College Kids React To PewDiePie - Congratulations

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FBE - 13 dagar sedan
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MIDKNIGHT FENERIR - 17 timmar sedan
FBE PewDiePie : Why you TGAY? T-Series : TGay? I am Straighter Than the Pole your Mom Dances On
Hi Im Shino
Hi Im Shino - 21 timme sedan
then sub to pewdiepie
TheRoadBoy - Dag sedan
FBE react to PewDiePie-Hej hej monika
kou shik • 9K Views
kou shik • 9K Views - Dag sedan
+Jayden Chavez That's why I hate Non Individual creators
NotreallyAline - 16 minuter sedan
Me :stream bts
Also me :stream congratulations
Myth Crystal
Myth Crystal - 25 minuter sedan
"They look like they're having fun"
Roomie: * has a break down in the room of balloons*
Editing Stuff
Editing Stuff - 32 minuter sedan
5:56 so me tom so me😊
DarthJared978 - Timme sedan
Too bad pewds is 400,000 behind🤧🤧
Carl van Holsteyn
Carl van Holsteyn - 52 minuter sedan
Gorilla Sangar
Gorilla Sangar - Timme sedan
Pewdiepie is still a legend even he lost
world great gamer
world great gamer - Timme sedan
Pewdiepie is always will be a legend 1 like 1 sub to pewdiepie
MsErikaOh - 2 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie is like the most genuine OG YouTuber I've been following for years with 90M subscribers. He's still so humble. 🙏
Angie’s Art
Angie’s Art - 2 timmar sedan
everyone who see this and did not sub to PEWDS,

*SUB NOW >:(*
Foolistan - 2 timmar sedan
who can read my comment ?

VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA - 2 timmar sedan
So you are too promoting hate in here.
Yarr - 37 minuter sedan
show bob and vegene
Cristina Maria
Cristina Maria - Timme sedan
What? Oh you are a T TRASH fan
f8tal_搰 - 2 timmar sedan
Had to drag Indians into this :P the caste system is a shame full thing in Indian history but the Indian government has taken more action against it than any white nation has with regards to slavery. India has reservations for lower caste members in all universities and government jobs. If that doesn't show we are ashamed of the caste system we have taken action against it, its just ironical coming from a white person :P
f8tal_搰 - 10 minuter sedan
Spice Dogg wtf
Spice Dogg
Spice Dogg - 46 minuter sedan
Dammit I got r/whoooshed
Spice Dogg
Spice Dogg - 47 minuter sedan
f8tal_搰 oh
f8tal_搰 - 49 minuter sedan
+Spice Dogg DuDe iT wAs jOkE bRo
Spice Dogg
Spice Dogg - Timme sedan
Dude it was a joke
Jin Choi
Jin Choi - 2 timmar sedan
Neelabhra Sinha
Neelabhra Sinha - 2 timmar sedan
We Indian's are enough 😌😌😌
Damon Hagerty
Damon Hagerty - 2 timmar sedan
Fluffy Falcon
Fluffy Falcon - 2 timmar sedan
+Ohh YeahYeah yeah
Ohh YeahYeah
Ohh YeahYeah - 2 timmar sedan
No u r not
LittleLegendGamer - 2 timmar sedan
Hey guys pewds is no 1 and t series is shit, come at me
LittleLegendGamer - 2 timmar sedan
It took away the no. 1 spot on youtube which is meant to be a platform for content creators not massive corporations
Nitin Tomar
Nitin Tomar - 2 timmar sedan
So tell me what t series did bad for you its taken something from you
Nitin Tomar
Nitin Tomar - 2 timmar sedan
T series wins at last. No matter how many country people support 💩 poopdiepie , we indians are enough
I might be a Youtuber
I might be a Youtuber - 2 timmar sedan
This is a joke We the 9 year old army dont care about the war it's being he misted subscribed
Ohh YeahYeah
Ohh YeahYeah - 2 timmar sedan
No it’s just because India’s are like rabbits, spread everywhere you idiots
pjm_wxlfie - 2 timmar sedan
Grant Wiley
Grant Wiley - 2 timmar sedan
Leona Nyman-Strachal
Leona Nyman-Strachal - 3 timmar sedan
My sister saves her subscribe for pewdiepie when it’s needed the most.
