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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods - 27 dagar sedan
MCM Loot Crates. Heavily Discounted Mystery Merch - we'll pick it for you and send a box to your door anywhere in the world!
Michael Cusick
Michael Cusick - 10 dagar sedan
Crafty business jargon for there's a bunch of random shirts that nobody buys how are we going to move this inventory? Name it mystery merch it'll be like a surprise.
Regal cat Network
Regal cat Network - 13 dagar sedan
What was The name of that beat at 2:13?
Dan Krause
Dan Krause - 17 dagar sedan
Can’t believe anyone would spend like 4 k for brakes on a 500 crank hp car
voodooplayer3 - 20 dagar sedan
Can you please tell me if the Revo brake kit fits under the OEM Pretoria wheels ? :)
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden - 23 dagar sedan
Just bang it with a hammer. haha.@24:57
nigel platt
nigel platt - 2 timmar sedan
Did you know you reg plate is the same as a Suzuki in the UK.
JFB 101
JFB 101 - 3 timmar sedan
The shite over-loud music and the twat in the cap ruin this programme. Interesting subject but virtually unwatchable.
no name
no name - 6 timmar sedan
why dont go coils?
Daniel Capric
Daniel Capric - 8 timmar sedan
A group of people were shown 2 photos, 1) a box of discarded office keyboards and calculators, 2) a photo of that engine bay.
When asked which one punches out 500hp, 90% of people answered the box of office supplies....... definitely wins the understated sleeper award
Daniel Capric
Daniel Capric - 8 timmar sedan
Static compression ratio still 10:1?

I remember back in 2006 the golf GTI had a 10:1 compression which was unheard of, jap turbos all ran around 8:1 with massive lag, most euro cars didn't bother with petrol turbos in favor of civilised linear power delivery...
Then along came the golf gti with 10:1 and bye bye lag, wanna put it in 6th and accelerate from 1000rpm? No problem! Boost was already spooling at a touch over idle and was max by 2k... having owned 2 subarus, a wrx then an sti I was mind blown, what kind of witch craft was at play here...?
High static compression ratios!! Massive increases in exhaust density at low RPM combined with a small turbo equals pulling hard from idle, and so began the age of modern European turbos, the king being the bmw 3.0TT with a 12.5:1 compression ratio, that's like the NA Ferrari 458 ratio...
I've driven much more powerful turbos, and they're great, but I'd happily sacrifice upper power limit for low end grunt and responsiveness.
Anyway I know it's still basically the same audi engine as the 2006 model had, I assume it's 10 or 11:1, so with a bigger turbo it could have comparable torque and power to the old amg 6.2 NA v8, 600nm and 361kw are well within reach but with more torque between 1000-4000rpm. Just can't overstate the performance transformation of high compression for turbos, it makes the entire rev range count and eliminates the wait
Stas Como estas
Stas Como estas - 19 timmar sedan
Excellent video 👍👍👍
tushar Mohla
tushar Mohla - 19 timmar sedan
saw those discs and slammed the like right there..
Constantine B
Constantine B - 2 dagar sedan
You may have boosted performance I believe you have shortened the cars lifespan. Have you thought about cv joint upgrades and depending on Turbo psi does cylinder heads and seals need upgrading. Personally talking performance I see all Turbo Four cylinders a waste of money. I bought a Skyline Gt8 2003 for 6000 grand changed Travis to 6 speed box and beat EvoX..Evo only had take off until gear change. RWD start 2nd with first gear change at 130km/h.. Nothing beats torque. VQ35DE naturally aspirated.
Tanner Newton
Tanner Newton - 2 dagar sedan
I didn't know MOOG has been playing the intercooler since '09 1:14
Rudzani Mukhuba
Rudzani Mukhuba - 2 dagar sedan
oh nooooo,... not the vag...don't remove the vag....
Mike Mautoz
Mike Mautoz - 3 dagar sedan
"Mighty expensive car tuning kits"?)
AzKrElTejon - 3 dagar sedan
You have to ware glove but not safety boots lol lol lol I guess it’s all about saving degreaser soap
ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ
ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ - 3 dagar sedan
Why he so angry?
dark blue
dark blue - 3 dagar sedan
Choco taco T-shirt ✌🏼❤️
prozeza - 3 dagar sedan
7:10 - What power expecting to making!!
Sander Anocic
Sander Anocic - 3 dagar sedan
The intro and the music were cringy AS FUCK. But that awkward hand shake made it okay
Pun King
Pun King - 3 dagar sedan
4:05 why is your guy on the right holding the "oh shit" handle?
