Luke Islam Receives Golden Buzzer From Favorite Judge, Julianne Hough! - America's Got Talent 2019

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nothing to say
nothing to say - 2 timmar sedan
such a cute boy! aw
Luce Jae
Luce Jae - 3 timmar sedan
Sheng chan
Sheng chan - 3 timmar sedan
Who else cried when DEH started playing?
Erin Clark
Erin Clark - 3 timmar sedan
Oh my gosh, everything about this is beautiful.
Arnold Marpaung
Arnold Marpaung - 3 timmar sedan
I'm beautiful cry since he start to sing 😭
Deep hug
Deep hug - Timme sedan
We will hear his voice on a Disney movie
Michael J
Michael J - 3 timmar sedan
Amazing Talent! Doors will open for this kid.
Deep hug
Deep hug - Timme sedan
Feels so nice to see such beautiful people in this screwed up world
Rich Sage
Rich Sage - 3 timmar sedan
Yo sis, Sarah, you know i love love love you guuuuuuurl, , but you're gonna need to rerecord this song
Crashshades - 4 timmar sedan
He’s wasting his time on this show, he needs to try out for broadway
walid sacid
walid sacid - 4 timmar sedan
*Mom gives birth*
Doctor: what do u want to name your child
* both parents see a Muslim*
Both parents: look islam
Doctor: all right Luke Islam it is
* parents so distracted they forget about the doctor*
btsismylife lovemyself
btsismylife lovemyself - 4 timmar sedan
I'm speechless 😱😱😱
Jacq O
Jacq O - 4 timmar sedan
I don't even know what this golden buzzer for but I still go slowmo every single time. Lols
hani laili
hani laili - 5 timmar sedan
Masha Allah.... I'm love your voice... so beautiful... and I'm cry to you... thanks Luke
Ed P
Ed P - 5 timmar sedan
How do you down vote a 12 year
Shavanah Skilton
Shavanah Skilton - 6 timmar sedan
I watch this everyday to get all the feels 😩😍😍😍😍
English Please
English Please - 6 timmar sedan
Mmmmm the next Freddie Mercury?
A Turtles Dream
A Turtles Dream - 6 timmar sedan
Fantastic voice.. 💖
JasonV - 7 timmar sedan
please watch my rap video
Deassis Araujo
Deassis Araujo - 7 timmar sedan
Sou fã desse programa..
Aqui no Brasil deveria ter um desse..
Adrian Bagu
Adrian Bagu - 8 timmar sedan
Feels so nice to see such beautiful people in this screwed up world
Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts - 8 timmar sedan
We will hear his voice on a Disney movie
Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts - 8 timmar sedan
That golden buzzer is really special
Anett Yukkine
Anett Yukkine - 8 timmar sedan
His singing was so beautiful and heart felt ❤️ I wanna sing like him and act with him on Broadway someday.
alexandra sanchez
alexandra sanchez - 8 timmar sedan
I love this kid's voice
joelle bustamante
joelle bustamante - 8 timmar sedan
omg i got goosebumps at 6:50
Kayla Karrot.
Kayla Karrot. - 9 timmar sedan
His voice gave me CHILLS ♥️🤩
Jonas Lumbila
Jonas Lumbila - 10 timmar sedan
The humility this kid has is heaven sent. He is going places. His energy is pure.
Omar Alfife
Omar Alfife - 11 timmar sedan
LinuxLover thequieterubcomethemoreuhear
OMYHEART! What a lovely young man! Never heard this song. I am in love with his voice and the song! 100 x viewing this still brings tears!
XRP Riggs Crypto
XRP Riggs Crypto - 11 timmar sedan
It’s not luke Islam its Lukas Lam! 😡
Lourdes Gamarra Pautt
Lourdes Gamarra Pautt - 11 timmar sedan
Este niño canta bellísima y trasmite al cantar de una manera impresionante
Sara am
Sara am - 12 timmar sedan
amanda n
amanda n - 12 timmar sedan
so many kids r so talented this season and most of them got the golden buzzers too
Cyn• եíɑ
Cyn• եíɑ - 13 timmar sedan
That made me cry-
shah sk
shah sk - 13 timmar sedan
Ur nailed song so well.. hatts off kid
Ely - 14 timmar sedan
holy mother of jesus that kid can sing!
Izzy JamesRico
Izzy JamesRico - 14 timmar sedan
Lord Revan
Lord Revan - 14 timmar sedan
This kid made this song to awhole different level , i just went and listened to the original song singer and after watching this kid performance this song i gotta say that tary girl career has been a lucky one
Antonio Anton
Antonio Anton - 14 timmar sedan
Question, i don't watch this a lot BUT.... does each judge get ONE golden buzzer?
Eduardo Miguel Ferreira - Teixeira
lexcabguy2004 - 15 timmar sedan
I like mostly rock and country, but damn this is so awesome and powerful and beautiful. Watched it like 10 times in a row. Can not get over the passion and emotion he sings with. It’s like he singing that this actually happened to him and his heart was crushed by her.
joseline o
joseline o - 15 timmar sedan
The name already sounds like a Star !
lexcabguy2004 - 15 timmar sedan
Holyshitfuckwow! It was as if he lived the song. So much emotion and power.
Stephanie Concepcion
Stephanie Concepcion - 15 timmar sedan
I knew he got the golden buzzer but I had chills in my leg when she went to press it ❤️ well deserved
Heri Hermawan
Heri Hermawan - 16 timmar sedan
He s the winner..💖💖💖
Артур Зиганшин
Артур Зиганшин - 16 timmar sedan
Chris White cant win agt
Simile Sims
Simile Sims - 17 timmar sedan
I started crying when Simon presses the buzzer because of his face 😢💔
Alena R
Alena R - 18 timmar sedan
Raúl Tabar
Raúl Tabar - 18 timmar sedan
Who cried?
Trayvon Allen
Trayvon Allen - 18 timmar sedan
Seeing how happy this made him made me soooo incredibly happy!
GiGi SoLo
GiGi SoLo - 19 timmar sedan
Wow, Best boy. The beautiful voice.