The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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F Rich
F Rich - 14 sekunder sedan
SHAME Boeing! You really screwed up here!
Bristol Steve69
Bristol Steve69 - 3 minuter sedan
6.3k Boeing employees hate the truth.
DANBOYHD - 34 minuter sedan
This is scandalous
shafaq farooqui
shafaq farooqui - 4 timmar sedan
Playing with lives of people
David Myers Phd
David Myers Phd - 5 timmar sedan
I am a Aerospace engineer.Without getting into , all the technical aspects of this aircraft.Anything can go wrong with a new aircraft in the air.
Bristol Steve69
Bristol Steve69 - 10 minuter sedan
So you call Boeing mal-practice, a fundamental lack of basic air safety diligence and corrupt FAA collusion "anything can go wrong with a new aircraft in the air"? For all our safety please let us know who you work for so we can add that company to the list along with Boeing. Or is it Boeing?
blink625 - 5 timmar sedan
Have you guys get oil changed before? Why do they lift the engine and affect performance?
M B - 9 timmar sedan
This video fails to ask the important question: how can Boeing "fix" the problem by making the MCAS system "less aggressive" without increasing the chances of a stall? Oh, I get it, the stall will be the fault of the pilot and not the software. I won't be flying on Boeing planes anymore and I don't just mean the Max.
gacha sanoc cd
gacha sanoc cd - 13 timmar sedan
Upside down engine lol
You can see
A320neo engine got a bumb on below engine
B737max engine bumb on upside down
TackerVideos - 16 timmar sedan
you guys did such a good job on this video. Its fascinating and yet frightening at the same time.
Sam Sam
Sam Sam - 17 timmar sedan
Typical American junk product... US is not capable of building a decent car, how on earth they thought they can build a decent Airplane??? Just check out all the passenger plane crashes and you will see 90% of them was made in usa planes... that's why everytime i'm flying I ask and make sure it's not an American plane...only Airbus is safe enough to fly with...
Derek Childress
Derek Childress - 19 timmar sedan
Very informative! Just leave well enough alone?
Aj - 22 timmar sedan
Boeing will declare bankruptcy. The cost of legal battles, payouts to families for wrongful death and loss of revenue due to no company buying a Boeing product ever again will force the company to declare bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this will not help heal the wounds and loss of trust....
Marc Pagan
Marc Pagan - 20 timmar sedan
Boeing is silent....for PR reasons, and justly, in morning. However, if sued the fact of poor pilot training will be addressed. This will settle prior to hitting a courtroom.
K B - 22 timmar sedan
What would Trolls do without a good conspiricy?????
Majidy - 23 timmar sedan
No one:
ISIS: We take credit for the design flaw
TheVeryhumble - Dag sedan
Free, unregulated market. Hmm
Bernard Beaudreau
Bernard Beaudreau - Dag sedan
Why not simply raise the plane using longer (vertical) landing gear?
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu - Dag sedan
so people were killed by software? wooow
tuna huna
tuna huna - Dag sedan
Looks like multiple manslaughter charges to me!....
Jhon Ortiz
Jhon Ortiz - Dag sedan
Scrap that plane design and make another one
Mrfairchap - Dag sedan
Tragically, this was the inevitable result of years of arrogance and hubris from both the FAA and Boeing. They have been lovers for far too long now for it to be healthy for flight safety. At last, they have been found out, and it took way too many deaths to do so.
LS MerQ - Dag sedan
Money sadly still talks... and in this clip you can see that it's effecting us in a big and bad way.
SubiLife_914 - Dag sedan
All because of money lots of lives were lost
Ichika_Kaneki - Dag sedan
im form ethopia
kim bruess
kim bruess - Dag sedan
a stiched togther rushjob. was nor properly designed
Alex Reckling
Alex Reckling - Dag sedan
I was on a Boeing 737 Max on kuluhla but it wasn’t a bad flight
Levi Friedman
Levi Friedman - Dag sedan
why couldnt Boeing just make the planes legs taller?
LenTex Brew
LenTex Brew - 2 dagar sedan
Boeing loves regulations for smaller competitors who can't necessarily afford them, but not for them.
Jet Valmonte
Jet Valmonte - 2 dagar sedan
Too much ignorance on this page. First, video authors who think they are aviation experts. Then viewers who are clueless about the aviation industry. Wait for the official accident investigation report. In the meantime, you can continue speculating or you can get a life.
Will Singh
Will Singh - 2 dagar sedan
People involved shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a plane again.
Law hertz
Law hertz - 2 dagar sedan
imagine building a company that people decide to use and this company kills hundreds of people giving them their services
what company would be allowed to continue without legal concequences and more?
Eric Penner
Eric Penner - 2 dagar sedan
The 'real' in the title is superfluous.
