Score A Goal, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge

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Jadiel Malaret
Jadiel Malaret - 3 timmar sedan
you copied mrbeast
Justin In
Justin In - 3 timmar sedan
Lol Harry’s mum getting hit by the ball
Vezety - 6 timmar sedan
all I want is a 1080ti graphics card so desperately because I want my vids to have good quality so I can get more popular. but I'll never get one anyways....... I'm sure I won't except if I grind and I'm trying to so ye...😭
CowboyinBham - 7 timmar sedan
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lied to you
Twitch ClarkeyT08
Twitch ClarkeyT08 - 11 timmar sedan
chris you have worked so hard for this well done great saves
Chibuoyim Onyejiaka
Chibuoyim Onyejiaka - 11 timmar sedan
Diego Vega
Diego Vega - 11 timmar sedan
All I got say is they suck
Jay Pearce
Jay Pearce - 12 timmar sedan
I subbed, saw the Arsenal shirt and left again 🤣
Han van Uffelen
Han van Uffelen - 13 timmar sedan
Wie is NL hier :)
Alexander de Sévaux
Alexander de Sévaux - 15 timmar sedan
“Frank De Boer, Frank De Boer speelt de bal naar Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Bergkamp neemt de bal aan, Dennis Bergkamp, DENNIS BERGKAMP! DENNIS BERGKAMP! DENNIS BERGKAMP! DENNIS BERGKAMP!!!!
EL3M3NT - 19 timmar sedan
Mr. Beast of football
Scott Mullins
Scott Mullins - 23 timmar sedan
Not sure if this is generous or just pretentious. Giving away money like it's nothing.
Kall DIXON - Dag sedan
ChrisMD is banging Alex hunters sister 😂🤔🤷
Joey - Dag sedan
Song at 5:54 ?
Lucas Tangen
Lucas Tangen - Dag sedan
When Steve won 500 pounds I'm pretty sure that every American was very confused

