The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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nicolas hoyos bertin
nicolas hoyos bertin - Dag sedan
Napoleonic Wars please
Max Headley
Max Headley - Dag sedan
OverSimplified can you please make a video about the The Titanic sinking. It’s just something I’m very interested in and others would love hearing about it
RJ HACKERS - 2 dagar sedan
Can you create Russian revolution
ADMGGAMER _ - 2 dagar sedan
16M likes in This comment, and 5M views Wtf
Abyan - 4 dagar sedan
hoot hoot
j.c man
j.c man - 15 minuter sedan
this channel is so good
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen - 2 timmar sedan
Please make a video about Vietnam war
Hoid - 4 timmar sedan
19:17 *Hmm, what does this remind me of?*
Hoid - 4 timmar sedan
My hair is an AT-AT
~Marie Antoinette
Hakop Antikyan
Hakop Antikyan - 5 timmar sedan
We want the Napoleonic wars
Billy Cashin
Billy Cashin - 6 timmar sedan
13:41 Pierre has very *Cloud*y hair
Johnny Dae Tuohy
Johnny Dae Tuohy - 6 timmar sedan
I love channel
vu dat
vu dat - 6 timmar sedan
Vietsub dau anh đâu r
Ant Man
Ant Man - 6 timmar sedan
PLEASE DO A Napoleonic Wars
alfredo cervantes
alfredo cervantes - 7 timmar sedan
hey oversimplified can you make vietnam war if you agree click it
Said Chammas
Said Chammas - 7 timmar sedan
7:06 sans-culottes literally means those without underwear
PJM10544 - 8 timmar sedan
Why don’t you make a Civil war video
Baldur Aviation
Baldur Aviation - 8 timmar sedan
Robespierre: You could make a religion out of this
Jeffrey Stewart
Jeffrey Stewart - 5 timmar sedan
No don't.
Tirpi - 10 timmar sedan
What's the song at 4:49?
Evan Plays
Evan Plays - 10 timmar sedan
Do the Ancient Rome era or the Punic Wars
Oregon Mapping
Oregon Mapping - 11 timmar sedan
Hmm... in teh cold war Oversimplfied...
Vietnam War: Oversimplified, Coming Soon...........

French Revolution: Oversimplfied...
Napoleonic Wars: Oversimplfied..

I wonder what will come first?
mrNyorm - 11 timmar sedan
Has Switzerland actually ever been at war? Like, do they even own guns? I mean they just stand still and hope they're mistaken for a nearby tree in every one of your videos, and other European wars..... I'd add a meme but it's impossible to add attachments to YouTube comments.....
sonic Gamer
sonic Gamer - 13 timmar sedan
Napoleonics wars
Balaram Chakrabarty
Balaram Chakrabarty - 13 timmar sedan
make something about Rome
Lory Wiest
Lory Wiest - 14 timmar sedan
Oversimplified, could you do a video on the Korean war, it holds a special place in my heart. Please, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Edit: And if you can, put your answer in the form of a reply please. Thank you
duddledragon 21
duddledragon 21 - 15 timmar sedan
hey my dude can you make a russian revolution video
Xenonclastic Pertuosis
Xenonclastic Pertuosis - 16 timmar sedan
For your next mini wars video, please can you do the Appartheid (South Africa)
Franek Kupczak
Franek Kupczak - 16 timmar sedan
You should make a video about the Polish - bolszivik war
Steven PlayZ
Steven PlayZ - 17 timmar sedan
10:26 Hooting Intensifies
David Reynolds
David Reynolds - 17 timmar sedan
Still waiting for Vietnam oversimplified
Saim Muddassir
Saim Muddassir - 18 timmar sedan
Pls do Stalin oversimplified
Munch, munch, delicious crunch
Munch, munch, delicious crunch - 19 timmar sedan
Marie Antoinette ate cake, which enraged the population, who punished her severely
AGENTRRP - 19 timmar sedan
Asma Zaheer
Asma Zaheer - 19 timmar sedan
Please oversimplified do ottomans history
Charlie Chua
Charlie Chua - 22 timmar sedan
Who noticed Marie Antionette had a star wars AT-AT on her hair? 15:36
itu modi
itu modi - 23 timmar sedan
French citizen:farts
Roberto 8000
Roberto 8000 - 23 timmar sedan
Please do videos on the Russian and Chinese revolutions!
Domas Žebrauskas
Domas Žebrauskas - 23 timmar sedan
Vietnam war?
Nalini Swaroop Vats
Nalini Swaroop Vats - Dag sedan
dude when are u gonna make a vid on indian history i am telling u there is a lot to cover in it
Samuel Rhoades
Samuel Rhoades - Dag sedan
Area 51; oversimplified
Mesut Sarp Yılmaz
Mesut Sarp Yılmaz - Dag sedan
TheDiamondLord - Dag sedan
next: *I wanna learn about the history of the Philippines*
Drew Bakka
Drew Bakka - Dag sedan
Moral: libertarian goals can never be reached by authoritarian methods
Javier Arana Solano
Javier Arana Solano - Dag sedan
in other words whatever the french came up with as a revolution just didnt work and its all the monarchy fault for being too dumb and greedy, so yea, if the government doesnt do the best for the hole country in a good wile, a country just gets completely obliterated from the inside and gets way too close to dead/anarchy
ItzFlix - Dag sedan
Nice video!
Mr. Cub Fan 415
Mr. Cub Fan 415 - Dag sedan
“Committee of Public Safety” Irony at its finest
Cenz 05
Cenz 05 - Dag sedan
OverSimplified please make video about the shortest war in the history (I mean Anglo-Zanzibar war )
劉柳 - Dag sedan
Bang Di
Bang Di - Dag sedan
Could you animate some Scandinavian war? That would be fun especially Karl XII
Behnehns YT
Behnehns YT - Dag sedan
Please do the Yugoslavian war
Dat Gamer Dylan
Dat Gamer Dylan - Dag sedan
Me:America revolution was the best
Daniel Eldred
Daniel Eldred - Dag sedan
I think it would be very interesting if you did a Spanish civil war vid, it truly was the first proxy war between facism and communism, I do love your vids, keep up the good work :)
Xxops-OpsXdd d
Xxops-OpsXdd d - Dag sedan
Türk müsün are you country turkey ?