Hypeoriginal - 2 dagar sedan
they tried to blame it on our Ethiopian pilots. They should pay victim's relatives.
xb 1
xb 1 - 2 dagar sedan
They should of put the plane body higher so the plane body is not half a metre from the ground
Libertiner - 2 dagar sedan
Well then the CEO of Boeing killed a lot of people, and murders go to jail or get executed
George Washington Bush
George Washington Bush - 2 dagar sedan
Those engineers had to go to prison as murderers !
Ceci Gator
Ceci Gator - 21 timme sedan
Blame innocent people for poor training?
mage - 2 dagar sedan
(too much) *money is the root of all evil*
Orapeleng Tawana
Orapeleng Tawana - 2 dagar sedan
so people were killed by software? wooow
Constandinos Pappas
Constandinos Pappas - 2 dagar sedan
Surely enough, Boeing have serious avionics engineers in their ranks.
And surely enough, these engineers must have advised those above that there was this risk that should be taken into account.
Boeing decided to go ahead, KNOWING they were risking lives.
If that is not criminal, I don't know what is. We're not talking about manslaughter here.
Constandinos Pappas
Constandinos Pappas - 2 dagar sedan
Since Boeing says it only needs some "software upgrade to fix the problem" (yeah, right), it sounds as if we're talking about a small technical problem.
Loss of life? Who cares, we're insured, aren't we...? We'll fix this minor problem and everyone will be happy!
I would like to see the CEO and all the chain of decision makers of theirs, to be aboard the first "fixed" 737 MAX, up in the air.
Will they do it??? Of course not. If the matter was not so tragic, I would be LMAO!

After everything about the 737 MAX has been said so far, what stays in people's minds is not about this plane alone; people will wonder which else of their planes can be trusted now.
Bottom line: Boeing has managed to irreparably damage its name.
For a few bucks...
Chuck You
Chuck You - 2 dagar sedan
Free vacation for all demonrat politicians, destination Dominican Republic, flights will be on 737 Max. You’re going to love it, be ready to travel before the 2020 elections. And take your illegals with you.
Mr Coffee Lover SumBtch
Mr Coffee Lover SumBtch - 2 dagar sedan
For the entire A320 family, 118 aviation accidents and incidents have occurred (the latest one being Afriqiyah Airways Flight 209 on 23 Dec 2016),[1] including 35 hull loss accidents (the last one being EgyptAir Flight 804 on 19 May 2016),[2] and a total of 1393 fatalities in 17 fatal accidents (the most recent being EgyptAir Flight 804).[3]
OGDC - 2 dagar sedan
Boeing should be sued.
Alisya Thahira
Alisya Thahira - 3 dagar sedan

dessnom - 3 dagar sedan
i hope the plane after the Boeing nma/797 will be a proper successor to the Boeing 737
it should have a modernized version of the 737 cockpit
it should be as high of the ground as the a320 or 757
composite construction should be used
engines should be the cmf leap 1b or similar engine
enough range to go from the west coast of Europe to the west coast of america
there should be 5 models
7107-6, 7107-7, 7107-8, 7107-9 and 7107-10
-6 would replace the 737-700
-7 would replace the max 7
-8 would replace the max 8, -800 and -900
-9 would replace the max 9 and -900 er
-10 would replace the max 10
BOEING kill my fella...
vicki hindermyer
vicki hindermyer - 3 dagar sedan
Russians did it, RUSSIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Kurtz
John Kurtz - 3 dagar sedan
Why didn't t Boeing put longer landing gear on the Max so the new engines would fit with no problem .
wan nuur
wan nuur - 3 dagar sedan
John Kurtz gravity point dude...hw do u stabilize the giant bird by longer d lnding gear?
Nolan The dab king
Nolan The dab king - 3 dagar sedan
How about boeing just remove the MCAS all together
Otto von Kewl
Otto von Kewl - 23 timmar sedan
Then you get a stall.
Scott Wagley
Scott Wagley - 3 dagar sedan
My question is why did so many flights not have any issues and then these two crashed?
Kabin Raj Luitel
Kabin Raj Luitel - 3 dagar sedan
Boeing 737 max should be banned forever!!!
Leon Ledergerber
Leon Ledergerber - 3 dagar sedan
I hope there will be Justice for this, hundreds of People died, why? Because they wanted to compete, and didnt mention the MCAS.
Leon Ledergerber
Leon Ledergerber - 3 dagar sedan
Gungung Gadung
Gungung Gadung - 3 dagar sedan
Igor Dubrovski
Igor Dubrovski - 3 dagar sedan
Boeing please no more easter eggs in your modern avionics and navigation and flight control systems. Lets be clear - if it's not in the manual it's a major flaw and needs to be removed / documented asap.
