Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!

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hyperspaced77 - Timme sedan
Supra with ...german engine! LMFAO.....
Ldrift - Timme sedan
I like it, but unfortunately no stick shift is still a deal breaker for me.
Andris Kalnejs
Andris Kalnejs - Timme sedan
Its more like another microwawe..only thing special with this car is the supra badge, not the car
sazim patel
sazim patel - Timme sedan
So literally the only thing Toyota did is designed the car which is okay and put their badges
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - Timme sedan
Just buy a Z4 instead. At least noone is going to say 'hey nice Toyota'
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar - Timme sedan
That engine sound at the beginning is like music to the ears
TomatoCowAteYourTomato - 2 timmar sedan
it's a bmw
Justin Anghelescu
Justin Anghelescu - 2 timmar sedan
The BMW Supra
abcdLeeXY - 2 timmar sedan
Toyota and their joint projects 🤷‍♂️
Bodyguard Ministry Of Youth N Sports
If u buy this supra then engine swap it for a 2JZ
K8NGPRO - 3 timmar sedan
Wait for TRD edition
Hope4NewDay1 - 3 timmar sedan
Ryan Bernard
Ryan Bernard - 3 timmar sedan
11:37 Why does it have a BMW chime as well
Sahar - 3 timmar sedan
not a Toyota : )) don't buy
King Brilliant
King Brilliant - 3 timmar sedan
looks like a 370z
RedfoxQc - 3 timmar sedan
One single word: Burk!
Mike R
Mike R - 4 timmar sedan
The BMW Supra🙁..Now that i can afford one I have no interest because it has BMW parts. Been burned by BMW with engine and transmission failures in the past. Never again😣.Thank you Toyota for ruining the passion and heartbreak of waiting so damn long for this vehicle.
Mike R
Mike R - 2 timmar sedan
+torod213 I did not expect Toyota teaming with BMW to source their engine and parts. No way in hell....
torod213 - 3 timmar sedan
What did you honestly expect? The last Supra was killed off in 2002, and all Toyota have made since are pathetic little hybrids. Did you think they were suddenly going to launch the Supra as some kind of GT3 RS killer?
Maciek M
Maciek M - 4 timmar sedan
I know that you love your test with the help of a stick :), but additional "fake" holes give opportunities for future tuning. There are many elements in this car that take into account the future development. In addition, try to talk less of your subjective opinions, especially regarding looks, because it starts to be tiring.
bab ep3
bab ep3 - 4 timmar sedan
This video just confirms the fact it’s a re-badged Z4, how many times does he say ‘BMW’ in this video? BMW engine, BMW interior, it even looks like a Z4
Pain_Is_Good - 5 timmar sedan
@8:00 I gave up on getting any info on the engine and transmission.
Just had enough about the cupholders.
Does it at least use a original Toyota engine and transmission.
Jamal Franklin
Jamal Franklin - 5 timmar sedan
This car sucks. It's a bmw
Pain_Is_Good - 5 timmar sedan
Just get a Tesla.
Marky Spark
Marky Spark - 5 timmar sedan
Noooo what have they done? I don't want a BMW. I want something that looks like a 1993,99 Supra. It just looks Z4 ish.
Marky Spark
Marky Spark - 3 timmar sedan
+torod213 I've had one. But I think they messed up with this one. I have Focus RS at mo and happy with that.
torod213 - 3 timmar sedan
Then may I suggest buying a 1993-99 Supra?
