Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!

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Maurice Orando
Maurice Orando - Timme sedan
If it dont have a 2jz I dont want it..👌💯
boostedscooby1 - Timme sedan
Looks like a 5 year old paste and copy different cars into a photo shop. A little bit of Viper a little bit of Toyota frs and a whole lot of ugly.
Gokul Sudarshan
Gokul Sudarshan - 11 timmar sedan
Search: Supra
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Hemel Arefin
Hemel Arefin - 11 timmar sedan
aseyeseait - 18 timmar sedan
I don't understand this car
Aman Sreshta
Aman Sreshta - Dag sedan
2:42 what a sweet ass it is, i was having an asthma attack from laughing
Rod Anderson
Rod Anderson - Dag sedan
It's a BMW with a New Frock. Toyota parts are relatively cheap, unlike BMW parts, at least here in New Zealand? Not fpr me?
Christian Castro
Christian Castro - Dag sedan
Wow ang galeng
Wow ang galeng - Dag sedan
Not a real JDM legend
VintageDriver - Dag sedan
Why? Why you making all your videos with Toyota or lexus a joke? If you don't like it don't review it go ride a BMW that you not joke
David O’Riordan
David O’Riordan - Dag sedan
Why dont Toyota just build their own car. The new Supra is just a Z4 with a Toyota badge on it. And only available as an auto...?
Piss off Toyota
Hyposphenous - 15 timmar sedan
You want it to be released in 2025 and priced at 150.000$? With Aluminium V6 Twin Turbo AWD and hybrid? No thanks, I'd have this Gorgeous J29
Scene Girl Scene Queens
The fuck is that? Looks like a Buick and BMW mix. That is not a supra. Can these car manufacturers stop bringing back old model cars and sports cars just to have them look like something from a futuristic movie? No wonder why older model cars have more of a want than all this newer shit. Want a fucking car, not a fucking spaceship.
sofian channel
sofian channel - Dag sedan
I am sorry but why honda NSX is more good design than Toyota Supra.... Sorry Supra legend
고등 지능 ODINS trash
고등 지능 ODINS trash - 2 dagar sedan
No Manuel version, yup they let us down big time.
They can no longer build their own engines as it appears.
Alexander Addai Boateng
Alexander Addai Boateng - 2 dagar sedan
Toyota did that to save cost. You and i know that toyota toyota has engines Especially the ones they together with yamaha
Dave Doja
Dave Doja - 2 dagar sedan
🤢 the interior remind me too much of a Mazda
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan - 2 dagar sedan
11:27 I️ think the cameraman’s eyes flash before himself lol
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan - 2 dagar sedan
I’m confused if the premium Supra which costs more than regular Supra has full leather seats but the basic Supra has alcantara seats, isn’t I️t better to have I️t on the premium Supra bc I paying more too. Hope y’all understand
HuKPuK - 2 dagar sedan
Old Supra Still Better.
Yohan L.naraidoo
Yohan L.naraidoo - 2 dagar sedan
ass with thicc thighs is nice
Michael Adams
Michael Adams - 3 dagar sedan
Just buy the BMW. Shame on Toyota. We've been waiting for decades to get a proper Supra and this isn't it. :(
Pierce Kelly
Pierce Kelly - 3 dagar sedan
whyd the car become red
LurkerDood - 3 dagar sedan
Styling looks like shit! Why can't they get the same crew that designed the LFA? That car was elegant looking!
Hyposphenous - 15 timmar sedan
People have opinions bud, and not everyone has the same opinion as you, me for instance
Ng Xiang Yu
Ng Xiang Yu - 3 dagar sedan
Bmw parts,tune able?like 2jz engine
Jordan Nim
Jordan Nim - 3 dagar sedan
Shit is slow as fk lol. And it’s automatic..... wth
BlakeSTI93 - 3 dagar sedan
Was gonna buy one before I found out it had a digital dash and automatic only transmission. They could have easily put the BMW m2 manual gearbox in this car. I'll stick with my 700hp sti
All Boost
All Boost - 3 dagar sedan
Toyota dealer will not be selling the new supra a90. If you want one. Go to the bmw dealership and order one in.
