The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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OverSimplified - 4 månader sedan
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Stephane Calvin Rosenberg
Stephane Calvin Rosenberg - 10 dagar sedan
OverSimplified l
PrankExtreme Me
PrankExtreme Me - 12 dagar sedan
Are you going to make a naploleonic wars video next? By the way great vid!
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 18 dagar sedan
When will you post the napolionic wars
Tkid_-gaming - 19 dagar sedan
No I don’t want to play raid
TheNewyorkdragon - 23 dagar sedan
OverSimplified Waaayy too much nonsense and bad jokes here
Doing Something Different
Doing Something Different - 29 minuter sedan
Person: *exists*
Robespierre: To the guilotine!
People: Guillotine has two Ls.
Robespierre:But it is pronounced the sa-
People: To the guillotine!
thezombiecreeper - 9 timmar sedan
OverSimplified: Sponsors RAID
Skillshare/NordVPN: Alright imma head out
haicommuna - 9 timmar sedan
Russian Revolutions pls
The Storm 13
The Storm 13 - 10 timmar sedan
do the russian revolution
ALEXYA YEET - 12 timmar sedan
Do the Vietnam war
Becca G
Becca G - 12 timmar sedan
I still don't get how that calendar would work😂
nathan vizza
nathan vizza - 16 timmar sedan
Q is a letter...
Rail Racer
Rail Racer - 18 timmar sedan
17:32: " *National Convention Used Uno Reverse Card* It was very Effective" .
Linda Oh
Linda Oh - 21 timme sedan
Her hair is an at at from star wars
Salt Bucket
Salt Bucket - Dag sedan
Napoleon looks kinda like Morty with his hat off. 21:06
Panhasak T
Panhasak T - Dag sedan
moo - Dag sedan
Jeeze, France was a hot mess.
Aiden McFarland
Aiden McFarland - Dag sedan
16:47 in part 2: he says Gullitine
Berat Demir
Berat Demir - Dag sedan
Yusuf kayaalpten gelenler
Karen Sartor
Karen Sartor - Dag sedan
Pls do the Vietnam War.
wade w
wade w - Dag sedan
love the napoleon dynamite reference
Anthony H
Anthony H - Dag sedan
How about doing American civil war&Chinese civil war next?
Kyle ‘n Eric’s Stop motions
revolution for a revolution
juanchoja - Dag sedan
Man, you're good, keep it up.
johnsonslawnservice - Dag sedan
I have a feeling England is next when Queen Elizabeth dies have a feeling they made do away with the monarchy I could be wrong but the government has been wanting to be free for a long time
Raine - 2 dagar sedan
History of Mongolia plz
sumit dalal
sumit dalal - 2 dagar sedan
God : American revolution wasn't hard core enough. Let's make a R rated version of it
sumit dalal
sumit dalal - 2 dagar sedan
Someone: sighs
Robespierre : to the guiltonne
People to Robespierre : it's ur time to guiltonne
sumit dalal
sumit dalal - 2 dagar sedan
Please do Punic wars.
Christian Cañas
Christian Cañas - 2 dagar sedan
100% of the time, communism and leftists turn against the same people they falsely claim to fight for. Such evil and people never learn
SantiEatsToast - 2 dagar sedan
US Civil War
Vietnam War
Korean War
9/11 which ties in Iraq War
Bryce Robinson
Bryce Robinson - 2 dagar sedan
My sanity 15:06
Minecraft Marino lol YouTube
me:math is stupid
Rouse Pier:to the Guillotine
Charlie - 2 dagar sedan
The russian revolutions- oversimplified
Kidwhocantplay - 3 dagar sedan
I would love to see a Bosnian civil war
Flames of the Crescent Moon
Flames of the Crescent Moon - 3 dagar sedan
The Barbary Wars - Oversimplified
Noon moon
Noon moon - 3 dagar sedan
To the Guillotine segment kind of reminds me of cancel culture..
Thereal 727
Thereal 727 - 3 dagar sedan
Make a civil war oversimplified
Boring Boi
Boring Boi - 3 dagar sedan
When r the Napoleonic Wars coming
Nope No
Nope No - 3 dagar sedan
21:04 when you look on the top of the screen you can see someone teleport to the right of the row of people
Santiago Sanchez
Santiago Sanchez - 3 dagar sedan
I see you're all pretending to be tax collectors in the comment's section...

*There's a tax for that*
Braden Fisher
Braden Fisher - 3 dagar sedan
hey oversimplified do a video on the 7 years war thing
Trash Bin
Trash Bin - 4 dagar sedan
Great video but I feel like Napoleon wouldn't be a fan of Mozart because Mozart was Austrian
Nicholas Willhite
Nicholas Willhite - 4 dagar sedan
Yo, at 18:24 when the text did that left swipe thing, I at the perfect time wiped off my screen to the left. I feel accomplished.
Chris Lekse
Chris Lekse - 4 dagar sedan
10:23 hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot
Peter Francis
Peter Francis - 5 dagar sedan
Me: What next France?
France: Yellow Vest
B Dragoon 1762
B Dragoon 1762 - 5 dagar sedan
Do the Napoleonic wars
VICTOR'S STORIES - 5 dagar sedan
do Bolivar revolutions
Moose Gaming
Moose Gaming - 5 dagar sedan
What linens art thou wearing?
Short Knickers with no pantaloons
By George how favorable
How large is thine reproductive organ
Nigh 10 centimeters
Ah hm yes quite substantial do you wish to make your way to my home
Hmm, sorry I cannot, for I am otherwise occupied
Mother and father are not present
Hmm yes I am approaching
Jackthekilla 3D
Jackthekilla 3D - 5 dagar sedan
I learn more here then my history teacher
Ethan EWC
Ethan EWC - 5 dagar sedan
I have an exam about this on Thursday and you can’t imagine how helpful you were, shame that I couldn’t study the Napoleonic wars with it but I guess that I’ll have to do some work myself :P
Omkar Vaidya
Omkar Vaidya - 5 dagar sedan
Anyone notice the star wars imperial walker on Marie antoinette head at 15:47?
mamilo3131 - 5 dagar sedan
Napoleon ?
Qardo - 5 dagar sedan
This is all starting to sound like how the Extreme SJW/PC/Alphabet People/Fake Liberal/Cancel Culture groups want to treat the rest of the United States and world. Either you fall in line or be executed.
DJ Mutt
DJ Mutt - 6 dagar sedan
You could make a religion out of this!
Berry Squadin
Berry Squadin - Dag sedan
No don't. Theres a tax for that...
Szasa Almencion
Szasa Almencion - 6 dagar sedan
vc3 copied ur video before his napoleonic war was betrayed and he betrayed you

to the guillotine!
Cristiano Zanapalis
Cristiano Zanapalis - 6 dagar sedan
no im your number 1 fan
Chase Krings
Chase Krings - 6 dagar sedan
The queen died on my birthday 😮
Jackson Dunn
Jackson Dunn - 6 dagar sedan
Grown men running across the battlefield yelling Hoot Hoot as their battlecry is the most underrated part of this video.
Charlie Shuter
Charlie Shuter - 6 dagar sedan
Any one else notice the AT-AT??
R3D PANDA - 6 dagar sedan
Napoleonic war plz do it
Mr G
Mr G - 6 dagar sedan
This guy made my history class much more funnier
Jeon Tanianakara
Jeon Tanianakara - 6 dagar sedan
The Queen....

mac n cheese
mac n cheese - 6 dagar sedan
7:31 that rings a bell...