International Pizza Hut Taste Test

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jonathon hannah
jonathon hannah - Timme sedan
This show is playing to a few demographics and I like it. Keep the thing going with Chase.🤗
Hazel Primrose
Hazel Primrose - 5 timmar sedan
Woah there Link be careful in Hong Kong
ProfessorDuck - 5 timmar sedan
Its so interesting to see their thought processes
otoutobun - 5 timmar sedan
taco bell / pizza hut / kfc . . . all the same company
no name
no name - 6 timmar sedan
Wait... We had burger pizza?! Since when!
Sara Lewis
Sara Lewis - 7 timmar sedan
Epilepsy warning 10:56 Like so people can see
Ahsan Muhammad
Ahsan Muhammad - 8 timmar sedan
I'm in the uae but I've never seen a burger pizza what?
μsique - 10 timmar sedan
where's the sweet potato pizza from korea
ChaoswarriorX - 10 timmar sedan
Open the vault! I am so saying that next time i open a pizza box
Cody Hustead
Cody Hustead - 11 timmar sedan
Link is wearing designer?
Elite_OJ33 - 11 timmar sedan
So we’re just gonna ignore Link’s Kappa drip?
Micah Philson
Micah Philson - 11 timmar sedan
Even when Link has an amazing game, Rhett always comes back in the end!
Grizou 111
Grizou 111 - 11 timmar sedan
Link looking fly with that kappa jacket 😂😂😂
Rodrigo Perez
Rodrigo Perez - 11 timmar sedan
4:10 its moving wtf
Nicolette Mingels
Nicolette Mingels - 12 timmar sedan
"Pizza Hut conflagriation"
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson - 12 timmar sedan
There was a Pizza/Doritos hybrid and it didn't premiere in the U.S???
Eric Glueckert
Eric Glueckert - 12 timmar sedan
Get Chase a shirt that actually fits correctly.
Adam Alward
Adam Alward - 12 timmar sedan
I always cheer on link in these dart games... cause he is clearly, THE UNDERDOG lol.
Tay R-B
Tay R-B - 13 timmar sedan
Chase is learning, he sat in the chair while Link threw the darts rather than stand there 😂😂
Nick Dodson
Nick Dodson - 13 timmar sedan
How do we order these pizzas?
Koko Mmc
Koko Mmc - 13 timmar sedan
LiLink = Vector “oh yeahhhh!”nk = Vector “oh yeahhhh!”
katherine7444 - 13 timmar sedan
Is it just me or is Chase’s shirt shrinking?
Kevlar88 - 13 timmar sedan
whats that face Link does when he puts things in his mouth?
Kobe Sisouphanh
Kobe Sisouphanh - 14 timmar sedan
link with the kappa... respect
Knoxxgrim - 15 timmar sedan
I'm Greg
I'm Greg - 15 timmar sedan
wait we have pizza hut in hungary?
Diego Rod
Diego Rod - 16 timmar sedan
Link brought the sauce 🔥🔥
Chromberries シ Yee
Chromberries シ Yee - 16 timmar sedan
why would link use his doughart on the most obvious round? like cmon that pizza was clearly some crazy asian invention. but even if he just used a dart on that round, he'd still probably lose...
I just need to vent bcuz I always root for link in these games since I like a good underdog story.
Izzy Wolf gacha
Izzy Wolf gacha - 16 timmar sedan
Sey Whaa@aaaaaaaaaaaaaat
TheUnholyOne - 16 timmar sedan
So jealous they get to try all these.
Bubsnaps 1
Bubsnaps 1 - 17 timmar sedan
Who’s the fruit plowing ?
FullcircleFaith - 17 timmar sedan
I just want Link to win so badly but it seldom happens. 😢
rowan knox langford
rowan knox langford - 17 timmar sedan
bee bee que.... amazing
Sultan Al-Qubaisi
Sultan Al-Qubaisi - 17 timmar sedan
4:05 finally my country have came into my screen while watching GMM
Shane Sanaa
Shane Sanaa - 17 timmar sedan
Do mauritius food next time :D
A little island in the indian ocean. Hi from Mauritius btw ^_^ Fan Alert! ♥
Jack R.
Jack R. - 18 timmar sedan
I think these people ding dong ditch.
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye - 18 timmar sedan
"It's like a burger suburb!"
Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi
Whoa! I was convinced that Rhett was going to lose this one after that first throw! 😮
Thalia Rose
Thalia Rose - 19 timmar sedan
yo link in that kappa tho
AnaxErik4ever - 20 timmar sedan
Hooray, another International dart game! I love these episodes.
Kayla Arredondo
Kayla Arredondo - 20 timmar sedan
Link = Vector “oh yeahhhh!”
Wub5TRIKE - 21 timme sedan
Where can I find Rhett's shirt in this episode?
killer man
killer man - 21 timme sedan
Who remembers the burger pizza from the original =3
Francis James
Francis James - 21 timme sedan
I just love these kind of videos especially with the darts
Ali M . A
Ali M . A - 21 timme sedan
The guy is measuring
Can't breath
Clothes too small
pako joe
pako joe - 22 timmar sedan
ジョーさん - Dag sedan
If you think these are crazy, Taiwanese pizzas take it up a notch...
A I - Dag sedan
My favorite series from this channel! Yayy! ❤️
DaddyOniiChan - Dag sedan
Anyone here called Lisa and is 15 cause I’m James 16
Moon Bun
Moon Bun - Dag sedan
I want to play along but it's too difficult to cover the screen at the right time when it fills with the answer before beginning and I always end up looking at the answer in the middle of the screen during the tasting. Wish they'd leave it a mystery for the Audience too.
