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1 744
FragicalMagical - 3 timmar sedan
Eliot: “Lannan is not here”
Me: *Happiness Noises*
Sophie Maher
Sophie Maher - 7 timmar sedan
Sibling love 0:41 - 9:44
Ellis Heywood
Ellis Heywood - 9 timmar sedan
“No movement” ok then
spectres _dstroy
spectres _dstroy - 9 timmar sedan
Paper scissors rock TF it's supposed to be rock paper scissors
Neve Wilkins
Neve Wilkins - 10 timmar sedan
I swear ball rush is English bull dog that we all played and got banned in primary school in England but with bows instead of like tag version or witg a basketball
waves _
waves _ - 12 timmar sedan
The fact they don’t want to hit any of the females 🤧😭😂
Kaitlyntotherescue 564
Kaitlyntotherescue 564 - 15 timmar sedan
what happened in paris bazz? did u fuck cray????
Craig Gang
Craig Gang - 15 timmar sedan
enderking - 15 timmar sedan
Im with lazarbeam id rather be playing with pewdiepie that with click
RaG3 Mark
RaG3 Mark - 19 timmar sedan
lanan be wearing those sidemen track pants where you guys can get at sidemenclothging.com :)
Brodie Gibson
Brodie Gibson - 20 timmar sedan
How was that dangerous
PoisonGamer - 22 timmar sedan
Paper scissors rock ?
Diverge - 22 timmar sedan
Muselk: **We're gonna have a ton of fun without Lannan**
Tannar: *He sucks*
Lazarbeam: **Who pays ur f*cking rent**
Kars 07
Kars 07 - 23 timmar sedan
Kath has an amazing stance
BenDover - Dag sedan
3:52 look at Muselk run
emaniiixx1 1
emaniiixx1 1 - Dag sedan
First off Marcus and Lufu are goals and Lannan is best boi
Ash Maharaj
Ash Maharaj - Dag sedan
Those bows are extremely expensive!
Donivon French
Donivon French - Dag sedan
Muselk is gay
bOt Amateur
bOt Amateur - Dag sedan
Love seeing jake wearing the day boi jersey.
Eddie Mishan
Eddie Mishan - Dag sedan
F in the chat 4 lufu
The Warden
The Warden - Dag sedan
13:48 tis merely a flesh wound
Brooke_ Wenz
Brooke_ Wenz - Dag sedan
Click plays the hunger games👌🏻
Anders Kremer Franklin
15:00 Eliot wants blood
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - Dag sedan
I was just about to click of the video until I saw lazerbeam
GodzillaPlayer 9
GodzillaPlayer 9 - Dag sedan
10:35 and 11:30 top ten saddest anime deaths
AutumnCyan - Dag sedan
what i saw in this video:
*Top 10 moments muselk shouldn't be lufu's boyfriend*
AutumnCyan - Dag sedan

Me: muselk he's so toxic aimed for lufu when she was being saved by her boyfriend 😭
mary quinn
mary quinn - Dag sedan
Not aloud to move nice rule Elliott
mary quinn
mary quinn - Dag sedan
Not aloud to move nice rule Elliott
rebecca little
rebecca little - Dag sedan
Props to Marcus and Lannan for protecting the women. 😂❤️
dragon king42
dragon king42 - Dag sedan
So will bazz use anyone as a shield.
Muskan Fathima Raza
Muskan Fathima Raza - Dag sedan
Lannan standing infront of tannar @14:19 was just goals😭❤️ i want a big bro😭
sp karampikas
sp karampikas - Dag sedan
New character from the matrix: Muselk
Mark XXX 1300
Mark XXX 1300 - Dag sedan
Just realised Kevin from Smg4 is here
PinBall Wizard
PinBall Wizard - Dag sedan
I'm a simple man, i see click notification,i click
Stark GamEZ
Stark GamEZ - Dag sedan
12:10 I laughed my ass off
A Georgas
A Georgas - 2 dagar sedan
Yasss tannar
Ioan Williams
Ioan Williams - 2 dagar sedan
Elliot's dodging everything like he actually cares about his archery reputation
Ioan Williams
Ioan Williams - 2 dagar sedan
Y does Elliot take it so seriously, just play normally no ones gonna give a shit if you're not that good at fucking archery
Eridute Yea
Eridute Yea - 2 dagar sedan
This is so sad like really really sad guys
David Penn
David Penn - 2 dagar sedan
wait is that smg4's brother i didn't even know he did click
Xx_ProParzival_xX YT
Xx_ProParzival_xX YT - 2 dagar sedan
U should play Minecraft together
Matt Level 2511
Matt Level 2511 - 2 dagar sedan
0:45 we all thought he was joking
Will The Dominator
Will The Dominator - 2 dagar sedan
Lannon is my favorite character in click

:/ ye
Marco Dal
Marco Dal - 2 dagar sedan
Dose no one notice Lannan is warring sidemen pants
Rubix Cubes11
Rubix Cubes11 - 2 dagar sedan
Where did u guys get that bow
Master Ken
Master Ken - 2 dagar sedan
Thank god Elliot didn’t die in the thumbnail.
Shockrider1 - 2 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the Avengers music start at like 8:07
Gian Calero
Gian Calero - 2 dagar sedan
Incognito Hunter
Incognito Hunter - 2 dagar sedan