The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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sailaab - 3 timmar sedan
can various *governments* of all countries wherever these coffins were supplied not file en-masse lawsuits? or similar to class action suits which they have in Divided States of Murica? the certifying and monitoring bodies, be it FDA or pharma industry bodies, are all sold out, lethargic or corrupt and incompetent. Bringing them to book or making them change their ways is important too.
Brad W
Brad W - 5 timmar sedan
+Dan WondersFalse. It only only operates at a pre determined AOA. It doesnt change the feel to be like the NG. MCAS is not active during the normal flight envelope. It was only designed to bring the nose down using the horizontal stabilizer during high levels of AOA. Also 737s dont have stick pushers.
korrdavl - 6 timmar sedan
+Mrtn Video is wrong.
Paul Woodman
Paul Woodman - 6 timmar sedan
+Mrtn they are also moved forward... away from COG.
Erol Germann
Erol Germann - 10 minuter sedan
Boeing used lassebgers,as,test dumnies.
Glenn Fryer
Glenn Fryer - 11 minuter sedan
Sales before safety... !!!!!! That’s how things roll these days ...
Sara Smith
Sara Smith - 14 minuter sedan
I went to France that day on KLM
baggies 1
baggies 1 - 23 minuter sedan
If it's Boeing i aint going.
MseeF - 24 minuter sedan
Be not so excited when a politician or business person promote the economy because in so doing they are downgrading the value of life; they are exploiting life for covetousness through deception hence the lying/marketing industry.
Shah629 - 27 minuter sedan
How Boeing will over come with the one most important issue is their GREED???
maja topic
maja topic - 28 minuter sedan
profit grubbing dogs
Brian Todd
Brian Todd - 32 minuter sedan
The 787 Engine does not fit on another Aircraft. That Boeing had a contract to build Aircraft, instead they claim otherwise.
Rick White
Rick White - 33 minuter sedan
4.5 K people (until now) don't like the truth to come forward. What's wrong with them. Do they never travel by plains and don't care about them who do?
Hunt Creative Inc.
Hunt Creative Inc. - 37 minuter sedan
You're not an expert but pretending you are. When you have no expertise, stop making statements which are false.
Khal Bailey
Khal Bailey - 42 minuter sedan
Excellent piece of information, I will only fly on airbus plane, I swear I'm not going on those Boeing max!
Mystikal 36
Mystikal 36 - 44 minuter sedan
Sacrificing engineering standards in order to meet a schedule this is what Boeing has done. Wrongful death lawsuit has already been filed in U.S district courts. Boeing CEO has made omissions in in relation to the MCAS system. Engineering principles and standards must be adhered to any decisions and must not be compromised in anyway. It appears that Boeing is making decisions irrespective of the engineering outcomes. If Boeing continues with dangerous game it will cease to exist.
uncooked ham
uncooked ham - 50 minuter sedan
The wings were made from orphans nightmares and the screams of a billion murdered gods.
Daiwat Talwadkar
Daiwat Talwadkar - 51 minut sedan
If you got money u can even get certification to fly stone in air!!
Ikhenaten Nzeribe
Ikhenaten Nzeribe - 54 minuter sedan
And nobody is going to gaol. You bastards.
Manuel Bacher
Manuel Bacher - 57 minuter sedan
So, it is the faut of Airbus by putting Boeing under to much economical pressure.
Nicholas Littlejohn
Nicholas Littlejohn - Timme sedan
Capitalism is evil.
meg - Timme sedan
Corporate greed has become worse than ever. $$$ idolizing levels. Nothing corporations do anymore surprise me.
G Low
G Low - Timme sedan
Lucas W
Lucas W - Timme sedan
How to kill almost 400 people and get away.
Yet they claimed this model was safe to operate after two accidents. The greed is beyond belief. They should pay 2 b $ to people who lost their family members.
I spoke to a pilot about what the reason for failure was, and I he told me the same story as this video did.
Vladimir Maftei
Vladimir Maftei - Timme sedan
This video is made by Airbus.
Symeon - Timme sedan
Wow. I am speechless.