Hyposphenous - 14 timmar sedan
Yeah, order one, and get relocated to a Toyota dealership after the official launch :)
IP MAN - 3 dagar sedan
I just dont get it, A bmw z4 all around period.
Luis Campos
Luis Campos - 3 dagar sedan
That’s for a noz bottle not a water bottle
Samia Akter
Samia Akter - 4 dagar sedan
Why don't you do a Mercedes A140 elegance vs the Audi rs2
Andrei Baroga
Andrei Baroga - 4 dagar sedan
You can tell it has BMW parts. At 13.30 the turn signals don't work.
Luis Moreira
Luis Moreira - 4 dagar sedan
Nice socks btw
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen - 4 dagar sedan
japanese can’t make sports cars
Lakmini Kulatunga
Lakmini Kulatunga - 4 dagar sedan
Need a review of a Jeep gladiator rubicon
slimydick23 - 4 dagar sedan
I don't understand this "zed" word this weirdo keeps saying
Sam Gibson
Sam Gibson - 4 dagar sedan
So since it’s basically a bmw does that mean it doesn’t come with indicators ?
Talha Usman
Talha Usman - 4 dagar sedan
What a sweet ass it is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Casper Hendriks
Casper Hendriks - 5 dagar sedan
The new supra,
Shushi or Schnitzel
Laith Bilbeisi
Laith Bilbeisi - 5 dagar sedan
The air vents aren’t fake. They are modification friendly.
Satria Aji Wicaksana
Satria Aji Wicaksana - 5 dagar sedan
I like the American launch color of the supra, the white and red one, really feels like a Japanese Plane, they should name it Supra Zero
Shawn Trivett
Shawn Trivett - 5 dagar sedan
I don't really care if it's a Japanese BMW built in Austria. I've waited over 24 years for this. Please don't crush my fast and furious dreams peoples.
tevž tomat
tevž tomat - 5 dagar sedan
Button..BMW,mirror...BMW,car...BMW.,the badge...TOYOTA
Hyposphenous - 14 timmar sedan
Performance ... TOYOTA,excellence..TOYOTA,warranty..TOYOTA
JayOOOh24 - 6 dagar sedan
2020 Toyota Supra GR vs 2019 Mustang GT 5.0 ...
That’s the real question people...
Teng De luna
Teng De luna - 5 dagar sedan
They Have a Version of toyota Supra.
aliyar ertugrul
aliyar ertugrul - 6 dagar sedan
I'll take a used GTR🤔insted
aliyar ertugrul
aliyar ertugrul - 6 dagar sedan
Endz Meet Music
Endz Meet Music - 6 dagar sedan
Why cant Toyota make a sports car. Theyre old sports car motors were Yamaha and dont forget the Suburu combination and now BMW
joey nones
joey nones - 7 dagar sedan
Please review it as if I don't know a BMW which I don't.
Wayne Pavy
Wayne Pavy - 7 dagar sedan
So how much trouble is Toyota really in then? The Supra is a BMW. The new HiAce is a Peugeot. The new Yaris is a Mazda. The new Hilux is a great disapointment. The "new" Corolla has an ancient engine. I smell big trouble on the horizon.
r e d r e v o c
r e d r e v o c - 6 dagar sedan
They can still ride on their reputation for a long while imo. But its dissapointing yeah.
Tomas Tylecek
Tomas Tylecek - 7 dagar sedan
i agree, id buy, but its fighting 50 pony, and thats a fight, maybe your next video
Tomas Tylecek
Tomas Tylecek - 7 dagar sedan
i think.... the point missed here....
as sports cars are falling off, they need to do this for the few enthusiasts left
Tidwell - 7 dagar sedan
Wow. Supra is Faster, has better handling than the Z4 yet its a BMW. BMW fucked up the Z4