HowtoSlack - 5 timmar sedan
What the fuck are people complaining about here, honestly.. "Oh no, this Toyota that I will never be able to afford has BMW bits in it"
It's like complaining that your microwave meal was made by Gordon fucking Ramsay. Honestly, get the 2JZ dildo out of your mouth and get fucking over it.
torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
*Please read this before commenting.*
No, Toyota could not "just put a 2JZ" in it. The last Toyota JZ engine was made 12 years ago, and today we have this little thing called emissions regulations which means old engines like that can never come back. Also, developing cars today is a lot more expensive than it was 20-30 years ago because of safety standards and loads of regulations. And except Porsche, there are hardly anybody who's able to manufacture a reasonably priced sports car from the ground up and make money on it. If you want to do that YOU MUST collaborate with another manufacturer. Hence, GT86/BRZ, MX-5/124 Spider and now Z4/Supra. Your options are: Zupr4 or no Supra. I happen to think it looks pretty good, and BMW makes better, more fun engines than Toyota have done in about 30 years. If you think Toyota had any choice of just putting the Mk. 4 or some tweaked version of it back into production, you are completely fucking dellusional. Enjoy this while you can, in 10-20 years driving a car that makes noise and goes fast will probably be punishable by life in prison.
Mohamed Ali Hebboul
Mohamed Ali Hebboul - 6 timmar sedan
Buy it...
Michael Clyburn
Michael Clyburn - 7 timmar sedan
GlassTopRX7 - 7 timmar sedan
I think it comes down to would you rather drive that or a Cayman. You could throw the Corvette in there as well.
torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
Hardly comparable. Yes the Cayman S and Supra have similar base prices, but you're forgetting how much kit the Supra comes with that Porsche charge extra for. A comparable Cayman S is at least £10.000 more than the Supra. Plus, it has a crappy 4cyl engine. If it was the 981 Cayman S I'd say no contest, but honestly even for me as a big Porsche fan, I find this to be a tough choice. Obviously a Corvette is loads more expensive.
Slash - 8 timmar sedan
They could've put in the 2JZ instead of that BMW engine. The fans would probably love it.
Anders Høifødt
Anders Høifødt - 5 timmar sedan
+Slash What the... No they're not the same all over but I don't think India or Somalia is Toyota's prime market for this car. Everywhere that this car will actually be sold, meaning all developed countries has emissions regulations that would make it impossible. Also, the JZ engine is now 30 years old. Hardly suitable for a modern sports car. Honestly, you're simply dellusional.
Slash - 6 timmar sedan
+torod213 Well emission regulations are not the same im all countries so they could add it as an option in countries that allow those levels of emissions but your point stands.
torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
You're saying that as if it was some kind of option Toyota could actually do. Have you ever heard of the term emissions regulations?
Dennis Dingemanse
Dennis Dingemanse - 8 timmar sedan
Aren't you sitting to low? The steering wheel is aimed for a higher position it seems
Yudha Dian
Yudha Dian - 9 timmar sedan
The "f1 style fog light is a reverse light" O K
Bonkiru - 10 timmar sedan
very nice looking Toyota Zupr4 in yellow
Javier De La Rosa
Javier De La Rosa - 10 timmar sedan
El Toyota supra deveria de tener mas cv como 420cv, aunque con 380cv o 400 estaria bien y unos escapes mas deportivos que suene algo mas
Mr Mechanical Engineer
Mr Mechanical Engineer - 11 timmar sedan
This car took years to develop?, lol. I would rather have a Lotus for less money.
Aleo Jelo Coronado-Santiago
Aleo Jelo Coronado-Santiago - 11 timmar sedan
This is what I like to call a Germanese car... German + Japanese = Germanese... Get it? ;-p
Mech-E - 12 timmar sedan
Idk why people hate on it. It definitely echos a number of styling cues from previous supra's
Rhys Walandouw
Rhys Walandouw - 12 timmar sedan
No Android Auto not buying
Irvin plays
Irvin plays - 13 timmar sedan
The supra's vents are a pseudo fake vent which could be taken out and replaced with a real vent
torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
Matt actually goes into detail on that on his instagram. Not having seen the car myself, it is apparently a load of bullshit. There is a load of metal an stuff in the way if you actually wanted to use them for any kind of cooling.
