ASMR | The Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam | Ft. ASMR Darling, Matty Tingles, ALBinWhisperland, Seafoam!

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Michael Skrovný
Michael Skrovný - 21 minut sedan
Innfinity War: the biggest crossover in marvel studios.
Gibi:Hold my beer
Lps Flame
Lps Flame - 29 minuter sedan
29:15 was supppeerr awkward 😂😂dont get too attached to me doc
JAAY - 55 minuter sedan
all of these doctors for 1 person am i dying?
Joe Williams
Joe Williams - Timme sedan
Any one else immediately fall in love with Darling?? Her and Gibi together is too much for my gay heart
Timothy Denton
Timothy Denton - Timme sedan
Do I have aids?!?!!😥 there's to many doctors I'm shy i don't know my name i don't have a birthday
Gustavo Andrés
Gustavo Andrés - Timme sedan
Asmr darling is cute as hell bro 🤒
Doug morrow
Doug morrow - Timme sedan
Bro why does matty's eyes look stoned in this lmao
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - Timme sedan
I feel like when they are with seafoam they jus like
“Please be nice to my smol frend
And she’s jus like “ ye”
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - Timme sedan
I feel like when they are with seafoam they jus like
“Please be nice to my smol frend
And she’s jus like “ ye”
Shite Soecs
Shite Soecs - 2 timmar sedan
I got nervous when she started talking about my eye, and getting a note on it,
I don’t think doctors would whisper in front of you cause I rly thought
“My god I’m dying”
Ye Yooo
Ye Yooo - 2 timmar sedan
Seafoam was annoying, everyone took it serious except for her.. which I feel was disrespectful to Gibi, would’ve been better w/o her honestly.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 2 timmar sedan
holy mother of fuckelberry is gibi tall as fuck or is erbody just short af fam like Jesus fuck
Plenic - 2 timmar sedan
You look like Riley Reid
Neon - Venom
Neon - Venom - 2 timmar sedan
"What your last name?"
Me: Niggs
"What a unique last name"
Me: thats what's up
Bell Nora
Bell Nora - 2 timmar sedan
Lil Dicky Earth inspired her...
ZAVSKI777 - 2 timmar sedan
15:41 is whe he checked her butt out
ZAVSKI777 - 2 timmar sedan
rod rigo
rod rigo - 2 timmar sedan
Booger’s yummy
ZAVSKI777 - 2 timmar sedan
Marty tingles checked out seafoams butt when she waked in
Wall boi
Wall boi - 2 timmar sedan
Taylor looks pissed
Dark Repulser25
Dark Repulser25 - 2 timmar sedan
Dude how tall is Gibi?? 😂
Norvious - 2 timmar sedan
But I never got her number.....
Eli Vasquez
Eli Vasquez - 2 timmar sedan
What the hell is wrong with my right eye? 🤣
DotingPhoenix56 - 2 timmar sedan
Asmaa Toafik
Asmaa Toafik - 2 timmar sedan
:What’s your last name
:Oh wow that’s unique
Me:Yeah I get that a lot 😌
SPChartville1912 - 2 timmar sedan
How tall is Gibi?
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 3 timmar sedan
The ASMR League is here to defeat your insomnia.
kidd alex
kidd alex - 3 timmar sedan
I see you matty with dem girls Lmao💀😭😭.
Julia Soliz
Julia Soliz - 3 timmar sedan
No you did not just do that. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Alchemical Ichor
Alchemical Ichor - 3 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who think ASMR Darling's eyes are trying to eat my soul?
boy - 3 timmar sedan
I have ADD and ur vids help a lot thanx
Kelton Savage
Kelton Savage - 3 timmar sedan
Where is dr tingles
Luis Cuellar
Luis Cuellar - 3 timmar sedan
26:10 my math teacher to me
Baked feather
Baked feather - 4 timmar sedan
ASMR Darling: You have a cute nose

