Casually Explained: Tipping

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Dominique 9325
Dominique 9325 - 13 timmar sedan
Actually, i heard that in japan tipping is considered impolite, because "the staff should always do their best no matter what" and "you're spoiling them by giving them extra money". So most restaurant staff in japan actually outright refuse tips, i heard.
Hagen34 - 5 dagar sedan
Ever make a waitress laugh and wonder to yourself, "Where's my tip?" That wasn't for free..
Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf - 6 dagar sedan
I just returned from a year living in China. People do not tip there either. I visited Taiwan and Hong Kong, they do not tip there as well.
Only the United States and Canada shames customers into paying an employee’s wages.
Marquis Loflin
Marquis Loflin - 6 dagar sedan
A cook cooks for 4 people, messes up the order, burns himself a few times, cuts himself, sends the food out, makes $1 off that 1 table. The server brings the food to the table and makes $20.
Kirbymeister2 - 9 dagar sedan
If you don't want to tip go to Japan. Tipping is a big no no
Thabo Ndhlovu
Thabo Ndhlovu - 10 dagar sedan
"Africa if they had extra money" sir, you're getting personal now😂😂😂😂
Gaia L
Gaia L - 11 dagar sedan
when you tip 0% youre screwing over the individual server, not the restaurant or the system. your "bravery" is only proving to those servers that you are a huge jerk
Dukerbud 88
Dukerbud 88 - 17 dagar sedan
So, if I go to the local burger bar and grill the server (who does the EXACT same job) gets less of a tip because the prices in a fine dining restaurant are higher. And I???....I'm expected to subsidize these folks' wages just because their manager/owner will not pay them appproriately??
Sorry, doesn't work that way and no i am not cheap. Cheap would mean that I wouldn't want to go out at all or I would be over analyzing the menu looking for the cheapest item.
Tipping NEEDS to be abolished and the only way that will happen is if people like myself just stop the practice.
The sad part is everyone in Canada and the US are programmed to think this is mandatory when it's not at all.
Dean Slegos
Dean Slegos - 18 dagar sedan
Obligatory dollar
Good service 2 bucks
Grey hair and good service 3 bucks
Rilo Robinson
Rilo Robinson - 18 dagar sedan
Africa, If they had extra money....
David Scott
David Scott - 18 dagar sedan
Am I weird for always tipping at least 30%?
ARMANDO HAL - 18 dagar sedan
In Mexico the standard tip is between 10% to 20%
Mista_Fur - 21 dag sedan
I found for college you can just buy books and teach yourself.
Tenfey - 21 dag sedan
Just exclusively eat Fast Food.

Just Somebody
Just Somebody - 21 dag sedan
0:27 I heard somewhere that tipping in Japan is considered rude so they don't do it.
D Cal
D Cal - 22 dagar sedan
Maybe the Canadians compensate waiters when they don't get tipped, but in the US that doesn't happen. People who want tipping to be like Europe, etc, are basically just advocating socialism. Our tipping system in the US works incredibly well. The consumer is going to pay the same amount regardless, whether it's a tip directly to the staff, or in the form of higher prices for the business to cover the higher wage. But in the US system it incentivizes the staff to give good service, and allows the business to reduce overhead and hopefully put that extra savings into their product. Additionally, it's good for the staff because they save money in taxes because they can claim less income on all their cash tips. Yes, it's a bit dishonest but it helps. Overall, if you've never been a server in the US, you probably don't appreciate how hard they work. And if you don't tip, you're essentially just an A hole who probably has some lame excuse about why you don't tip that's really just a coverup for the fact that you either don't have money, or you're a GIANT A hole who does have money.
furrywaffle - 22 dagar sedan
hey wait a second that taxi is a singaporean taxi
Sean Brogan
Sean Brogan - 27 dagar sedan
I really enjoy tips but the system is fucked
Charles Birch
Charles Birch - 28 dagar sedan
I give negative tips for a discount
刘琦宇 - 28 dagar sedan
Many Americans fail to understand just how terrible their health care and education system is. In China, we pay around $1000/yr for top-notch university education, the rest of the tuition is paid by the government. And those WeeWoo wagon trips are also free here. I mean, damn, China is not even a developed country.
