Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - 16 dagar sedan
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SawdinoChandria - 18 timmar sedan
Can you talk about singularities please?
Rayzon •
Rayzon • - 19 timmar sedan
there are studies that show 5g is causing cancer
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru - 2 dagar sedan
I am STILL waiting for thorium MRS video *Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell* made by you!!! And another: global warming is FALSE! Proven with math and data from US *Historical Climatology Network Stations*
Jose maximiliano De anda resendiz
Qué es trappist 1
Master 1000 Service
Master 1000 Service - 34 minuter sedan
Can we survive when the earth stops ?
Hilarious - 36 minuter sedan
Me: *trips and falls*
Mom: video games
Cameron S
Cameron S - 3 timmar sedan
A rebuttal to this: if you put a puppy in a microwave, will it live? The non-ionizing radiation is nothing to fear right, bigger fish to fry? 4G might be harmless at 100watts, your microwave works around 750-1000+ watts, and a Samsung 5G cell tower works at 270 and be placed all over public domain. Also it pulses between 4G frequencies, through Microwave frequencies, and up to radar at rapid irregular pulses unlike anything natural.
Cameron S
Cameron S - 3 timmar sedan
I love this channel, however I disagree in two major places in this video. Firstly a better prognosis to "should we fear non-ionising radiation" would be (according to the first half of the video:) 'we don't know, but it doesn't seem like it at the moment' not "no. There are far more to worry about."
Second you could go get AhnLab's latest and even though it's #1 on AV Test for windows, you're still vulnerable to hackers.
Mr.Person - 3 timmar sedan
You guys and life nogging need to do a collab
Alijah Panganiban
Alijah Panganiban - 4 timmar sedan
Me:(before whatching ) ok

Me :(after)yup
Alijah Panganiban
Alijah Panganiban - 4 timmar sedan
I should stop
Carlos Turris
Carlos Turris - 5 timmar sedan
Using phones maybe computers haven’t finished video
Then dash lane says u should have a password it’s not like ur getting hurt from your phone or computer what that’s crazy
And remember it might also hurt ur eyes
Dash lane how do we do passwords with not seeing
Dash lane says uh uh uh
That’s what. I thought ima sue u wins gets lots o money 💰
naynay sploogle
naynay sploogle - 5 timmar sedan
What about cell phone towers
Janeth Eroles
Janeth Eroles - 7 timmar sedan
Pleasw create vidd😃😃
Menos The Name
Menos The Name - 8 timmar sedan
Have you checked how router signals affect ants, bees and mammals?
I think it was ordinary wi-fi.
Waheeda Ali
Waheeda Ali - 10 timmar sedan
Btw ur channel is amazing
Waheeda Ali
Waheeda Ali - 10 timmar sedan
What is area 51???!!!
ImAnonymous - 10 timmar sedan
"Can this kill you?"

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
: "Yes, but actually no."
Mariusz Maziarz
Mariusz Maziarz - 11 timmar sedan
and how about the blue light from LCD screens? It is radiation and it seems to be proven to harm our eyes...
HailStan - 11 timmar sedan
after my iphone 8 plus broke my pinky finger, my answer is definiately yes, your phone can hurt you.
Tommaso Rossi
Tommaso Rossi - 13 timmar sedan
Can you make a video of the "matrioska brain"?
minalotte 8
minalotte 8 - 15 timmar sedan
First I think, It is a German channal because kurzgesagt is a German Word
ShadowReaper - 16 timmar sedan
I think they dont want to explain this because if they then electronic corporation will loose money they dont care our health we all know it :(
William Goddard
William Goddard - 16 timmar sedan
@kurzegut how much the cell phone company's paying you to do this? Ever see thank you for smoking? The last couple videos show your truly just a bunch of fuckin lobbyists, I hope God has mercy on your soul
Marks Župerka
Marks Župerka - 18 timmar sedan