Me when I didn't know what pounds were: um.... you mean dollars
metalnitro99 - Dag sedan
Ah penalties, brings back good times right Chris XD T_T
Lewis Hughes-Roberts
Lewis Hughes-Roberts - Dag sedan
Chris and his gf are the same height. Brilliant 😂
James Forbes
James Forbes - Dag sedan
Anyone know the song at 6:09
Fraser Blue Gaming
Fraser Blue Gaming - Dag sedan
Copied Mr Beast’s video
Aro Dlshad
Aro Dlshad - Dag sedan
No He didn’t copy it their is a lot of different
Bailey Craine
Bailey Craine - Dag sedan
Fffff for Ollie
FOOTY4LIFE - Dag sedan
Do you want a shoutout
Hx Gaming in hd
Hx Gaming in hd - Dag sedan
Do the new tough mudder
Alpha Fortnite pro kid
Screw ksI in a distrack he went full out on you
Mankro - 2 dagar sedan
Is ir me or Chris sounds like Tom Holland?
DjEdogg Y'all know who it is
Sv2 copied you
Yazoonxd ninja
Yazoonxd ninja - 2 dagar sedan
I would have asked for a private jet
onye kacha mma
onye kacha mma - 2 dagar sedan
Nice Nederlands
Nemesis_Pleb - 2 dagar sedan
We have a proper goalkeeper for the first time now
hen ko
hen ko - 2 dagar sedan
Do jersey vs Guernsey please. Love the others. Your vids are great and hilarious
Aahil Zubair
Aahil Zubair - 2 dagar sedan
chris pls make new series about messi. you have done two on ronaldo one on ronaldinho one on neymar and one for about all goood players on fifa 16. i know messi was in some of these series' but please give messi a series to him self
BoiItzTay - 2 dagar sedan
Why am I even subbed to u I’m unsubbing because you never upload
WILLY LYNCH - 3 dagar sedan
Hell yeah, that's cool Steve let his friend have the reward.
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 3 dagar sedan
if she was pregnant she is now not
Kemuel Cox
Kemuel Cox - 3 dagar sedan
Why does the goalkeeper never get a reward for saving the shots?
doedel2,0 - 3 dagar sedan
Dennis bergkamp show die patec a sah
Komplex Spooky
Komplex Spooky - 3 dagar sedan
Wait Chris😍😍 her???
ZipcoGaming ZG
ZipcoGaming ZG - 3 dagar sedan
5:53 song?
panggop jio
panggop jio - 3 dagar sedan
steve looks so much like ernesto valverde (barca manager)
basketball bros 40
basketball bros 40 - 3 dagar sedan
How much is a pound? In American money.
Spinal_ SUFC
Spinal_ SUFC - 3 dagar sedan
A bad hair day for the blades😂😂😂
Ali Butt
Ali Butt - 3 dagar sedan
wth? The only player I thought was gonna get humiliated scored the first goal. I'm not watching this.
Rigardt Kritzinger
Rigardt Kritzinger - 3 dagar sedan
I am 11 years old pls buy me one💰
Rigardt Kritzinger
Rigardt Kritzinger - 3 dagar sedan
I wish I was in this competition because I do not have a enough money for a ps4 to play fortnite.I have a xbox 360
RobotKM Man
RobotKM Man - 3 dagar sedan
who is your favorite player on arsenal
Seeonee Ruben Andrade
Seeonee Ruben Andrade - 4 dagar sedan
No mams son bien malos
ozzieboyz tiny vines
ozzieboyz tiny vines - 4 dagar sedan
4:13 like of you laugh...comments 👇👇
TurboInferno - 4 dagar sedan
Chrismd: Nerf war didn’t give us views
Kelly: what about copy mr beast
Chrismd: 👌🏻
Thulani Ndlovu
Thulani Ndlovu - 4 dagar sedan
Terible Steve
Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez - 4 dagar sedan
Do jersey vs Guernsey please. Love the others. Your vids are great and hilarious
Muhammad Hammad uddin
Muhammad Hammad uddin - 4 dagar sedan
Gang Shit
Gang Shit - 4 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the song name at 5:00
Appla - 4 dagar sedan
whos waiting for that crispy pack opening vid
gamers ff
gamers ff - 4 dagar sedan
If you come here
gamers ff
gamers ff - 4 dagar sedan
I am in India in the state Kerala I will also best a goal give me the cash
BoyGamer Kings
BoyGamer Kings - 4 dagar sedan
Why doesn’t ChrisMD upload that much?
I thought he was paralysed
Daljit Singh Gill
Daljit Singh Gill - 4 dagar sedan
steve looks so much like ernesto valverde (barca manager)
Rosie Beza
Rosie Beza - 5 dagar sedan
Worst video
Gabriel Fortnite
Gabriel Fortnite - 5 dagar sedan
lol chris didn't blur it out on 2:14
Jamal Mohamed
Jamal Mohamed - 5 dagar sedan
Great video
Man Like Raz
Man Like Raz - 5 dagar sedan
Man like Chris showing his friends just how much they aren't in his league
silky skills
silky skills - 5 dagar sedan
Who’s the girl Calvin
Malik Draouci
Malik Draouci - 5 dagar sedan
Ultragaming4506 Ultragaming4506
Unleash the kraken lol
Ultragaming4506 Ultragaming4506
Got eeem
Axel M
Axel M - 5 dagar sedan
Ws2 is alive
Ironxr - 5 dagar sedan
Can I buy Russia
Kane Tooley
Kane Tooley - 5 dagar sedan
How much of a virgin do you have to be to win £500 and spend it on golf clubs
Sebastien Slaets
Sebastien Slaets - 5 dagar sedan
more videos of chan
Sebastien Slaets
Sebastien Slaets - 5 dagar sedan
more chan
James Hanley
James Hanley - 5 dagar sedan
if she was pregnant she is now not
Holly Byrn
Holly Byrn - 5 dagar sedan
Steves is bad at round 2
Prodigy NHL
Prodigy NHL - 5 dagar sedan
These guys are garbage aren’t they?
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Tom Rooney
Tom Rooney - 5 dagar sedan
Why does Steve’s ball change for his “first” attempt???
Tom Rooney
Tom Rooney - 5 dagar sedan
TMak same ball used when he actually scores 😱
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
good point 😂
Jan Eriksen
Jan Eriksen - 5 dagar sedan
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Mohammad Sheraz
Mohammad Sheraz - 5 dagar sedan
Do a messi v ronaldo video fifa 19
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
i agree
* Oscariño *
* Oscariño * - 5 dagar sedan
6:10 DENNIS BERGKAMP like when you’re dutch🇳🇱
Kirsty mcbeth
Kirsty mcbeth - 5 dagar sedan
Good job on MOTD
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
i agree
EvoXXX Bih
EvoXXX Bih - 5 dagar sedan
Damn you guys suck at freekicks
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Zachary Ronaldo
Zachary Ronaldo - 6 dagar sedan
Steve looks like Courtois
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez - 6 dagar sedan
did anyone else think that was w2s or am I trippin😂😂😂
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
a little
Hasan Salehi
Hasan Salehi - 6 dagar sedan
He made 100k from this video so its pretty profitable
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
😂😂 true
Shreive & Shreive
Shreive & Shreive - 6 dagar sedan
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
hey 😂
Viki Boo
Viki Boo - 6 dagar sedan
MrBeast but the U.K. version
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
kinda 😂
BF1 CLMJ6 - 6 dagar sedan
ollie: I'm kevin de bruyne