Crispy Bacon32
Crispy Bacon32 - 4 timmar sedan
WTF. Why did I get 5 people pretending to be docters in my suggestions. We should have flying cars... But nope, we decide to say really wierd and for some reason relaxing stuff in front of a camera. Good ol USA.
Iron Fox
Iron Fox - 4 timmar sedan
*makes us taste booger’s and eyebrow trims*

few minutes later

*we are very leenent or whatever idk how to spell*
Amirah P
Amirah P - 4 timmar sedan
I just kept guessing strawberry for the taste test so I think I need help
destroy - 4 timmar sedan
33:33 trips never gets up
Zafriq Tuah
Zafriq Tuah - 4 timmar sedan
New porn categories
Economic X
Economic X - 4 timmar sedan
When she asked if I had sleeping problems I nod yes as I’m watching this mf video at 1:44am
Robert Gaskill
Robert Gaskill - 5 timmar sedan
The collab of the fucking century
Patricia Glassburner
Patricia Glassburner - 5 timmar sedan
Gigi: close your eyes and don’t let me open them
Me: closes them acting normal
Also me : licks
Me two seconds later: 0v0
Cassie Kramer
Cassie Kramer - 5 timmar sedan
"i can totally see you in glasses"
*pushes up glasses*
"i wonder why"
Hi Idkwhattoput
Hi Idkwhattoput - 5 timmar sedan
Endgame has the best crossover
Gibi: Hold My Toaster Coaster
(Ik I’m late)
Abruptyls Sev
Abruptyls Sev - 5 timmar sedan
When gigi whispered into one of the doctors ear and looked at me made me feel weird but not I a good way
Princess Grace
Princess Grace - 5 timmar sedan
🥺🍒🥺🍒🥺🍒 Find the odd one
Amanda Cirino
Amanda Cirino - 5 timmar sedan
Asmr darling is short like me! ♥️👏🏻
Nice.Cookie - 5 timmar sedan
Na if I see 5 people working on me at a single time while whispering I have to have some type of serious injury to my ears or something
O1010111/01101001/01101100 00001101
This is like the first time I watched the avengers
Mason Militello
Mason Militello - 5 timmar sedan
18:28 did my man really just taste booger’s on the taste test
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 5 timmar sedan
Im gonna say a number sequence . . . 407. . . .

Waiting for Vanoss fans. . .
Nicholas Price
Nicholas Price - 6 timmar sedan
Dang that four head darling
F B I - 6 timmar sedan
what in tarnation
King Marcel
King Marcel - 6 timmar sedan
32:10 my? 😂❤️
SyncRealm - 6 timmar sedan
👁 👅👁
Zoey Burnett
Zoey Burnett - 6 timmar sedan
Is no one going to mention the fact that they say It tastes like eyebrow clippings 1 I don’t think that’s edible 2 how do you know what that taste like
Lamperru • 3•
Lamperru • 3• - 6 timmar sedan
3:14 - "Are you allergic to anything"
Me: White chocolate and a few anesthesia medication
"Ah, okay very common. "
*Is it?*
DaRobotzGrim - 6 timmar sedan
10:41 headphones full volume ASMR BTW
Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera - 6 timmar sedan
12:29 Teacher: Okay class first food that comes in your mind, I'll say mine Apples and Bananas, ok now say yours...
12:35 Me: ...... Chocolate :3
Maddee - 6 timmar sedan
omg gibi so tall
Ry Guy
Ry Guy - 6 timmar sedan
Why were Matty’s eyes so red
Anna auel
Anna auel - 7 timmar sedan
Wait why did she pass out
Sara - 7 timmar sedan
All of my friends: I can do a one handed handstand
Me: I can taste gluten free pizza and eyebrow trimmings beat that!
Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee - 7 timmar sedan
“Do you wear glasses or contacts?”
“Oh, I see your glasses right there!”
Me: “I don’t have glasses”....
Gravity Falls Fan Girl Mallory
During the vision test I'm just like, "Is there something wrong with it not bothering me to look into bright lights?" Let me tell you the story. I was in 6th grade. It was after school, and I was in stage crew. We were bored and had recently gotten new LED lights. We went up to the both and pointed the lights into our eyes for a good five minutes. That is why bright lights don't bother me. The sun is only a mild annoyance.
《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》
If you stare at the sun you will receive intelligence boost.
《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》
Gibi, ASMR Glow and ASMR Darling = best foursome ever.
Erica Sharpe
Erica Sharpe - 8 timmar sedan
16:52 gave me terrible anxiety
jonathan mason
jonathan mason - 8 timmar sedan
No lie I would have loved for dr. Fritter (i think that was her name) from seafoam to have made an appearance
Team Kid Vlogs
Team Kid Vlogs - 8 timmar sedan
8:32 oww I does and bad
Team Kid Vlogs
Team Kid Vlogs - 8 timmar sedan
Bout to get my vision checked
Completely Irrelevant
Completely Irrelevant - 8 timmar sedan
Personally, I don't think I should be putting eyebrow shavings in my mouth, but ok.
Jaqueline Perez
Jaqueline Perez - 8 timmar sedan
*Whats your last name*
*Wow thats uniqe*
YeezyKuGaming - 9 timmar sedan
Avengers assemble
MySpeed - 10 timmar sedan
"does it hurt your eyes when she does that?"
>"Yes, quite a bit actually."
"ok good! good good good."
Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin - 10 timmar sedan
I loved Matty and Taylor!
Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera - 11 timmar sedan
9:37 ayyy my boy matty popped out 👏😭💥💤
Rosie Holmes
Rosie Holmes - 11 timmar sedan
did anyone else notice the height difference between Gibi and Darling
Finn Harrison
Finn Harrison - 11 timmar sedan
Everyone else has doctors equipment then this man whips out a calimba😂😂
Finn Harrison
Finn Harrison - 11 timmar sedan
Did anyone else have to look at the bottom of the screen when same darling came it
i_wish_i_was_prett y
i_wish_i_was_prett y - 11 timmar sedan
if the app headspace is supposed to revolve around relaxation and sleep.....

