International Pizza Hut Taste Test

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Where in the world does Pizza Hut put Doritos on their pies? It’s an International Taste Test time! GMM #1554
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Intro Animation by Dana Schechter
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Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones
Varaktighet: 14:37


Sam Engle
Sam Engle - 19 timmar sedan
I feel like these just turn into Link getting a massive lead AND the cheat, just for Rhett to make a massive comeback and win 😂
Nicholas McCartney
Nicholas McCartney - 22 timmar sedan
what is links jacket
MattMoans - Dag sedan
Link look like a 10th grader that just discovered pac sun
BustedBros. - Dag sedan
Lol I live in Australia and I have never seen that pizza ever!
ffhgu 07
ffhgu 07 - 2 dagar sedan
To Australian marketing if they like it there us in the US are probably gonna like it too
Allan A
Allan A - 2 dagar sedan
When they ate the Arab burger pizza I felt like link was Yusuf amir
MAU GAMING - 2 dagar sedan
When you pass the test but your friend didn’t. 13:26
Gabrielle Mathews
Gabrielle Mathews - 2 dagar sedan
Can you please make some Bolivian food
OptimusProvost - 3 dagar sedan
Just realized that most of the this audience probably doesn’t know where the international taste test jingle is from
KillerCornMuffin - 3 dagar sedan
Hitting chase with a dart still isn't funny link. Stop.
Brittney Richardson
Brittney Richardson - 12 timmar sedan
He didn't hit chase with a dart, he almost did. Chill.....
Maranda Ward
Maranda Ward - 4 dagar sedan
As someone who worked at Pizza Hut for 3 years and had to get very creative with those ingredients for personal meals...I’m jealous of some of these. Lol.
Alexia Sanchez
Alexia Sanchez - 5 dagar sedan
The fact that Link is wearing Kappa...
just makes my day
Andy Saldana
Andy Saldana - 4 dagar sedan
Alexia Sanchez 😂😂😂😂
Peter Harris
Peter Harris - 5 dagar sedan
Bow ba ba bow ba bow babow
Potato God
Potato God - 5 dagar sedan
I always love watching rhett shoving pizza down his throat
Coda - 6 dagar sedan
So, the doritos pizza was from 2 countries

World 25
World 25 - 6 dagar sedan
Do a international fried chicken taste test

If you guys want
Wilson Thao
Wilson Thao - 6 dagar sedan
damn link has some drip tho 👀🥵
Jaek - 6 dagar sedan
link always lost many times in this game
Tainted_Grace - 7 dagar sedan
Can we start a petition to give Chase hazard pay for these episodes? Or at least a better shirt? Lol.
WJ 1241
WJ 1241 - 7 dagar sedan
Link never wins
Fox ella
Fox ella - 8 dagar sedan
Ummm.... Are you able to order food from other countries? Or did they recreate them?
Dalton Craddock
Dalton Craddock - 7 dagar sedan
They recreated them
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 9 dagar sedan
Okaaaasy I see Link wit the KAPPA drip 💧
Tito Diaz
Tito Diaz - 9 dagar sedan
Link with that kappa fit :)
Joo Honey
Joo Honey - 9 dagar sedan
aceparker25 - 10 dagar sedan
International Taste Test Scoreboard (before this video):
Rhett: 10
Link: 6
Zome Bahdy
Zome Bahdy - 13 dagar sedan
but it remains to this day THEE MOST DISGUSTING PIZZA ON EARTH
msnysu - 15 dagar sedan
link’s rockin the kappa lol
Its Kind of A Grey Area
Its Kind of A Grey Area - 15 dagar sedan
Another FANTASTIC idea!
Guillaume Globensky
Guillaume Globensky - 16 dagar sedan
In the captions, you censored the ch**se... what kind of cheese was it?
a t h e n a
a t h e n a - 17 dagar sedan
wtf i live in the uae and ive never seen the burger pizza???
AmCan Tech
AmCan Tech - 17 dagar sedan
1:57 video actually starts.
The real question is how they delivered the pizzas fresh.
Diana Osoria
Diana Osoria - 15 dagar sedan
Josh makes them
alaina costa
alaina costa - 15 dagar sedan
I think someone on their team makes it but I’m not sure
TTV__CLOUDY - 17 dagar sedan
I love the kappa jacket🔥🔥
Cherry B0mb
Cherry B0mb - 17 dagar sedan
Omg I love Link's quarter zip
Alfred Real
Alfred Real - 18 dagar sedan
Link is tooo old to wear kappa
Naked Molerat
Naked Molerat - 18 dagar sedan
I hope that they give the left over food to the needy.
Shadow 12
Shadow 12 - 19 dagar sedan
Korean pizza hut is amazing
Enik Rogers
Enik Rogers - 21 dag sedan
I hope to one day learn the taste of the Dorito pizza 😋😋
Assasin BTW
Assasin BTW - 22 dagar sedan
that is not a United Kingdom pizza
MikeyDeSanchez0 - 22 dagar sedan
Why tf link got some drip😂
Jake Stanley
Jake Stanley - 22 dagar sedan
Did Rhett tell link to use the plate Bc they might share it but proceeds to dig into the next pizza with his finger? 😂
Jess Turner
Jess Turner - 23 dagar sedan
6:14 D.Va would love it
Angry Happy
Angry Happy - 23 dagar sedan
i think u missed some country is vietnam is has alot of cmt and alot of star for sure.
svbertooth 46
svbertooth 46 - 23 dagar sedan
Where in the world is carmen San Diego?
Gillion - 23 dagar sedan
11:55 chase is making sure that link is throwing dough.. NOT A DART
SideVolt - 24 dagar sedan
pizza with dorito crust? does it come with mountain dew to dip it in?
Paul Enriquez-Goehring
Paul Enriquez-Goehring - 26 dagar sedan
Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Doritos are all owned by Pepsi so it makes sense having a a doritos pizza
Marios Doumou
Marios Doumou - 27 dagar sedan
Holding full content as a premium is holding me back from subscribing.
R Carlos
R Carlos - 28 dagar sedan
LINK....let me say...I have watched ya'll from the start, so, I love you boys....but this look you have today is GREAT for you !
Vaudeo Productions
Vaudeo Productions - 28 dagar sedan
Watch 1:32 at 0.5x speed. You’re welcome
Brent Corr
Brent Corr - 29 dagar sedan
i was hoping for them to try the Canadian pizza its called a Canadian pizza its just meat.. especially after the vegan comments
Samiam munoz
Samiam munoz - 29 dagar sedan
how did you get the pizzas here?
did you all make them or did you have them shipped??
Lucas Han
Lucas Han - 29 dagar sedan
link wearing Kappa is my favorite thing
Aqissiaq G. Larsen
Aqissiaq G. Larsen - Månad sedan
Rhett should have disregarded Link's strategizing "Go ahead, be a wuss." and gone with his own initial strategy to aim at the middle; basically UK.
Aoi37una - Månad sedan should try the newest durian pizza flavour here in Malaysia.. that is just straight up wonky
maximo szub
maximo szub - Månad sedan
Brazil the home of meats ? Wtf
knok ers
knok ers - Månad sedan
Links jacket is dope
MyHeartKeepsMusic - Månad sedan
Anyone ever had the taco pizza from God father's? I swear those chips on there were like Doritos.
Icyedz - Månad sedan
I love how link describes canada. XD
Buck Early
Buck Early - Månad sedan
That was funny!!!
Custom Design Express
Custom Design Express - Månad sedan
It’s weird to think that Link would wear supreme 😂😂😂