4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Health & Household
Health & Household - 12 minuter sedan
Thank you so much
Anym - 12 minuter sedan
Lady you will have the soggiest bun ever
James Knisely
James Knisely - 15 minuter sedan
5:58 “and then i proceed to stuff my cucumbers in”
ROBERTO CARRILLO - 25 minuter sedan
homecook loooks better than the other ones,☺☻
Dismay Ridwan
Dismay Ridwan - 31 minut sedan
It’s dodo
Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh - 32 minuter sedan
i caved, you happy youtube recommendations???
Cylon - Timme sedan
this is a cool show. i love the enthusiasm of the level 2 guy.
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana - Timme sedan
I don’t care how professional a chef is, my grandma is the best cook.
Kaspar Kavanagh
Kaspar Kavanagh - Timme sedan
level 2 burger looked the best to me
Simon Moes
Simon Moes - Timme sedan
me at 2am: 1:23
Adrians gamers LV
Adrians gamers LV - Timme sedan
I am level 0.1 i just put mayonese and ketchup and cheese and just slap it
Just The Cook
Just The Cook - 2 timmar sedan
This should be renamed to "The 4 levels of B.S."
I am pretty sure that I did not see the chef separating protein And liped with his fingers to control the burger Content. What a joke.
And I love When the Lady with the pointer Called ground beef Ground hamburger. What are they trying to say? Are they trying to say that someone cooked hamburgers and then they ground them Sold them at the market I think not.
The one thing that they did nail, They did a great job of making Emily look like a complete idiot
Brettman596 - 2 timmar sedan
Lady you're scaring us 3:14
Faisal Quddus
Faisal Quddus - 2 timmar sedan
me : *calls* Hey can i get a happy meal
Astrid Duns
Astrid Duns - 3 timmar sedan

_Gordon Ramsay_
sanicDuHejog - 3 timmar sedan
If the level 1 chef can say Worcestershire ..

then wtf level am i
Austin Landrum
Austin Landrum - 3 timmar sedan
the second level guy really thought he knew what he was talking about....
Mark Osborne
Mark Osborne - 4 timmar sedan
Level 2, that's the way it's made!!!!!!!
The most eggselent Animals
The most eggselent Animals - 4 timmar sedan
Level 4 McDonald’s
The most eggselent Animals
The most eggselent Animals - 4 timmar sedan
:p :D
The most eggselent Animals
The most eggselent Animals - 4 timmar sedan
phildev - 4 timmar sedan
this is NOT an amateur... this is someone who just can´t cook.. amateurs can be (nearly) as good as chefs and making a pretty good burger should be accomplished by anyone who has the slightest respect for food. but oh yeah just for the laughs you made your video.. but well to be honest this content is pretty good... yes there are many cooking channels out there but some pretty basic tutorial style on how to prepare food instead of using processed chemical crap is pretty damn commendable.
Asian waldo 20
Asian waldo 20 - 4 timmar sedan
Gourav Choudhary
Gourav Choudhary - 5 timmar sedan
Frank should really read the comments here 😂😂😂😂 ...
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas - 5 timmar sedan
This should have been a blind taste test for the Scientist.
Glock Gaming
Glock Gaming - 6 timmar sedan
And im grandma level 99
Jacko Deep
Jacko Deep - 6 timmar sedan
Level 1 :im just pressing down to make sure it cooks right
Level 2: DO NOT press the juice out this burger please
Level 3 : leave the burger alone
Creative Name
Creative Name - 6 timmar sedan
None of these people come close to the level of skill in the Gordon Ramsay "perfect burger" video.
Cooking with the Blues
Cooking with the Blues - 6 timmar sedan
Andrei TFK
Andrei TFK - 6 timmar sedan
European cheese can't melt good?
Orang Hue
Orang Hue - 6 timmar sedan
Samuel Kiesler
Samuel Kiesler - 7 timmar sedan
Lvl 2 to looks the best
Someone Penguin
Someone Penguin - 7 timmar sedan
I’m hungry now and I don’t have the ingredients:( well time to get ham cheese and bread
zPrxqz_YX - 7 timmar sedan
Do this with kids
M&M Phil
M&M Phil - 8 timmar sedan
Who else loves Lorenzo?
