UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

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Ace Ace
Ace Ace - 13 timmar sedan
Rip McTappy
Sub Zero
Sub Zero - 13 timmar sedan
LMAO! , This is what happened when you have no respect......Just like Conor the proper tap in the end assholes will always got what they deserved.
Rubal Sabiri
Rubal Sabiri - 23 timmar sedan
Askren is actually a lot more nicer guy than Masvidal.
Did not talk trash at all, No personal comments about his family and nothing like that. Just his confidence was oozing rather it was more of a fault of Jorge for nothing Showing up more than a couple of times.
Masvidal did what he prepared for and deserves a lot of appreciation for it but also got alot lucky for to get the fastest KO ever right at the start against an undefeated phenom.
Pin em in the cage again Askren will smoke him every single time.
u don't believe me, Can't blame u as its all heat of the moment and sheeps are actually believing In the hype of Jorge.
Askren is a legend and such as he will be remembered for the ages to come and he will show exactly why in the future not too far.
Lol bums are who follow and appreciate a guy like Jorge.
Its a matter of time before Leon or Askren himself kills the hype.
Josh Escobar
Josh Escobar - Dag sedan
fuck you Youtube for telling me to watch the guidelines in the Comnents. nerd ass bitch
Cory Fusting
Cory Fusting - Dag sedan
Modelo ad before the post-fight interview. Fitting.
Fluffkin Mod
Fluffkin Mod - 2 dagar sedan
Who's the current welterweight champion?
INDIAN DREAMSHOT - 16 timmar sedan
kamaru usman
George’s St-pierre
George’s St-pierre - 2 dagar sedan
it’s funny how Bruce Buffer said 5 seconds at 0:05 and Jorge KO’D him in 5 seconds
Don Guapo
Don Guapo - 2 dagar sedan
Jorge "I'm not the best at cutting promos or that IG shit but I can fight man" masvidal 👊
Paul Castillo
Paul Castillo - 2 dagar sedan
“I gave him the three piece w the soda and just glide out of there” my favorite quote by Masvidal
Baddie BEE
Baddie BEE - 3 dagar sedan
Lmao @ Usman. No nigga it's YOU who doesn't want the smoke with Jorge. When is this "injury" gonna heal ? 🙄
unexpected things!!!!!!!!
unexpected things!!!!!!!! - 3 dagar sedan
Usman saying "you don't deserve that" is he nuts?
vro_ o.d
vro_ o.d - 3 dagar sedan
Anyone remember when he was supposed to fight Nick Diaz 😂
Makaveli - 4 dagar sedan
How good would it be if UFC match him up against Conor? That could be bigger than UFC 229.
michael Castle
michael Castle - 4 dagar sedan
Joe: why the flying knee?
Gamebread: cause he's a bum!

michael Castle
michael Castle - 4 dagar sedan
Joe: why the flying knee?

Gamebread: cause he's a bum!

Illusion Of Gaia
Illusion Of Gaia - 5 dagar sedan
“Why the flying knee”
“Cuz he’s a bum” 🤣🤣🤣
Enrique Hernandez
Enrique Hernandez - 5 dagar sedan
How has he not gotten a title shot 😐
Sarvagya - 6 dagar sedan
1:57 kelvin having a gud time .
JBI Tile
JBI Tile - 6 dagar sedan
The realest ufc fighter there is jorge madvidal .respect
John Nolting
John Nolting - 6 dagar sedan
Greatest K.O. "EVER"!!!!!!!
Estonian Haze
Estonian Haze - 6 dagar sedan
Why da fuq does Usman look like a park ranger?
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza - 6 dagar sedan
Why DA flying knee cause he's a bum
miguel cedric guerrero
miguel cedric guerrero - 6 dagar sedan
He’ll be a champ in the end of 2019🔥🔥 fax or nah?
alex anaya
alex anaya - 6 dagar sedan
Talk shit get hit yea im a ben hater so what
black cobra!
black cobra! - 7 dagar sedan
Damn he's barely sweating
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 7 dagar sedan
MICHAEL MARTINEZ - 7 dagar sedan
lol, no shout to Colby Covington.
ANONYMOUSCRACKER - 7 dagar sedan
Deep hug
Deep hug - 7 dagar sedan
Advance to 0:19 to skip Bruce Buffer. You're welcome!
Andy Web
Andy Web - 7 dagar sedan
Last night the referee saved my life, on the dancefloor..." 😂😂😂
ShinjiIkariFTW - 7 dagar sedan
1:40 nice tits
smokestrong1000 - 7 dagar sedan
What was usman saying? Anyone read lips?
The Truth hurts
The Truth hurts - 7 dagar sedan
You can see how triggered joe was when he mentioned god typical white bastard
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy - 7 dagar sedan
my mother told me if you got nun good to say......coz he's a bum
Zwergz 112
Zwergz 112 - 8 dagar sedan
The one time The Bronze Kneecap beat The Crimson Chin
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 8 dagar sedan
why the flying knee? "cuz, he's a bum" Can't knock his logic
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 8 dagar sedan
T h i c c thotties at 1:41
TT karolov
TT karolov - 8 dagar sedan
it was too gangster
FullMetal Bernie
FullMetal Bernie - 8 dagar sedan
And for the MMA world Thank You Jorge
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 8 dagar sedan
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez - 8 dagar sedan
Who was the dude in the crowd hating?
David Padilla
David Padilla - 8 dagar sedan
Hearing a grandma talk about food porn was disturbing 😂
Aaron Lapaul
Aaron Lapaul - 8 dagar sedan
He said "you guys are welcome for me ending that dude" 😂
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez - 8 dagar sedan
ksks - 8 dagar sedan
subituled in spanish fkng americans
Virtual-clipz - 8 dagar sedan
Ben Askren been askin' for that knee. Checkmate.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia - 8 dagar sedan
Nice brexit bro
Ricardo Ibarra
Ricardo Ibarra - 9 dagar sedan
Rock girl
Rock girl - 8 dagar sedan
Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...
bmillerdrums - 9 dagar sedan
I like Usman but he should of just smirked and nodded like ok let’s do this. I think we learned after this don’t piss off Masvidal (Sassoon) shout out to my boy Theo for all those nicknames he was dropping the after UFC 239 ha
Deep hug
Deep hug - 8 dagar sedan
Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...Thank Jorge, fuck you white trash Ben...
Glorified Truth
Glorified Truth - 9 dagar sedan
Advance to 0:19 to skip Bruce Buffer. You're welcome!
brandon York
brandon York - 9 dagar sedan
5 seconds people ,,, 5
Israel Mireles
Israel Mireles - 9 dagar sedan
Waiting for them to interview his knee
Rovin Enusban
Rovin Enusban - 9 dagar sedan
Don’t mess with street jesus.
mm 2018
mm 2018 - 9 dagar sedan
He was so mad at Ben and hype because of the Knee he missed his chance to call out a fight for the belt.. learn the business use your platform the champion was sitting right there cameras on him you could have called him out that with the record-breaking knockout the fans would have made it happen