Maternal - Timme sedan
Itu di detik terahkir ktp sama bpjs dan sim indo bukan ya?
jillhbaudhaan - Timme sedan
Simplified sans talking heads
Nic Rellek
Nic Rellek - Timme sedan
The One
The One - Timme sedan
Never take shortcuts in technology - specially when it comes to lives
arief fauzy
arief fauzy - Timme sedan
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury - Timme sedan
People died but not the company. This is why Airbus wins although Boeing are successful enough to compare themselves with Airbus.
Me Ramz
Me Ramz - Timme sedan
This doesn’t seem a mistake but a deliberate action just to beat their competitors on the cost of ppl. Boeing should be charged
syahrul farhan
syahrul farhan - Timme sedan
Stupid american comp
Sumit Mathur
Sumit Mathur - Timme sedan
An example of corporate greed to make profits leading to devastating consequences on human life.
Alexis - 2 timmar sedan
When I was 16 a cop found under 5 ounces of weed under the seat where I was sitting in my friends car, it wasn’t even mine. The cop gave me a ticket for it and I had to go to court and complete a 4 hour drug course and 65 hours of community service. Boeing is responsible for 346 deaths... what’s their punishment?
Peter Lysgaard Jensen
Peter Lysgaard Jensen - 2 timmar sedan
You are not 100% correct. The biggest problem with the engine mounting placement on the 737 Max is NOT that the engine is mounted higher. But more forward on the wings, thereby coursing a more powerful nose up tendency when applying power.
Craig Staiano
Craig Staiano - 2 timmar sedan
So sad. Putting sales and profits before lives.
Xi Wang
Xi Wang - 2 timmar sedan
i would check the plane model everytime i buy a ticket.
i wouldn't risk my life for a flawed design, and i don't think that a software can solve it.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts - 2 timmar sedan
Why is not the focus on the the failed AoA sensor?, why when there are apparently two on the plane does the software listen to only one? Why are there not the usual 3 sensors to build in redundancy? Any irregular signal is ignored if the other two agree? Dont other critical sensors (pitot tubes, gyros etc) that feed into the autopilot software come in threes for exactly this reason?
Peter Andrews
Peter Andrews - 2 timmar sedan
Terrific clear explanation.
sorush Freeman
sorush Freeman - 2 timmar sedan
I will never buy a Boeing again!
ryukikaze - 2 timmar sedan
Is this official Result from The ivestigative Authorities. This what caused hundred of lifes lost? Are Any legal action to Boeing?
Brian Walker
Brian Walker - 2 timmar sedan
Brilliant report. The 737 Max will become a white elephant, and all existing units used for spare parts. No one will fly this aircraft, it has design flaws and no one will rely on some silicon valley software 38000 feet in the air, or at take off.
jetwinmx - 2 timmar sedan
Vox Engineering... what a joke, terrible biased video Vox.
ooLoong Johnson
ooLoong Johnson - 2 timmar sedan
What a lack of responsibility. It should come as no surprise at all that if you're not making security your top priority that you will eventually have to pay for taking such a decision. No amount of innovation or awesome name design could ever make up for that.
Zawal-e-Mohabbat Official
Zawal-e-Mohabbat Official - 2 timmar sedan
Pretty well explained
Nadeem Malik
Nadeem Malik - 2 timmar sedan
Boing played with 346 human lives. Actually Americans dont care about others anyway.. I never fly with any airline thats using boing aircrafts.
chen parco
chen parco - 2 timmar sedan
excellent video, explain everything in a very understandable way. So sad, life is once again being overlooked by profits.
Akbar Mirza
Akbar Mirza - 2 timmar sedan
Why does this video have so many dislikes? Do all you 4,500 people have a better scientific/logical explanation? A lot of people in many organizations need to be held accountable for this plane.
Speck Of dust
Speck Of dust - 2 timmar sedan
Well explained day things will change... we can only hope.... RIP
Ran Lin
Ran Lin - 3 timmar sedan
I don't understand why Boeing's stock hasn't plunged as much as it should have, imagine a foreign company had a problem like this...
