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Bold City Tattoo
Bold City Tattoo - Timme sedan
I like Cody’s beard
Dope Tonics
Dope Tonics - Timme sedan
Does plunger Tricks
rhys0600 rhys0600
rhys0600 rhys0600 - Timme sedan
favorite shot 4:31
Theo Robertson
Theo Robertson - Timme sedan
Can pls subscribe to me cause you are the best
Kleo Alec
Kleo Alec - Timme sedan
Can u please do counter stike trick shots please. ❤
하크 - 2 timmar sedan
난 이걸 왜 보고있는가
Rj Capre
Rj Capre - 2 timmar sedan
dis is da wirdest vidiyo dey meyd
galeri musikku
galeri musikku - 2 timmar sedan
Hai dude perfect,React video YtCrash Trick
Tarek Saad
Tarek Saad - 2 timmar sedan
اين انتم يا عرب
Imnoob-Brawl Stars
Imnoob-Brawl Stars - 2 timmar sedan
Dude perfect: Does the best tricks with plungers
Mario:hold my mushrooms
Lindsay Everett
Lindsay Everett - 2 timmar sedan
Tiny ping pong table trick shots if you like this idea please like it
Bamboo Elvas
Bamboo Elvas - 3 timmar sedan
tyler's finisher
Anjali Pingale
Anjali Pingale - 3 timmar sedan
Make some swimming pool trick shots
Ꮓɪᴅᴀɴᴇ ᴘᴀᴋᴇ Ꭼ
Dynamic - 3 timmar sedan
Do net gun trickshots!
Bryan William
Bryan William - 3 timmar sedan
Dang your music timing is 👌
Kim Viviano
Kim Viviano - 4 timmar sedan
Super hero’s
Ammar Raja
Ammar Raja - 4 timmar sedan
Do rocket challenge again
Rose Smith
Rose Smith - 4 timmar sedan
I need more dude perfect!!!
dendi hambali
dendi hambali - 4 timmar sedan
React video Ytcrash trik
Nikhil Sheoran
Nikhil Sheoran - 4 timmar sedan
4:07 clearly shows the no. Of attemps
Alister Louie
Alister Louie - 4 timmar sedan
I broke my plunger attempting this😂
Jan Harvey Lobitos
Jan Harvey Lobitos - 4 timmar sedan
Should have save it for overtime
Louie Bapestar
Louie Bapestar - 5 timmar sedan
2:28 . White people love saying catch phrases before doing something like if they’re in action movie 😂😂😂😂😂
Louie Bapestar
Louie Bapestar - 5 timmar sedan
2:16 imagine if that was a spear
Bagus Set
Bagus Set - 5 timmar sedan
Orang indonesi like
Jacksen Enbert
Jacksen Enbert - 5 timmar sedan
I doawnload your game
PHIONA'S WORLD - 5 timmar sedan
Can you do a barber shop stereotype
Hassan MUSTAPHA - 5 timmar sedan
You guys are pros wow 1👍 for all better
Gumball watterson
Gumball watterson - 5 timmar sedan
Dude, You must react video from
YtCrash Tricks Channel
ciprian nicolaie
ciprian nicolaie - 5 timmar sedan
Sachit Khedekar
Sachit Khedekar - 6 timmar sedan
It's been a week ..Please post at least one video
Maftuh Tsaquf
Maftuh Tsaquf - 6 timmar sedan
React video ytcras
Faizal Suryo
Faizal Suryo - 7 timmar sedan
React video ytcrash trick
Cammel.Playz - 7 timmar sedan
Has anyone else noticed that the dude perfect intro is just one of them saying dude perfect 😂 watch their first video for proof
iqbal kusuma
iqbal kusuma - 7 timmar sedan
Please look for ytcrash trick 👌
Patrick Clinton
Patrick Clinton - 8 timmar sedan
do a beyblade faceoff
mortal 15
mortal 15 - 8 timmar sedan
Do you or do you not cuss in a YouTube?
Pawlawannya Si ocong
Pawlawannya Si ocong - 8 timmar sedan
Hei Can you reack YTCrash trick?
Ishan Niratker
Ishan Niratker - 8 timmar sedan
Very nice :D . Upload the next video earlier please.......................
Iseng Doang
Iseng Doang - 8 timmar sedan
Please React video YtCrash Tricks
Leonard Lim
Leonard Lim - 8 timmar sedan
Plunger world record
Hechtometer Vlogging
Hechtometer Vlogging - 8 timmar sedan
Do another Gaming with Consequences video
Musa Janka Dausat
Musa Janka Dausat - 9 timmar sedan
Try you see YTcrash Trick, he same look like Dudeperfect
Dino Roblox
Dino Roblox - 9 timmar sedan
If your fake you won’t have world records
David Marsalla
David Marsalla - 9 timmar sedan
Are you guys that bourd
Joy Mitzi Nunumete
Joy Mitzi Nunumete - 9 timmar sedan
Make a Real life tricks shot 4 please please please
AjuZ Arta
AjuZ Arta - 9 timmar sedan
Please watch the ytcrash trick video🙏
JOEL PHILIP JAYARAJ - 9 timmar sedan
can you make Cricket(sport) trick shots pls!
Anderson Chirino
Anderson Chirino - 9 timmar sedan
My favorite from highest to least
༆ Dinosima༆
༆ Dinosima༆ - 9 timmar sedan
Defaulty Elite Agent
Defaulty Elite Agent - 9 timmar sedan
That moment when you know they ran out of ideas😂
VnX TM - 9 timmar sedan
Im Enjoying these with pepsi.