Tom Sugden
Tom Sugden - 13 timmar sedan
It's terrible... they should of built the FT1 concept. And every supra fan knows it
torod213 - 3 timmar sedan
+Tom Sugden The Supra IS Toyota's flagship. Everything they make except the Land Cruiser (and GT86) is utter garbage. You're simply dellusional as to what Toyota is capable of. The Mk. 4 disappeared in 2002, and the Celica and MR2 were killed off not long after. Toyota have clearly stated that they are much more interested in making feeble, hybrid invalid carriages for people who don't give a shit about cars than to make something people actually find interesting. This is the most interesting car Toyota have come up with in 30 years, and I'm honestly surprised how good it is. But obviously yes, the LC500 is better in a lot of ways. And please, comparing new and used cars, really? Are we gonna sink that low here?
Tom Sugden
Tom Sugden - 5 timmar sedan
+torod213 what I am saying is that the new Supra should of been the flag ship of the Toyota brand and should of rivaled the Skyline R35. You would better off buying a 10 year old R35 with your 50 grand. Can not believe you are defending this junk. I think the lexus lc 500 should be crowned the new Supra, only because they did not build the FT1.
torod213 - 5 timmar sedan
+Tom Sugden So what you're saying is that Toyota should have made a £150.000 supercar in stead of an affordable £50.000 sports car..? Ceramic brakes and active aero, are you even hearing yourself?
Tom Sugden
Tom Sugden - 5 timmar sedan
+torod213 mate it's nothing like the concept car. The concept ft1 would of probably give the R35 a run for its money. Check out the stunning interior and design features with head up display in the ft1. The ft1 would of had active Aero and all the vents would of been functional, carbon ceramic brakes. This new Supra is just cheap shit with fake vents and Nearly every part of this car is BMW, Even the steering wheel lol.
torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
Wtf dude.. As concept cars go, those two look really similar. They did a really good job on carrying over the design language from it.
Kvn - 13 timmar sedan
this would be a cool car to learn to drive in
Han Hattori Hanzo
Han Hattori Hanzo - 14 timmar sedan
Great video, biggest P.O.S. Supra.
Z4 car with a Toyota badge.
Ugly piece of garbage. This and the NSX and the worst iterations.
Rubbersidedown2 - 16 timmar sedan
Because ita a BMW with Toyota badges makes me not like it. BMWs are a money pit sadly. Look nice but need to be rich to keep fixing it. Spite that it looks good as BMW cars do but garbage in the end... recommend not buying it. It's like my Toyota frs. Behind the badges it's a Subaru. Like this car everything is stamped Subaru, motor and body panels. Subaru makes a good engine but you have to check the oil and coolant often. They drink these fluids. The only thing Toyota about the frs is the fuel injection for the frs brz war. They are the same car. Just admit it lol
KevinGame3 - 17 timmar sedan
At people we’re a bit upset and skeptical about a bmw engine even before it was revealed thankfully it was good
TopSecretVid - 17 timmar sedan
New supra vs 370z Nismo drag and around a track!!
may day
may day - 17 timmar sedan
what was Toyota thinking?!
j Walster
j Walster - 17 timmar sedan
*starts car*
carwow dude: hmm wat da noise.
Carwow dude: wait i forgot TO TAKE OUT *THE BOTTLES*
Jahid Afridi
Jahid Afridi - 17 timmar sedan
Make a video on Toyota fortuner.

torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
I should probably remind you that carwow is a UK-based car retail service, so they only make videos of cars available on the UK market. The Toyota Fortuner is not available in Europe, so it's not really relevant for us.. We just get the Land Cruiser Prado.
ChronicsRus - 18 timmar sedan
wait a minute. You said there is no truck latch, but yet you use it here 8:30
torod213 - 3 timmar sedan
Well if you look closely, you can tell the trunk is already open.
Marwan Salim
Marwan Salim - 18 timmar sedan
good luck with 5 year warranty, can call it another sports car from toyota but it never ever be a SUPRA
Bhavi S
Bhavi S - 18 timmar sedan
I bet you someone will do a replica of Paul Walker's Supra at some point.
