Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep. 5 - Angry Review!

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AngryJoeShow - 10 dagar sedan
LOL! Sorry guys. I couldn’t help myself. I promise, promise next time I wont interrupt! ...unless its really really bad.
dimitris bam
dimitris bam - 2 dagar sedan
we like you as you are...speak as much as you want its your show...don't listen to haters
vice2vursa - 2 dagar sedan
Hey joe, someone wrote in the comments that the guy in the middle looks like your evolved version or lvl 99 joe. it was hilarious.
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay - 3 dagar sedan
Dude you’re Angry Joe!!! Not passive polite Joe. Screw these sensitive people!
Zachary - 4 dagar sedan
Joe episode 6 was so bad , where's the rant video!? I need to feel better. WHAT WAS THE POINT! I literally had to force myself to watch the last episode
Mr. poop
Mr. poop - 16 timmar sedan
I like game of thrones still but that's just my opinion😐
Christopher Henderson
Christopher Henderson - 22 timmar sedan
Considering how John's ark actually ends I think the writers watched this episode. xD
Rahn1908 - Dag sedan
it d be great if arya was dead during that horse scene and it d take her to the afterlife or something... a minor problem compared to the fuckup that was Jaime walking half the keep stabbed twice in the kidneys or the dragon mopping the fleet up but still i was thinking watching that d it be cool if arya just died in the all the mayem.
ApoJake - Dag sedan
Fans: "There's no WAY that Bran will be king."
Bran: "Hold my wheelchair."
Dean Chase
Dean Chase - Dag sedan
Fuck off turd that's what you are right your dad took a painful shit n you pop out own it it little cunt boy
John Smith
John Smith - 2 dagar sedan
38:07 Tree King 🙄
devincognito - 2 dagar sedan
Alex should just live in a hole
shaunius 123
shaunius 123 - 2 dagar sedan
So much 'fucking' in this review
Jude MacThreinfhir
Jude MacThreinfhir - 2 dagar sedan
Is Alex not just Buff Joe?
Matthew Tilbury
Matthew Tilbury - 2 dagar sedan
Jaime's final reason to kill the mad king was that he ordered him to kill his own father. That's why he did it, he didn't do it to save the city. He did it to save himself and his old man.
WillySweet WonkaJoe
WillySweet WonkaJoe - 2 dagar sedan
Daenerys wanted to rule King's Landing but the ppl didn't embrace her as a their queen and a liberator so fuck em...BURN THEM ALL
Wes - 3 dagar sedan
You also have to keep in mind, it's not just that they're working without the template provided by Martin, they're likely having to work around a number of restrictions Martin has put in place so that they don't beat him to the punch on the endings he has planned. If I'm the creator of GoT and a TV show gets ahead of my work, and I've built in a whole lot of foreshadowing, I don't want my resolution to be anticlimactic because you've seen it already on TV. So I'm telling the producers they can do whatever they want except this and this and this. Those are mine.
MICHAEL BURKHEAD - 3 dagar sedan
I just watched episode 5. I thought it was better than the battle of Winterfell. That was king level dumb.
BFKC - 3 dagar sedan
I frankly don't understand all the "Missandei"-bashing. I guess the character wasn't deep (she is deeper in the books), but she is DEFINITELY top 2 or 1 in looks in the whole series, which is saying something. Also, her death sucked, why shouldn't it... It also makes sense that it would leave Dany and Grey Worm pissed (at least that much). I just don't see the point in this particular bashing, it seems the typical petty "meme"-bullshit that is actually about nothing (or dumb psychological bullshit that is no use getting into).
BFKC - 3 dagar sedan
That's a very substantial, in-depth talk, some really good analysis, not just filler... It shows even many more flaws I didn't really think about. (Like the way their distrust was absolutely pathetic and justified only by what stupidly happens in the future, but in no way in the present, which is awful writing, and how even Varys was actually being a murderous POS right away, and Tyrion does absolute nonsense by even trying to save Cersei, which is a whole can of worms and basically just makes no sense in his position, unless he is a dumb little bitch.)
devildogwhisper - 3 dagar sedan
Ygritte was right all along. Anyone who knows anything would have used the R+L=J card BEFORE murdering the tyrant in order to justify the murder.