Desert Moon
Desert Moon - 8 timmar sedan
I’m ordering a burger and watching this in purpose to get more hungry to enjoy my burger! but what is thiis?! The comments it’s killing me whyyyyy on a such video 😂 🍔 daaamn
black wing
black wing - 9 timmar sedan
U guys should get binging with babish
A.D Chratispholdo
A.D Chratispholdo - 10 timmar sedan
my mom does it better.
How is it cooked
How is it cooked - 11 timmar sedan
Do not press the juices out of this delicious burger! PLEASEEEE! omg i loved it
Isabel Miller
Isabel Miller - 11 timmar sedan
i love this editor
Mr Orange
Mr Orange - 11 timmar sedan
HomieOnIce - 11 timmar sedan
“When chucky finds you in your room alone
Joseph Rothschild
Joseph Rothschild - 12 timmar sedan
I love lorenzo
TheBoatLifeProductions - 12 timmar sedan
Idc how many years that guys been a chef I'm still eating level 2s burger...sometimes simplicity is just best
William Anderson
William Anderson - 13 timmar sedan
LTFO Lorenzo is in the house! Time for another level 3 to bite the dust.
Night Mare
Night Mare - 13 timmar sedan
For the level 2 chef if you dont press down on it you can get all the blood out
Mermaid Tails dreams
Mermaid Tails dreams - 13 timmar sedan
Me as a lvl four chef

*I oRdEr McDoNaLdS*
Mermaid Tails dreams
Mermaid Tails dreams - 13 timmar sedan
How it’s easy for me to tell if they are my soul mate or not

*Do ThEy CoOk LiKe FrAnK?*
Matthew George
Matthew George - 13 timmar sedan
As A Chef I Like To Make My Own... Everything
Dramatic Peace
Dramatic Peace - 13 timmar sedan
Stop bullying professional chef for not using premade ingredients , that is his full-time job and if he likes to make everything on his own regardless of time but passion ,you should respect that..!
Weebs - 13 timmar sedan
Lorenzos' burger looked the best in my opinion
Yamini Matthews
Yamini Matthews - 13 timmar sedan
Maybe it's just me but the level 3 chef's food always looks sorta gross? Like I wouldn't want to eat that.
Omega Storm
Omega Storm - 13 timmar sedan
Why the expert chef looks like The Big Show from the WWE. I can't unsee it...dammit. Although I'll get some of his tips for making a good burger.
Toxic Jaeger Main
Toxic Jaeger Main - 14 timmar sedan
4 levels of dabbing
2:*dabs but its neat*
3:*dabs bit its cool*
4:*dabs but its cooler*
Nirvana - 15 timmar sedan
I would be so nervous to have this woman over for dinner
Beelzemo Babbity
Beelzemo Babbity - 15 timmar sedan
I feel like all the level 2 chefs look the tastiest.
Some Body. Lol
Some Body. Lol - 15 timmar sedan
Level three - I'm gonna form the patty lightly by slowly working it until it sticks onto my hand
Level two - I'm gonna form the patty by flattening it but i cant hold it too long
Level one - I'm just gonna roll them up and flatten em like hockey pucks
I'm level one.
This. - 16 timmar sedan
Level two deserves his own show.
purple rock
purple rock - 16 timmar sedan
The overdramatic sound effect they play every time she introduces a topic is killing me
Sydney Stevens
Sydney Stevens - 16 timmar sedan
Why do they ever let Emily do this 😂
test channel 01
test channel 01 - 16 timmar sedan
The amount of people salty with the level 3 chef is hilarious 😂😂😂
HolyHellFire67 - 17 timmar sedan
Love how they had to specify that it was a previous batch of pickles. Like Frank sat there overnight and waited..
CODGamer858 - 17 timmar sedan
Keith Adams
Keith Adams - 17 timmar sedan
I'm so glad I wasn't that husband Emily cooks for.
TAREK GOUDA VIDEOS - 17 timmar sedan
Michael Loiselle
Michael Loiselle - 18 timmar sedan
I'd go for level 2 hamburger
ava osborne
ava osborne - 18 timmar sedan
just me or does the home-cook’s always look the best?