A Scott
A Scott - 18 timmar sedan
Ahhhh the 2020 Supra ! The ugly, adopted little brother !!
Paul Mark
Paul Mark - 18 timmar sedan
DAMN, Toyota sold out!! Just a Z4 with a toy badge. They should have used the bullet proof 2JZ in a slicker body and a 6 speed manual. That would have been a REAL Supra! All we get now is oil leaks and electrical problems from 'German Engineering', So much for Toyota reliability. Big mistake Toyota.
torod213 - 6 timmar sedan
You're saying that as if it was some kind of option Toyota could actually do. Have you ever heard of the term emissions regulations?
Chenga09 - 19 timmar sedan
tastes are not to be discussed, but this one seems like one ugly mf compared to the previous ones.
Blue Glitch
Blue Glitch - 19 timmar sedan
Engineers: How many BMW touches do you wanna us add to the new Supra?
Toyota: YES
James Russo
James Russo - 21 timme sedan
Maybe all the hate from the die-hard Mk4 fan boys means I could buy this for sticker price :o
Ilitch Dhoomon
Ilitch Dhoomon - 21 timme sedan
Boy look at the smile on his face ..
guzi965 - 21 timme sedan
Bwm does not earn money anymore for a new cars more with Motorcycle i would never buy one bwm
guzi965 - 21 timme sedan
Bla bla bla many of Idiots here i hate bwm its broken Master
Tay Derler
Tay Derler - 22 timmar sedan
This not supra this is BMW z5 👎👎
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar - 22 timmar sedan
Man i hate the fact that cars cost literally twice in india to even dream about these things
Chris Munsey
Chris Munsey - 22 timmar sedan
Toyota took BMW components and built the car the way BMW should've built it in the first place. I want one!😎👌🏽
Raymond Newbill
Raymond Newbill - 22 timmar sedan
Yeah but BMW's B58 is as close as you can get to a modern 2JZ!!! A 3.0 straight 6 turbo that can handle 700-800HP on stock internals!!! Not sure why people are complaining..... Not to mention this car actually handles like a sports car unlike the boat of the MK4..... Plus this motor is award winning and modern. My /M235i had the N55 and i got 35.6MPG in eco pro on a 150 mile trip. 100 miles highway and 50 in town. And i filled up at the EXACT same pump!!! So there is literally no reason to complain. Its better in EVERY way!!!
HalfBreedMix - 22 timmar sedan
Good review man! You kept this entertaining and informative. Watching that car move, and your reaction to it while driving,,,,,,,,,,,makes me think this car just might be good after all.
Peter Ivanov
Peter Ivanov - 22 timmar sedan
The inside is sooooooooo ugly... nothing like the REAL supra form the good old days.
Cheeta - 23 timmar sedan
so lets say it in short term its a japanese BMW *PERIOD*
Cyrus Khan
Cyrus Khan - 23 timmar sedan
don21 - 23 timmar sedan
So its a BMW. Hard to know just what you are buying these days.
Yar D Blah
Yar D Blah - 23 timmar sedan
So ugly..deary me👎👎
Ivars P.
Ivars P. - 23 timmar sedan
Its fuckin ugly and its a BMW...come on...
Dominic Rawle
Dominic Rawle - 23 timmar sedan
It sounds like it has the same symposer (fake engine sound module) as the Z4 too.
Corneliu Codreanu
Corneliu Codreanu - 23 timmar sedan
I'm not a Supra fan, and that is not a Supra.
Pars S
Pars S - Dag sedan
Billions of reviews on the Supra, this one is going to be hard to beat. I'll probably be disappointed, unless seating is as good as my Canada Civic LX Sedan (cause of my XXL frame).
JDM Guy - Dag sedan
As a long time fan of the Supra and Toyota sports car generally I just can't get my head around this car. Its the BMW underpinnings, and to cap it all its built in Austria. I mean WTF? I would concede though it does look gorgeous and the motor does make a nice noise.
vubevube - Dag sedan
47hp less than Z4 but quicker 0-60? I call Bullshit.