Grube Plejsy
Grube Plejsy - 3 timmar sedan
Are they subbed to pewds?
Derpizoid! ._·
Derpizoid! ._· - 16 minuter sedan
iam - 3 timmar sedan
Oh jeeze that's actually really sad
Master SKULL
Master SKULL - 3 timmar sedan
Do one for the brofist song !!!!
Jas Ting
Jas Ting - 3 timmar sedan
Anyone wants to join this Try not to sing &dance along to high school musical Challenge with IN2IT members! 😂* Turn up the volume
Jay - 4 timmar sedan
omg stan lee reference how rude
b r i a n b e a r
b r i a n b e a r - 4 timmar sedan
1:08 aww he's such a bean so cute
omg he's such a jelly bean little smol squishy white chocolate coated with chocolate & caramel syrup
Chloe Mcnamara
Chloe Mcnamara - Timme sedan
wtf I am so confused
Alexander Spohr
Alexander Spohr - 2 timmar sedan
Jules - 4 timmar sedan
pew gays
pew gays - 5 timmar sedan
Peoples are busy trolling t-series 😂
Let me tell uh guys pewdiepie is already dead 😂
Soul Eater
Soul Eater - 4 timmar sedan
Legends never die Pewd is no.1 again T series wining is the best april fools prank 😂😂😂
Jayden Nguyen
Jayden Nguyen - 6 timmar sedan
fu*ky t-cereal
Jayden Nguyen
Jayden Nguyen - 2 timmar sedan
pewdiepie eats t-cereal for bekfast
Joe Gasly
Joe Gasly - 3 timmar sedan
I only eat Pewdiepie serial with brofist marshmallows 👊
LittleRosieThorn - 6 timmar sedan
Joe Gasly
Joe Gasly - 3 timmar sedan
Boredom, you must live in my time zone because 3 hours ago it was 2 am here
subtopews - 6 timmar sedan
Partha Sarma
Partha Sarma - 6 timmar sedan
Insulting T Series can be tolerated but insulting every Indian. Such a sore loser.
Damon Hagerty
Damon Hagerty - 2 timmar sedan
Sub bot!!!!!
LittleLegendGamer - 2 timmar sedan
Its just a joke though...
Demon Savage
Demon Savage - 3 timmar sedan
The main problem of most of the Indians is that they can't take a joke... Even a sarcastic joke offends them...
Jeyenem Torres
Jeyenem Torres - 6 timmar sedan
Prodip Kumar Saha
Prodip Kumar Saha - 4 timmar sedan
Tikinou 38
Tikinou 38 - 5 timmar sedan
Arup Jyoti Das
Arup Jyoti Das - 7 timmar sedan
Fuck pewdiepie
Spice Dogg
Spice Dogg - Timme sedan
Fuck Arup Jyoti Das
M45T3R_ L3G3ND
M45T3R_ L3G3ND - 4 timmar sedan
Check my vid
just dustin
just dustin - 5 timmar sedan
This is the reason you have no subscribers
sub to me if you want sub
sub to me if you want sub - 5 timmar sedan
loewe huang
loewe huang - 8 timmar sedan
Ravikesh Kumar
Ravikesh Kumar - 8 timmar sedan
T series never make a fun of pewds but why this bhosdike making it worse competition😕😕😕😕😕 such a ahole
Vishnu nair
Vishnu nair - 13 minuter sedan
why would t series make fun of pewdiepie...they are a damn corporation...and youtube is for creators not corporations...if an indian creator is the most subscribed channel then it wouldnt be a big deal but its an indian corporation vs like 3-4 guys making funny videos
Tipik Kedi
Tipik Kedi - 2 timmar sedan
Subbot to win pewds? You can see
Prodip Kumar Saha
Prodip Kumar Saha - 4 timmar sedan
+Ravikesh Kumar 👍👌😂
Dumb Cunt
Dumb Cunt - 6 timmar sedan
EthanTDC - 8 timmar sedan
Can you please make them listen to B word lasagna
yuiop speklastong
yuiop speklastong - 8 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie can now copystrike this video but he won't do that because he is not an asshole
yuiop speklastong
yuiop speklastong - Timme sedan
+Avaneesh Life you seem to miss my point here, I was pertaining to anyone who claims other's videos unfairly in the youtube so society. If I am wrong and didn't get your point it is because I am confused in which matter are you trying to say about. Feel free to tell me.
