UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

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After securing the fastest KO in UFC History, Jorge Masvidal spoke with Joe Rogan inside the Octagon.
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Varaktighet: 2:12


9 dkdk
9 dkdk - Dag sedan
Masvidal is a bitch. You dont kick a man down.
Lbec - Dag sedan
He really did end ben that’s crazy...
commentasyouseefit - 7 dagar sedan
MGM Grand Buffet to the face!!!!
Rana Nasser
Rana Nasser - 8 dagar sedan
Kneed to retire. 😂
klappty66 - 2 dagar sedan
Lol called it
Presley Balensiefen
Presley Balensiefen - 9 dagar sedan
Jorge: ''My momma' told me if you don't got nice things to say, then don't say them.''
*a second later*
Jorge: ''He's a bum.''
ThatOneLegend - 9 dagar sedan
The Flying Knee Is Now Banned....

*Unless It's Used On Bums*
Judy Hsu
Judy Hsu - 14 dagar sedan
1:17 for the started
CK GB - 15 dagar sedan
I'm a fan now. This guy is just absolute humble.. His opponent talks so much that everything he said to Jorge went to that knee all the way back to his head. Damn
Gabriel Resendiz
Gabriel Resendiz - 15 dagar sedan
Jorge: My mother told me if you don’t got nothing nice to say don’t say it

