Evil Stewie - Family Guy

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From Family Guy, Season 9 Episode 12
"The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair"
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MannedChaff6 OZ
MannedChaff6 OZ - 8 dagar sedan
2:16 how evil stewie can press his little feet to the gas
BruceDaWorst - 8 dagar sedan
YouTube: *sees red*
Demonetize button: Lets just talk this out
미스테리오youtube - 10 dagar sedan
2:19 oh no oh no oh no oh yeah!
Kurii - san
Kurii - san - 10 dagar sedan
*”HOLD IT”.*
“One of you is my partner.”

Olan Rich
Olan Rich - 13 dagar sedan
2:38 IMO, just watching Evil Stewie walking from behind that tree with those evil eyes is quite the nightmare fuel for me.
SwedlePOP - 15 dagar sedan
Thar michael Jackson thing is hilarious
Jelly Fam
Jelly Fam - 16 dagar sedan
So season one Stevie
Myk - 16 dagar sedan
2:12 Fatality
Richard Schrock
Richard Schrock - 19 dagar sedan
It must be studied.
XCXreven5566 XZX
XCXreven5566 XZX - 22 dagar sedan
Ty Diaz
Ty Diaz - 23 dagar sedan
I don’t know why I watched this as a kid, but this was my last episode I watched
KaosRekons - 28 dagar sedan
With the right calculations you find out he killed the bad stewie in the end
Ebu bekir Yesilgül
Ebu bekir Yesilgül - Månad sedan
Brain es so stupped
Ben Youngblood
Ben Youngblood - Månad sedan
Don't you just love the blood fest. They should've kept evil stewie throughout the years, would've been great to see much more gore
Music Lover
Music Lover - Månad sedan
I love Michael Jackson.
Hima Gurung
Hima Gurung - Månad sedan
That is fake
Hima Gurung
Hima Gurung - Månad sedan
Dog: LOOK at your legs evil baby: No! He is fake I am real dog: look at real baby dog: shoot!
Hima Gurung
Hima Gurung - Månad sedan
Let me replay!
Hima Gurung
Hima Gurung - Månad sedan
The dog Shot the wrong peter or baby idk Why the dog can’t look behind the baby
미스테리오youtube - Månad sedan
HaiIts sofia
HaiIts sofia - Månad sedan
Your welcome:)
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout - Månad sedan
Evil Stewie wins! Flawless victory!FATALITY!
Isaac Mounce
Isaac Mounce - Månad sedan
Haha. I could watch Evil Stewie suffocate Brian over and over.
Alice - Månad sedan
"Every animated show is for children." xDDDD
Marcus Pearl
Marcus Pearl - Månad sedan
Still surprised he never said Victory is Mine or What the Deuce
Under Toxic
Under Toxic - Månad sedan
OH YEAH 2:21
Pauline Foster / Kimora James
Kool-aid NOOOO
John DHT
John DHT - Månad sedan
2:11 where did he put that knife?
Vungmuny Animations
Vungmuny Animations - Månad sedan
Diana Dinoso
Diana Dinoso - Månad sedan
The end is based of of thriller
Kicking Bear Dodge
Kicking Bear Dodge - Månad sedan
The lady who almost ran over evil Stewie should of been the girl from the episode where he ran away from Meg and then she should of said
Lady:Oh my gosh a baby come with me a I will tak(dies)
Gjmarco Marcsbaby
Gjmarco Marcsbaby - Månad sedan
At 4:54, Michael Jackson’s THRILLER reference!
Petar Pejčić
Petar Pejčić - Månad sedan
Did Brian killed Evil or Real Stewie on ending? I'm not sure
Pika-Ghost - Månad sedan
gamer 1219 Oyan
gamer 1219 Oyan - Månad sedan
oh god eww wtf
RadioactiveCookie - 2 månader sedan
.……..… /´¯/)………….(\¯`\
…………/….//……….. …\\….\
…../´¯/…./´¯\………../¯ `\….\¯`\
..\…………….. /……..\………………/
…\…………… (……….)……………./...
Mary Abigail Mañalac
Mary Abigail Mañalac - 2 månader sedan
Bill chipher has come back
Mekel Ilyasa
Mekel Ilyasa - 2 månader sedan
Goddamnit dude
Babalo Tunzi
Babalo Tunzi - 2 månader sedan
More like normal stewie
Travis Ali
Travis Ali - 2 månader sedan
So violent
Phillip Montoya
Phillip Montoya - 2 månader sedan
He's better evil than Queer
MilesTails101 - 2 månader sedan
Brian: I'm really glad I didn't kill the wrong Stewie
Stewie: me to come on buddy I'll take you home
"looks at camera"

Hasnah Yahaya
Hasnah Yahaya - 2 månader sedan
Stewie last the face is creepy idiot dog
Zwfz good Bendy
Zwfz good Bendy - 2 månader sedan
biggo meat
biggo meat - 2 månader sedan
I jacked off so fast at the koolaid dude
dev kumar
dev kumar - 2 månader sedan
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis - 2 månader sedan
I’ve loved Family Guy from the beginning. But it has gotten too graphically violent. The violence is just heartless and mean and not even funny anymore.
Ben Youngblood
Ben Youngblood - Månad sedan
Don't be such a pussy, the gore is meant to put emphasis on how EVIL evil stewie is.
Peter Ly
Peter Ly - 2 månader sedan
01:36 how you attack civilians in GTA San Andreas
Edson Reyes
Edson Reyes - 2 månader sedan
Stewie (Flash) vs. Evil Stewie (Future Flash aka Savitar)
H2O Melons
H2O Melons - 2 månader sedan
2:11 homeless people by 2025
Technoid - 2 månader sedan
Somebody get this little man in Mortal Kombat
Niels Daemen
Niels Daemen - 2 månader sedan
Dark shit man😰
Diego C.
Diego C. - 3 månader sedan
What kind of plan was that? Tie up Brian without even an easy way for him to get untied, while Stewie just jumps from a tree? Against an evil, savage genius armed with a futuristic weapon?
Ben Farmer-Webb
Ben Farmer-Webb - 3 månader sedan
Only option is to kill them bith
Pietro Casarrubia
Pietro Casarrubia - 3 månader sedan
Joseph Dennis
Joseph Dennis - 3 månader sedan
I would love to have Evil Stewie as a son😈😈😈
darious jones
darious jones - 3 månader sedan
where did the machete come from?!?!?!?!?!
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight - 3 månader sedan
2:13 oh god what the f&@k
tei 04
tei 04 - 3 månader sedan
I remember 2:22 so vividly! You thought calm Stewie was bad, look at Evil Stewie
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer - 3 månader sedan
Basically s1 vs s12