tony arenas
tony arenas - 12 timmar sedan
This is just too funny
DROOG - 12 timmar sedan
My Darling looking good af as always.
The McManus
The McManus - 12 timmar sedan
I just listened to this and loved it.
ArisakaAkashi - 12 timmar sedan
Seafoam keeps breaking the 4th wall.
Accidents Happen
Accidents Happen - 12 timmar sedan
12:50 nobody else saw him look at her boobs lmao 😂
TK_punisher 3648
TK_punisher 3648 - 13 timmar sedan
Seafoam where have I herd that name (flash back) “your so beautiful when your tied up” (back to reality) AHH!! 😰
Leah MR
Leah MR - 13 timmar sedan
Gibi: if I bring this closer, any discomfort?
idk idk
idk idk - 13 timmar sedan
The FlyingFish
The FlyingFish - 13 timmar sedan
Matty be Happy
Lorenz Schubert
Lorenz Schubert - 14 timmar sedan
matty be lookin like he just smoked sum
Sigurd Torvaldsson
Sigurd Torvaldsson - 14 timmar sedan
"What was you last name again?"
"Wow that is so unique I love it"
Double Gun
Double Gun - 14 timmar sedan
This ASMR Is like La Coka Nostra feat with Eminem, Dr. Dre, THE Notorious B.I.G, Ice Cube on one track.
Zizi G
Zizi G - 14 timmar sedan
U didn't ask if their allergic to anything
kyleigh Jarvis
kyleigh Jarvis - 15 timmar sedan
don’t do crack kids
kyleigh Jarvis
kyleigh Jarvis - 15 timmar sedan
y’all some weirdos 😂🤧 go to sleep whores
Zizi G
Zizi G - 15 timmar sedan
👁 👁
Golfer1016 - 15 timmar sedan
Really? Wtf??? Your friends falls on her ass, and you guys don’t even bat an eye lash? Really nice ppl
Margo S
Margo S - 15 timmar sedan
Wow Gibi you are tallllll!
Grace Rusch
Grace Rusch - 15 timmar sedan
“Do you have any allergies at all?”
Me: oh yea, nuts, mold, dust, cats, bunnies, grass, dee-
“That’s common”
Me: ._.
CHARREDCHARLIE 44 - 5 timmar sedan
I’m allergic to literally almost all of those
Haley E
Haley E - 15 timmar sedan
8:32 "does it hurt your eyes when I do that?"

No your just shining a bright light into my eyes, definitely doesn't hurt
Marta V
Marta V - 15 timmar sedan

Josiah Snaggs
Josiah Snaggs - 15 timmar sedan
Is Gibi like 6ft+ she was literally towering over taylor😂😂😂