ASMR | The Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam | Ft. ASMR Darling, Matty Tingles, ALBinWhisperland, Seafoam!

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A Cat Drinking Tea
A Cat Drinking Tea - 7 timmar sedan
Endgame still better
Aaron O’Neill
Aaron O’Neill - 11 timmar sedan
Imagine them talking to a clown,

“What side of the bed do you sleep on?”
Kendall - 11 timmar sedan
*asmrtists are like hella good actors* like think about it they are talking to a camera they have to act like it’s a real person
*i can’t even talk to my family like a real person*
Please End my suffering
Please End my suffering - 11 timmar sedan
17:24 she looks like she is going to molest me
Isabella Villagrez
Isabella Villagrez - 12 timmar sedan
Dr. Seafoam: okay, so what do you taste right now?
Me: *tastes* mmmm I taste—
Dr.Seafoam: Thin crust gluten free pizza?,
Yes that’s right!
Me: what the! i didn’t even get to answer
javier ayala
javier ayala - 12 timmar sedan
Lol pause it on 31:32 😁😁🤣😂 no offense
Ben Kollar
Ben Kollar - 15 timmar sedan
Starts falling asleep
*half an hour later
TheDead Man
TheDead Man - 18 timmar sedan
Mom: Where are the kids...? i made cookies...
Dad: Theyre playing doctors with the camera.
Mom: ...
Some emo girl
Some emo girl - Dag sedan
27:52 **girly chat in the background**
Karla 123
Karla 123 - Dag sedan
Bin ich die einzige Deutsche Birne hier?
😂 Ich mag Englische Asmrs irgendwie mehr
Angie Dooley
Angie Dooley - Dag sedan
Omg my two favorite people in video gibi and asmr darling:))))
Xx_ Pixy
Xx_ Pixy - Dag sedan
I hate when asmr people whisper so low and gibi is like a good wisper the others just whisper to quietly
MAURO GARCIA - Dag sedan
Son como los Vengadores del ASMR. Avengers...Assamble!
Tortipole - Dag sedan
"Sorry about our waiting room. Every once and a while our patients like to get *LIT* "
The Golden Artist
The Golden Artist - Dag sedan
Jackson Littlr
Jackson Littlr - Dag sedan
wasnt Going to watch then saw matty 🥳🥳
Asmr multiverse
Nick Jones
Nick Jones - Dag sedan
16:50 - 16:60 reminds me of the gossipers at school😆
Miss Unimaidgirl
Miss Unimaidgirl - Dag sedan
5:53 is that a little todoroki phone key thingy?
90's Kid
90's Kid - Dag sedan
11:33 if you have a dirty mind you will get it 😂😂
Franco Priotto
Franco Priotto - Dag sedan
Es como cuando se juntan todos los Power Ranger rojos
Nahum Issac
Nahum Issac - Dag sedan
Doctor: aw that is so nice
Me : what I just said my emergency contact number
Nahum Issac
Nahum Issac - Dag sedan
Doctor: aw that is so nice
James Barnes
James Barnes - Dag sedan
When they were doing the number patterns in thought of manson from bo1
Paul Blume
Paul Blume - Dag sedan
This gon sound weird asf but scratching your balls intensifies the experience immensely 😂😂
Some emo girl
Some emo girl - Dag sedan
They made history with this video

(Born to make history)

I love *Yuri!!! on ICE*
don't judge me
Kerrynal Nongrang
Kerrynal Nongrang - Dag sedan
16:48 wht ??? I didnt have a mouth the whole time
Caitlin Kolodziejczyk
Caitlin Kolodziejczyk - 2 dagar sedan
Anybody else notice the loud neighbors
V3RZ3 - 2 dagar sedan
Her: What's your last name?
Me: Smith
Her: Oh that's so unique I love it
Elisha Lee
Elisha Lee - 2 dagar sedan
Was I the only one who heard people singing in the background and car horns honking
Elizabeth Adnan
Elizabeth Adnan - 2 dagar sedan
Whenever they whisper and looking at the camera I feel judged
Annalynn Rasband
Annalynn Rasband - 2 dagar sedan
20:28 when Gibi set up the camera😂😂😂😂
Cameron Manley
Cameron Manley - 2 dagar sedan
Matty definitely hit after this. no cap
Alex - Dag sedan
Just taylor
Lolli Artz
Lolli Artz - 2 dagar sedan
Insurance provider? ....
Hotel? Trivago.
Bilel Harki
Bilel Harki - 2 dagar sedan
You will sleep at this second
Dutch Gopnik
Dutch Gopnik - 2 dagar sedan
`Now I will call in Dr. Darling.`

`Hey, I´m Dr. Darling.`

Jordan C
Jordan C - 2 dagar sedan
26:50 I really don’t like how darling is staring into my soul
maiza- laize
maiza- laize - 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone think that sea foam and ALB have some sort of secret rivalry??
* sleep
* sleep - 3 dagar sedan
These hoes is talkin abt me like I’m a black girl in a nailsalon not fucking cool
WoofleGang - 3 dagar sedan
Her: “what was your last name?”
A person: “Johnson”
Her: “wOw So UnUiQuE”
Jesika Green
Jesika Green - 3 dagar sedan
"Okay so it looks like you so have a mouth."
Jerry Gato
Jerry Gato - 3 dagar sedan
How can you taste the thin crust? I mean you can feel if it’s thin crust but taste it?
Chloe Bentley
Chloe Bentley - 3 dagar sedan
My teacher:so we are gonna start the test now.
Gibi,Matty,Alb and darling:(the rest of the class doing the test being normal)
Seafoam:(me tryna get outta there before I fail on the test)
ItsYaHomegirl - 3 dagar sedan
Can you tell me your name?
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas
Wow, so unique, I love it!
Thanks TvT
Meme King15
Meme King15 - 3 dagar sedan
Anybody watching with headphones. The noises in the background are weird
Alexander .Parrado
Alexander .Parrado - 3 dagar sedan
is it just me or does darling kinda look like daenerys?
Hunter Maxwell
Hunter Maxwell - 3 dagar sedan
10:53 me after seeing 69 or 420
makka pakka
makka pakka - 3 dagar sedan
This gotta be the best god damn doctor I ever seen 🤔🙏
Perttu Tuomivirta
Perttu Tuomivirta - 3 dagar sedan
Gibi is staring at me almost the whole video
JKDONNIE23 - 3 dagar sedan
i got all of them crrect but four fingers...
HYPE - 4 dagar sedan
I wish it never ended 😔😟
willie schmidt
willie schmidt - 4 dagar sedan
Asmr darling is so short
Cosplayer Queen98
Cosplayer Queen98 - 4 dagar sedan
"so what's your last name?"
Me: Winter
"Wow so unique!"
Me: ugh I know tell me about it
Bruno Alfuro
Bruno Alfuro - 4 dagar sedan
Seafoam: I'll give you my number
Me: Please, don't give me hope
Grayson Whitaker
Grayson Whitaker - 4 dagar sedan
Mattie’s retarded ngl
allen lockwood
allen lockwood - 4 dagar sedan
Darling came in short af but I still love u darling
Hunter Maxwell
Hunter Maxwell - 4 dagar sedan
Don't you just love how gibi literally towers over everyone
Wild Animal Girls
Wild Animal Girls - 4 dagar sedan
“What side do you sleep on?”
Me, a very strange person: The closest to the wall or farthest from the door.
Ben Martin
Ben Martin - 4 dagar sedan
Darling is so short😂
Slaniakii - 4 dagar sedan
I felt VERY uncomfortable with Dr. Seafoam... 😅