Top 20 Worst Things Ever Done to Meg from Family Guy

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Fisuto - 2 timmar sedan
Being voiced by not Mila kunis
Zom Bee Nature
Zom Bee Nature - 11 timmar sedan
Poor Meg... 😔
school fights
school fights - Dag sedan
Meg has a life
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom - Dag sedan
That rancid meat part was an awesome segue into a "Carrie" scene. Missed opportunity.
Rachel Marks
Rachel Marks - Dag sedan
Why are all popular TV families dysfunctional? I loved the first four seasons of Family Guy but the way the family treats meg is unacceptable.
Alexander Salamander
Alexander Salamander - Dag sedan
What the fuck did Lois' arm do at 10:38 or so
la marfileña real
la marfileña real - Dag sedan
Yo its just a cartoon
emøtional.corpse - 2 dagar sedan
Meg is actually pretty
Dezy is kewl
Dezy is kewl - 2 dagar sedan
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey - 3 dagar sedan
Anyone else feel like this background music doesn't go with the video?
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey - 3 dagar sedan
Technically with number one, Meg did that to herself. She chose to keep being a marter. She could have and should have let her family feel like shit for once after all they've done to her.
Xxgacha jessicaxX
Xxgacha jessicaxX - 3 dagar sedan
Peter is the meanest one. Stewie and Brian are not as bad. I feel like quagmire is the nicest
stupid gamer
stupid gamer - 3 dagar sedan
In South Park there's Kenny I mean he's in a loop of death in which he can never Escape as in when all of his friends died he's still going to be there and he will have no one so just take a moment to think about that
Sofia Dominguez
Sofia Dominguez - 4 dagar sedan
Top 20 reasons Why Meg Griffin should be adopted by a new family that treats her nicely
Monique Wright
Monique Wright - 4 dagar sedan
One like equals one hundred punches for everyone in the show
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor - 4 dagar sedan
Eh, what can I say. I like seeing Meg made the butt of every joke. If the tables ever turned, I'd probably just change the channel. With that said, the parts where Meg isn't made the loser of life are my least favorite parts. I just like having a character to bash.
Joan Hill
Joan Hill - 4 dagar sedan
Can you please do a Top 10 Saddest Moments In Pokemon video?
This Person
This Person - 4 dagar sedan
It's sad that even Meg has a nicer body than me
Shadyassassin54 - 4 dagar sedan
Can we get F in da chat
Qui gon Jinn
Qui gon Jinn - 4 dagar sedan
Poor meg damn
Hannah King
Hannah King - 4 dagar sedan
Meg is the best character and my favorite next to Stewie, I don't know why they hate her at least she's relatable unlike most the characters
Yeet Reee
Yeet Reee - 4 dagar sedan
the worst thing that happened to meg was this
Eliplays 144
Eliplays 144 - 5 dagar sedan
If they kill her off I will cry
Lang Tang
Lang Tang - 5 dagar sedan
#the griffin is the worst family for meg
Ranger Morningstar《First born of Satan》《Bio》
This is why i stopped watching this show
Jack TheBr0
Jack TheBr0 - 5 dagar sedan
Shut up meg
Just Another Person
Just Another Person - 5 dagar sedan
I forget this stuff doesn’t happen in real life.
HarmonySword - 5 dagar sedan
Now do a top 10 nicest things to happen to Meg.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 6 dagar sedan
Lois is a hoe
вареники স্টুডিওর
Shut up meg
Professor Farnsworth
Professor Farnsworth - 6 dagar sedan
Family guy was so different in Season 1 until they decide to ruin it.
pancakes 8
pancakes 8 - 6 dagar sedan
How many times has the Griffin's station wagon been totalled?
David NoneOfYaBuissness
David NoneOfYaBuissness - 6 dagar sedan
you know it's bad when "erased from existence by God" only hits number 2
mc Full Throttle
mc Full Throttle - 6 dagar sedan
What i Love about Meg is every bullied kid in school can sympathize and because of that Meg is awesome
Ivancho Allegro Mundaca
Ivancho Allegro Mundaca - 6 dagar sedan
My God I love Rebeccas voice and her new looks.
Catspaw - 6 dagar sedan
Meg tries so hard at everything she does & still gets shit on my former co-worker commented that Meg was his favorite character because she was the strongest one of the Griffin clan. And he is right especially when she is trying to be cool at her school she reminds me of me.
Mike Wilde
Mike Wilde - 6 dagar sedan
Well After “Being Pelted With Rancid Meat (Which Was Phase 1 Of Connie’s Plan), The 2nd Phase (If Not, The Final Phase) Was The Stairway To Heaven Game Prank When She Was Snogged A Pig In A Broom Closet, Right When She Had Never Been Absolutely Humiliated In All Her Life & Lois Pulled The Last Laugh When She Hired Quagmire To Return To Sender (And On Connie’s Birthday Party, Too).
BTW, Who Are Meg’s Misfits As Flag-girls?
Jay Thorp
Jay Thorp - 7 dagar sedan
Everyone meg deserves better. Kenny:am I a joke to you. Meg sucks
d2cuadrados - 7 dagar sedan
Meg, porque no eres una niña normal!!!!