Jeremy Gill
Jeremy Gill - 3 dagar sedan
What year is the gti?
EpicBubble - 3 dagar sedan
how much did all of this cost?
JonoZ - 3 dagar sedan
oh and has marty still looks the same age from 10 years ago.. lol
JonoZ - 3 dagar sedan
you did what you could with what you had for resources and car my dudes. For that, it was a sick build. Now you have 3Mil subs and tons of $$$ So this will gitter dun.
Eatinbritches - 4 dagar sedan
Yes! Hurray for a proper Euro build.
naheboy - 4 dagar sedan
All these parts had to be well over $10k
Amritpal Rai
Amritpal Rai - 4 dagar sedan
How much would this whole kit cost?
Winston Winstanley
Winston Winstanley - 5 dagar sedan
Literally all your cars are about 40bhp less than they should be. Get your Dyno properly calibrated!
Winston Winstanley
Winston Winstanley - 5 dagar sedan
I've seen a few of your videos and unless cars in Australia are underpowered the Dyno you use isn't calibrated properly.
cr0wned - 5 dagar sedan
The funny thing, only in the country of origin you can drive the Mark VII R right on the limit... hehe... Greetings from Germany.
I'm driving a lame yellow Golf 3 convertible after my old Golf 1 convertible had a fatal engine and electronics failure. I loved this car, but there was no part that was not broken ... and I diden't had the money.
Primo - 5 dagar sedan
I died at 7:59 bcs they missed the high five and didnt try again
Theodor Dan
Theodor Dan - 6 dagar sedan
golf..most generic car ever...
Gplus sucks big
Gplus sucks big - 6 dagar sedan
WTF every VW/Audi is worse than its previous gen. Plastic sump? I'll stick with my 2001 Audi TT.
Plastic pistons next.
Jonathan Michael
Jonathan Michael - 6 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for the 2029 Golf vid
Dons Shed
Dons Shed - 6 dagar sedan
I was thinking about buying a Golf R.... but after seeing the "secret Golf handshake", I don't know if I want to anymore!!!! :o
piffiiiiiiit - 6 dagar sedan
Any details on the haldex failure - was it the pump or a software problem?
Sjur Kristoffer Almskår
Sjur Kristoffer Almskår - 6 dagar sedan
cut your intro!!!!
Herr Friskytten
Herr Friskytten - 6 dagar sedan
Impressive production, thumbs up!
jon antonelli
jon antonelli - 7 dagar sedan
I liked the stock wheels
William Adams
William Adams - 7 dagar sedan
Do all Aussies say "project" wrong? Lolz just love your stuff
Sam J
Sam J - 7 dagar sedan
The music is blasting!!!
JacktheRipper - 7 dagar sedan
German equivalent for bon voyage: gute Reise
WaveMeow - 7 dagar sedan
modern cars are so.... different
Sha Dow
Sha Dow - 7 dagar sedan
LMAO do they explain the reason why you need the gloves.??
They cant be for Health and safety..
-They are not acid proof, not cut proof, not crush proof, Not overly heat proof..
-They offer no protection other than your hands dont get dirty..
(Thats all they are for, keeping hands clean)
Mike Guertin
Mike Guertin - 7 dagar sedan
Total cost of parts?
ExE - 7 dagar sedan
This is a Golf 7 GTI, which has 240hp series. The golf R has 295 hp series.
Eatinbritches - 4 dagar sedan
It's an R that's been thrashed. That's 240HP to the wheels due to drivetrain loss. The GTI is more in the 220 crank HP range, and is probably 190whp.
Honda Civic
Honda Civic - 8 dagar sedan
Why did he disconnect the steering to take off the wheels doesn't make sense I've never seen someone unhook their steering to take off a set of wheels can someone explain is it like a secret golf thing 😂
Brian Kelvin Diffey
Brian Kelvin Diffey - 8 dagar sedan
Mighty golf.... anybody know who does the music ???
mark wilson
mark wilson - 6 dagar sedan
Actually nobody knows
Debrian *
Debrian * - 8 dagar sedan
I have money for an FK8 Type R and bought one but no way do I have any spare money to do this to my car. I have always wanted to rebuild a car I owned to 500+ hp. That would be awesome! Anyone want to sponsor me making the first 500+ hp Type R FK8 in Australia?
Justin Tackett
Justin Tackett - 8 dagar sedan
Wolfsburg is an upgrade, but this car just wasn't taken care of. Ill take those wheels!!!!
Syncron_ZA - 8 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that wants to clear my throat when hearing this guy talk?
Shane Davis
Shane Davis - 8 dagar sedan
that turbo muffler is a dick move. Who buys a turbo car to not hear turbo noises?