SuperMrFriendly - 3 dagar sedan
i kinda like the ending. feminist powertrip gone wrong.
azer mammadov
azer mammadov - 3 dagar sedan
end season 7.and king night won
Bill Chamberlain
Bill Chamberlain - 3 dagar sedan
Season 8: A Song of Fire from Ass
Atthy Vaarg
Atthy Vaarg - 3 dagar sedan
Joe, shut the fuck up, let them fucking talk
Mighty Mouse
Mighty Mouse - 3 dagar sedan
Read the name of this channel. Now, you shut the fuck up.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 4 dagar sedan
dam joe was right. drink up.
Jason Owens
Jason Owens - 4 dagar sedan
They died because her lady boner wasn't satisfied!
tray pendland
tray pendland - 4 dagar sedan
shawn's part got muted btw
SimonWagon - 4 dagar sedan
Ser Davos: I’ve never known bells to mean surrender
D&D: Yeah we kinda forgot about that
allybean - 4 dagar sedan
This made no sense why is Bran king? Why is Jon's second life useless, why is Tyrion a bitch, and how did this show go to to hell in 3 episodes?
Mighty Mouse
Mighty Mouse - 3 dagar sedan
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen - 4 dagar sedan
Khal Drogo23
Khal Drogo23 - 4 dagar sedan
Lmao I feel Alexs pain 😂
Carla Garcia
Carla Garcia - 4 dagar sedan
The way you explained the improved scene just fixed the completely, but also before that I wished the Night King would've gone south like directly to Cerci in Kingslanding. Also a shot and close up of the north just waiting for the army of the dead and Bran being surprised like actually showing emotion. And northeners are rushing south and they are debating trying to fly a dragon down thereto warn them.
phetamine - 4 dagar sedan
I didn't mind the burning, i thought it was implied that those people went to kings landing protection when war started and supported lanisters executions. Although yeah typical benevolent person would spare them but she didn't want to show weakness and lose against cersei. Cersei drove her to madness.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith - 4 dagar sedan
The reason Drogon didnt kill jon snow is because he doesn't blame him for killing dany, she died becuase of the throne
trcsonic - 4 dagar sedan
Jessica Kane
Jessica Kane - 4 dagar sedan
Tyrion has become a moron because Dumb and Dumber can't write a character more intelligent that they are,
Wild West
Wild West - 4 dagar sedan
why did we watch arya in episode 6 for 10 minutes? Why the white horse? Oh right it was pointless like jaime and cersei. Cersei did pretty much nothing in season 8. Great villian and she had no backup plan or anything. Just died to some rocks
Wild West
Wild West - 4 dagar sedan
man episode 6 sucked. I think it was the best of season 8 but it was garbage. So much crap made no sense. They screwed up the entire season 8 and the entire show. The ending of a show is the best part
elnumbrotres - 4 dagar sedan
The reason for the cuts between Arya and the Hound is that they filmed Arya running through the city as a 5 minute single take and couldn’t sit through 30 seconds at a time
elnumbrotres - 4 dagar sedan
The could have had 20 episodes. HBO offered them two ten episode seasons
IDKHowToYouTUbe - 4 dagar sedan
elnumbrotres source?
VGLO - 4 dagar sedan
Sepilein1 - 2 dagar sedan
im gonna watch s1-s5 and maybe even 6 again just to heal my mind from the crap...all the waiting time for a punch in the guts. If you dont want to do a good ending just let it open ended^^
Daniel Mena
Daniel Mena - 4 dagar sedan
Cant wait for ep 6 lmao
Angel Valdez
Angel Valdez - 4 dagar sedan
The camera zooms from dannies eye and reveals they’re playing dungeons and dragons.
Neo DC
Neo DC - 4 dagar sedan
Hur yup with that review. I wanna hate!
Bob Dancer
Bob Dancer - 4 dagar sedan
James Solomon
James Solomon - 4 dagar sedan
Where's episode 8 Mojo JoJo? :P
J. Tovey
J. Tovey - 4 dagar sedan
Episode 6 please. I watched it and thought, Joe is going to get Super Sayian angry.
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart - 4 dagar sedan
Angry Joe angry Joe where are you angry Joe I want to talk about and hear about the second last episode of putting game of thrones
BigMacAttacks R WackAsFack
BigMacAttacks R WackAsFack - 4 dagar sedan
I'm as disappointed in jon as he is in d&d
shev Vanko Man4ev69
shev Vanko Man4ev69 - 4 dagar sedan
He is so piss of that can't even uploand angry rant on the finale
Justin Y.