Test Account
Test Account - 4 timmar sedan
+Avaneesh Life I mean (i'm a nine year old too) but, you're kinda right.
Avaneesh Life
Avaneesh Life - 6 timmar sedan
Yeah like rest of the Sweden people are assholes
Daniel Riley Carter
Daniel Riley Carter - 9 timmar sedan
The only reason T-BITCHRIES are the most cunbed channel(thought theyre will never be the No1 YouTuber) is because most of their subscribers are (almost) a whole country of people that don't know what REAL ENTERTAINMENT is.
Avaneesh Life
Avaneesh Life - 6 timmar sedan
+Utsav Nikte If this is not a fucking war then why is Pewdiepie dissing India on the name of a music company
Nava Mani
Nava Mani - 7 timmar sedan
Mitchell Chen OK happy to see that people respect India and don't make patriotism for t- bad
Mitchell Chen
Mitchell Chen - 7 timmar sedan
+Nava Mani When will you guys understand??? I am not only talking about Indians, I have a lot of friends at school, who are Indian and they love PewDiePie. But I'm also talking about the other countries he has probably accommodated haters from. I respect the Indian culture and what they do, and I am not implying it is only Indians.
G蓝 - 9 timmar sedan
sub me now
Tikinou 38
Tikinou 38 - 5 timmar sedan
Aaron Villarina
Aaron Villarina - 9 timmar sedan
Test Account
Test Account - 4 timmar sedan
+TheMostLit Game NO.
TheMostLit Game
TheMostLit Game - 9 timmar sedan
Sub me please
TheMostLit Game
TheMostLit Game - 9 timmar sedan
BLASTI CHUNGUS - 9 timmar sedan
Wheres the minecraft version
H-KØRE ØFFICIAL - 6 timmar sedan
No. Just.... Ye- NO. Brain: You know you want that dude... Me: YE- NOO!! Brain:... Me: Ý Ë Ś
Noor Omar
Noor Omar - 9 timmar sedan
Flodz Kurupted
Flodz Kurupted - 9 timmar sedan
FrozenTurtles - 9 timmar sedan
Sub to pewdiepie
ROBERT HELMEN - 9 timmar sedan
LittleLegendGamer - 2 timmar sedan
But they do, he's literally their competition on youtube you idiot
Sniper King1
Sniper King1 - 9 timmar sedan
T--series is back on top
ROBERT HELMEN - 9 timmar sedan
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez - 10 timmar sedan
PewDiePie: congratulations,his song
T-series: thank you pewds
Date: April 1st 2019
T-series: dang it he did it again

Please comment and let’s talk
Avaneesh Life
Avaneesh Life - 6 timmar sedan
+Melissa Hernandez sky
UnderWear 17
UnderWear 17 - 7 timmar sedan
What up
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez - 9 timmar sedan
What’s up
ROBERT HELMEN - 9 timmar sedan
T series on top now
ROBERT HELMEN - 9 timmar sedan
Gtfo Brian
DUFF - 10 timmar sedan
hereswaldo09 waldo
hereswaldo09 waldo - 10 timmar sedan
Do kids react to Aerosmith
CharonV - 10 timmar sedan
I’m a heavy hitter
Bout to start a genocide call me Hit-congratulations
Bir Singh Rawat
Bir Singh Rawat - 10 timmar sedan
T series win I know you fu**n foreigners
Bhuvan Gamer
Bhuvan Gamer - 9 timmar sedan
+Adrian Rizon fuck u
Adrian Rizon
Adrian Rizon - 9 timmar sedan
kevin player
kevin player - 9 timmar sedan
Bir Singh Rawat ?