Mohammed Alom
Mohammed Alom - 8 dagar sedan
I thought the golf r comes 295 bhp standard?
piffiiiiiiit - 7 dagar sedan
Yes, at the engine. They measured hp at the wheels though.
Nihat Baycık
Nihat Baycık - 8 dagar sedan
Everything is great about the upgraded parts except the suspension springs. You had to use appropriate coilover kits for manage that amount of power such as KW not a poor lower useless springs.
wolfy1979747 - 9 dagar sedan
Is there a list of parts used and their respective prices available? Thanks
PJ Adamson
PJ Adamson - 9 dagar sedan
LLF has a 600hp big turbo golf r on his channel
Alex Westergaard
Alex Westergaard - 9 dagar sedan
What is the main purpose of the gloves? :thinking:
Marius Holk-Hansen
Marius Holk-Hansen - 10 dagar sedan
This should honestly be a part of school, way better then most of what you do in school.
Navi - 10 dagar sedan
I have never seen anyone remove the steering rack and subframe to do suspension or turbo upgrades on this car??
Honda Civic
Honda Civic - 8 dagar sedan
Me too bro I've never seen anyone disconnect the steering to change the wheels start take off the wheels like what the fuc is it like a secret golf thing or they just don't know how to work on cars over there and the whole wearing gloves to sing not the fuck up the car it's a fucking Volkswagen it's a vagina wagon can you put tons of money into him and they're not that fast and they're high maintenance motors one thing goes wrong in the whole fucking car goes haywire I own the fuck 99 Passat I put 20500 bucks into the motor and tranny still ran like shit been good for about a month or two and one day I went to go start it and it had no power hook a jump box up to it still no power Volkswagen guy came out and looked at from the dealership certified Volkswagen mechanic and he didn't know what was wrong with it fucking Volkswagen the only think I about that car was ahead of frigerator glove box they used to keep my Reese's fast break from melting all day in the car with the windows rolled up while I was at work
xentios - 10 dagar sedan
Its funny how hes all crazy about the 500 hp out of a 2 liter. Boba Motoring has an 2L 16V ABF Turbo wich males 1233HP 😂😂
santiago velazquez
santiago velazquez - 10 dagar sedan
Why the gloves
Smudester - 10 dagar sedan
coilovers or bust
David Kelly
David Kelly - 10 dagar sedan
Next time test the AMG 35
Henry Atwood
Henry Atwood - 10 dagar sedan
17:55 there are a lot 500 to 600 bhp golf rs i do not see how that is impressive
Wabii Sabii
Wabii Sabii - 11 dagar sedan
I can’t be the only one that got pissed when the blonde dude said if you aren’t wearing gloves you can’t work on the car. Like tf? It’s his car. If he can’t work properly in the gloves he doesn’t have to. That dude sounds insecure and conceded af. But that’s just my opinion lol
William Mickelson
William Mickelson - 11 dagar sedan
i like the shirt ride the lightning
Massimo T
Massimo T - 11 dagar sedan
are those rotors in the right place left to right the curved Finns need to be pointing upwards not down i believe with that kit
Anthony R.
Anthony R. - 11 dagar sedan
VW are working on Pikes Peack..with a Golf...-Is that a coincidence?
Marc - 10 dagar sedan
Didn't they already do that in cooperation with JP Performance?
adam gatt
adam gatt - 11 dagar sedan
Haltex was flogged making it only fwd? Can some one explain?
jake maloney
jake maloney - 11 dagar sedan
Haldex pumps shit them selves if they aren't serviced correctly making them fwd until you change the pump
Pim Mante
Pim Mante - 12 dagar sedan
compare with abt performance.
Derrick Muilenburg
Derrick Muilenburg - 12 dagar sedan
If you do any suspension modifications please make sure to replace the torque to yield (stretch bolts) rather than reuse them. It wasn't clear if that was done in this video.
Britt Hale
Britt Hale - 12 dagar sedan
heh... the R is already a supercar!
Darth Soldier
Darth Soldier - 12 dagar sedan
I miss the old vr6. Those were rock solid engines that you could get massive power out of
I just wonder why all car companies don't make all their engines to produce the maximum hp possible.
Mikkel Nielsen
Mikkel Nielsen - 10 dagar sedan
1 word: Regulations Fuel-economy, noise, reliability, ease of maintenance... Most people buying something like a Golf R don't want to fiddle with it every weekend. The people capable of affording a brand new Golf R have other things to do.