Justin Y. - 4 dagar sedan
Joe died with ep6
Elias Pouloyiannis
Elias Pouloyiannis - 4 dagar sedan
I think the finale was too much for poor Joe.
Garbage channel
ZibanO - 4 dagar sedan
Oh man this is really bad, I don't think Joe even has the strength to rant this time around... :O No ep6 angry review?
NEBUKADNECCAR - 4 dagar sedan
Angry Joe where' s new review? Since I saw episide 6 You're the only one that can bring me some relieve :(
joker000 - 4 dagar sedan
Joe your predictions are on point!
jeff void
jeff void - 4 dagar sedan
I feel like killing myself after just watching ep6... omfg!!! 8 years for this bullshit
Raccoon Raphael
Raccoon Raphael - 4 dagar sedan
You are a very TOXIC Fan.
Nicholas Sparnon
Nicholas Sparnon - 4 dagar sedan
will be sooo pissed with episode 6!
Predict051 - 4 dagar sedan
Ep 6
President Duck
President Duck - 4 dagar sedan
You know, in my opinion Cleganebowl, the one scene where they DIDN'T subvert expectations, was the only good part of the episode.
Jeffrey Coley
Jeffrey Coley - 4 dagar sedan
Dany killed him. Or falling debris. Not that smelly pirate
mojosodope45 - 4 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to hear thoughts on the series finale. Joe might lose his shit.
Zot Tv
Zot Tv - 4 dagar sedan
Lol omg the last episode sucked
BIG POMPOUS - 4 dagar sedan
Where is episode 6 joe
Ratus - 4 dagar sedan
I am so waiting for the next Angry Joe GOT review lol.... I was at the community event with AJ,OJ, ALEX and DELRITH...EVERYBODY is hating the last episode... that is when you KNOW its bad XD... I haven't watched it... I got home at 10 pm ( I had to catch the bus lol)
Fleyk - 4 dagar sedan
Oh boi, you gotta be ready for this
SnakEmil the Science Eel
SnakEmil the Science Eel - 4 dagar sedan
spoiler alert

it was bran
Stephen Agnew
Stephen Agnew - 4 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see your review of episode 6 😂
Zonex123 - 4 dagar sedan
hurry up with episode 6! :X
Sunny Lovetts
Sunny Lovetts - 4 dagar sedan
The last episode was well shot, but such a strange ending... still trying to wrap my mind around it.
siwueofk - 4 dagar sedan
DAMN! Ya'll were really accurate on the series finale lmao
Cameron Gill
Cameron Gill - 4 dagar sedan
It is so funny watching their predictions for the finale after the actual finale game out looool
Mo - 4 dagar sedan
Where is ep 6 Joe?!?!
Nimir Singh
Nimir Singh - 4 dagar sedan
Waiting for your "angry" opinion on episode 6
have a great day
have a great day - 4 dagar sedan
How much was it telegraphed that Anikin was gonna kill all the Jedi children?
The Caring Adolf Hitler
The Caring Adolf Hitler - 4 dagar sedan
Leo19rash - 4 dagar sedan
I am here to watch the season finale dude where are you
R4GE 84
R4GE 84 - 4 dagar sedan
Dying for your ep 6 review!!
TheBrabon1 - 4 dagar sedan
i wonder if and when the person who leaked all the major plot points for the final 3 epis will ever be revealed
6string42 - 4 dagar sedan
I cant wait to see your review of the finale. I KNOW you are livid right now! What a dumpster fire ending
Sensitive Skeptic
Sensitive Skeptic - 4 dagar sedan
Targaryens are a coin toss away from going batshit crazy
fergabmmx - 4 dagar sedan
im hitting F5 on the home page Joe
i need your opinion Joe !
T Roy
T Roy - 4 dagar sedan
37:34 Jon finally pets Ghost so Joe gives the finale a 1/10 😀
SGT Foley
SGT Foley - 4 dagar sedan
Lmao he has to!
Derrick Girone
Derrick Girone - 4 dagar sedan
Episode 6 was absolute fucking trash cant wait to watch ur rant on it lmfao
Retalak - 4 dagar sedan
+T Roy x-doubt
T Roy
T Roy - 4 dagar sedan
Word is he actually loved it!