Gill Showalter
Gill Showalter - 18 timmar sedan
black guy
black guy - 18 timmar sedan
grass fed beef sucks. dont @ me. brought it back.
Hewyet Khang
Hewyet Khang - 19 timmar sedan
why is it 4 levels if theres only 3 players hmmmm 🤔
Mohamed Alshare
Mohamed Alshare - 19 timmar sedan
The level 2 burger look like the best burger
dish125db - 19 timmar sedan
This is the kind of woman who doesn't ask questions.
Seth Vickery
Seth Vickery - 19 timmar sedan
The professional chef picked the best cheese.
KO Investing
KO Investing - 19 timmar sedan
I'm level 0 with pre-made patties
Justin Miller
Justin Miller - 20 timmar sedan
Ok the pro had everything right but the bread use the roll that the second used it makes it looks and taste so good
Kenz Ep
Kenz Ep - 20 timmar sedan
Level 1: college kid who was let into a kitchen and is improvising everything
Level 2: *passionate laughing*
Level 3: I raised this cow off of my breast milk and made this cheese from its udders then I cooked it
Nelvaro Z
Nelvaro Z - 20 timmar sedan
leAvE ThE
BuRgEr aLonE
Redeye - 20 timmar sedan
3:14 Krusty the Clown?
10,000 subscribes with no videos
Level 3: I make everything myself
Also Level 3: I grew the wheat and raised this fine cow
WolfGirlBeLike - 21 timme sedan
"Do not press the juices out of this delicious burger, please!" Lol
Spicy - 21 timme sedan
I noted that the level 1 cook allways makes osmething simple, the level 2 cook allways makes something very specific and big, and finally the level 3 chef is just simple but gourmet
aestheqic jayla
aestheqic jayla - 21 timme sedan
whobeven uses butter to cook a burger, use some oil please.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez - 22 timmar sedan
The amount of editing shade in this video is amazing 😂
Li Wang
Li Wang - 22 timmar sedan
Do not 👏press 👏the juices👏 out of this 👏delicious burger 👏👏👏PLEASE👏👏👏
Dichtsau - 22 timmar sedan
my vegan burgers taste superawesome, look better then all the 3 shown here and no life had to end for them. they also give a huge supply of proteins, eggwhite & other vitamins; 2 burgers an entire day is enough for everyone that ever tried them.
Pllutus - 23 timmar sedan
Isn’t that the demon that put ketchup on her toast?
Trashy Ronn
Trashy Ronn - 23 timmar sedan
we all forgot about gordon ramsay
Wayzy - 23 timmar sedan
Hi im emily and im getting payed to be called an amateur
Lampcap - 23 timmar sedan
Lorenzo's looks the best. I'd eat that anyway tbh...
scotty morgan
scotty morgan - 23 timmar sedan
Hey can someone tell me where to find a cheeseburger at a ball park? I never seem to find those kind of things. They seem to only sell something called I don't know hotdogs.
Destiny Gonzalez
Destiny Gonzalez - 23 timmar sedan
who else just watches this to learn how to make a burger 😂😂😂
N!Mm0 - 23 timmar sedan
These are paid actors guys
xNAJAFx - 23 timmar sedan
American cheese
Bad Karmah
Bad Karmah - 23 timmar sedan
Bitchs can’t cook shyt 😂idk how she got a husband feel bad for jit
Divine - Dag sedan
My moms home cooking is 10 times better then Mcdonalds.
jaebooty ,
jaebooty , - Dag sedan
frank’s burger looks like a krabby patty left out for too long
Tobias Gaughan
Tobias Gaughan - Dag sedan
how did he make a burger then wait 3 weeks to get it done
ChefGiovanni - Dag sedan
Chefs burger is best, but wait,
you already knew that !
Get cooking kids.
guido braeckman
guido braeckman - Dag sedan
The level 1 burger looks so good
we we
we we - Dag sedan
Level 2 chef is high asf😂😂
MrWooden Planks
MrWooden Planks - Dag sedan
Lorenzo is my spirit animal.
Rishi ramdas
Rishi ramdas - Dag sedan
Level 3 : I like that my burger is not complicated
Also level 3 : *so I like to make a brine of my self made pickles and leave it in the fridge for a week*