Surin Ramkissoon
Surin Ramkissoon - 12 dagar sedan
Could have kept the first car. Just put in a K20 or K24 with a turbo, even better a supercharger
Bob Last
Bob Last - 12 dagar sedan
idk why y'all are making such a big deal about "parts just fit"... the only time I've ever had issues with parts not fitting as they should was when I bought something really cheap... if you don't buy the knock off or the ebay special, parts generally fit. Thats been my experience with Japanese and German and American cars... Haven't owned any Aussie cars, but I imagine is the same story...
mark safronsky
mark safronsky - 12 dagar sedan
Wtf is a choon?
T1000AX - 13 dagar sedan
watching intro in 4k. dat high detail moog face.
robbie lacey
robbie lacey - 13 dagar sedan
Should do one of these type of videos on an Audi A3
domantfly - 13 dagar sedan
what kind f handshake is this...
Santiago Chavolla
Santiago Chavolla - 13 dagar sedan
Can you guys do a vip build one day:(
Ian Clancy
Ian Clancy - 13 dagar sedan
God I wish I could afford to do this to my GTI. Better yet I wish I could afford a MK7 Golf R or GTI Clubsport. 🤓
Its Abzer
Its Abzer - 12 dagar sedan
I wish I could simply get a better car than my Peugeot 208 that's currently costing me over £400 a month 😂😂😂
Peter Mackenzie
Peter Mackenzie - 13 dagar sedan
When someone doesnt tell their boss they are going to use the shop as film set on the weekend.
mac ducati
mac ducati - 13 dagar sedan
Take the hat off, how old are you? Ten?
Che1seabluesdrogba11 - 14 dagar sedan
why in the hell do newer cars have fucking plastic for so many parts that shouldnt
Che1seabluesdrogba11 - 14 dagar sedan
" jack up the car "- CLassic MCM
OBMF_N1 NISMO - 14 dagar sedan
The music sounds like something out off test drive unlimited 2 😂😂
spadgm - 14 dagar sedan
This is awesome!
Latell Latell
Latell Latell - 14 dagar sedan
Recommendation for golf GTI stage 1 or 2, and the best place to do it?
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez - 12 dagar sedan
Wolfgang Chopin
Wolfgang Chopin - 14 dagar sedan
When you saw 0-100 in three secs my jaw dropped, till I realized you meant km hahah
Its Abzer
Its Abzer - 12 dagar sedan
Benjamin Blackwell
Benjamin Blackwell - 14 dagar sedan
Sure, I love a great car, and I'm all for power mods - but VW!?!?!?! Three years out from Dirty Diesel scandal - expected to cause the early deaths of 17 million worldwide people due to their deceit you support this 8 pointed Swastika brand that has gassed more people than Hitler? They emitted 6-40 times the prescribed limits using a cheat device. As someone living with sufferers of pulmonary illness I'm not going to forgive these pricks any time soon. Enjoy the discounts and strategic partnerships, guys. You just teamed up with the dark side.
NotSuitableForWumpus - 14 dagar sedan
180kw is about 240hp incase anyone didn't know
Its Abzer
Its Abzer - 12 dagar sedan
Litterally says 180.0Kw / 241.4 HP. But thanks for the info :)
Anele Mhlongo
Anele Mhlongo - 15 dagar sedan
Door is open

Go through the slip in the garage 🤦🏽‍♂️
Peg Leg Timm
Peg Leg Timm - 15 dagar sedan
Always went GIAC or Integrated Engineering for VWs. Was always told go Revo if you would rather blow it up
Jarno Rusi
Jarno Rusi - 15 dagar sedan
Great video but way too much shitty music.
Jack O'Keefe
Jack O'Keefe - 15 dagar sedan
All you have to do is tune it and it’s already in the 3 second range 0-100
Luvin Itall
Luvin Itall - 15 dagar sedan
13:00 - HE HAS NO GLOVES!!! ;P
Solomon Kinzie Hawver
Solomon Kinzie Hawver - 15 dagar sedan
puremadmentalmackay - 15 dagar sedan
Moog!!!!??! What's the tune @16:40?
Markus - 15 dagar sedan
i had a nice 94 gold 4 doors , dropped chipped cammed , intaked exhausted* pearl color , was super fun **
Ovi 113
Ovi 113 - 15 dagar sedan
Why does your sub count give the exact number and not 3m plus lmao
lacrosse8011 - 15 dagar sedan
How do you know if lowering springs are compatible with adjustable dampers?
inquisitor229 - 15 dagar sedan
I suppose you haven't heard of the Golf W12 if you claim to have the ultimate? Mid mounted 6 litre W12 twin turbo. 641bhp. Rear wheel drive.