Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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That one Phoenix
That one Phoenix - 35 minuter sedan
“I’m inevitable “
“Nice to meet you inevitable I’m dad”
*thanos dies instantly*
ItsYourBoyPY Playz
ItsYourBoyPY Playz - Timme sedan
It's funny that Mat has such a good strike on 2 heroes but wrong on the 3rd one
billedefoudre - Timme sedan
I just LOVE those pre-release theories!
They are some of the best imho (well, all matpat videos are the best, y'know...)
He takes a risk, everytime, and I don't care what the outcome is, right or wrong.
Because it just feels like we are getting twice the guds each time : the real movie version, and the ultra solid matpat movie version!
(in fact, I prefer to watch those theories AFTER release, nowadays, because they feel so much deeper and more coherent than what we get on screen, lol, however good the real movie is!)
So, kuddos, keep them coming, it's just awesome.
Thexbox1gamerYT - Timme sedan
I think black window ironman cap is old
dimitry pavlun
dimitry pavlun - 2 timmar sedan
dimitry pavlun
dimitry pavlun - 2 timmar sedan
Might Dai
dimitry pavlun
dimitry pavlun - 2 timmar sedan
Iron Man
Modrá Čepel
Modrá Čepel - 2 timmar sedan
10:45 - 10:47

You thought he was older then?
You don’t know WHATS in store for u
Yoshidakid - 2 timmar sedan
Todd Kerby
Todd Kerby - 2 timmar sedan
Wel....... you were right about Black Widow dying and Hulk and Thor living.
Yoshidakid - 2 timmar sedan
Oh nu he guessed black widow T-T
Kayden Curtis
Kayden Curtis - 2 timmar sedan
The thing about Tony and Steve there arks do pay off because it's all about how they are fed up Tony makes the sacrifice play as Steve said he would never do and caps actually selfish
Strangest Comedian
Strangest Comedian - 3 timmar sedan
For once his marvel prediction was actually kinda right
Micah bell
Micah bell - 3 timmar sedan
Charlie Carroll
Charlie Carroll - 3 timmar sedan
Wow dat prediction innthe 1st minute
Anonymous Thing
Anonymous Thing - 3 timmar sedan
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez - 3 timmar sedan
It's a spoiler warning Tony Stark died Alias Steelers along
WATCHFULWOLF 92 - 3 timmar sedan
Whos watching this after end game to see what he got right?
Si Ian
Si Ian - 3 timmar sedan
Right and wrong
lixkle_.chxrmz - 4 timmar sedan
MatPat: Iron Man has to survive
Disney: Hold my gauntlet
George Bates
George Bates - 4 timmar sedan
Iron man RESPECT
George Bates
George Bates - 4 timmar sedan
I cant believe he died I hate thanos he made iron man die in endgame
Xneoble - 4 timmar sedan
Iron Man Dies
Caleb Bean
Caleb Bean - 4 timmar sedan
ha correct but wrong
Cj/ AluminumCrafter
Cj/ AluminumCrafter - 5 timmar sedan
Ignores Clint and Bruce*
Girl Savage
Girl Savage - 5 timmar sedan
Is anyone else watching this after seeing endgame
AlyssHeart88 - 5 timmar sedan
I love how accurate he is for all the wrong reasons 😂
sandMoon 0719
sandMoon 0719 - 5 timmar sedan
Film theory on let me see iron Man die Black widow die and Captain America didn't die
Iorn man,Black widow and Thanos will DIE
Rehan Manalac
Rehan Manalac - 5 timmar sedan
black widow death was right
Candy Creeper
Candy Creeper - 6 timmar sedan
nat thanos and tony die cap goes back in time and starts a life with peggy
Willem Neuefeind Lessig
Willem Neuefeind Lessig - 6 timmar sedan
You were right!
ciller music
ciller music - 6 timmar sedan
Black Widow and Iron Man dies scene Avengers endgame already
FireFistStudios - 8 timmar sedan
Nebula kills Nebula
Marvel Fans: *wait, that’s illegal*
yeremia frans
yeremia frans - 8 timmar sedan
XxAnisa xX
XxAnisa xX - 8 timmar sedan
I just watched it and I'm heartbroken.
Snowy vs games
Snowy vs games - 10 timmar sedan
Iron man
Cathy Newbi
Cathy Newbi - 10 timmar sedan
Well the movie was gud
ZacRob15 - 11 timmar sedan
I think iron man will die and black widow
Unstoppable animations and gaming
16:35 oh wrong you.....were 😭😭😭😭😭
Rayman88x - 11 timmar sedan
Matpat : He is now older, wiser and more experienced
MCU: well yes, but also no
xXMCPlayzMCXx - 12 timmar sedan
Matpat: Thor will move on from his struggles
Thor in Endgame: more stoned than the infinity stones
J4CKT1C4L - 13 timmar sedan
Title : spoiler free prediction

fuck off
Fuck you for spoiling endgame
Rad_Cat - 14 timmar sedan
Right and wrong...
Michael Shea
Michael Shea - 14 timmar sedan
Ok, what the f*ck, you got blackwidow on the dot for (spoliers ahead) sacraficing herself for the soul stone, cpt. America was close, somewhat sacraficing his age to put the stones back in the right timelines and deciding to stay, and you got stark half right, he does die (every one is sad, boo hoo) but he does stop being iron man at the start with his daughter. So, how the f*ck did you get it? Also, for the hulk, no, no, and more no. (Hulk Dabs)
Lizzard Doggo
Lizzard Doggo - 14 timmar sedan
at least you got one right
Shy Reacts
Shy Reacts - 15 timmar sedan
What's with the intro Matthew Patrick?