Satan Claus
Satan Claus - 4 dagar sedan
6/10?! I'd give it 1 out of 5, because my expectations were low, but damn....
joenoseph - 4 dagar sedan
Sansa and Tyrion were both great this season
Ryan Crawford
Ryan Crawford - 4 dagar sedan
Joe I’m getting impatient here! Need that review up for the finale!!!!!!!!
SGT Foley
SGT Foley - 4 dagar sedan
I’ve been waiting since it ended last night
JINKS 240 - 4 dagar sedan
My opening was they going to make a new season 9 cuz John snow going to be the dead walkers few years later trust me make sense how John snow knows that he won’t come back cuz they going to make him as a dead walker that’s why he left the other side!
uk Lazy
uk Lazy - 4 dagar sedan
the 3 amigos comment on a masterpiece,,thats the failure here
James Lynch
James Lynch - 4 dagar sedan
The finale was great and ended rightly. ANTI-TROPE if you're still disgruntled then you deserve to be, im ok with the outcome but I wasnt ok with how they got there, but getting there was GRR Martins failure hence the rushed 6 episodes, so tempted and easy it was to sign that winey petition but glad I didnt, you signed your name to a fictitious agenda fed by your own delusions. You are the exact unwanted fans that all the writers wished to not entertain theres a million of you.
zwush - 4 dagar sedan
Sorry but the writing was terrible, nothings gonna change that. The whole season was a pile of dogshit and everyone knows it...
Ronald Nanoz
Ronald Nanoz - 4 dagar sedan
that is one ugly-looking CGI dragon, looks like a peking duck
C - 4 dagar sedan
@Angryjoeshow Make sure you have a lot of beers for episode 6. You'll need them.
Aeiden gtfo
Aeiden gtfo - 4 dagar sedan
The whole final season felt like the cliff notes for 2-3 seasons.
Mazeeno HA
Mazeeno HA - 4 dagar sedan
Just a question, did they planned all of these scenarios way before season 1? :'(((
ShinTensei - 4 dagar sedan
Joe gotta twin bro
Mats F.
Mats F. - 4 dagar sedan
Watched 5 minutes on episode 6, and im already wondering, who the fuck cleaned the streets, no bodies, no nothing in the middle of the streets, where people got burned to crisps, people were so tight together it should be riddled with rubble and bodies.
Nicholas Fitzpatrick
Nicholas Fitzpatrick - 4 dagar sedan
Damn Joe, Those episode 6 predictions around 37:00 were on point
Nicholas Fitzpatrick
Nicholas Fitzpatrick - 4 dagar sedan
Also, no one is talking about how stupid Varys was when he has been highly calculated the entire show. Always operating in shadows, he suddenly decides to tell Jon on the beach, open to the whole world, "HEY JON, I THINK YOU SHOULD USURP THE THRONE. MAYBE YOU SHOULD KILL THE QUEEN AND RULE JUSTLY!"

How dumb can you be? Even the dumbest person on the planet would have been more tactful about that
Eric Jin
Eric Jin - 4 dagar sedan
Joe is gonna be pissed about episode 6 lol
Cloud VII
Cloud VII - 4 dagar sedan
Yes, because this stupid epidodes was done by Resetera.
CommanderM117 - 4 dagar sedan
EYE - - 4 dagar sedan
Dick&Dick ruined it
Joshua Lawton
Joshua Lawton - 4 dagar sedan
Damn he's gonna be mad about the finale
HappyDude - 4 dagar sedan
I want to see calesie die now
She never was a good leader
Because she wants to be it
John dousnt want it that makes him better already
1999worldjacob - 5 dagar sedan
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo - 5 dagar sedan
I was disappointed when the mountain had his helmet taken off
GnomeDazzle - 5 dagar sedan
Whining little bitches throwing a hissy fit because their theories were wrong and think they know writing better than the team from HBO. It's fucking pathetic. Those writers are better at what they do than any of you will ever be at anything.

You all missed years of foreshadowing and development and plot points and are upset because your favorite Looper theories didn't come true. You're a bunch of whiny, sad sacks of shit who missed the point of the show and are on the bandwagon HARD.
EpicChocolate - 4 dagar sedan
GnomeDazzle y’all about bandwagon don’t procreate ever kill off you dumb genes please
john r
john r - 4 dagar sedan
No man, if your telling me got season 7 and 8 is as good as season 2 and 3, then you got a shit taste in tv, i will be watching hbos new chernobyl for some actual GOOD smart clever unpredictable compelling writing cause those writers clearly care about the product they put out