Joe Barrett
Joe Barrett - 3 dagar sedan
Excellent video. Thank you
Petsto - 3 dagar sedan
To be clear Airbus also has every automatation you can possible Imagen. But as far i know it will always tell the pilots exactly what it does (and why) and secondly with few buttons you can turn off all automatation. (regardless to say that the plane is then much more difficult to fly)
Paul Gibbs
Paul Gibbs - 3 dagar sedan
Nothing about centre of gravity?
Ehtu Ehtu Niges
Ehtu Ehtu Niges - 3 dagar sedan
Zahid Khurshid
Zahid Khurshid - 3 dagar sedan
Boeing needs to be shutdown immediately. More 300 people died what else is it gonna take to stop these guys from making planes. What's even more concerning is that FAA was letting Boeing certify their own planes. Unreal. Both should legal consequences one of them being complete shut down of Boeing.
Black - 3 dagar sedan
You lost me at "Boeing needs to be shutdown immediately".
Bail 10k
Bail 10k - 3 dagar sedan
who else has flown on one of these 737 max?? scary.
Weldon Young
Weldon Young - 3 dagar sedan
OK, so the Boeing 737 Max has the same type rating as other Boeing 737s. The pilots fly it just like any other 737. That's problem number ONE.
NOW the poor pilots are in the Boeing 737 Max when MCAS takes control. Here is where poor design comes in: pilots not informed; no reliance on multiple sensor input; & Boeing know about this problem about a year before the Ethiopian crash. WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO CERTIFY A FIT ???
That Man In the Yellow Shirt 2000
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez - 4 dagar sedan
very well done the low level of experience of the crews should have been mention key factor
Natsumei - 4 dagar sedan
yeah nice job boeing, you use software instead of reengineering. you know, software..the thing that can be easily hacked/changed/tampered *sigh
yano agustino
yano agustino - 4 dagar sedan
Tbh, after those 2 boeing's accidents I always checked out the plane that I will board first, is it boeing or airbus (of course I prefer airbus rn)
Razvan Sindilaru
Razvan Sindilaru - 3 dagar sedan
Man b 737 max is the only boeing bad plane....... for example the 777. It's one of the mort safest plane man or the 787
EagleOneoOne - 4 dagar sedan
Gremlins, bro. Totally gremlins.
Zyvren 13
Zyvren 13 - 4 dagar sedan
FAA's certification of this 737 max 8 planes, proves that their relationship with BOEING is not sufficiently strict. Pilots were unaware of this manuevering characteristic augmentation system. Its not even mentioned on their checklist since the checklist is the same as the old 737.
muhammad hamzah
muhammad hamzah - 4 dagar sedan
The real reason: American people ambition, greed, and stupidity
Beatrice Noel
Beatrice Noel - 4 dagar sedan
Greed man... GREED!!!
Mathias Hermon
Mathias Hermon - 4 dagar sedan
This makes me very sad. I never thought Boeing would mess up like this…
Alan Caldoza
Alan Caldoza - 4 dagar sedan
Building a new one to behave like the old one. Then what kind of mindset is that for Boeing.. If that's their goal then why build a new one rather than continue building an old one. Airbus building the A321 but retains the old proven A320 design with minor upgrade but not on its flught computers.
Jamenator1 - 4 dagar sedan
Actually airbus does upgrade the flight control software, some of them are fairly substantial changes. Airbus designed the FBW to make the handling of all their FBW aircraft, from the A318 to the A380, as close to each other as possible as this reduces training costs due to the aircraft behaving similarly to each other. Its a good bet that airbus would have also tweaked the FBW on the A320NEO to accommodate for the much larger engines. Even aircraft already in service can receive upgrades to the FBW
Alan Caldoza
Alan Caldoza - 4 dagar sedan
Its electronics I believe is sabotage by extremist by getting into subcontractor companies. Its better that way than planting a device on planes
Jan Verboven
Jan Verboven - 4 dagar sedan
The BIG problem is - beyond the HEAVY loss of life, which will leave the families on the ground bereaved for their the rest of their lives, BOEING seems untouchable - too BIG to fail.
Bruce Bedlam
Bruce Bedlam - 5 dagar sedan
Thanks for telling us the truth.
WTF STUDIO INC. - 5 dagar sedan
Greedy effing people!!! No regards to human life!!!
sugas riyanto
sugas riyanto - 5 dagar sedan
airbus is better
kalyan raghavan
kalyan raghavan - 5 dagar sedan
Sir, hats off to you. For bringing out a best and investigative video on Max Boeing. It was really a careless and casual attitude, which took the lives of more than 400 passengers. Boeing should take passengers safety as top priority absolutely and shouldn't care about fuel consumption, competitor activities, and cost savings.
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] - 5 dagar sedan
In a nutshell: People died of money
Nehemiah Scudder
Nehemiah Scudder - 5 dagar sedan
The 737 Max crashed *twice* because Boing executives tried to cover up their slapdash design and manufacturing processes after the first crash.
