Phone Water Cooling is REAL! But does it work?

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Lewis - Dag sedan
Linus: **goes to airport**
Linus: No no that's just my phone case
Thomas Bullik
Thomas Bullik - Dag sedan
i think you are supposed to put the radiator inside of a phone case...
Dreamy - 2 dagar sedan
What’s up Injustice 😭
nikolai60 - 4 dagar sedan
Super late, but figure I'll add: something to consider is heat can shorten the life of a phone, typically through battery, sometimes other components. Yes there's repair and replacement (minus apple products, because, well if you're a techie you know why), but janky as this is, it seems like a valid way to extend the life of a phone for a heavy user, especially with some of the phones that are more prone to heating up.
Allan Lehtla
Allan Lehtla - 5 dagar sedan
buy a small lathe and you can make yourself any adapter related to this kind problems
dondibanmagnet YT
dondibanmagnet YT - 5 dagar sedan
That doesnt work. It does not have rgb
Sam - 6 dagar sedan
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson - 7 dagar sedan
I like Linus and his videos but this is the dumbest thing ever.
JJ the Parfait
JJ the Parfait - 8 dagar sedan
A teeeny tiny toilet.
Waffle Squad
Waffle Squad - 8 dagar sedan
Supernatural - 8 dagar sedan
Impressed it worked so well! Not practical but still.
otterpat - 9 dagar sedan
I was literally just talking about this wondering why we need 8 cameras on a phone that gets hotter than the suffice of the sun when gaming
SeoulfredRay - 9 dagar sedan
Me: Oh thats pretty small and affordable
Linus: *pulls out radiator, pump, resevoir, and tubes*
Jadon Campbell
Jadon Campbell - 9 dagar sedan
Aside bed to make a water cooling system for rog phone 2
NICOLAS BISGARRA - 9 dagar sedan
I think you make a mistake with the test of benchmarking whit out cooling , in real situation your hand make the phone cool when it is over heat (because a have a s10 snap and whith hands the thermal throttling is lower than yours)
Shashin Maharjan
Shashin Maharjan - 10 dagar sedan
Just go in ANTARTICA :3
Kevy Kev
Kevy Kev - 10 dagar sedan
That was my favorite video you’ve ever done. When I’m bored I benchmark phones and tablets while they’re in the fridge. Moving them around on the cold glass every few seconds. It’s fun but I’m too lazy to record the results so it was awesome to see you break it all down.
I wonder how a simple small active AirCooler with a tiny battery would work. Or a small portable power bank with one built on.
If only I had the tools. (Hint hint)
바다하늘 - 10 dagar sedan
What is the benchmark program?
Adam Carter
Adam Carter - 11 dagar sedan
@Linus Couldn't you just go swimming with the waterproof S10 phone to test thermals? You could swim around in a pool that would essentially be the same as liquid cooling the phone :)
Corporal Rng
Corporal Rng - 12 dagar sedan
He looks like the guy from new kid
who's the biaaatch now
Theyn Smith
Theyn Smith - 12 dagar sedan
20c drop? That's crazy
Алексей Гриднев
I tried to play around with an augmented reality app on my Samsung S9, it heats up within a couple of minutes of usage and crashes. Have to cool it down with a small USB fan 😀 it also got RBG, by the way 😀
Aikano9 - 12 dagar sedan
I need this for my iPad Pro Gen 3 12.9”
Mark Rey Competente
Mark Rey Competente - 13 dagar sedan
Thank you I already bought 1
Micaellano Eric
Micaellano Eric - 13 dagar sedan
why nobody make a hardcase with copper material?
or at last make it copper inside of a hard case...
