Evil Stewie - Family Guy

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Luciano Silvestri
Luciano Silvestri - 23 timmar sedan

I think Stewie has fulfilled the secret desire of everyone watching Family Guy
Diego C.
Diego C. - 3 dagar sedan
What kind of plan was that? Tie up Brian without even an easy way for him to get untied, while Stewie just jumps from a tree? Against an evil, savage genius armed with a futuristic weapon?
Ben Farmer-Webb
Ben Farmer-Webb - 3 dagar sedan
Only option is to kill them bith
Pietro Casarrubia
Pietro Casarrubia - 4 dagar sedan
Joseph Dennis
Joseph Dennis - 4 dagar sedan
I would love to have Evil Stewie as a son😈😈😈
darious jones
darious jones - 8 dagar sedan
where did the machete come from?!?!?!?!?!
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales - 8 dagar sedan
2:13 oh god what the f&@k
tei 04
tei 04 - 9 dagar sedan
I remember 2:22 so vividly! You thought calm Stewie was bad, look at Evil Stewie
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer - 9 dagar sedan
Basically s1 vs s12
Trxter Trxster
Trxter Trxster - 9 dagar sedan
Kiddie chuckie
GamingDude2000 - 12 dagar sedan
Thank God for hammer space.
blackjesusyt - 13 dagar sedan
GTA 5 stewie aka trevor
Logical Overdrive
Logical Overdrive - 13 dagar sedan
1:05 I like how evil stewie just kinda waits patiently while they talk
Luciano Silvestri
Luciano Silvestri - 20 dagar sedan

I think evil Stewie do what we all wanna do since the first season.
Dillon Andrews
Dillon Andrews - 20 dagar sedan
stewie was always evil this is pointless
Cayenne Captain
Cayenne Captain - 20 dagar sedan
Is this what inspired Jordan Peele to write Us? 😶🤔
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator - 21 dag sedan
It's funny that Seth Mcfarlane is an atheist and he always says GOOD LORD! 😂
SeptimEmpirex - 22 dagar sedan
Coke does this do you
All Roads Lead Here
All Roads Lead Here - 23 dagar sedan
mde jr
mde jr - 26 dagar sedan
evil stewey. you get what u give...bitch...
BL4Z3 Clan
BL4Z3 Clan - 28 dagar sedan
2:13 thum *nail*
Nancy Bookout
Nancy Bookout - 29 dagar sedan
Kenny Man
Kenny Man - 29 dagar sedan
I see why my dad stopped watching this stupid show
Daniel Vash Vizcayno
Daniel Vash Vizcayno - 29 dagar sedan
I think even shaggy can beat him
Nicolò Lorigiola
Nicolò Lorigiola - 29 dagar sedan
In Italy we call family guy "family Griffin"
Sammy - 26 dagar sedan
Noah Palomares
Noah Palomares - 29 dagar sedan
Why didnt brian just take the batteries out of his nose? They weren't all the way in
my channel needs no deletion
my channel needs no deletion - 29 dagar sedan
Stewie all ways reminded of me of chucky, i wonder if stewie ever made y'all think of chucky.
Hardcore Halo
Hardcore Halo - 29 dagar sedan
2:11. Stewie Wins! Flawless Victory! *FATALITY*
destiny donahue
destiny donahue - 29 dagar sedan
The ending , bruhhh💀😭
destiny donahue
destiny donahue - 29 dagar sedan
Then he gon lick the juice😭😭
destiny donahue
destiny donahue - 29 dagar sedan
Then he gon lick the juice😭😭
destiny donahue
destiny donahue - 29 dagar sedan
Then he gon lick the juice😭😭
Dannyy Mira18
Dannyy Mira18 - 29 dagar sedan
Im gonna be honest,evil stewie really pissed me off with his little smile,that tiny bastard😂
Thunder Dragons
Thunder Dragons - 29 dagar sedan
Evan Nettles
Evan Nettles - 29 dagar sedan
Wait sooooooo the evil stewie is in all the other episodes🤔🤔
Pro Noob
Pro Noob - 29 dagar sedan
I was told it was a family friendly show..
Daniel Prill
Daniel Prill - 29 dagar sedan
This is like GTA V
I love Spencer Spencer
I love Spencer Spencer - Månad sedan
How the hell did that gun slide so far from the grass
Kliolile - Månad sedan
Some Michael Jackson shit pulled at there in the end...
Wolfblade - Månad sedan
TrayIronBeast - Månad sedan
Cause this is Thriller! Thriller Night! And no one's gonna save ya, from the fear about to strike!
Darren Un Alter
Darren Un Alter - Månad sedan
2:13 looked straight from scorpion fatality
Useless - Månad sedan
That thumbnail looks like Stewie killed an Akatsuki member
Kap Khai
Kap Khai - Månad sedan
this is wrong why he killed kool-aid guy now there are no more kool aids to drink
and sniff
Sero Helios
Sero Helios - Månad sedan
Evil Stewie vs Evil Rick.
movie geek 101
movie geek 101 - Månad sedan
I have never seen family guy so gory. The reason why is because I've only seen the first three seasons.
Tofe - Månad sedan
Micheal jackson ending
Jack Kenney
Jack Kenney - Månad sedan
Frederik L.
Frederik L. - Månad sedan
To all the people who actually believe that Regular Stewie was killed here instead of Evil Stewie:
Laughing at his own feet was a unique trait of Regular Stewie and there would have been no reason for him to suddenly forget about how funny he finds them. Therefore, the line "Why? They're just feet!" makes it pretty clear that Evil Stewie was killed here.
Believing the opposite might make you feel like you can handle character deaths better than most other people, but ultimately you shouldn't fool yourself. This is Regular Stewie surviving and the writers putting in a Michael Jackson reference.
Great Googly Moogly
Great Googly Moogly - Månad sedan
More like season 1 stewie