Fruzzle - 10 timmar sedan
The caption is totally wrong 🤣
Emilyn - 11 timmar sedan
I actually need this on spotify
Ramdn Random
Ramdn Random - 11 timmar sedan
Yeah.. It's on spotify. I just listened
dis dude. has taco.
dis dude. has taco. - 11 timmar sedan
Emilyn it is on Spotify I checked...DONT ASK WHY!
NotYourDear - 12 timmar sedan
all i can remember from the bts is that when they shot off the fireworks it was WINDY and they were drunk as heck
Darren Thorogood
Darren Thorogood - 12 timmar sedan
PewDiePie wins because t-series uses sub bots
Hera Akashi
Hera Akashi - 12 timmar sedan
It makes me cry on the last bro fist part but happy that he is still no. 1 youtube
Hera Akashi
Hera Akashi - Timme sedan
He is always no. 1 he just let T have a bit taste of what it is being a first place on SEzone
killert41 - 9 timmar sedan
+Julius Trenkler hes behind 300k subs so yeah.
Julius Trenkler
Julius Trenkler - 9 timmar sedan
Drew Mallonee bruh what? He passed them again
Drew Mallonee
Drew Mallonee - 11 timmar sedan
Not anymore, but still #1 in all our hearts <3
maria white
maria white - 13 timmar sedan
when pewdiepie like at the end he was like this is it thanks for sticking with my channel gets me every time
FatCat 555
FatCat 555 - 13 timmar sedan
maria white same I laughed so hard
MIDKNIGHT FENERIR - 13 timmar sedan
PewDiePie : Why you TGAY?
T-Series : TGay? I am Straighter Than the Pole your Mom Dances On
Amira GG
Amira GG - 14 timmar sedan
i actually cried when pewds did the last bro first 😭
Get Chesed
Get Chesed - 14 timmar sedan
No pewds is losing
ZB 24
ZB 24 - 14 timmar sedan
Derpy Spy
Derpy Spy - 14 timmar sedan
I brofisted so hard.
Neesha 衣 ゙汚
Neesha 衣 ゙汚 - 15 timmar sedan
Brofist the fucking screen
xXMARCUSBOSSXx - 15 timmar sedan
Wow they must be really smart. 9 year olds in college?
shorelock homes
shorelock homes - 10 timmar sedan
Good joke. L.O.L.
Steven Lamorte
Steven Lamorte - 15 timmar sedan
Complete garbage
Child of God
Child of God - 8 timmar sedan
Your complete *G a r b a g e*
Nate Teh Noob
Nate Teh Noob - 13 timmar sedan
This video is so bad
FatCat 555
FatCat 555 - 13 timmar sedan
No u
Niloc - 14 timmar sedan
Yeah T Series is garbage
musiclistener542 - 15 timmar sedan
Can we copystrike FBE?
Alex Ricardo
Alex Ricardo - 16 timmar sedan
The yeet tho
Malikos s
Malikos s - 16 timmar sedan
I guess the T in your name is for number two !
(Message to T-series)
Aj With a hay
Aj With a hay - 16 timmar sedan
Why does roomie have no frieking subs still
ZOOM Ghost
ZOOM Ghost - 17 timmar sedan
Burn track 😂
XqZ Ra1Dz
XqZ Ra1Dz - 17 timmar sedan
Junaid Hashmi
Junaid Hashmi - 17 timmar sedan
React to Dave psychodrama
Shwifty Nwifty
Shwifty Nwifty - 14 timmar sedan
Junaid Hashmi 😂😂😂
Cutequeen - 17 timmar sedan
It's not over till someone reaches 100M
Jc games014_YT
Jc games014_YT - 17 timmar sedan
I hate pewdiepie and boyinaband but I subbed to pewds goodbye good version of YouTube
Coco LeFou
Coco LeFou - 6 timmar sedan
Jc games014_YT but do u like roomie?
