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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods - 2 månader sedan
MCM Loot Crates. Heavily Discounted Mystery Merch - we'll pick it for you and send a box to your door anywhere in the world!
volksbugly - 24 minuter sedan
zomg LMAO :P
Vítor Garbo Bergamin
Vítor Garbo Bergamin - Månad sedan
@Darius Harter Misophonia - Oscar Mulero
Michael Cusick
Michael Cusick - 2 månader sedan
Crafty business jargon for there's a bunch of random shirts that nobody buys how are we going to move this inventory? Name it mystery merch it'll be like a surprise.
Regal cat Network
Regal cat Network - 2 månader sedan
What was The name of that beat at 2:13?
Dan Krause
Dan Krause - 2 månader sedan
Can’t believe anyone would spend like 4 k for brakes on a 500 crank hp car
Rubs - 10 timmar sedan
Boba motoring still has the best sleeper golf
Devon Colnar
Devon Colnar - 14 timmar sedan
Anti turbo flutter :(
CJK20 - 23 timmar sedan
Great content as ever guys, such a sick car!
I’ve started my own car related channel. I’d love for some of you guys to check out my first video and subscribe. Trying to build the channel and appreciate any support or feedback.
The Wayward Grape
The Wayward Grape - Dag sedan
Golf drivers are wankers😂😂
Ian Hay
Ian Hay - Dag sedan
VAG insertion tool, lol
BRAD LYON - Dag sedan
Like every normal sane person use BHP rather than KW ffs
MrMarty77 - Dag sedan
Did you guys disable the fake engine noise?
123 567
123 567 - 2 dagar sedan
You said it would make 500hp, then in part 3 its making 370hp... Is 370 super car performance???
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield - 2 dagar sedan
Why is PewDiePie working on the golf?
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield - 2 dagar sedan
Why does that guy have a taco on his shirt?
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield - 2 dagar sedan
Why does this guy say "aaah" insted of R?
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield - 2 dagar sedan
Why does this guy say "ca" instead of car?
Polly g
Polly g - 2 dagar sedan
ONE OF THESE GUY'S AINT LIKE OTHERS,the boys are around 6ft3,the boss'were6ft4 and the other guy was at least 6ft5, and then the the muscly guy[is he compinsating] looks out of sinc been the only one under 6ft. Shit im 6ft 183cm and when i was in my teens that was tall 40 years on and im just average height
David Sykes
David Sykes - 3 dagar sedan
I always like golf gti etc ..but always got wrx coz cheaper lol maybe next car. !!
casper aalders
casper aalders - 3 dagar sedan
13:00 he's not wearing gloves either >:(
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean - 4 dagar sedan
put in thick and sturdy parts I can stand Benz not racing thin and light survive the crash
Java Devil
Java Devil - 4 dagar sedan
Ride the lightning :)
Kyle Fpv
Kyle Fpv - 4 dagar sedan
gotta love a fully sponsored build
Albert Pangilinan
Albert Pangilinan - 5 dagar sedan
Build cost?
Kkkk - 5 dagar sedan
A supercar golf for a supercar price, why not just get a supercar supercar
Justin Chan
Justin Chan - 6 dagar sedan
Is 20,000 USD enough for all these mods?
K P - 4 dagar sedan
JDHGaming - 6 dagar sedan
Hmm I could really use a ice cold revo beverage right now.
Ian Chambers
Ian Chambers - 7 dagar sedan
pretty boys worried about his manicure hence the anal glove wearing
Aclef - 7 dagar sedan
how much for the factory wheels?
Mohammed Irfan
Mohammed Irfan - 8 dagar sedan
they said "turbo" like a billion times
Greg 444
Greg 444 - 9 dagar sedan
great video plz make a ultimate subaru forester xt 2009
Mike Koxlong
Mike Koxlong - 9 dagar sedan
Wtf he called it an inline 4
mustseeice - 10 dagar sedan
No new shocks?
Dave Ridlespriger 2
Dave Ridlespriger 2 - 11 dagar sedan
I breathe air.
So does that car.
There's your problem
Chris Kline
Chris Kline - 11 dagar sedan
I love how Metallica T's are a favorite but the show's "Soundtrack" is pure bubblegum dance/trance. Hahahaha........hehehe.....ha
hamletoby Wang
hamletoby Wang - 12 dagar sedan
IS 38 ETR500
P Mo
P Mo - 13 dagar sedan
yeah so basically sponsored by REVO and nothing supercar or ultimate ..
TheGameMakeGuy - 19 dagar sedan
Bon voyage = gute Reise
TheGameMakeGuy - 19 dagar sedan
Who knows the boba motoring golf 2
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - 19 dagar sedan
I gotta 2018 Challenger scat pack 6 speed manual anyone wanna trade me a golf r🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I want one I got plans 😂
shane brady
shane brady - 20 dagar sedan
Aufweidersein, is the word guys, spellings not right but;)
shane brady
shane brady - 20 dagar sedan
500HP?? Bit disapointing matey, in Brirain 600 is no big deal at all:/
LouisG - 21 dag sedan
Reason why I hate Volkswagen to much plastic for vital areas like how some of the old Jettas had plastic water pumps etc and now this a plastic oil sump?? That is a mess waiting to happen
the dark side
the dark side - 22 dagar sedan
UK spec golf r 300+ BHP as standard
NISMOIZKING - 22 dagar sedan
Im not sure if it applies to the golf r but usually when you add stronger calipers you get a stronger master cylinder
XLR8R018 - 23 dagar sedan
>it's a DSG model
Nope. Killed any interest I had in this build.
MetalDragon - 24 dagar sedan
Was the guy they met at the shop missing 2 fingers?
John Sarviss, FRAeS
John Sarviss, FRAeS - 24 dagar sedan
The ultimate vw supercar would’ve been the 400RR had not VW wimped out.
munnypoltric - 26 dagar sedan
fun video. No need to measure in horsepower. Kilowatts.
lps saatanan pesusieni
lps saatanan pesusieni - 26 dagar sedan
Most of the amgs run low 11s quarter miles so what would be your face when an estate would beat your lamborghini diablo
William Meakins
William Meakins - 27 dagar sedan
Not watched you guys for a while. Watched this. Bought a Chopped finger sticker because I've now got a modded BMW E46 and I want to be stopped by the cops at every chance i get.
Frank - 28 dagar sedan
theres only 2 good golfs, The Volkswagen Golf 2 Series GTI 91 Orgin from Germany, The orginal one has a 16 header
Justin S.
Justin S. - Månad sedan
2:13 shark tank :p
Ian Smit
Ian Smit - Månad sedan
What I love about MCM is that they don't act like they know everything, but are so willing to learn more, especially in this episode.