It crashed the first time because the FAA decided to give Boing a free pass so that a European company did not gain a commercial advantage over an American company, sacrificing their reputation as a competent air safety body on the altar of "American exceptionalism"
All the phrase "American exceptionalism" means now is "Buy anything *except American"* whenever possible.
Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation - 5 dagar sedan
With recent orders placed by American Airlines with Airbus, every American in fact every passenger should avoid this airplane.
Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation - 5 dagar sedan
BOEING needs to come clean. By placing the engine higher causes the air dynamics around the fuselage to behave differently than before, it creates turbulence immediate to the sensors causing the hardware to misinterpret input. So hardware is not malfunctioning but characteristics of the design change is causing the catastrophic failure. It is more severe than what they are claiming in the media. A pilot when working at night (instrument flying) will need to be more cautious and better trained then today to fly safely. Inevitably no matter what BOEING states this aircraft will have more problems then prior models.
Boeing is gambling with people's lives to fatten its pocket. BOEING thinks it can wash its hand from every incident in future by claiming that it was pilots error and therefore no blame can be attributed to the company ... as they did soon after the two crashes.
NPC AFRO - 5 dagar sedan
*Better Flight on A320*
Shawn Rebello
Shawn Rebello - 6 dagar sedan
Wouldn't it have been easier to simply raise the height of the aircraft by installing taller landing gear? The engines could then have been accommodated under the wing I suppose.
Giuseppe Cochi
Giuseppe Cochi - 5 dagar sedan
Sorry, that was bodged up job
Giuseppe Cochi
Giuseppe Cochi - 5 dagar sedan
It comes back to the fact that this aircraft fuselage is the same as the original 100 series, if they had extended the length of the main landing gear it would not be able to fit into the existing fuselage undercarriage bay so retraction would be impossible, hence the bodied up job of moving the engine forward and up
Gary Looper
Gary Looper - 6 dagar sedan
Simple fact is that as "Flawed" as the Max may or may not be, BOTH CRASHES WERE PILOT ERROR! The first because the exact plane that crashed had the error the previous day and the crew solved the problem by turning off the malfunctioning equipment, Therefore the crew knew how to handle the error. The second because the crew fixed the problem in the air by turning off the malfunctioning equipment and then turned the malfunctioning equipment back on!
HEED - 6 dagar sedan
and the corruption continues. They didn't anything to solve the problem. updating the software does not make the plane safe. I will never fly on a boeing 737 .
Alison Mihailovich
Alison Mihailovich - 6 dagar sedan
Russian made Super Jet - 100 is better and cheaper ! Irish City Jet fly them now . Its good
Bernievids - 6 dagar sedan
I hope this is true.
prolazy55 lazlaz
prolazy55 lazlaz - 6 dagar sedan
I feel bad
Nonya Busi
Nonya Busi - 6 dagar sedan
Boeing needs in prison.
Eric Rojo
Eric Rojo - 6 dagar sedan
Isn't it ironic that unbridled free enterprise and competition is touted as the solution to bad design decisions and poor quality products (at least in the U.S.). This is one instance where that is not the case.
MF SF - 6 dagar sedan
...and who from Boeing will make jail time for keeping secret that tiny insignificant detail? Sorry... naive question...
And the money wins 👌
Karen Van Vuuren
Karen Van Vuuren - 6 dagar sedan
Very impressive video!
Daniel - 7 dagar sedan
It was possible to rush it, because boeing is USA...and USA has da power :)
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - 7 dagar sedan
Sleepy - 7 dagar sedan
As much as people say competition is an inevitable good that comes out of capitalism, the free market naturally moves towards monopolies or singular entities with large marketshare because generally it costs way less for the companies and consumers.
Having to only train one pilot to fly two different planes is easier than learning 8. And it costs less for the airline
Chris Kingston
Chris Kingston - 7 dagar sedan
Take a train next time you go on holiday
Benoit Vanhees
Benoit Vanhees - 6 dagar sedan
And by preference a European train :)
This is Kate
This is Kate - 7 dagar sedan
I took two Airbus coming back home from Italy to US. I felt very safe. Lol
Gannicus - Dag sedan
Nobody safe when flying..
Feyd - 3 dagar sedan
well, watch out for the 737 max next time.
Tenshi - 7 dagar sedan
Capitalism at its finest.
Executiva Crypto
Executiva Crypto - 4 dagar sedan
Fly with a sukhoi super jet 100 on russia then, lol
유소영 - 7 dagar sedan
Why do we keep letting U.S. take advantage of the rest of the world. If this happened in U.S. and if the victims were American? It would have brought the company down.
OneGuyOnAScooter - 7 dagar sedan
Let the record show that greed and envy for money and success can cause terrible accidents and huge loss of life.