Nick Jones
Nick Jones - 3 timmar sedan
An excellent piece well done. It now makes sense, it wasn’t just the software as we were told.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter - 3 timmar sedan
Profit is more important than lives, and no one will be held accountable for murder, what a sick world we live in
John Liu
John Liu - 3 timmar sedan
Why they don’t train the pilot about the new behavior the plane has instead implemented a software that could malfunction like this?
Andrew Banham
Andrew Banham - 3 timmar sedan
Boeing 777 moisture in the fuel tank.
Boeing 787 batteries burning
Boeing 737 max uncontrolled dive
walkgeo - 3 timmar sedan
While MCAS caused the issues in the Ethiopian crash they got it shut off and almost made it, but for some reason the electric trim was turned back on (most likely because you cant manually trim a 737 at the speed and pressure that was on the stab at that time)and that doomed them.
02 02
02 02 - 3 timmar sedan
Imagine you in that plane...
Ben Wong
Ben Wong - 3 timmar sedan
Boeing's product safety engrs did not do a proper Hazard analysis. Same w space shuttle and others.
Chemistry AP & TS Diploma Arif Mohammad
nice explanation
Kamalakanta Sethi
Kamalakanta Sethi - 3 timmar sedan
Mistakes should not accepted in airplanes, cause mistakes causes beep in heartbeats....
Blessingsization - 3 timmar sedan
Boycott Boeing planes!
Ulun TSZ
Ulun TSZ - 3 timmar sedan
And not a dude from boeing nor the regulators facing a legal charges for these frauds..
Isak Selfors Henriksen
Isak Selfors Henriksen - 3 timmar sedan
This was a really good video, and I apreciate how much work you put into it!
Still German
Still German - 3 timmar sedan
I've been told about those background inofficially.
Now it seems to be official.
I am aircraft engineer doing my best for airworthiness. This is must have several consequences!
karthikeyan baskar
karthikeyan baskar - 3 timmar sedan
Very well explained...
chris marek
chris marek - 3 timmar sedan
This is exactly the reason. Cutting corners...😡
XNtricKhan - 3 timmar sedan
Murder !!
RamprasadAviator - 3 timmar sedan
I hate Boeing for this !!
Andre A
Andre A - 3 timmar sedan
one of my friend died on Lion Air Crash on Java Sea.. RIP
GigiVix - 3 timmar sedan
For the sale of making money hundreads of people died what a Sad world we live in and the saddest thing is that as usual no one will go to jail...
Kevin charles Puyat
Kevin charles Puyat - 3 timmar sedan
sailaab - 3 timmar sedan
can various *governments* of all countries wherever these coffins were supplied not file en-masse lawsuits? or similar to class action suits which they have in Divided States of Murica?
the certifying and monitoring bodies, be it FDA or pharma industry bodies, are all sold out, lethargic or corrupt and incompetent.
Bringing them to book or making them change their ways is important too.
Liz Piper
Liz Piper - 3 timmar sedan
Airlines and Boeing are both to blame.GREED GREED GREED $$$$$$$$$$$$ Safety is not the first priority.
Trekka - 3 timmar sedan
Excellent Summary my thoughts re 5:18 in your presentation... So Boeing found the Max didn’t handle the same as the 737NG but to avoid costly training pilots (that would have meant less sales and more to Airbus) Boeing introduced MCAS to make the aircraft feel like the old 737NG. It is suggested Boeing will train pilots how to turn off MCAS if required. Ugh? This is Boeing's solution??... to train pilots on how to turn off MCAS!

What? Now the pilot is flying a plane that they were not trained to fly (ie 737MAX without MCAS) the same plane that Boeing have already tested and proven performs so much differently from 737NG (the plane the pilot has been trained to fly) that it needs MCAS in order to perform the same as the 737NG?

Surely the pilot now needs training to handle the plane without MCAS. What happens once MCAS is turned off? How will the plane perform differently when trying to get back on the ground? I would expect as a minimum that every MAX pilot would need to show in a flight simulator that they are able to turn off MCAS and then safely land the plane. This would be the Minimum standard before any pilot can fly this plane.
What happens if they have to Go Around again for some reason? This excessive pitch up will now occur without MCAS to assist??
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 4 timmar sedan
I didn't realise this was Vox and therefore does not deserve my time.