Edward Anthony Tandabrata
Edward Anthony Tandabrata - 15 timmar sedan
Is soul stone not soul rock
Sebastian Garza
Sebastian Garza - 16 timmar sedan
Black widow is a goner
collin music
collin music - 17 timmar sedan
I think that tony and black widow will die and steve will stay in the past and stay with his gf get married and have kids then falcon will become cqp
collin music
collin music - 16 timmar sedan
This was meant to be a joke asshole
Becky Mills
Becky Mills - 16 timmar sedan
Wow its almost like you saw the movie or something...
Victoria Bronk
Victoria Bronk - 17 timmar sedan
Who came hear to see how close he came
L8n _1113
L8n _1113 - 17 timmar sedan
Natasha did die, and Robert Downey Jr did too
Grim - Gaming Videos
Grim - Gaming Videos - 17 timmar sedan
*S P O I L E R F R E E*
I want a refund
alduin the dragon
alduin the dragon - 17 timmar sedan
um well steve bc i want to see bucky meantily die
Slushy 656
Slushy 656 - 18 timmar sedan
Wow 😮 matpat got one prediction right for the first time for avengers movies
Vwede & Yoma
Vwede & Yoma - 18 timmar sedan
you got 1/3! yay!
Parker Merritt
Parker Merritt - 19 timmar sedan
Every one comes back and iron Man dies and also black widow dies too
Rose Kitten
Rose Kitten - 19 timmar sedan
Love the intro 👌
Dr. FouFou
Dr. FouFou - 19 timmar sedan
Gotex X5
Gotex X5 - 19 timmar sedan
“Love you th-three thou-thous-“ *starts crying “AAAAHHH”
daniel austin
daniel austin - 20 timmar sedan
Hey 👏 you got one right
Myki McCoy
Myki McCoy - 20 timmar sedan
Iron Man dies.
sandro revazishvili
sandro revazishvili - 21 timme sedan
Damn matt you came pretty close to truth
Black night
Black night - 21 timme sedan
Iron man dead to
Enraged By Everything
Enraged By Everything - 22 timmar sedan
Thanos becomes dust
Cozarooni - 23 timmar sedan
You were technically right about so many things here. Marvel just used an Uno reverse card on you and pulled a sneaky on ya
Internet Panda
Internet Panda - 23 timmar sedan
Fool you, FOOL!
*SUPER_ N0VA* - Dag sedan
Not bad mat pat not bad your pretty Close
Helaman Iafeta
Helaman Iafeta - Dag sedan
Iron Man dies
Necro Boomer
Necro Boomer - Dag sedan
You are sort of right
Mr. Slime
Mr. Slime - Dag sedan
For once matpat got a prediction right
Spoiler alert
Black widow dies
Maria DE LA CRUZ - Dag sedan
Iron_man dies spoilers btw
LETMETELL yasometin
LETMETELL yasometin - Dag sedan
You were really close Pat
Pug Person
Pug Person - Dag sedan
Well. He's right one one death
Anthony Arsenic
Anthony Arsenic - Dag sedan
Thanos is killed by captain America climbing up his butthole#spoiler alert
Jackson Ambrose
Jackson Ambrose - Dag sedan
“You don’t have to worry about our predictions spoiling the movie because there always so so far”
Endgame predictions
Black widow: dead
Captain America: dead
Iron man: retired
What actually happens in endgame
Black widow: dead
Captain America: retired
Iron man: dead
Wee Mate
Wee Mate - Dag sedan
something something matpat's not the only one cursed with knowledge
Cute _Gurl
Cute _Gurl - Dag sedan
Well Tony Stark does become a dad but he dies...
Jawbreakers - Dag sedan
Whos watching this after endgame?
TRG // The Redstone Guy
Why would anyone want predictions if they don't want spoilers?!?! *Aren't spoilers just predictions?!*
Artemus  Adams
Artemus Adams - Dag sedan
The end of this is hard to watch after you see end game... 3000
Malyn Nicart
Malyn Nicart - Dag sedan
but thers a iron man 4 movie
Malyn Nicart
Malyn Nicart - Dag sedan
iron man died
• French Vanilla •
Oof this was pretty damn close
iZac - Dag sedan
To put it straight, you're right.
Edye Gantt
Edye Gantt - Dag sedan
Luna Winter
Luna Winter - Dag sedan
I cant believe people didn't believe mat pat. All of the signs were there and people didn't believe them. I think they weren't ready to let them go. I couldn't believe Tony died (f to pay respects) and I found myself crying and I would like to say...stan have made a universe that people love
Zachary Cragg
Zachary Cragg - Dag sedan
I guess that you will die in endgame
Aspen - Dag sedan
Oof, except for you wrong lol
Salamander_gaming - Dag sedan
Holy shit he was actually some what right
Marley D'AMBRA
Marley D'AMBRA - Dag sedan
i think hulk is dead
game_ pro
game_ pro - Dag sedan
Stark, thanos and black widow
Bella star
Bella star - Dag sedan
hey at least you got black widow right
BeanZ Diversity
BeanZ Diversity - Dag sedan
It's funny, you were right about Natasha. But SO wrong about Tony.
I bet you got a real shock when you went to see the film. 😄
Miś Wojtek Kapral
Miś Wojtek Kapral - Dag sedan
ironman died
Kim Gyeol
Kim Gyeol - Dag sedan
Tony and black widow died
Robotstarlox - Dag sedan
Matpat: All of these theories are all wrong so no spoilers
Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers: (o--o)
Ethan Moe
Ethan Moe - Dag sedan
Matpat, “Tony has to survive”
Well that was a fucking lie.
D.U.P. Squad
D.U.P. Squad - Dag sedan
Spoilers,............ ...,..,..,...."?......... , mnkm,m j,J.J. kill j,h. Iron man dies and black widow but time travel fixed that. Then the time juice is now empty so time travel is done for tony