sedan
I want to see so bad make it
PickApp Limited
PickApp Limited - 8 dagar sedan
Am confused. This is too good not to be a movie!!!
Matthew Sarduy
Matthew Sarduy - 9 dagar sedan
Kinda wish i didn't see this basically a cliff hanger damn i hate not knowing things
Ray Wyman Jr
Ray Wyman Jr - 9 dagar sedan
Excellent work. Love the premise of the story. The suspense is what really makes this work - right up to how the 'saved one' fits into the mystery. Hope to see more from you - continue this story maybe?
Deadpool - 9 dagar sedan
Lol I was like when dose this come out.
Reach 3D Printers
Reach 3D Printers - 7 dagar sedan
X act Lee
A ok
A ok - 9 dagar sedan
Just now seeing this but its amazing. Great work guys.
GainsMonster - 9 dagar sedan
Loved it, it looks like a high budget show/ film even. Very keen to see the story develop!
Sanket Saxena
Sanket Saxena - 9 dagar sedan
Wtf! March 2013 and I found it in July 2019. YouTube, am I a joke to you? :/
80s Baby
80s Baby - 9 dagar sedan
Man i cnt find this movie anywhere.. nobody has never heard of it. Can anyone help out and let me know where i can get this.. it looks awsome
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia - 9 dagar sedan
Sound design needs work. There is a slight high pitches noise, when reporters talk, otherwise you did alright