Shaho Soltani
Shaho Soltani - 4 timmar sedan
Boeing: in killing we trust.
Simon Hempsall
Simon Hempsall - 4 timmar sedan
Heavens, good explanation, so sad for the family’s
Rezita Yusrina
Rezita Yusrina - 4 timmar sedan
I still remember when foreign media and foreign 'experts' blaming the lion air's pilot. Glad that the manufaturer owned up their mistake.
whoopdy - do
whoopdy - do - 4 timmar sedan
So many people died because of a stupid mistake that Boeing made out of jealousy for Airbus. I don't see any problem with the old models of either plane. The whole problem seemed very suspicious before people even died.
Rick J
Rick J - 4 timmar sedan
Amazing video presentation. You guys should get an Oscar for this.
iGMAS - 4 timmar sedan
If this would be Japanese company a lot of people would have resigned. But as this is american they are going to get a slap on the hand and that's it.
I N T E N S E !
I N T E N S E ! - 4 timmar sedan
Human Greed is the main reason.
ida bagus giri basuki
ida bagus giri basuki - 4 timmar sedan
well Mr Rudy Lumingkewas good move to closed all the pending orders, lets buy Airbus instead.
Ansa Hansson
Ansa Hansson - 4 timmar sedan
4:24 Boeing doesn't even mentioned the MCAS on the quick reference handbook.... nor on the 2 hours iPad briefing....
A. de
A. de - 4 timmar sedan
David Curr
David Curr - 4 timmar sedan
So if this is true, it is what I assumed. Software in the computer over-rode the controls. Who wants to buy a self driving car?
Radaschin Florian
Radaschin Florian - 4 timmar sedan
I am an engineer, i work in IT, but i understand very well what happened with Boeing. There seems to be a universal "trend" by which everyone is rushing to launch a product ahead of their competitors without proper testing, validation and certification period, not to mention when peoples lives are involved. It's all about staying ahead of the competition no matter what, money is all that matters. I am curious to see how they are going to convince people to get on planes driven 100% by software in the future, given the fact that just this MCAS doesn't work safely, imagine an entire plane controlled by software....God help us!
eXoTherm R
eXoTherm R - 4 timmar sedan
so its all about money again. They needed an answer to Airbus ASAP, which leaded to this malfunctioning. Thats why im afraid of flying.
NPC #303
NPC #303 - 4 timmar sedan
Omg god guys. Vox doing a video of actual reporting holy cow guys wowee
Michal Podhradský
Michal Podhradský - 4 timmar sedan
Boeing should face major legal consequences for his greedy, arrogant and stupid behavior - from the start it is obvious that whole plain needs to be redesigned and reengineered from scratch! So congrats Boeing for killing over 300 innocent people! Personally never going to board 737 Max in my life
David Judge
David Judge - 4 timmar sedan
Wow. Just wow. Actually explained in a way you can understand.
cristianzmara - 4 timmar sedan
They do, all is need it, just to get more money!
Bioz - 4 timmar sedan
When companies try so hard they destroy themselves. For money....
Abo Fares
Abo Fares - 4 timmar sedan
Why did Boeing change the engine position. They can keep the engine in the same place even if they change the engine with a larger one .. instead of changing the engine position they can change the landing gear with a higher one
eli russell
eli russell - 4 timmar sedan
They should of put the engines at the back of the plane
Majid Said
Majid Said - 4 timmar sedan
Just eliminate it..... it has failed period no need for explanation.
jasfromoz - 4 timmar sedan
I smell a lawsuit. Slander much?
hbanerjee2010 - 4 timmar sedan
F###ing people should get death penalty for playing with people lives.. I consider this as murders
marco brenni
marco brenni - 4 timmar sedan
An incredible superficiallity! Boeing has to pay !!
Frank Lin
Frank Lin - 4 timmar sedan
It's such a sad fact. Boeing 737 was one of my favorite planes, it was the first plane I've ever flown on. So Sad that Boeing screws it up.
nathan roberts
nathan roberts - 4 timmar sedan
That was awesome explanation. Ty.
William A
William A - 4 timmar sedan
Fun t how 2 crashes were by 3rd world airlines with piolets under 30