Score A Goal, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge

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Toby Wickham
Toby Wickham - Dag sedan
Those golf clubs are like at least a thousand pound so 🤔
Friends outside
Friends outside - 4 dagar sedan
A quick question Chirs: When is the next video going to come out??
Alberto Ferro B3T70
Alberto Ferro B3T70 - 5 dagar sedan
the best at fifa and fortnite
can I go in goals for one of your video
Spark - 7 dagar sedan
You're 9
Charlie Moon Vlogs
Charlie Moon Vlogs - 8 dagar sedan
It should’ve been £800
Kamil Sujawal
Kamil Sujawal - 10 dagar sedan
beth oxford
beth oxford - 10 dagar sedan
w2s dad vs chrismd dad?
vijay sharma
vijay sharma - 12 dagar sedan
Who was the ball boy??
iiNxghtmare - 17 dagar sedan
Expectations Vs reality
9:12 9:14
Paul Vickers
Paul Vickers - 17 dagar sedan
your a really good youtuber
Kriztan Kay
Kriztan Kay - 18 dagar sedan
6:00 whats this SONG ???
Alexis Woo Woo
Alexis Woo Woo - 20 dagar sedan
It just hit me that me, an 11 year old girl, has the same shoe size as ChrisMD
Zak Mussa
Zak Mussa - 22 dagar sedan
Charlie is wearing the shorts Chris wore in his test with Kelly and olly when chris belly flopped in the lake
Omar Vasquez-Giron
Omar Vasquez-Giron - 23 dagar sedan
Squix CPCG
Squix CPCG - 24 dagar sedan
C’mon Chris you can do better
Jppap 10
Jppap 10 - 25 dagar sedan
Why would you un subscribe to Chris ?
Dan Conway
Dan Conway - 27 dagar sedan
Do house tour
Nelson Duptue
Nelson Duptue - 29 dagar sedan
1:44 the ball changes before he takes a shot
kevin dossantos
kevin dossantos - Månad sedan
The ads I see the less likely I’ll watch the whole video. That’s on anyone’s video
felix primus ter brugge
felix primus ter brugge - Månad sedan
Ik heb opeens zo'n gevoel dat we in de halve gaan komen
Haslena Harun
Haslena Harun - Månad sedan
2 shot in and you can buy 4 iphone x in malaysia
Maxwelldaboss IV
Maxwelldaboss IV - Månad sedan
Your friends are terrible at football I can first try better than them and I’m 12!
Robert Martin
Robert Martin - Månad sedan
Maxwelldaboss IV I’m sure
Gerard Dunne
Gerard Dunne - Månad sedan
More athletic version of Mr Beast
JJplayz _Xx
JJplayz _Xx - Månad sedan
5:56 song?
Evan Deimling
Evan Deimling - Månad sedan
How much does he get paid to this cause he can’t just be able to throw money around like how he does?? Someone help
Dragooz Vlogs
Dragooz Vlogs - Månad sedan
whats your key to video success
LH7 - Månad sedan
Great editing, what do you use
GT ST3AKER - Månad sedan
Only true subs will remember how long he had braces for and his flawless fifa 13 commentary
Thomas Ma
Thomas Ma - Månad sedan
Football. Get it? 🏈
SnVg Pantera
SnVg Pantera - Månad sedan
Lookin pretty fly in those touch elites 👍🏻
Lewis Wooddeson
Lewis Wooddeson - Månad sedan
Chris’s nerf war 5 with your Girlfriend
Maneater 901749
Maneater 901749 - Månad sedan
the world knows
the world knows - Månad sedan
Put me on ur show and help me pay for college and rent 🤙😢
DennyCraneReloaded - Månad sedan
in affrica people are dying from starvation, in europe youtube kids throw away their money.
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline - Månad sedan
Put de Gea there and I'm fuckin owning your channel.
Sergio Henrique
Sergio Henrique - Månad sedan
Chega a doer os olhos
Jean-Paul van Tillo
Jean-Paul van Tillo - Månad sedan
Nice you used the dutch commentary with Brandon his goal😁 greetings from the Netherlands! Love you channel!
nathan cortez
nathan cortez - Månad sedan
This video concept is from Mr Beast
Pes Pro
Pes Pro - Månad sedan
I cam score a goal like this me😂😂😂😂😂
Anthea Johnson
Anthea Johnson - Månad sedan
Wasnt $500 for every goal.
Enough said.
elmo world
elmo world - Månad sedan
are you a like, soccer version of Mr. Beast?