Julia Gurgel
Julia Gurgel - 29 dagar sedan
We don't have tipping in Brazil and that's honestly a quite confusing toppic to understand when we travel to the US. It's not uncommon to have pretty awkward situations where are you forget to tip and the attendant keeps starting at you've like you just killed their mum
The5GIO5 - 29 dagar sedan
Why doesnt usa JUST STOP
Matthew Orndoff
Matthew Orndoff - Månad sedan
If you have dinner at a business that employs people who expect to be tipped– and you DON'T tip– you're NOT making some GRAND moral statement.
You're a freeloader. A freeloader who is benefiting from a system that they REFUSE to put back into, but are all-too-glad to TAKE TAKE TAKE from.
Who you're ACTUALLY taking your grievences out on is the person who served you food– in the most pseudomoralistic way I can imagine.
MrLastlived - 28 dagar sedan
No, I'm paying for a product. That is all I am obligated to do. I don't know what morally backwards world you live in, but in Capitalism I come into an establishment for a service and I pay based on what I believe the service is worth. I do not believe someone remembering what they wrote down on a paper and giving it to me, is worth anything to me. I'd rather self-serve if it was the legitimate alternative for all that you have effectively saved me is the effort of getting out of my chair when a number is called, in trade for a lot more stress on the server's end with a poultry system of gift giving to attempt to make up for the fact that even the Restaurants don't want to pay you.
benni __bue
benni __bue - Månad sedan
yall be out there tipping barbers??
Quan Dang
Quan Dang - Månad sedan
Tipping culture is so ridiculous that servers here in Southern California always expect at least 15% when they're already paid higher than CA's minimum wage.
Zooper Dooper
Zooper Dooper - Månad sedan
I live in Australia and I’ve literally never tipped in my life wtf is that poverty ass shit pay ur staff
Dieter Klaus
Dieter Klaus - Månad sedan
That text was hilarious 😂
DeliMondo - Månad sedan
japan accepts no tips
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
I like tipping.
If you compare the cost of a meal in the US vs Europe taking into consideration the GDP per capita the price is basically the same for the meal.
The difference is a waiter has no incentive to keep you happy other than not getting fired in European restaurants.
And it shows... boy does it show. Unless it was a mom and pop restaurant in Europe the waitress acts about as friendly as a McDonald's employee in a bad neighborhood in the US. Ironically the McDonald's employees in Europe are often far more attentive/kind vs the "nice" restaurants.
Luckily Europe is full of small restaurants where your waiter is also the son of the owner and then they might not treat you like garbage.
On the bright side of things the small local restaurants actually have eclectic food which can be fantastic as they don't water their food down for mass appeal like in the US.
Other than not having to clean up, taking a girl on a date, or when you are on a road trip I don't get the point of eating out in the US...not because the service or the tips those are great.... the food is just utter shit. Even Mom/Pop places seem to only know how to use salt and pepper.... my spice cabinet would shock and confuse them I've got at least 50 spices "There is more than two spices! Witchcraft!"
Bobbi Joel
Bobbi Joel - Månad sedan
is it just me or did his voice just get low all of a sudden compared to his past vids
Kitty The Cute
Kitty The Cute - Månad sedan
You dont tip in america.... at all...
A W - Månad sedan
Ask anybody who works in the tipping industry and they will tell you they'd rather get tips than get paid minimum wage. A bartender can take home $500 in tips on a busy Saturday night and not have to work another day the entire week.
The Grinderman
The Grinderman - Månad sedan
As a Brit, fuck the US tipping system. I can't believe they've brainwashed a whole country into thinking it's the customers fault if the company don't pay their employees minimum wage. In the UK we tip if we we're given particularly good service. Surely that's the whole point of a tip.
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
You think you are getting away with something but it just isnt true. They add the cost of paying the employee more to your bill. You always pay an automatic tip in Europe. It doesnt matter if the service was shit or great that employee will get paid the same. Unless it is a small family owned establishment the waiter will only treat the customer nice enough not to get fired.
Ratsnrop Live
Ratsnrop Live - Månad sedan
Who TF tips??
Got pizza hut before summer sidewalk and stairs to my house was all ice watched the ninja wannabe pizza hut douche bag fall down from the top of the stairs 2 times and slip 3 times on the way to my door my only regrets is i didn't get it on video.