Алексей Гриднев
I'm pretty sure someone on Aliexpress have already thought of that 😀
24IceGamer - 13 dagar sedan
what app is that the heat sensor please
nada - 13 dagar sedan
search in yt "electro boom thermal camera"
IdealSound & Performance
IdealSound & Performance - 14 dagar sedan
Dunno if its just my device (tab s2) but this video full screen doesn't scale aspect ratio properly. Been watching a few LTT vids just now, none of the others had an issue. Aspect ratio is fine if not fullscreen. Dunno if its just YouTube or your format or whatever.
IdealSound & Performance
IdealSound & Performance - 14 dagar sedan
Hmm I can reproduce.. only this vid.. I get black bars when windowed too and don't with any other video. Maybe I'll be nice and post screenshots on yer forum
IdealSound & Performance
IdealSound & Performance - 14 dagar sedan
And flipping around trying to take screenshots it stopped..lets blame youtube
THE-ULTIMATE-MO - 15 dagar sedan
“Avid mobile gamer”
Mega - 15 dagar sedan
Why tf do you use the iPhone 5 as a thermal camera?
nada - 13 dagar sedan
why tf not ?
mjc0961 - 15 dagar sedan
I predict this will accomplish nothing. Most of the heat won't be making it through all the layers of stuff between the cpu and the water block fast enough for temps to decrease.
Also, the background music in this one gets a bit grating after a while.
mjc0961 - 15 dagar sedan
Well then. It does work.
Luther - 15 dagar sedan
Check this out
Fahlur - 15 dagar sedan
mini cooler? perhaps? Like that infrared sensor have an attachment on both sides, 1 is the radiator and the other is the pump.
Ucan Kizmiaz
Ucan Kizmiaz - 16 dagar sedan
i have a vision of teens sitting in the subway with water tanks on their back and playing games on their phones.
what a miserable life i had so far - NOT
Shadownoob Noobslayer
Shadownoob Noobslayer - 16 dagar sedan
gz u turn smarthphone in to motorola from early 90's
Jimmy ;-D
Jimmy ;-D - 16 dagar sedan
@manfactuer of copper plate...
Combine several of those small pipes to spread cooling more.
Better yet, 1 size larger and flattened, then have a larger combined output.
@LMG you might wanna find the devices with the largest heat output...
Simply look for those that become hot according to complaints and reviews.
Toasty devices would benefit, with that said, this could lead to a run on cheap devices used as stationary high end devices that pair well with water cooling.
Which in the end would mean, slow wire and tube -less fairly slow and fast as stationary with tube and where needed a power bank.
Combine it, and as mentioned in some videos...
It would be nice for on the go and as soon as one sits down with mouse and keyboard and/or gamepad (connected to an external source) one could connect battery bank, cooling and seriously game.
I could imagine the next gen chipsets of for example nvidia support such a feature on gaming tablets.
The next nvidia shield?
Gaming without tubes and wires in HD HDR high frame rates.
Gaming in UHD/4K with low frame rates and slightly lower colour accuracy.
Gaming in 4K HDR (10+) with high frame rates and masses of computational power when inserted into a case that enables cooling, charging (speed depending on performance usage and temps), fast connectivity.. .AND no more bottlenecks.
(Increased number of FALD active?, I mean it is the heat limitations that would then decrease the number of active FALD zones)
Imagine that....and then allowing users to play with 2 players on a device in high resolutions and high colour spectrum accuracy with high FPS when cooling case is used.
nVidia, you folks wanted a concept idea back in the days for your devs....
Here it is! (Just play nice and let others develop tech claim it for open source pls)
The idea of the Nintendo Wii(iiiiiiii) has worked out great, they earned there spot in the 90's and had there chance to get it back up there like Doom has....
Now it is time to not just look at the automotive industries as suggested mentioned and conceptually pitched back in the days.
But in stead, get back into the roots of nVidia, high end gaming....
And since PC and workstations have gotten so far. Ray tracing and Doom for example.
Get on and back into Mobile and Modulair design plus.
A tablet with resolutions and specs better then the Shield 32GB LTE...
And modulair usage as stationary (or in a case with cooling) AND mobile with a thad better specs while gaming on the go and without tubes and wires.