Tristan Thomas
Tristan Thomas - 7 dagar sedan
She was hot enough for the President to touch her inappropriately.
Tristan Thomas
Tristan Thomas - 7 dagar sedan
Rebecca I can't believe it. You've actually aged down over the past 12 years.
KellseyAlexHipo - 7 dagar sedan
Also only some reasons I couldn’t take watching Family Guy anymore. A lot of shows have a character everyone shits on, but it never goes so far as what happens to Meg
Renee Benson
Renee Benson - 7 dagar sedan
I love meg I always want to give her a hug
Ciarra Okumura
Ciarra Okumura - 7 dagar sedan
The way every one treats Meg pisses me off. Even more so Louis is just jealous that Meg is young beautiful and bond to be more of a success then her lame ass
Sean Shine
Sean Shine - 7 dagar sedan
Peter shot her with a gun too
lunkerlooloo. - 7 dagar sedan
I love how it isn't 10 because there is too much
Allie Johnson
Allie Johnson - 7 dagar sedan
I don't care for Family Guy anymore. Mainly because the abuse towards Met got so intense and unfair I couldn't possibly find it funny!!!
my name gunther
my name gunther - 8 dagar sedan
you know meg is an asshole neil has a crush on her and wants to be with her but she rejects him and only wants the hottest guy but when they reject her she cries
Michael Marcucci
Michael Marcucci - 8 dagar sedan
Who else Loves Meg?
Sporadic Explosions
Sporadic Explosions - 8 dagar sedan
That scene where they pelt her with rancid meat reminds me of when they dumped blood on the girl in Carrie
Syd Da kid
Syd Da kid - 8 dagar sedan
Why do you need to talk just let us watch
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle - 8 dagar sedan
Bleach Bleacher
Bleach Bleacher - 9 dagar sedan
Not being funny family guy moment
Subscribe To Barry
Subscribe To Barry - 9 dagar sedan
I love how they treat her. Maybe I'm a psychopath but I just love laughing at her.
andromeda - 5 dagar sedan
jack webster
jack webster - 9 dagar sedan
First time ever seeing your face. Been watching your channel for years.
Kaleb Clarke
Kaleb Clarke - 9 dagar sedan
It's funny how the lady has sympathy for Meg... 😂
jhonny sins
jhonny sins - 9 dagar sedan
I hate Meg
soulassassin0g - 9 dagar sedan
What about when Meg is trying to get a date to the prom and she asks a boy if he could go with her, but then he shoots himself several times with a nail gun, severely injuring himself, so he can avoid going with her? If that wasn't bad enough she then asks another boy and he literally kills his own little brother so he can use his funeral as an excuse not to go with her.
soulassassin0g - 9 dagar sedan
13:01 Yes, The Simpsons has Moe and South Park has Kenny.
soulassassin0g - 9 dagar sedan
Meg does something illegal and gets jail time for it, and it's considered one of the worst things done to her???? That's on her tho, she did something illegal and she got caught, she brought it on herself.
Cesar Gente
Cesar Gente - 9 dagar sedan
I don't understand why they get Meg so much.
Dalton Hill
Dalton Hill - 9 dagar sedan
#1 was such bullshit
S A D N E S S - 10 dagar sedan
Shut up meg
eoin harrington
eoin harrington - 10 dagar sedan
They should do Top 10 Worst Things To Happen To Ed Edd N Eddy
cucumber kind
cucumber kind - 10 dagar sedan
Why dont you call IT ghost lol haha poltergeist is German
Eliad Buchnik
Eliad Buchnik - 10 dagar sedan
Shut up Meg.
Amy the dragon gachtuber
Amy the dragon gachtuber - 10 dagar sedan
in a episode meg does foot porn and only then they care about her...
Lauren Kozlowski
Lauren Kozlowski - 10 dagar sedan
Has there ever been one episode we’re they have physically or emotionally abused her?
Galaxy - 10 dagar sedan
Meg is like heather Duke but even worse
mario logan isn't funny
mario logan isn't funny - 10 dagar sedan
came from diareeah freaks!!
Fusion n' Stuff
Fusion n' Stuff - 10 dagar sedan
It’s a cartoon...
Megara Stormbreaker
Megara Stormbreaker - 10 dagar sedan
My name is meg so everybody says SHUT UP MEG and I hate it
Laura Eager
Laura Eager - 11 dagar sedan
I feel bad for Meg.
Treverium Danieval
Treverium Danieval - 11 dagar sedan
"Accidentally making ou with chris
Yeah. True scenariod can be relatable sometimes
Nikolas Flores Ramirez
Nikolas Flores Ramirez - 11 dagar sedan
Lmfao these moments had me weak 😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony Clavero
Anthony Clavero - 11 dagar sedan
Poor Megatron
Theftbtw - 11 dagar sedan
My question is
How did Peter even get a license
D Burns
D Burns - 11 dagar sedan
2:15. Imagine if that was Peter...
Minty - 11 dagar sedan
She was black all along
Kaz - 11 dagar sedan
Poor Meg