My *Old Lady* didnt hesitate to not tip him.
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
If I am reading your broken English correctly... you are saying you gleefully watched a pizza delivery person get hurt trying to get you your pizza then refused any common curtsy? So you're bragging about being a stupid sociopath? You know these people remember you and spit in your food right? Retard.
SirBilliam - Månad sedan
Don't ever tip on top of the tax, that's bullshit
Alissa Purplebunnies
Alissa Purplebunnies - Månad sedan
$2.13/hr babie =_=
Blazing Dynamo
Blazing Dynamo - Månad sedan
I hate the idea of mandatory tipping and being looked at as a piece of shit if you don't. I don't get tipped at my job don't expect me to tip at yours.
David Svantesson
David Svantesson - Månad sedan
I live in Sweden and have not once tiped someone at a bar, resturant etc. Noone i know tip. why should they get extra money for the job that they get paid for. Guess it's not a thing here in sweden.
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
I've lived in Europe and the US. Your servers are utter shit unless it is a mom/pop place....sometimes (as in the server is the child of the owner thus has a vested interest in keeping you coming back). The price ends up roughly the same... the difference is if the service sucks we can just not pay as much via not tipping.
Mysticfox2010 - Månad sedan
I tip 5$. I have no idea what % it is. If you did a decent job dealing with my table, you get 5$ no matter if I bought a 5$ burgher and fries (enjoy that 100% tip. ) or 50$ tbone steak (sorry for the 10% tip). Either way, the waiter is doing the same amount of work and I feel that is a decent amount and easy to figure in to the final total.
Gigi W
Gigi W - Månad sedan
I'm confused ...why is Saudi Arabia highlighted @4:41???
Sarah Sprout
Sarah Sprout - Månad sedan
We don't generally tip in New Zealand, just FYI, our minimum wage is sufficient to reduce the need :)
Tanya Lucas
Tanya Lucas - Månad sedan
Depends on the restaurant. Depends on the bank the machine comes from. Depends. If I dont make good tips my restaurant doesnt make up for it and I've NEVER worked somewhere where they do. Montreal has it's own rules. Were also giving a percentages, that vary, to managers, hostesses, runners AND the kitchen. This usually varies between 3-7% of your tips. So if I make 15% all night I still only leave with 10% (5% tip out) that IM taxed on and THEY are not. Add that up per year, I'm paying to give my money to other people. If there is a transference they should be taxed on it, but it's too complicated to implement so everyone does it under the table. Videos like this piss me off because you dont know until you work in one for a long time. I've worked in 6 over 9 years.
Ali Emre Kepenek
Ali Emre Kepenek - Månad sedan
In Japan, people don't tip. 3/10
aleks milchev
aleks milchev - Månad sedan
this reminded me of Jordan Alavarez’s video about tipping
imicca - Månad sedan
America is weird
bbq seitan
bbq seitan - Månad sedan
Tipping is a way to get the consumer to subsidize the workers wages so the owner doesn't have to pay the workers what theyre owed.
Derpy Woodoo
Derpy Woodoo - Månad sedan
As a mover, yes. Please tip. A good tip is usually a minimum of $10+ with anything more making our day. To be safe, tip $20
Derpy Woodoo
Derpy Woodoo - Månad sedan
@G Nk Hell yeah. That's just as good in my book.
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
Meh, If you are moving my stuff for more than 2hrs I'll have a case or two of beer ready for your lunch and cook a nice meal.
Seamus McBoon
Seamus McBoon - Månad sedan
when you said "you're literally tipping 15% to your professor..." that implies that the cost of tuition for every single student every single where is 100k, I don't believe that's true.
Seamus McBoon
Seamus McBoon - Månad sedan
YO, everyone, it's not hard to do mental math for tipping. $37.57 check. 10% is $3, 20% is $6. Leave something closer to 6 than 3 and you're not an asshole.
Seamus McBoon
Seamus McBoon - Månad sedan
I have agreed with every single thing you've said in other videos so far. I heard the first two sentences and I sprang from my chair to slam the space bar. I'm waiting with bated breath, here. PLEASE be logical about this. Please have the best interest of the members of the service industry in mind. Please advocate for tipping.