For the ultimate experience I would not mind to wear a unit in a bag or backpack.
Wireless and tubeless Shield Tablet usage scenario...
120Hz or better FHD(+) HDR (and FALD zones number depending on heat dissipation due to environmental factors) a 6000Mah battery or better.
Also...when watercooling comes to mobile on a mass scale....battery charging times could be cut to e VERY short time due to per battery cell fast charging capacities....
DUAL USC C with up to 200W inputs become viable and a serious potential....
And the dual USB Type C standard could become viable and could include.....
Yes!, PCI over USB.
Why?, because PCI 4.0 is around the corner.
And an updated PCI 3.1 could be the step up towards that for mobile devices (likely mostly phablets and tablets due to require surface area and battery due to bandwidth and fairly power hungry chipsets)
With that a whole new potential and angle to modulair designing, usage (scenarios), and in the end...
Imagine modulair usage of devices around the globe....
Latency is getting lower overall on and between devices.
And next to that, usage of devices Point to point and peer to peer is getting more and more mainstream.
Personally, I bulk spend towards high end hardware with the view on long term usage and for mobile I prefer to keep mine powered as much as possible.
I just miss the available potential out there of having modulair usage possibilities, usability and development overall.
When I bought an AVR, I missed having the option to upgrade by combining hardware.
To the creators of PCI, firmware, software and connectors and connectivity overall.....
Is it not time to create new and next standard that will allow for example pair a 7.1 AVR with a quad (mono) speaker or better audio system and allow upgrading to for example Dolby Atmos.
Or allowing PCI 4.1 to be integrated with mobile devices, workstations, servers and the many millions of other devices....
And let a layered inter-communication standard decide and trigger for example the allowed usage scenario's like sharing computational and connectivity availability as well as removing some bottlenecks.
Downside would be the requirement of a chipset like the Bridges nowadays implemented into CPU's lanes sharing a encryption chip(set) to ensure also the PCI data could be ensured to be safe and encrypted point to point/peer to peer.

In the end, standards like PCI and having PCI available on more devices globally could again like in its early days make a difference for the environmental impacts as well as allowing the so much missed standards of sharing computational power between devices through high bandwidth links.

To all, good luck, hoping this could make a positive difference.
And the end, take the time and choose whisely how and where to implement because over time.
Usage of one or the other and its implementation could make the difference between removing bottlenecks and moving and shifting them around to other infrastructures...
In the end, sharing is caring but just shifting bottlenecks to other infrastructures can also break a lot...just as well.
Greetings one the the globes many conceptual thinkers.
Testsubject276 - 17 dagar sedan
Or- Or you can just run an emulator on a water cooled PC?
Alloy TUBER - 17 dagar sedan
Why are you doing this?
Your tourchering us cb cringing us!
Samuel Waltzing
Samuel Waltzing - 17 dagar sedan
Dude stick somme ice pack on your phone XD it work and is smaller.... aspalt 9 tested
Yusuke Octo
Yusuke Octo - 18 dagar sedan
just put it in a frigde
Nebula357 - 19 dagar sedan
What same person games on a phone
Neel Waghmare
Neel Waghmare - 19 dagar sedan
Just sit in the refrigerator while playing
David plays
David plays - 19 dagar sedan
I know that this will be funny but i to coo my phone i put it in fridge xdddd im not lying i swear i do this thing lol
Gwo Gaming
Gwo Gaming - 21 dag sedan
My cooling trick:
Shut it off
Put in fridge
Fully cooled
Evil Chronic
Evil Chronic - 19 timmar sedan
@Brando De awesome I did it too, until 1 time I left my phone in the freezer for 2 hours. I pulled it out and it was almost completely frozen. I had to warm it up with my body just to get it to turn back on. Had noticable gotten slower afterward.