Jc games014_YT
Jc games014_YT - 10 timmar sedan
+Raph true but he is saying that about all schools I'm just saying not all schools are like that he may not know my experience but there are other ways that he wasnt taught he shouldn't be telling people to not stay in school if he went to a bad school
Raph - 11 timmar sedan
Jc games014_YT, The whole song was to talk about his personal experience and how he felt failed by the schooling system. He wasn’t talking about your experience because he doesn’t know your experience.
Jc games014_YT
Jc games014_YT - 12 timmar sedan
+Polar Bear Editing sorry but his dont stay in school was so wrong he said he didn't learn how to cash a check or something and I did learn how to do that and how to write a letter mayne the school he went to wasnt good but I got taught that in like 1st or 3rd grade
MIDKNIGHT FENERIR - 17 timmar sedan
PewDiePie : Why you TGAY?
T-Series : TGay? I am Straighter Than the Pole your Mom Dances On
DabKing Ever
DabKing Ever - 18 timmar sedan
Rohan G
Rohan G - 19 timmar sedan
chutiya saale bc gaandu. Baap se aise baat karte ho bhenchod!!(jst joking)
King Mufasa
King Mufasa - 8 timmar sedan
Btw Rohan, do you seriously think India is the number 1 country in the world(baap)? Many Indians including me are gonna disagree with you on that.
King Mufasa
King Mufasa - 8 timmar sedan
Varun Chamber
Varun Chamber - 19 timmar sedan
Teri ma ki chu** , translation - good reaction
sub to me if you want sub
sub to me if you want sub - 5 timmar sedan
+King Mufasa bsdk its truth
Djay - 14 timmar sedan
benchod madarchod khashmir = pakistan
Om Patil
Om Patil - 18 timmar sedan
+King Mufasa just like ur mom
King Mufasa
King Mufasa - 18 timmar sedan
Fo bc Not everyone is a fool here. Get a life street shitter
Shane plus Tea
Shane plus Tea - 19 timmar sedan
T-series uses sub bots so he can win but we won’t let him
Ravikesh Kumar
Ravikesh Kumar - 8 timmar sedan
What subbots ?? Do you know the population of INDIA . Pewds said something wrong that hurts some people😢😢 but also I appreciate his work
INDRAJEET TRIPATHI - 19 timmar sedan
Reacting on banned video 😂😂😂
Wyatt Reed
Wyatt Reed - 12 timmar sedan
+Yanick Yanick really? That's funny
Andylar LP
Andylar LP - 17 timmar sedan
+Yanick Yanick hahahaha
Yanick Yanick
Yanick Yanick - 18 timmar sedan
+Andylar LP its banned in India
Andylar LP
Andylar LP - 18 timmar sedan
It's not banned
Ghifari _Gaming
Ghifari _Gaming - 19 timmar sedan
Hmm pewdiepie is watching this video exactly
Watergoden - 19 timmar sedan
268 k ....
raghunath patil
raghunath patil - 20 timmar sedan
I hate PewDiePie indian have poo poo in their brains , I am indian I was fan of this shit
sub to me if you want sub
sub to me if you want sub - 5 timmar sedan
+Jonathan Nevarez 70% Indian population live for self respect
Zeriously? - 5 timmar sedan
He's joking lmao
INDRAJEET TRIPATHI - 7 timmar sedan
+Ale The Gamerz thats what your Peoples are pedophiles.
Ravikesh Kumar
Ravikesh Kumar - 8 timmar sedan
T series never make a fun of pewds but why this bhosdike making it worse competition😕😕😕😕
Archie Mario Channel Amc
Archie Mario Channel Amc - 20 timmar sedan
Burn track really!
