Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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Caleb Sanchez
Caleb Sanchez - 15 minuter sedan
Matpat: predicts endgame
Me: 😱

Except the tony nebula cap and war machine part
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 4 timmar sedan
Iron Man dies Black Widow dies and Captain America gives Falcon his shield because cap is old now
maroberson74 - 6 timmar sedan
Spoiler alert:

Tony dies.
Steve stops being a super hero.
Black widow dies.
Slashingslinger 2008
Slashingslinger 2008 - 6 timmar sedan
*MatPat talks about people liking tony*
Me:wait so your saying nobody likes spiderman
Microbabe Brown
Microbabe Brown - 7 timmar sedan
Not the worst my guy
Fortnite plays120
Fortnite plays120 - 11 timmar sedan
he's died
Legends Never Die
Legends Never Die - 13 timmar sedan
its gona be iron man and black wido

Edit haha i was right wow
My life as a chicken nugget
My life as a chicken nugget - 18 timmar sedan
I am Iron Man
My life as a chicken nugget
My life as a chicken nugget - 18 timmar sedan
After endgame, anyone?
Testsubject276 - 19 timmar sedan
eboss 127
eboss 127 - 21 timme sedan
wow he can see the future
MoltenMiner - 22 timmar sedan
“In infinity war, we saw Thor at his lowest of lows”
Marvel: ahaha, yea
Arandompersonsyoutube Madeofcrap
Tony sacrifices himself to save the universe
Tytanium - Dag sedan
4:08 lol you’ll see Thor’s lowest point in endgame lol
Aidric Montañez-Kuhlmann
Watches endgame: eh poor person whos name i dont know. Watches this : omg you got it right!
Donna Dezotti
Donna Dezotti - Dag sedan
spoilers black widow sacrifice herself to get soul stone iron man dies snapping and killing thanos and the dark order cap doest die he goes back in time to return the infinity stones then comes back as a grandpa I think he gives his role to war machine but I wasn't listening properly thor gets fat but he lives and he makes Valkyrie queen of asgard
Thanoid - Dag sedan
ironman dies in endgame
Felix H
Felix H - Dag sedan
When you're right about the death but not about the reason
*I see this as an absolute win*
Clint Paul Belleza
Clint Paul Belleza - Dag sedan
Please make a theory about the future MCU phase 4 pls oh pretty pretty please mr mat pat good sir please
TuFFs - Dag sedan
4:15 one person looks like MrBeast
Sawol Rai
Sawol Rai - Dag sedan
Hit the like if u saw mr.beast
Racool - Dag sedan
Hulk: Correct
Thor: Absolutely Correct
Black Widow: sadly correct
Captain America: obviously correct
Iron Man: Correct...for 5 years 😔
Hawkeye: who?
Racool - Dag sedan
Black widow’s death would have been so surprising if I didn’t watch this video :(
Is this game free ssundee
black widow dies
Eun Ryang Jang
Eun Ryang Jang - Dag sedan
ironman dies not ca
Milica Čelar
Milica Čelar - 2 dagar sedan
Let me spoil endgame

Ironman dies he loves his daughter 3000 Cap is old Black Widow dies AAAAND
Thanos:I am inevitable.
Me:LOL!!! 🤣🤣Look again!!!
Raze328 - 2 dagar sedan
Endgame spoiler ahead.

No matpat Thor’s just drunk
Sassy SiSi
Sassy SiSi - 2 dagar sedan
I think Tony and Natasha will die...Can't wait for far from- I mean endgame.....
Infinite Master
Infinite Master - 2 dagar sedan
Black widow didn’t die cuz professor hulk reverse the snap so everyone who die now live and when you see hulk reverse the snap
ItzJaydenCraft YT
ItzJaydenCraft YT - 2 dagar sedan
You got iron man and captain america
Chloe Wilcox
Chloe Wilcox - 2 dagar sedan
Hehehehe I saw the movie I want to spoil
But I’m not your welcome
ii Twitch
ii Twitch - 2 dagar sedan
Tony stark is dead😏
Rudas Martin
Rudas Martin - 2 dagar sedan
This prediction is wrongite
This Amazing Game
This Amazing Game - 2 dagar sedan
Marvel: O this one character makes us the most money, let's kill him
Houston Shiel
Houston Shiel - 2 dagar sedan
Hey you were actually half right.
Nicole Hollyoak
Nicole Hollyoak - 2 dagar sedan
Black widow and in man
William Crombie
William Crombie - 2 dagar sedan
ok I love marvel, but matpats idea for what shoulda happened to cap is so much better than what acctually happened. and then he gave off the sheild to will, which is out of nowhere. i still think bucky should have gotten the sheild.
Pepa da frog Daughter
Pepa da frog Daughter - 2 dagar sedan
The Tony theory almost made me cry! 😢!
Jazzy - 2 dagar sedan
also, a pattern I noticed: the ones with the MOST to lose often die.
i've also seen endgame
Jazzy - 2 dagar sedan
also Matpat

Financially: surprisingly yes, R.D.J. signed on for more movies, so it makes sense for him to be killed off.
Narratively: also yes. Loki case: likeable=more likely to die, same with Tony.

so he dies.
Life awesome gaming
Life awesome gaming - 2 dagar sedan
Loh Kai Peng
Loh Kai Peng - 2 dagar sedan
I cannot believe he was right lol
Jazzy - 2 dagar sedan
5:16 you weren't wrong

she dies, and Bruce turns into prof. Hulk from the comics A.K.A endgame bruce after the 5 year time gap
Jonathan Lopez Cruz
Jonathan Lopez Cruz - 2 dagar sedan
Tony we love you 3000😭😢😭😭😭😭😭
Joey Guo
Joey Guo - 2 dagar sedan
he got iron man and captian america switched.iron man dies and captian widow dies thoguh.
Kai Johnston
Kai Johnston - 2 dagar sedan
2:24 MatPat was right all along.
Jay-Jay Escobar
Jay-Jay Escobar - 3 dagar sedan
SHE'S DEAD! MAT WAS RIGHT. still cant get over the fact... :')
That One kid
That One kid - 3 dagar sedan
But now all forms of time travel in the MCU are destroyed, the time stone is atomized, the quantum portal is gone, and they killed off the only person who knows how to time travel, Tony.
H V M - 3 dagar sedan
But don't they still have the technology he made to time travel so somebody like banner or shuri could reverse engineer it
Anonymous Was Here
Anonymous Was Here - 3 dagar sedan
1;20 wanna know something funny vision aint trapped in anything he ded XD
dessnom - 3 dagar sedan
he was right