WAAAIIIIIIIIIIIT, so if I place a cold stone with no microliter of water in or on it it won't heat up?
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Federico Jimbo Smithson - 18 timmar sedan
when my mom constantly blame my laptop for everything that happened to me - I'll show this video
Serli Young
Serli Young - Dag sedan
Now i have an excuse to why phones are ok
AA Battery
AA Battery - Dag sedan
If you're scared of this, move to Green Bank, West Virginia. You can't even use your phone there.
Not Normal
Not Normal - Dag sedan
that was a really cute reference to maniac!!
Đức Vương Bùi
Đức Vương Bùi - Dag sedan
1:28swamp thing
Zayn Vlog
Zayn Vlog - Dag sedan
please make only Cosmology Related Videos
Nat Clo
Nat Clo - Dag sedan
So we arent all going to die when 5G comes out?
Raven Degaton
Raven Degaton - Dag sedan
Our *electricity bills* are *killing* us.
John Doef
John Doef - Dag sedan
For some reason I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that light heat and (electro) magnetism are basically the same.
It gets even harder when considering roentgen, x-rays and e-beams. What are the differences? Why does one form require a carrier (photons, electrons) and the other one not?
Physics is weird...
R. Jardel Vazquez Martinez
We love your videos.
So thanks for the effort.
You're awesome.
theMetal973 - Dag sedan
Kurzgesagt: Could your phone hurt you?

Instagram Modelers: Kurzgesagt, I don't feel so good...
Mr. Midnight
Mr. Midnight - Dag sedan
me: "ma im pregnant"
mom: "cos o dat goddamn phone"
Bobby ____
Bobby ____ - Dag sedan
L'italiano non se lo inculano proprio eh?
Veniamin Zhelezarov
Veniamin Zhelezarov - Dag sedan
please make a video about the end of the humanity cause a lot of people think it will be like 2050 edit: nice to have good people like you if everyone would be like you the earth would be a paradise
Testless - Dag sedan
Nice Faraday reference there 4:16
-ViklyMF- - Dag sedan
When I sleep. I always hearing electro magnetic... Ouch
Tsjuun Tze
Tsjuun Tze - Dag sedan
Yea too much kan kill you!!!!!!!
Ask someone who was on an electric chair!
Tsjuun Tze
Tsjuun Tze - Dag sedan
They were good. What happend?
Time Will Tell
Time Will Tell - Dag sedan
I feel like my man parts have shrunk since I have had my phone in my pocket for 10+yrs...😩
Qaseem Tak
Qaseem Tak - 11 timmar sedan
Weird flex but okay
Mert Demirtaş
Mert Demirtaş - Dag sedan
Kurzgesagt what is the Globster or Blob ? Is this dangerous or safe ? Is this living or not ?
Mr Shmister
Mr Shmister - Dag sedan
they put so much efort into ther videos
Mollie Carlson
Mollie Carlson - Dag sedan
The skateboarding keyboard bird was SO DAMN CUTE!!! Bring him back in more videos!!!
Alex Abrashev
Alex Abrashev - Dag sedan
Please someone make bulgarian subtitles!
Ben Toth
Ben Toth - Dag sedan
Just because the long term effects are not not known at ht e moment at probably people get more likely sick by cancer in 30 years, does not mean that it is not harmful. Think about chernobil.... nobody seen it but it still radiated and made its effect.
Lia Rachman
Lia Rachman - Dag sedan
Should i believe a channel that actually does research or a person that cant spell chernobyl
Roblox Why
Roblox Why - Dag sedan
well i havent died yet so no
ulbsu albrykya
ulbsu albrykya - Dag sedan
the transition to the dashlane ad is impeccable
Денис Дмитриев
Интересно, но, осторожно, с 7:30 реклама, дальше можно не смотреть.
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash - Dag sedan
Commercial advertisement disguised as an educational video.
Angellum Manaflow
Angellum Manaflow - Dag sedan
Check out CyberGhost 😉