Andylar LP
Andylar LP - 18 timmar sedan
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 21 timme sedan
I'm crying 280k gap😞
Skoufalot Lord
Skoufalot Lord - 21 timme sedan
T-series is back on top...
Ravikesh Kumar
Ravikesh Kumar - 8 timmar sedan
Dreamers, u never going to win if u make fun of people
Ale The Gamerz
Ale The Gamerz - 19 timmar sedan
With sub bot it easy stupid
Armorde - 20 timmar sedan
+Jesus Christ Please big Master, do pewdiepie win
Skoufalot Lord
Skoufalot Lord - 20 timmar sedan
I hope we come back again and beat them once again. At least first to 100.000.000
3badii 56
3badii 56 - 20 timmar sedan
Skoufalot Lord fuck
randomlysm - 22 timmar sedan
This is so bad? Gurl this is so good!
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 22 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie Should React To This
Nexsis - 22 timmar sedan
steph broadbent
steph broadbent - 22 timmar sedan
rip pewdiepie's channel.
The fierce Lion
The fierce Lion - 18 timmar sedan
T-series passed pewdipie
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 21 timme sedan
Ken Gaming
Ken Gaming - 22 timmar sedan
This will cause a war hahaaha
Bryan Jenkins
Bryan Jenkins - 23 timmar sedan
Do kids react to Dolly Parton
Lourdes Bagadiong
Lourdes Bagadiong - 23 timmar sedan
I saw T Gei when Pewdiepie put up the box
TJ Moore
TJ Moore - 23 timmar sedan
It’s the best song of 2019
alex jr QUiNDOZA jayr tv channel
I like PEWDIEPIE congrats
ItsKenth - Dag sedan
India banned the song because they were stating facts about their country, which is definitely their fault.
ItsKenth - 16 timmar sedan
Andylar LP They banned it in their country I meant
Andylar LP
Andylar LP - 18 timmar sedan
It is still online
Reality - 20 timmar sedan
Yeah. The caste system
BK Alawat
BK Alawat - Dag sedan
*Why do you say wrong about our country?*
_I hate You_ 😪
Smoki36 junior
Smoki36 junior - 15 timmar sedan
He's just stating facts (except the poo poo in the brains)
BK Alawat
BK Alawat - Dag sedan
Why Congratulations Was bad😑
Bipin Alawat
Bipin Alawat - 22 timmar sedan
+Awkward TaterTots 🤫
Awkward TaterTots
Awkward TaterTots - Dag sedan
I was surprised that when I saw this that nobody replied to roast you or argue, but then I realised that nobody cares about your opinion and we all know that your wrong so we shouldn’t waste a precious 5 seconds to tell you that your wrong. The only reason I did this because I thought this was a teachable moment. Not only have I learnt something from this but I believe you can too, you don’t click on a video of someone “reacting” to something then straight away go to the comment section to tell them that the video they reacted to was trash. Like any decent human being you would have just not clicked on it. Or even click “not interested” thank you for your time.
John Nevero
John Nevero - Dag sedan
Chelseaaaaaaa soooo cuuuuuteeee
Bipin Alawat
Bipin Alawat - Dag sedan
Why you didn't understand *Game over* #PewDickPie
000 gaming
000 gaming - 3 timmar sedan
Bipin Alawat
Bipin Alawat - 20 timmar sedan
+skyli 😂
skyli - 21 timme sedan
Uh,what's a gome over?
Vhinchent GamingYT
Vhinchent GamingYT - Dag sedan
Ashleigh Burns
Ashleigh Burns - 23 timmar sedan
Is your bid
Gaming Rooster
Gaming Rooster - Dag sedan
👊 for one last time ?
R. P. K.
R. P. K. - Dag sedan
There's no such thing as last brofist.
Mysterious Eternity
Mysterious Eternity - Dag sedan
Where’s blue shirt kid?