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
PFFT, I tip well IF the food is great and I plan on coming back (so no spit in my food) or if the service is great. Apart from that bare minimum of 15%. Also if you "forget" one or two of my drinks come bill time you'll get 50-75% of the cost of those drinks added to your tip. #1 best way to get a good tip from me is when I politely comment that "I wouldn't be mad if an extra shot or two fell in my rum & coke" is to make my drinks strong. Again I'll notice and you'll see the pay out, especially if I am a regular.
AetheN AetheN
AetheN AetheN - Månad sedan
No tipping in the uk.
Miguwa Oganga
Miguwa Oganga - Månad sedan
“Africa if they had extra money”. Just me who noticed? Ok.
Sundeep Grewal
Sundeep Grewal - Månad sedan
Most people here in the west don't understand the simple fact that African economies and countries are developing at an insane rate and a new wealthy middle class has emerged in most middle income countries. Usually allot of people still think all of Africa is like Ethiopia in the late 80's.
Cheesepeak - Månad sedan
Tipping in China is considered rude tho.
masterofthepinkside - Månad sedan
in New Zealand (and most of the world really), we don't tip at all. It's actually kind of weird when people do and often the business just takes it.
It really sucks that the USA has that culture though, it's bad for everyone.
Vasiliy Vasilievich
Vasiliy Vasilievich - Månad sedan
The only time i ever tipped someone was the local kiosk where i was buying alcohol, during days when it is forbidden by law to sell alcohol or it is too early and also forbidden. The owner basically violated the law by selling beer to regulars in that time, plus his kiosk was located near kindergarten and he was not allowed to sell cigarrettes, but i always went there during times of need and he always helped me. Recently he died and kiosk was closed. My only regret is i wasnt tipping him enough.
Jan Amo
Jan Amo - Månad sedan
I swear to God 2 months ago a page full of waiters got shit mad at me cause I said tipping wasn’t a law and there is no need to do so. They always result to “If you can’t afford to tip, don’t eat out.”
Vixx Celacea
Vixx Celacea - Månad sedan
Tipping only makes sense if it's entirely voluntary and it was exceptional service. Literally a small reward for going above and beyond.
Being a decent human being and doing your job doesn't need tipping. If anything, waiters feel less motivated to do really good service because they are worried about making enough money. Even when they do fantastic, some people are dicks, some forget about tips, meaning they get fucked no matter what they do.
Tipping culture can go fuck itself.
Gratuity tax can also go fuck itself. It should be illegal to not know exactly how much you are paying for a product, especially since if product was mediocre and you were fine with it being 12 dollars, but now it's suddenly 16 because gratuity tax and tip. I don't want to feel like my server is worried about paying rent and college loans. I want them to do their job and feel secure in their employment. Service industry is most of the jobs America has anyway, so all of them while they don't need to love their jobs, it at least needs to pay what people need to live some minimum quality of life. Rent, food, internet, phone, electricity, heat, water, garbage, some insurance and a bit to save away for emergencies and a little more to buy like shoes and clothes and maybe go out to eat themselves or a movie. That's minimum quality of life and many don't even get that or get it through severe stress of needing to buy crap food at the trade off of being able to make electricity or rent properly. It's just fucked up.
Barack Obama Barack Obama
Barack Obama Barack Obama - Månad sedan
I mean US and US part 2 at 0:34
John Harrison
John Harrison - Månad sedan
I remember when I used to deliver pizza the thought would regularly cross my mind
"I get paid $4.40/hr to get in my own personal car, and drive this food 1-10 miles directly to your fucking house in a timely manner, and you give me 0- $3.00 for 1-6 pizzas.
Meanwhile it's basically gospel that if a wait person walks their ass 12 feet from the kitchen and sets your food down, they deserve 15-20% because they don't make enough and they deserve it."
Never deliver pizzas in rural areas unless you plan on having all your love for humanity fizzle away from white hot hatred.
G Nk
G Nk - Månad sedan
Delivering 4 pizzas isnt any harder than delivering 1 pizza. $3.00s is added for your gas and to avoid spit...but I've never lived farther than 4 miles from a pizza place.