Brando De awesome
Brando De awesome - 2 dagar sedan
I used to do that but I stopped
Brando De awesome
Brando De awesome - 2 dagar sedan
Samuel Waltzing it damages your phone
Gunslinger - 14 dagar sedan
Samuel Waltzing
Samuel Waltzing - 17 dagar sedan
I put my s10 plusit in the freezer when i play asphalt 9
Yehuda Appelbaum
Yehuda Appelbaum - 22 dagar sedan
That is possibly the silliest looking phone I've seen with all the equipment
Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey - 22 dagar sedan
Yeah, mobile gaming isn't going to be a thing any time soon. Tata.
Whisper - 23 dagar sedan
Can you build a PHONE so that my I can explode 1000000 tnt MOBILE
whichwitch - 23 dagar sedan
I never understood heavy mobile gaming. Just get a laptop, or better yet DESKTOP.
whichwitch - 23 dagar sedan
@Atta Halilibur I didn't even know mobile games were something you spent large sums of money on. All I can think of is Candy-crush type games. Of course there's probably more than that, but none that would interest me.
Atta Halilibur
Atta Halilibur - 23 dagar sedan
Not everyone into PC games, and they can't just leave their mobile gakes that they've spend time and money into :/
Rajes Kumar
Rajes Kumar - 23 dagar sedan
@Linus Tech Tips...Please try it with ASUS ROG Phone 2 with controller and display connected to a TV.
Rajes Kumar
Rajes Kumar - 23 dagar sedan
Please try it with ASUS ROG Phone 2 with controller and display connected to a TV.
abhilash chacko
abhilash chacko - 23 dagar sedan
"Who would ve thunk it" !!
Rerun the tests using different phones.. i phone, pixel, asus rog
Harshet Maruff
Harshet Maruff - 24 dagar sedan
phones are portable!!but when linus did this .... phones will not be portable :(
William Lansberry
William Lansberry - 24 dagar sedan
Dude, It's water resistant. Just put it on a wet towel...
Pertamax7 - 25 dagar sedan
Super cooler
SSAkira - 26 dagar sedan
I just want that copper plate and tubing and drink a slurpee through it while playing pokemon go on a hot day
Muhammad Hazim
Muhammad Hazim - 26 dagar sedan
I got 213725 battery tempt : 39°c and cpu tempt 46.1°c. is it good or bad?
harish v
harish v - 26 dagar sedan
Any one noticed the Asus Zenfone 6
R IS - 27 dagar sedan
It works! Now leave the video
Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan - 28 dagar sedan
Soo, to take another item everywhere i go, such as, a radiator, with a fan on it, tubes.. Why would anyone want this lol. Fck luggin round all that shit. I mean, being a PC freak my whole life, phones today, for example, samsung galaxy s10. Are powerful asf. And dont get very hot. The only way to avoid cooling issues in the future as cpus get more powerful, is to redesign them. Light....
Light based processing. Its in the works... Light doesnt produce heat. Atleast, only the source would and for a CPU it wouldnt need a lot. Theres a few of these in development, intels doing it, AMD is doing it, SinTech AU is doing it, i dont beleive qualcomm is but anyways.
At the moment theres only one thats fully functional but its a big mess. Its physicall big like a chip the size of a car bonnet. Many wires around hanging round. Of course todays CPUs were once in a similar state. Light travels muuuuuch faster than electricity in a silicon based CPU. Lights instant, atleast at that distance to the next "transistor or whatever they will be called" It wouldnt suprise me if this actually is around but companies are so money hungry today theyl hid tech for tomoro just to get rid of todays stuff. But who knows. How i got from watercooling to that idk. Wait, yes, cause well, no heat, light isnt effected by heat, youd have a chip, with no heatsink at all. And crysis will run at 78,000 FPS lol
Atthar Shobari
Atthar Shobari - 29 dagar sedan
Another way to turn off your phone
Turn it off
sonny_69 - Månad sedan
"if you're an avid mobile gamer"- *clicks away from video*