Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution

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Electricity is all around us, all the time. It makes our lives easier, safer, more fun and most of us never think about it. But is there such a thing as too much electricity? Electronic devices emit an electromagnetic field, which is suspected to cause cancer. We read countless sources on this topic to summarize the results of the latest research for you.
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - 4 månader sedan
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Bryan Visser
Bryan Visser - 20 dagar sedan
My school blocked VPN’s.
ButtHunter 911
ButtHunter 911 - 22 dagar sedan
@wtfgreg seriously? Wtf greg? He didnt trick you into buying anything. Unless of course you did purchase the product then realized it was for his profit? Did you do that? Or are u just a little baby today?
wtfgreg - 26 dagar sedan
I understand the need for sponsorship and all but to make the video with a continuous transition into the advertisement without notification that an ad is being presented is disingenuous, and I expect better from you guys.
Mr Cacique
Mr Cacique - Månad sedan
@viethuong vothai Kurz (short) gesagt (said) word per word. It means "bref" or "in brief"
ButtHunter 911
ButtHunter 911 - Månad sedan
Another great video but also one of if not smoothest segways into the ad at the end of video.
Theactedarrow - 3 timmar sedan
I love your videos because I learn so much each videos and I’m a amazed by the body systems and stuff like that, definitely the Egg! And I want to thank you for putting so much effort into these videos!
Alex Is a noob
Alex Is a noob - 12 timmar sedan
*dark web tries to hack my account because I called their mom gay*
*they realize I have Dashlane*
stay safe guys
Meitti - 18 timmar sedan
My old Samsung workplace model is hefty enough that I could kill someone with it if I threw it at them.
Dylan Loulli
Dylan Loulli - 20 timmar sedan
5G 👁
DawnKayePunch - Dag sedan
Ganso en Llamas - Fire Goose
1:25 o look it's Swamp Thing
Arm Dick
Arm Dick - 2 dagar sedan
But power lines do cause leukaemia, a guy won a court case on this so it can’t just be speculation
Notlistening - 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone remember when you would get a call on your brand new cell phone (because all cell phones were brand new) and someone would say “Don’t put that up to your ear!”
MEHNAZ - 2 dagar sedan
Are you a youtube channel or my father?????
Tom Camillo
Tom Camillo - 3 dagar sedan
Paid by Telecom
The Sans-ational guy
The Sans-ational guy - 3 dagar sedan
Time to watch kurzgesagt videos on a rock
Xie Chuck
Xie Chuck - 3 dagar sedan

-Kurzgesagt Duck, 2019
Geht dich doch nichts an
Geht dich doch nichts an - 3 dagar sedan
And nearly 4k dislikers be like:
*angry boomer noises*
Popular Star
Popular Star - 4 dagar sedan
As your watching this on a screen (*-*)
Andrew Inn
Andrew Inn - 4 dagar sedan
Who else is watching on phone?
Patrick Carta
Patrick Carta - 4 dagar sedan
But if you call radiowaves ''5G'' they became deadly instantly!
돗트 - 4 dagar sedan
영상 너무 유익하고 재밌어.. 게다가 눈이 즐거움
Frozen Bus Channel 魔雪巴士頻道
I like that Shooting Star reference
LOCO - 4 dagar sedan
Maniac reference
fgfgfgf drtduud
fgfgfgf drtduud - 5 dagar sedan
If you're afraid of radiation then don't fly.
Atlas Gaming
Atlas Gaming - 5 dagar sedan
Kins 3301
Kins 3301 - 4 dagar sedan
No. It's Phillip Demner.
Gavin Mercer
Gavin Mercer - 6 dagar sedan
It can hurt you in other ways me: 😧 wild sponsor appears me:🙂
U Haul
U Haul - 6 dagar sedan
5G is ominous.
Bmo Dex
Bmo Dex - 6 dagar sedan
Wait wtf! So you mean that weird tingly feeling in my leg was my phone giving off radiation oh fuck a duck! We’re screwed.
Cương Phạm
Cương Phạm - 7 dagar sedan
Mong có ai đó nói tiếng Việt ở đây :>
D r a g o n King
D r a g o n King - 8 dagar sedan
These birds are so damn funny 🤣
Julian Lö
Julian Lö - 8 dagar sedan
computer has got a virus,
damn I shouldn't have placed my computer next to the microwave. I think I should better see a doctor, maybe the radiation is infecting me already with the virus
Henzo Uriel
Henzo Uriel - 8 dagar sedan
you know what health problem i have with my phone?

