Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws

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Today is my birthday, subscribe plz
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Happy late bday
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mr beast
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Me sub already WHERE DA CAKE
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Next stop: Somalia.
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GTA 5: Sandy Shores
Bella Scarce
Bella Scarce - 44 minuter sedan
Why is this the funniest thing evr
Rachel Perkins
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No one:
Chris: I’m getting sick
John Christopher Robinson
Dragonetta - 2 timmar sedan
If the ground under your feet had caved in, and you'd fallen through a hole in the ground, you would've understood why the sign said KEEP OUT.
Sabana Vanegas
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Dude, Chandler is the cutest 😂
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In 3:01 it is Said Chris two times
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Lol when you don’t know what to comment
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Cheese butt
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Ways to spend your birthday

Make a wish
Eat cake
Fail the probable the easiest challenge because your baby friend got sick
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Me you are doing the right stuff. Doing your research and making effort to entertain us. Thanks.
Musical nerd
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I always wanted to visit there since I watched to moving into the wild
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cool! How much heroin did you guys do?
Joe Natt
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Public minecraft server in real life
Iron Hammer
Iron Hammer - 4 timmar sedan
If the city has no electricity how did they have an open mic night? 🤔
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*sticks are pokey*
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I’ll be your private secretary
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Stay Away From Community Coz. He's known for giving roofies to females!
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yourmum - 5 timmar sedan
if u looked 👇
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Hehehe “Praying-Kesha” 0:31 idk it just reminded me of her song
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3:06 Chris there’s more flab than slab dude 😑
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I never heard of you Mr beast.... And you just got called out by a REAL Slab City resident !!! Your a LIE ! and I agree.
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Love your channel though
David King
David King - 5 timmar sedan
Very awsome ive never been there but ive heard about it
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...There's laws and law enforcement in Slab City...
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Clickbate didn’t spend 24hrs.
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You guys were soooooooooo lucky
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I picture Indians living there
The Conservative yankee
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Ther is a I in slap crIs
Hyped rne
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Reminds ma at Grand Senora dessert
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3 knives man : you gonna die

Legends never die 👊👌👌👌
Shelby Plays
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The same exact day I watching this somebody gave a report about something or other and they said “I watch Mr Beast and one day he went to a city with no law enforcement and he said there was a cool party and somebody started punching a basketball thing....”
gacha nia and tieler
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U dont really know sam and colby but they were at the first place u were
Maggie Bashar
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I’ve literally been told is places and I met the guy that was at the weird place
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4:22 one more thing
Queen Aomaria
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"Chandler, theres no mc donalds here"
Chandler: so when are we living
If that was me then i would told everyone there that there died to me
Queen Aomaria
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13:32 no water huh
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The day you die on camera 🤣love u mister beast!
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0:24 gta 5
AC- 1
AC- 1 - 10 timmar sedan
“Scope it out with a drone”
“I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you...”
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Best vids
Sam Nicoll
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Mr beast I need you're help t series has 99,488,519 and pewdiepie got 96,064,955 so we have a massive crisis t series will win.
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GTA 5 🤫🤫👀👀
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Mr Flippo
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*_How to die in less then 24 hours tutorial_*
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This fkin channel doesnt have any laws
Its Leslie
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Would anyone here wish to luve in that city?
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I am confusion you said theres no electricity yeetttt......there Christmas lights
KeyBoard Master
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You could get killed
Funny family tok
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hey tareq i am saudi arabian too i also lose my mom
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It’s John Madden
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I’d eat Chris’s kidney stones for 1k
Karl Der Nervige
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"A perfect community doesn't exi-"
Kweenie 11
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*-sticks are pockey-*
Karl Der Nervige
Karl Der Nervige - 13 timmar sedan
"So how did you get into being an anarchist?"

"Let me just show you something for a second..."
Giana Rosebelt
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No electricity. However still records
Axngy - 13 timmar sedan
That fedex one day delivery tho
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I was watching this on snapchat xd
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Why you don't do a pool with oreos only
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Tres!!!! 🌲🌳🌱🌿
Asahi Kirigaya
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Spending 24 hours in a city with no laws.
*dOuBle PiCaXes iN fOrtNitE*
小结 - 14 timmar sedan
The map of gta5
Antonio Prgomet
Antonio Prgomet - 14 timmar sedan
This reminds me of gta v
lou vin
lou vin - 14 timmar sedan
Cultural appropriation???
sirMAXX - 14 timmar sedan
Nice. Slab City is an interesting place. Yes, it is a community where people respect each other and get to meet really colorful people.
Salvation Mountain is being maintained and restored by the near by community and good samaritans from out of the area. The hill was first inhabited and build by one person, Leonard Knight. Every day he would dedicate his time, resources and passion and his whole life to the project.
He was very welcoming and was all than more than happy to welcome people that came by to take a look and told them bout his life and the reason for the hill.
It's a place he spent to worship and wanted to people to know about and get people to come, has his way to spread the word of the lord. All the things you see he made by hand, painted it all, built it all with mud and hay, the large branches he moved all himself.
He passed away in 2014.
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Still haven’t found me
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Hey just wondering if you could give me 2300$ for a bike that I really want plz
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Title:No Laws
Me:*Gets Gun and Heads to the Bank*
Me:GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You should have had brought your viking.
Xplr Ashton
Xplr Ashton - 16 timmar sedan
OOh sam and colby went there thats why i recognise it
cdzl - 17 timmar sedan
"ive had 3 kidney stones in the last year
shout out to kidney stones i guess"
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Am I the only one who heard slut city
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This is so sad , Alexa play despacito
Plants trees for every sub you have
Hi Stranger
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Are we all gonna ignore this is where trevor lives in gta v
TheSpriggins28 - 21 timme sedan
Sandy Shores irl
KRABBY KARKAT - 22 timmar sedan
Wait no that's legal
Bellaboo557 - 23 timmar sedan
Chandler: They lien to me 😂😂😂
Midspaz Dude
Midspaz Dude - 23 timmar sedan
When he said I went to ohio I laughed so hard
Mischiu - 23 timmar sedan
I wish it is Called stab cuty
Faran 2007
Faran 2007 - 23 timmar sedan
What happen if you create a law in that city? It is possible?
Clone 5674
Clone 5674 - Dag sedan
Slab city is basically Darkrp in real life
e m
e m - Dag sedan
*homocide free for three days* IM OUT
Bearded Hulk
Bearded Hulk - Dag sedan
That’s on gta v
Yammy - Dag sedan
It's the village hidden in the sand, Sunagakure
Zahra & Zayaan
Zahra & Zayaan - Dag sedan
In places with laws : mass murderers
In places with no laws : friendly community
chantal Deegan
chantal Deegan - Dag sedan
Anyone see into the wild and remember this place from it? Lmao
Lerzoos Lercoos
Lerzoos Lercoos - Dag sedan
From gta 5
Dan_ 101717
Dan_ 101717 - Dag sedan
So far no morgz
Brooke Gerard
Brooke Gerard - Dag sedan
3:01 you had one job
Waffle iG
Waffle iG - Dag sedan
Yo that’s actually the place from into the wild that one book/movie about Chris McCandless
TheRabster1428 - Dag sedan
*slav city*
Mangia Gon
Mangia Gon - Dag sedan
There isn’t electricity but a whole lit up theater
DewsJaz - 19 timmar sedan