Mysterio 1987
Mysterio 1987 - 12 dagar sedan
@AJL it's soccer
AJL - Månad sedan
elmo world football
Fin Media
Fin Media - Månad sedan
what the hell happened with that ball kicked at steve
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - Månad sedan
Iedere Nederlander hier, was blij tijdens het stukje van Dennis Bergkamp
Football Idiots
Football Idiots - 2 månader sedan
It's easy I can score easily
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson - 2 månader sedan
So many people have copied this idea
꧁Ghoͥຮtͣtͫown Mสsterᴍiήd꧂
Sam zakir
Sam zakir - 2 månader sedan
Copier it's from W2S 4:18
Xanive - 2 månader sedan
Sam zakir What?
julesbannister - 2 månader sedan
That was so cool
Sandy oak !
Sandy oak ! - 2 månader sedan
I love your videos you are the future Ronaldo
Aayan Shabbir
Aayan Shabbir - 2 månader sedan
Kendall Gray
Kendall Gray - 2 månader sedan
I swear, they were all aiming for the other net on the far right side
Prajwal Navada
Prajwal Navada - 2 månader sedan
9:00 song?
Gib Gibs
Gib Gibs - 2 månader sedan
The dog @ 2:56 was soooooooooooooooo cute
King Sasuke
King Sasuke - 2 månader sedan
Brandon's been stiffed so hard. I feel so bad for him.
Mistr T
Mistr T - 2 månader sedan
ay bozi txa yu mada faq
James Conachie
James Conachie - 2 månader sedan
Shes fit
RazerGames - 2 månader sedan
Twitch CTG
Twitch CTG - 2 månader sedan
FaZe Rug?
Monolith dude
Monolith dude - 2 månader sedan
The mr.beast disease is spreading
Mr Yeah
Mr Yeah - 2 månader sedan
are u from the uk because u say pounds but u speak english with an accent
Josh Rivera
Josh Rivera - Månad sedan
England is in the United Kingdom buddy and we use pounds
Mr Yeah
Mr Yeah - Månad sedan
Josh Rivera
Josh Rivera - 2 månader sedan
Shadow - 2 månader sedan
The new Scott Sterling is Harry.
Emmett Dougherty
Emmett Dougherty - 2 månader sedan
We have the same net
Anna de Bruijn
Anna de Bruijn - 2 månader sedan
Iedere Nederlander hier, was blij tijdens het stukje van Dennis Bergkamp
adam fitrah
adam fitrah - 2 månader sedan
Bang minta duit
Jack LaBlanc
Jack LaBlanc - 2 månader sedan
These guys aren’t even good at soccer. Trash
Yummy Cheese
Yummy Cheese - 2 månader sedan
Jack LaBlanc you are trash. I hope you end it all
Aatu Suna
Aatu Suna - 2 månader sedan
At 0:21 why is the red shorts cencored
leon wight
leon wight - 2 månader sedan
I wish I had that kind of money
Andrew Steele2007
Andrew Steele2007 - 2 månader sedan
6:45 “Steve was distracted by a child”
Dr electric
Dr electric - 2 månader sedan
Sabura Rashad
Sabura Rashad - 2 månader sedan
Can I Come
Archie Hall
Archie Hall - 2 månader sedan
I am size seven and I am eleven
Elias Ramsell
Elias Ramsell - 2 månader sedan
You bäst krossboll change
Alexandra Pollard
Alexandra Pollard - 2 månader sedan
At first I thought the commentator was screaming DAVID BECKHAM
MOSTER MAN - 2 månader sedan
Yees W2S is in this vi... oh nvr mind it’s another Harry
Whitster 626
Whitster 626 - 2 månader sedan
It’s not fair for Brandon if he made it first. So what people didn’t see it that’s their fault. Good thoughts on Steve to give him it.
Francesca Gutierrez
Francesca Gutierrez - 2 månader sedan
It’s so weird watching people from other countries outside of America drive, because their steering wheels are on the right side instead of the left side.
H I - 2 månader sedan
Where they trying to see who could hit the ball the highest because I am not sure jk
Vandana Jus
Vandana Jus - 2 månader sedan
Whose dog was that in the background
Luthfi Jr
Luthfi Jr - 2 månader sedan
Isn't that Steve versus Ron Weasley?
SSBeast 101
SSBeast 101 - 2 månader sedan
When washed-up FIFA players steal content from Mr.Beast.....
SSBeast 101
SSBeast 101 - 2 månader sedan
here comes the hate