Joe Rogan: Why the flying knee?!
Jorge: Cuz he’s a BUM.
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma - 15 dagar sedan
Chris Weidman
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Now my latest favourite: Jorge Masvidal
chris martinez
chris martinez - 15 dagar sedan
@1:45 when she walk out the shower butt naked n u like awww shihhhh Fenna get me sum 🤪
ANTONIO REEVES - 15 dagar sedan
Ben Asscream
John Doe
John Doe - 15 dagar sedan
Robbie Moon
Robbie Moon - 16 dagar sedan
His celebration was just as epic
Robbie Moon
Robbie Moon - 16 dagar sedan
Robbie Moon
Robbie Moon - 16 dagar sedan
Nobody gonna beat 5 seconds
kickinbackinOC - 16 dagar sedan
Wasn't very sporting to punch a guy twice who is already k/o'd. What next? Steal his wallet? No class...
Marcela Torres
Marcela Torres - 17 dagar sedan
When ben askren cant sleep he takes a masvidal
Killa Vibezz
Killa Vibezz - 18 dagar sedan
“My mother told me If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”
*Proceeds to call him a bum*
K-Los - 18 dagar sedan
His re-enactment of Ben Askren getting knocked out killed me 😂😂😂
Nicholas Manuel Grayman
Nicholas Manuel Grayman - 18 dagar sedan
Me: went to pee
Cameback, masvidal wins
*Real life*
who cares?
who cares? - 18 dagar sedan
Lol interview is much longer than the fight.
Blabla Blabla
Blabla Blabla - 18 dagar sedan
Whos here after masvidal dominating diaz
Teresa Rios
Teresa Rios - 19 dagar sedan
jorge masdival please win the bmf title in the welterweight division i believe in you i think a lot of people are looking at that last fight at ufc 239 aginst ben askren you had got the fatest knockout in ufc history that was one of the scariest knockouts of all time that everybody has ever seen in your mma career and tonight your going to get a first round knockout win with a high kick you should do that jorge your going to become the greatest of all time show the diaz brothers how strong you are and how better you are they are motherfuckers nate is not going to win tonight
Neil Grant
Neil Grant - 20 dagar sedan
Jorge “The Cuban Missile Jesus “ Masvidal
Myoi Mina
Myoi Mina - 20 dagar sedan
Imagine practice and training for a few months but ended up winning in a few seconds 😂😂😂
Boxing & Gaming Pro
Boxing & Gaming Pro - 20 dagar sedan
Masvidal will outpoint diaz via split decison
Boxing & Gaming Pro
Boxing & Gaming Pro - 21 dag sedan
I had askren edged it before the ko
Respect askren your a good fighter
Carl Santos
Carl Santos - 22 dagar sedan
When he mimicked the KO 🤣
Tïffäny Shavonə
Tïffäny Shavonə - 22 dagar sedan
the way he reenacted the KO was HILARIOUSSSS!!! lmfaoooo
The Sperminator
The Sperminator - 22 dagar sedan
Askren, why weren't you talking shit after you got UR nappy head knocked out? STFU hillbilly....
soager009 69
soager009 69 - 23 dagar sedan
You guys are welcome for ending that dude! 😀 Gangsta!
Macd The flying shithead
Macd The flying shithead - 23 dagar sedan
Ben is going to BKFC
Bosna - 24 dagar sedan
Brate Bomba
VIK S - 24 dagar sedan
3.3M views is super-stardom
505 Time
505 Time - 24 dagar sedan
He legit end him 😂
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce - 24 dagar sedan
You guys are welcome for ending that dude
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce - 24 dagar sedan
The fastest knockout is totally fitting for Masvidal
Donnalyn Ortega Vlogs
Donnalyn Ortega Vlogs - 25 dagar sedan
here na po..wait kita sa bahay..nood before click pra hindi sayang
stay connected..
xo Viibes
xo Viibes - 25 dagar sedan
Who back here after that bum got slept again
djef ardeur
djef ardeur - 25 dagar sedan
Askren got his ass creamed
Robert Sarorn
Robert Sarorn - 26 dagar sedan
Anyone here after Damian Maia choked out Ben Asscream?
DATWAY- LL - 26 dagar sedan
Who else here after mia submit him
Rick Ricardo
Rick Ricardo - 26 dagar sedan
God man Bullshit Holly people don't speak that way talk your shit but don't put God in it say the Devil
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy - 26 dagar sedan
Apong Jamir
Apong Jamir - 26 dagar sedan
Thankyou Masvidal for keeping this fight short to the point , seriously dont like to watch 5 round of hugging 😂
savage j
savage j - 27 dagar sedan
Cause he’s a bum
llegendarryy - 27 dagar sedan
Askren deserved that win. Lol at masvidal celebrating a shitty boring decision
Steely Phil
Steely Phil - 28 dagar sedan
Lmao his son name Macho Man.
TrOlLkInGs14 - 26 dagar sedan
Probably a nickname but still lol
kelechi obasi
kelechi obasi - 28 dagar sedan
All I see here is a small Rollo from Vikings.
Theo Bhebe
Theo Bhebe - 28 dagar sedan
If you look closer Ben askren faked dead then jorge seeing this legendary technique preceded to tap out 3 times in fear of losing by ko
Makaveli - 29 dagar sedan
Ben was doing well in the beginning until he got caught by a lucky strike.
Erlend Muir
Erlend Muir - 29 dagar sedan
Imagine being this guys son being able to brag about your dad having the fastest Knockout in ufc history
Beez BK Benny Blanco
Beez BK Benny Blanco - Månad sedan
Public announcement!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: 1 & ONLY "STREET JESUS" Jorge Masvidal!! 💯💯💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏿💪🏿💰💰💰
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon - Månad sedan
I used to be an underdog, but then I took a face to the knee
- jorge masvidal -
7thgenMax - Månad sedan
chemp - 26 dagar sedan
Honestly bro, Askren fans are the worst, are they gona cry about Maia sending his ass to the shadow realm again? Hahahahaha
Andrew Mayano
Andrew Mayano - Månad sedan
Ben was askren for it
Oskar Paget
Oskar Paget - Månad sedan
`why the flying knee``cuz hes a bum` Please make this a T shirt UFC!!!!!
Thaw - Månad sedan
Ik he said it so casually I love it
W Pierson
W Pierson - Månad sedan
K. Cole
K. Cole - Månad sedan
When a privileged faggot meets a street dude 😂
Super Saiyan Smurf
Super Saiyan Smurf - Månad sedan
in my opinion,this is the knockout ben was askren for...hehe