*_H a p p i n e s s a n d c o n f o r t_*
Kristian Rolloga
Kristian Rolloga - 8 dagar sedan
The fact that im watching this on my phone
Qualin 101
Qualin 101 - 8 dagar sedan
🤦‍♂️looks like they sold they souls

Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh - 6 dagar sedan
Just ruined your day
Just ruined your day - 8 dagar sedan
How and why?
Flying Tiger
Flying Tiger - 8 dagar sedan
If you can feel it, it is bad.
Because your body imforms you about a problem.
If it doesn't bother him he would most likely stay silent or the
body isn't capable to respond anymore.
ЯyantheDolphiИ - 9 dagar sedan
cmon I cant be the only one thinking about "Better Call Saul" right now with the wack dude who thinks hes allergic to electricity
cube ice
cube ice - 9 dagar sedan
What The sonics?!
Paul Gleason
Paul Gleason - 10 dagar sedan
Give money to give us money and we say thanks your helping but we not
John Maloy
John Maloy - 10 dagar sedan
0:42 makes the light look like it's going backwards
Grovyle - 10 dagar sedan
Is it only me or does my leg, where the right pocket is (where i have had lots of different phones over the years) feel weird in comparision to my left leg??
prophosoph - 10 dagar sedan
lol ... people who don't like Microwaves should get professional help ... :) great bullshit ;)
Nikhil Kannan Kutty
Nikhil Kannan Kutty - 11 dagar sedan
05:29 Because you gotta catch em all!
KON - FUSHIOUS - 11 dagar sedan
yes it seems clear to me that it does. each wave effecting a different sense directly as, noise = hearing! light = eyes ! try concentrating testing this theory around these relevant target areas.. i know noise tends too give me head aches, and to much artificial light from screens hurts my eyes and often have to stop watching or listening, there got to to be something more there... prolonged exposure to purely just 1 of those elements and they will tend too go stir crazy n start losing there mind...That is physiological trauma and can be used as torture.....
KON - FUSHIOUS - 11 dagar sedan
also nice finishing note i realy like what u did there
Istaka - 13 dagar sedan
That's how you make a good ads!!!
No pain No gain
No pain No gain - 15 dagar sedan
Wait a minute the last is ad , i’m very concentrated until the last second of this video hahahaha
reaper. - 15 dagar sedan
1 like = 1 prayer for atom. 😔🙏
Mad Skimp
Mad Skimp - 16 dagar sedan
Porygon @ 5:30
Dormez Bien
Dormez Bien - 17 dagar sedan
Will keep supporting your channel guys!
abar - 17 dagar sedan
I agree people need to start worrying about the real issues, like tornadoes of sharks
zaphyre arellano
zaphyre arellano - 17 dagar sedan
thx no people will watch ur channel
Kwon Family
Kwon Family - 17 dagar sedan
This video is so ironic
We are watching this video on our electric devices and we are learning about possible dangers about our electric devices
Lena L.
Lena L. - 18 dagar sedan
Love the sonic ref at the beginning 😄
Concepcion Ponce
Concepcion Ponce - 19 dagar sedan
This reminds me when my mom called someone for literally 2 hours
Marian M
Marian M - 19 dagar sedan
I dare someone to break into my accounts. They better have a heart hardened against truly horrible things. Well not on Youtube obviously, they block that kind of content.
Marian M
Marian M - 19 dagar sedan
Disclaimer: This isn't an actual challenge. My passwords are weak and hide relatively useless, if awful, information.
Pludo - 19 dagar sedan
Zumi Vo
Zumi Vo - 19 dagar sedan
Birds were harm in this video
Mister Mayor
Mister Mayor - 19 dagar sedan
I love this bird animation
It makes the Video funny and easier to understand! And im not alone
Alex Atasi
Alex Atasi - 20 dagar sedan
I'm not sure how the nocebo effect is real, because you do get a headache after an hour talking on the phone to your mom or gf or what ever... and It's not the fact that "I know it emits radiation and could be dangerous" its the fact that my face and is sticked to an electrical device.
TAN BL - 20 dagar sedan
Rest day on 7 November 2019
Nashrudding Abdul
Nashrudding Abdul - 20 dagar sedan
Lol we are still using electric magenetic radiation in phone hahaha😂🤣😅
Parallel_ Syndrome
Parallel_ Syndrome - 20 dagar sedan
Well yes but actually no...
anonymous ok
anonymous ok - 21 dag sedan
"Electricty could hurt you" (but you made a video about it)
Shaggy - 21 dag sedan