pep: your on the bench for the FA cup

Ollie: Nevermind

KDB runs into ollie

KDB: your a reflection to me

Ollie: ...

KDB: Are you good at free kicks though?

Ollie: maybe >-<

12.5 mins later

KDB: ok not bad just try and HIT THE TARGET

KDB: penalty shootout, you pick place and day

Ollie: ok, dubai 1st April

*KDB look into crystal ball / football*

*See rabona to the face*

KDB: Is that me or you?

Ollie: Dunno

next week 1st of April

*KDB looks for Ollie and doesn't see him*

TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Batiste Vandenbroucke
Batiste Vandenbroucke - 6 dagar sedan
Haha the second challenge commenting was in dutch when he scored haaha
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
spike 47
spike 47 - 6 dagar sedan
i see you are an arsenal fan , i like arsenal but i prefer chelsea more
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Ayyyy blue is the colour 😂
Phaomei Gaithuipou
Phaomei Gaithuipou - 6 dagar sedan
I can do better 😊
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
me too 😂
Jens De bruin
Jens De bruin - 6 dagar sedan
I am so happy there is Dutch commentary!
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Zakscallion - 6 dagar sedan
What was that intro song? Plus TOTS 97 Salah, 98 Hazard, Mane and others are in packs for 6 days 👍🏾
Jacob Lawrie
Jacob Lawrie - 2 dagar sedan
Marnik - Baazar
Dylan Plant
Dylan Plant - 6 dagar sedan
Who’s here when the chris md show is out [may 18].
If are give this comment a big fat like 👍
Benjamin McDonough
Benjamin McDonough - 6 dagar sedan
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
kinda 😂
H dude TV
H dude TV - 6 dagar sedan
4:25 this guy has the most expensive and advanced keeper gloves on the market
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Alex Corr
Alex Corr - 6 dagar sedan
Did anyone see Chris on the FA Cup Build Up
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
yeah good on him
richard nia
richard nia - 6 dagar sedan
I saw Chris MD on TV
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson - 6 dagar sedan
Me to
xTylxr123 - 6 dagar sedan
Just saw you on tv? Before Watford vs city. 99% sure it’s you
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
So hi hello.
So hi hello. - 6 dagar sedan
Well done on the fa cup
____bwb____ - 6 dagar sedan
A bbc pundit called you “the YouTube sensation”. Steady on mate.
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
Kroni Pacolli
Kroni Pacolli - 6 dagar sedan
U were in an ad in England tv
TMak - 5 dagar sedan
____bwb____ - 6 dagar sedan
Congrats on getting the bbc job!
ExoticAsian - 6 dagar sedan
7:48 fake adidas?
TMak - 5 dagar sedan