Jimmy M
Jimmy M - Månad sedan
I will not pay over 15% unless it's extremely outstanding service. Call me cheap if you will, but I don't get tips in my job. Often these waiters are making more than me if they work for a busy place. They should be tipping me. In the city where I live (Las Vegas) people who make tips make much more than people in skilled professions such as mine.
7om - Månad sedan
I’d rather have the business owners redistribute the means of production rather than myself
N C - Månad sedan
In japan Japanese do not tip.
Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics - Månad sedan
I visited US last year and I hated it! Even taxi drivers expect tips which is unheard of in UK
I remember one taxi driver told us if you want good service from me you better give me this much extra.
We were like wtf? Why do t you make the price you want in the first place? It’s like I pay you the price you set up but you refuse to provide the service bcz you’d expect more.
So frustrating and stupid!
In UK we tip only if we want, and it’s mostly in restaurants. The general practice is only 10%. And when the waiter sees you are about to tip they thank you so much for it. It’s not taken for granted!
In taxis it’s more often that the driver will let you off with paying less rather than expecting a tip( many times happens if he chose the route which led you into a traffic jam)
We never tip for delivery guys. We never tip to doctors, teachers, house workers, maids, plumbers and so on!
benjamin topper
benjamin topper - Månad sedan
Free healthcare = more taxes, = no thanks
detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•
brb just taking 15% of your appendix to sell it on the black market
Ben W
Ben W - Månad sedan
Alexander Sakhnenko
Alexander Sakhnenko - Månad sedan
Russia considered 1st world country: I'm flattered!
Poland: am I a joke to u?
valey4 - Månad sedan
We don’t tip in Iceland
Nick MaGrick
Nick MaGrick - Månad sedan
well the china thing, terrible as that country is in sooo many ways, they DO have a quite serious over population problem. Honestly its something we should all be addressing before nature decide to take 2/3 or 3/3 children born. And we're rapidly approaching that epoch, even though so many like to claim that over population isn't a problem and never could be one.
Nick MaGrick
Nick MaGrick - Månad sedan
ive ALWAYS thought tipping was complete and utter bullshit. First off, like you said, people should just be paid reasonable wages in the first god damn place, and not be dependent on customers to split the difference of your greedy ass business tactics. And worst of all, people are demonized for not contributing to this endless cycle of abuse of worker rights, calling our lack of capitalistic integrity a lack of good morals and sense. So most people do it.
Seriously refreshing to see other people who have a similar stance on this as me. Ive never met anyone personally who agreed, that I can remember at least.
The system is pretty arbitrary too and just governed by social standards, whether they make sense or not.
David Tayler
David Tayler - Månad sedan
bankrupting cactus club. love it. cheers from a part of the island you live on too far north to have a cactus club.
kruzkel - Månad sedan
I tip 0% because I'm also not a coward
Nonsense Manjaro
Nonsense Manjaro - Månad sedan
I pay 100% because I am not a coward.
TheIronMuttonchops - Månad sedan
"I dont tip because im not a coward."
Can every guy who goes on a first date make that statement for me? Id love to know how your second date plays out.
Jesper - Månad sedan
Not every girl is money hungry lol. The girls should be happy that they the guys doesn't blow money just to "flex".
HahnsB2 - Månad sedan
In my state, wait staff makes full minimum wage, therefore I tip 10% max
oh sizzle
oh sizzle - Månad sedan
wtf tipping is such a waste of money I thought it only happens in restaurants
Anaid Ceniceros Cruz
Anaid Ceniceros Cruz - Månad sedan
I tip 18% is that okay?...
Daniel Lind
Daniel Lind - Månad sedan
We don’t tip in Australia...
The man to scared to get a tattoo
Btw in japan they dont tip, its considered rude. It means you didint expect them to have good service.
chimyshark - Månad sedan
I hate tipping, it’s stupid. I usually round up the dollar, but other than that it dep on the service. If they don’t bring me enough water, then no tip. I drink a lot of water on my meals and often. I have to call them back over and over. My friends chastise me for undertipping, but why should I tip when I could usually cook better and MUCH cheaper at home? It’s why I hate dining out... first world chef problems. I only eat out to hang out, but tbh I pref cooking for my friends at home.
Man In Water
Man In Water - Månad sedan
How much should you tip your professor if he gives a really good lecture?