Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes - 10 minuter sedan
The cats movie is sh*t
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes - 11 minuter sedan
Dude I loved this before cats came out!
PS.awesome3 - 24 minuter sedan
Isaac Monreal
Isaac Monreal - 27 minuter sedan
It looks good just need to do a little redesign on the character not a huge fan of the hands
Nalon McCallough
Nalon McCallough - 30 minuter sedan
I came here to wash out the garbage that was the 'Cats' trailer from my eyes. #SonicIsBetter.
Temmie The Pally
Temmie The Pally - 35 minuter sedan
Returned after seeing The Cats trailer. We should apologize to Paramount for the negativity. Let’s give this video more likes
Jovanny Mercado
Jovanny Mercado - 37 minuter sedan
Honestly this is looking like one of those movies I refused to watch in theaters but would totally watch like 20 times at home ( enter Pixel)
Jovanny Mercado
Jovanny Mercado - 39 minuter sedan
So......if I write about the Cats trailer I'm considered relevant enough for a like.....👍
Chill - 42 minuter sedan
After seeing the Cats movie trailer, this actually doesn’t look absolutely horrifyingly, grotesque!
Stormmirror 57
Stormmirror 57 - 55 minuter sedan
After seeing the cats trailer, I am sorry sonic
Watch Dog
Watch Dog - 55 minuter sedan
Well, the cats trailer makes this look like the Mona Lisa
Ramiro Romero
Ramiro Romero - 57 minuter sedan
Sonic does not look good 😧
Daud Aliyafie
Daud Aliyafie - 58 minuter sedan
im liking this trailer after comparing it to cats. sorry sonic for the previous dislike.
iiAmFrosty - Timme sedan
Sonic warned us about the Cats trailer.
The Blue Spider
The Blue Spider - Timme sedan
So when sonic said uhhh meow he was pointing out that the cgi gets worst in the cats movie
Little Hekate
Little Hekate - Timme sedan
I loved this Sonic even before Cats trailer, he's so cute
Jyotsna Singh
Jyotsna Singh - Timme sedan
Next thing you know u see MARIO AND LUIGI THE MOVIE on your recommended
The Blue Spider
The Blue Spider - Timme sedan
This is the worst movie ever.

*sees cat trailer*

Welp sonic I'll be buying tickets
Marwan Ezzawi
Marwan Ezzawi - Timme sedan
i'm just here to give a dislike
Nube Gamer
Nube Gamer - Timme sedan
I still think this design is bad. Even after that whole Cat Shit
Reese1105092018 Dancin Shove bOy
99% people talking about the cats trailer 0.99999% people are talking about how bad this is 0.00001% of people are having pie charts
AnimalNuttt - Timme sedan
I'm here from the Cats trailer
TheOnePickle - Timme sedan
This doesn’t look so bad after seeing the Cats trailer
ALAL 1234
ALAL 1234 - Timme sedan
Blue hedgehog: Meow
Uganda Knuckles: Dis is our Queen
Zayed Saeed
Zayed Saeed - 2 timmar sedan
The guy they fell in the ring looks like mayo at a little bit
Oscar C.
Oscar C. - 2 timmar sedan
I'm sorry, sonic. #catsmovie
Kαwαusσ pinkü
Kαwαusσ pinkü - 2 timmar sedan
1:18 me after seeing the design for Sonic
trash boi
trash boi - 2 timmar sedan
its better than the CATS movie and i mean better
but human teeth for sonic????
francisco andrada
francisco andrada - 2 timmar sedan
We should actually give kudos to then for delaying the film to redesign sonic
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad - 2 timmar sedan
I’m 100% sure this movie will be a a big flop
Even if they fixed Sonic’s face
some dude that makes videos
some dude that makes videos - 2 timmar sedan
Just came from watching the "CATS" trailer...OH WOW
mkeufish - 2 timmar sedan
For the love of god stop comparing this to cats people! I stand by that the design of sonic is still hideous!
Denis Pro
Denis Pro - 2 timmar sedan
creepier than sonic.exe
Tom van der Heijden
Tom van der Heijden - 2 timmar sedan
Angel Canaba
Angel Canaba - 2 timmar sedan
Like Jim Carey as Dr. Robotnik
Vlogs - 2 timmar sedan
And Sonic says meow
popculture talker dub
popculture talker dub - 2 timmar sedan
Wait you don't think sega told Taylor Swift to make that movie to make us say didn't look so bad?
Goji Boy 2019
Goji Boy 2019 - 2 timmar sedan
This trailer still haunts me
Brightyest - 3 timmar sedan
Im going to like this video now....
And not think about cats.
Aydea - 3 timmar sedan
after seeing the Cats trailer i am perfectly fine with Sonic looking like this.
Bread - 3 timmar sedan
I didn’t know about the cats but now I think this loooks scary because the cats.......I’m a furry... :(
Coffee Carl
Coffee Carl - 3 timmar sedan
I apologize for disliking this trailer. *clicks the like button*
Melih Celik
Melih Celik - 3 timmar sedan
I'm taking back the dislike that I gave to Sonic... Believe me if you watch The Cats trailer you will also take it back... Lets give a Like to Sonic.
I just saw The Cats trailer and I'm like "Oh my God what did I just watch?!"
jon barnett
jon barnett - 3 timmar sedan
FAB ROD - 3 timmar sedan
Ever since this trailer came out, I Said that sonic’s design didn’t look that bad. Now ever since the cats trailer got released, I think I made my point
Yan Liao
Yan Liao - 3 timmar sedan
I’m sorry sonic
Turns out hedgehogs are better than cats
StewPac - 3 timmar sedan
This trailer’s comment section is a headquarters for every bad CGI animation movie out there.
Jackson the hedgehog
Jackson the hedgehog - 3 timmar sedan
I sorry Sonic movie for hate you the cats movie is very bad
Bleach - 3 timmar sedan

You need it for your eyes
cali rhoades
cali rhoades - 3 timmar sedan
sonic boo im so sorry for judging you that cats trailer gave me ptsd so you look beautiful hun