Stefan Cupovic
Stefan Cupovic - Dag sedan
9:28 toyota has done this with many models. Imo a very sad one was camry. How can you do that on a practical big car like that? -_- on a sports car like a vette its sorta understandable.
roronoa zoro
roronoa zoro - Dag sedan
Please drag race the 2019 Mustang GT vs the 2020 Toyota Supra
Seven1 Productions
Seven1 Productions - 6 timmar sedan
roronoa zoro He don’t have to it’ll lose. 350 hp shouldn’t even be in the class of muscle and sport cars of today.
W/0Money. - Dag sedan
Ian S.
Ian S. - Dag sedan
16:13, You're not the one who does the drifting.... The license plate is not the same... And yes!
asa 7319
asa 7319 - Dag sedan
Jarl Ballin'
Jarl Ballin' - Dag sedan
Unfortunately the Toyota badge won't improve the BMW reliability. So this is a no buy for me...
Alde Wise
Alde Wise - Dag sedan
is it a Toyota or a bmw
Saeed Shah
Saeed Shah - Dag sedan
This car is just amazing
Edison73100 - Dag sedan
They could have made it a little uglier,, then maybe not.
Esko Lopez
Esko Lopez - Dag sedan
Nice review of the Z4....... = /
Bryan Dover
Bryan Dover - Dag sedan
When I buy a BMW, I expect BMW quality (good for 100K miles, that is). When I buy a Toyota, I expect 250K mile reliability. So, in essence, I'll pass on this version of the Supra.
Lasrever81 - Dag sedan
Great review! Made me love it haha
Simon Wells
Simon Wells - Dag sedan
What a real shame it don't come with a manual eh!
TdotSoul - Dag sedan
The irony is there are performance vehicles that use tuned Toyota V6 engines, (the Camry engine), so I'm not sure why they didn't go that route.
pm ayo
pm ayo - 19 timmar sedan
Because they are looking for a straight-6 engine, more specifically. They cannot use the 2JZ due to its heavy weight and cost in reworking the thing for today's regulations.
BrotherGLG - Dag sedan
it's better the concept.!! FT1
totally different from the concept.. :(
ah 95
ah 95 - Dag sedan
This is not a supra
Leo Li
Leo Li - Dag sedan
3:27 when you make a bad joke and nobody laughs at it
iAMChrisCC - Dag sedan
Japanese outside and German inside - the perfect combination because the Japanese just can’t do interiors properly with their random buttons everywhere with massive white letters and segment digital clocks. You know it’s true!
Lesley Fernandez
Lesley Fernandez - Dag sedan
What exactly is the point of this car? It is based on the Z4 and it is ugly. Just buy the Z4!
Oliver Neumann
Oliver Neumann - Dag sedan
Honestly it’s always fine to make a fine car, but the competition is so strong - The Supra needed to be the “1st gen golf GTI” of the range to make people forget its less exclusive Toyota badge and choose the best driving car. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be it, and I wonder why Toyota haven’t just gone down the road of making the ultimate most focused drivers car in its class with the base Supra - they did it with the Yaris GRMN, but that class of cars just wasn’t asking for it (And not at that price)... Toyota please go and produce the car every petrol-/pistonHead wants, and make use the BMW B58 engine to the full extend and couple it with a great Toyota-manual gearbox ;-)
IceFIsh - Dag sedan
Its arse or back end not ass ffs
jerone sinclair
jerone sinclair - Dag sedan
soooo, just buy a bmw then
Wajahat Imran
Wajahat Imran - Dag sedan
I remember last time when Japan and Germany collaborated, result wasn't good
Matthew 521 Lol
Matthew 521 Lol - Dag sedan
Supra vs RS4
Hansy - Dag sedan
Merkel is a traitor and so are Toyota for allowing this BMW z4 "Supra".
Ian Kombo
Ian Kombo - Dag sedan
The vents aren't fake....they can be opened for more cooling after tuning the car.