BearyMasterz Games
BearyMasterz Games - Dag sedan
The pizza comes from the pizza gods!
Samuel Sparks
Samuel Sparks - Dag sedan
I see you link with the kappa jacket 👀
UserU - Dag sedan
The moment I saw the cheeseburger pizza, I knew where it came from thanks to RWJ's video :D
Randy - Dag sedan
*Like 2019*
_Thanks for Like_
Tiko Mkrtchyan
Tiko Mkrtchyan - Dag sedan
Hello Bro
Jordin Pierce
Jordin Pierce - Dag sedan
Rhett: Use your plate, we might share this later.

Also Rhett: Digs finger through the lettuce on the salad pizza.
László Sándor
László Sándor - Dag sedan
There is nothing similar to that in hungary😂😂
leo Enright
leo Enright - Dag sedan
Link:Aussies r vegan
Me:iyfytdytdyrdhtyfyifutdrstd no
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - Dag sedan
I prefer when Link looses. It just suits their dynamic.
Gerardo Wakakule
Gerardo Wakakule - Dag sedan
Liking the kappa tracksuit 👍🏽
Wat the fung Is this?
Wat the fung Is this? - Dag sedan
Iink should join pizza tossing academy
Tylor - Dag sedan
I wonder if Link knows his jacket is flames!🔥🔥
Carlos Rojo
Carlos Rojo - Dag sedan
mike ellchuk
mike ellchuk - Dag sedan
rhett if you.named your son after locke lamora i applaud you.
dale winchester
dale winchester - Dag sedan
where are all the second parts of the video where you guys do the punishments?
Hetash Benipal
Hetash Benipal - Dag sedan
Link is a Loser lmao
Goatmaster Boi
Goatmaster Boi - Dag sedan
mary medd
mary medd - Dag sedan
Can’t you guys just like try poutine in an episode?
deoo iopg
deoo iopg - Dag sedan
Watching this while cuttin is really painful @hodgetwins
Kaitlyn Buttrey
Kaitlyn Buttrey - Dag sedan
lmao vegan woke
Sinz iQ
Sinz iQ - Dag sedan
All you needed was Mountain Dew
Steen1ification - Dag sedan
Dear Pizza Hut... Bring Doritos Pizza to America! Now!
Misteristir09 - Dag sedan
I’m from the UK and I have never seen that pizza
Lindsay wisdom
Lindsay wisdom - Dag sedan
“Who would think of this??”
“Taco Bell”
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller - Dag sedan
joeh tom
joeh tom - Dag sedan
next time give Link a Plart, placed dart.
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - Dag sedan
Lynk got kappa on damn 😂
935dragon - Dag sedan
Anyone else think link looks really really like vector from dispicaple me 😂 I'm creased
Jennifer Griel
Jennifer Griel - 2 dagar sedan
I prefer when Link looses. It just suits their dynamic.
Eg JoK3R x
Eg JoK3R x - 2 dagar sedan
Do they get the local pizza hut to make these? As i imagine it would cost a little much to order these on uber eats
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 2 dagar sedan
Nomne - 2 dagar sedan
Mongolia has a toast pizza and one with cheese inside of the crust also one with sausage in it.
Goku - 2 dagar sedan
I feel like this has become food channel now lol
Anderxon - 2 dagar sedan
calling australians vegans is an insult
Jay M
Jay M - 2 dagar sedan
4:10 to 4:12 what is that thing moving on the left.
Quinn S.
Quinn S. - 2 dagar sedan
link with the fire ass tracksuit
juan antezana
juan antezana - 2 dagar sedan
Watching this while cuttin is really painful @hodgetwins
Frank McNail
Frank McNail - 2 dagar sedan
This was AWESOME; great show y’all!🤘🏻💕🤘🏻
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell - 2 dagar sedan
Funny enough taco bell and pizza hut are both part of yum brands as well as others. And the cheddar cheese used at pizza hut is in taco bell boxes.
Mei Ling Zhou
Mei Ling Zhou - 2 dagar sedan
im australian and i have NEVER seen the dorito pizza. wtf.
Go Catch Em' All
Go Catch Em' All - 2 dagar sedan
Man my dream job is this.
Zȩȵɉȶɧ Rɉȵǥɱȧƨȶȩr
Run Chase!!!
Ikit Klaw
Ikit Klaw - 2 dagar sedan
next time give Link a Plart, placed dart.
[message deleted]
[message deleted] - 2 dagar sedan
Kappa down to the socks like im soujia boy
Tom Manoj
Tom Manoj - 2 dagar sedan
"Where in the world is Superwoman today-a." ............ no one?
Natalie Ann Hamman
Natalie Ann Hamman - 2 dagar sedan
I love the international taste test videos with the darts!!!
Gallivanter - 2 dagar sedan
These are always fun episodes, now I have to go buy a pizza.
iijh - 2 dagar sedan
I haven't seen much of your videos since like idk 2015 and omg the intro has changed so much!! Wow it does look way better 👌🏽
Hunter Cummings
Hunter Cummings - 2 dagar sedan
If these pizzas are from foreign countries then how are they getting it to their table are they recreating it?
jose ortiz
jose ortiz - 2 dagar sedan
I always want link to lose 😈
Marc-Aurèle Duval
Marc-Aurèle Duval - 2 dagar sedan
Is it me or every time there's Canada as a choice, it's never an actual answer?