VnX TM - 10 timmar sedan
Dude Perfect... Pluuuct Perfect
Aarif Wae
Aarif Wae - 10 timmar sedan
React "YtCrash Trik"
Felipe Fernandez
Felipe Fernandez - 10 timmar sedan
Do Javier Baez trickshots
The Angel
The Angel - 10 timmar sedan
REACT VIDEO YtCrash Trick!!!!
The Angel
The Angel - 10 timmar sedan
REACT VIDEO YtCrash Trick!!!!
The Angel
The Angel - 10 timmar sedan
REACT VIDEO YtCrash Trick!!!!
The Angel
The Angel - 10 timmar sedan
REACT VIDEO YtCrash Trick!!!!
Angietaingy - 10 timmar sedan
Dude perfect please respond I have an idea for a video! Trick shots wife edition!
ActionGaming Shaurya
ActionGaming Shaurya - 10 timmar sedan
0:36 i can do that
Gideon Stive
Gideon Stive - 11 timmar sedan
Please react video YtCrash trick...
Isham Makin
Isham Makin - 11 timmar sedan
Pleace react "YT crash Trick"🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rangga NARINDRA - 11 timmar sedan
Wow the plunger is so sticky that i can jilist pit tha plunger on my head and i cant open it anymore
Rishabh Sinha
Rishabh Sinha - 11 timmar sedan
If the dude perfect crew played fortnite for a living, those default aimboters have no match
Randall Stanphill
Randall Stanphill - 11 timmar sedan
Dunk Tank Madden next video
Deidra Evans
Deidra Evans - 11 timmar sedan
Do it football stereotypes video
BamBam Gaming
BamBam Gaming - 12 timmar sedan
You should do bounce ball trick shots
Timothy Tito
Timothy Tito - 12 timmar sedan
Yt crash trick
The Dank lives
The Dank lives - 12 timmar sedan
It should’ve been were dude perfect and were running out ideas
SL Phantom
SL Phantom - 12 timmar sedan
Who else thinks dude perfect should really make a stereotypes video?
David Saik
David Saik - 12 timmar sedan
I feel a new trend coming
martinkiller363 killer
martinkiller363 killer - 12 timmar sedan
Un español
Jeff 0322
Jeff 0322 - 13 timmar sedan
50% of comments are asking to do something
20% random unrelated stuff
10% stuff saying this channel is cool
10% when they run out of ideas
5% random, unrelated things
5% this stuff is easy (BUT IT'S NOT)
William Laflamme
William Laflamme - 13 timmar sedan
Loved the bloopers at the end
L1Ln3RD5 _____
L1Ln3RD5 _____ - 13 timmar sedan
The sound effects tho
M Fauzy Rauf
M Fauzy Rauf - 13 timmar sedan
Please reaction video ytcrash trick dude
Aditya Hermawan
Aditya Hermawan - 13 timmar sedan
Come on "YtCrash Trick" from Indonesian 😍☝
Jeff 0322
Jeff 0322 - 13 timmar sedan
These dudes can make the most random things amazing
Bobbie Van Roekel
Bobbie Van Roekel - 13 timmar sedan
Watch this joke

How many likes we get you will be

Jeff 0322
Jeff 0322 - 13 timmar sedan
CARIBBIAN - 13 timmar sedan
Its a plunger how is it so cool
CARIBBIAN - 12 timmar sedan
@Jeff 0322 yeaa
Jeff 0322
Jeff 0322 - 13 timmar sedan
Idk, but these guys can make it cool
Adnan Ramd
Adnan Ramd - 13 timmar sedan
React video (Ytcrash Trik)
JM Jakesnake
JM Jakesnake - 14 timmar sedan
Cuz dp pin
Beckham Wilson
Beckham Wilson - 14 timmar sedan
Do a hide and seek stereotypes
Xpotekel - 14 timmar sedan
Sick now I want a plunger now
Jet Sullivan. T71
Jet Sullivan. T71 - 14 timmar sedan
Can you live stream the dp live tour please
KaIoNsPiCyAhi Vlogs
KaIoNsPiCyAhi Vlogs - 14 timmar sedan
Can you guys make mom stereotypes
Super Stuff
Super Stuff - 14 timmar sedan
Now stick two plunges together mid-air.
not xih
not xih - 15 timmar sedan
when you run out of ideas 😂
Jeff 0322
Jeff 0322 - 13 timmar sedan
Top 10 times anime creators ran out of ideas
Douglas GTA
Douglas GTA - 15 timmar sedan
Algum, Brasileiro nessa merda?
Alexon Zosa
Alexon Zosa - 15 timmar sedan
You were born for a plunger
Mr Dude
Mr Dude - 16 timmar sedan
Anyone else think they should change the name to 1000 try to make one thing
Cookie Gamer03
Cookie Gamer03 - 16 timmar sedan
What are you Mario
JJ Casey
JJ Casey - 16 timmar sedan
Do more overtime videos pls
Irena Jensen
Irena Jensen - 16 timmar sedan
You guys should do whip cream trick shots
YAZDAN 95 - 17 timmar sedan
This prob took weeks to do
Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell - 17 timmar sedan
Do a tech deck trick shots video
Hayden Rogers
Hayden Rogers - 17 timmar sedan
Plunger sera Moni
kaiyan Femal
kaiyan Femal - 17 timmar sedan
3:29 real life trick shots