Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

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Jack - 12 minuter sedan
Damn just finished watching this movie right here and now
Evannn - 40 minuter sedan
Bald people sacrifice there hair for power
Scepaneli - Timme sedan
Asami Heda
Asami Heda - Timme sedan
I think its going to be great! Taking my kids to see it when it comes out. Also, it seems some dont understand the meaning of spin off, and some are confused it went from racing to machos and geneticly enhanced humans.
Lmao how many action series or movies have you watched? Its pretty normal, also entertaining :)
And it still includes racing and vehicle chases. So get a grip.
Yung Whale
Yung Whale - Timme sedan
Fuck this movie they shoulda stopped after the 5th movie
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright - Timme sedan
Idc this looks good.
EmYouGeeZee - 2 timmar sedan
They destroyed fast and furious was racing to a shooting movie wtf man bring it back to the way it was
iKatherinex1 - 2 timmar sedan
What's the music called?
P Oucxs
P Oucxs - 2 timmar sedan
This is like A team with extra's
Michał Jurkowlaniec
Michał Jurkowlaniec - 2 timmar sedan
Masakra gówno w huj...
Jerry Truth
Jerry Truth - 2 timmar sedan
Same boring actors in all movies well I'm not watching it. You ruined movie's for most of millions of people
Joker'z Gaming
Joker'z Gaming - 3 timmar sedan
Roman reings❤️😍
billy Montana
billy Montana - 4 timmar sedan
12k whom disliked this will be the first 12k to watch the movie lol
Ozzie comedian
Ozzie comedian - 5 timmar sedan
“A virus that could wipe out half the population”
*This guy isn’t black Superman, he’s Black Thanos.*
Ozzie comedian
Ozzie comedian - 5 timmar sedan
A virus that could kill half the population and I want it back.
Theory: He’s really Thanos
Glavica Kupusa
Glavica Kupusa - 5 timmar sedan
Once upon a time fast and furious was movie about street racing
Nuttawat Padthaisong
Nuttawat Padthaisong - 5 timmar sedan
Ariel Arias Petzoldt
Ariel Arias Petzoldt - 5 timmar sedan
Brixton: Look At Me, I’m Black Superman
Me: Am I Joking To You?
Spidey Batsy
Spidey Batsy - 6 timmar sedan
This year is just getting better and better for Hollywood
Vehan Arya
Vehan Arya - 6 timmar sedan
New avengers discovered....
Supz car
Supz car - 6 timmar sedan
I don’t see fast and furious here
Ren Lyn
Ren Lyn - 6 timmar sedan
Black superman, then now Maui HAHAHA
Xds ee32
Xds ee32 - 6 timmar sedan
Gurasis Singh
Gurasis Singh - 7 timmar sedan
Who else got goosebumps after watching this?
hello World
hello World - 7 timmar sedan
A virus or weapon than will wipe out half the population : Every Hollywood action movie ever.
Süleyman Düzkaya
Süleyman Düzkaya - 7 timmar sedan
Türkler burda mı
ALBØ ALBØ - 7 timmar sedan
No vin Diesel Not good
M A S K - 8 timmar sedan
Mom: so whats the movie about?
Me:Two bald men try and stop black superman from using thanos spray
Blaze Light
Blaze Light - 8 timmar sedan
watched the entire movie in 3 minutes 38 seconds
ka4172 - 9 timmar sedan
Thats the game or the movie? Ha ha ha!
baranidarran Sivabalan
baranidarran Sivabalan - 9 timmar sedan
No Paul Walker

No Street Racing
waqar khan
waqar khan - 9 timmar sedan
so what gone happen to the Fast & Furious franchise I thought they will be a 9th & last franchise Fast & furious 9
vijay kant bhardwaj
vijay kant bhardwaj - 10 timmar sedan
Maja ane wala hai guys
andrew baiden
andrew baiden - 10 timmar sedan
.....sumfin isn't ryt here...where's vin Diesel??????????
Jeyson Esposito
Jeyson Esposito - 10 timmar sedan
The movie looks great but what ever happened to the Fast & Furious we all know and felt in love with that was about Cars ? First no Bryan now no Vin ? That is not a Fast & Furious movie...
manny makarov
manny makarov - 9 timmar sedan
brian dead dudeee;(
Roman Reings
Roman Reings - 10 timmar sedan
What the fuck!!! The Roman reigns is In this movie.
Just Minakshi Jatav
Just Minakshi Jatav - 11 timmar sedan
Roman i cn c ya😂
Akshay kumar
Akshay kumar - 11 timmar sedan
Anyone still missing paul walker? 😭😢
Dee Skye
Dee Skye - 12 timmar sedan
Relax guys it's just a spin off.. Hahaha.. I mean fast and furious presents right? It's not The fast and The Furious 9 so.. Lol.. actually I like it and I can't wait to watch it..
charles237055 - 12 timmar sedan
I wonder if anyone realizes this is a spin off and not a fAsT aNd FuRiOuS 9
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan - 13 timmar sedan
"It could wipe out half the population" ah execuse me mortals that's my plan.
Lamont Gabriel
Lamont Gabriel - 13 timmar sedan
Manoj Lama16
Manoj Lama16 - 13 timmar sedan
That was the badass trailer ever
KALYDAH MICHEL - 13 timmar sedan
*Watch full movies(HD)* 💙💚
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Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams - 13 timmar sedan
*Watch full movies(HD)* 💙💚
*Fast & Furious Presents : Hobbs & Shaw* ➦
forgetme - 14 timmar sedan
I'm sure the film is great n' all but idk how they can hope to just move on with Shaw like he's a good guy after he killed Han.
Ursine ComicGeek
Ursine ComicGeek - 14 timmar sedan
Is it me or does the fight choreography seem a bit slow?
Adeem Gull Awan
Adeem Gull Awan - 14 timmar sedan
I don't like without Vin dissel ..he is actually the hero of fast and furious
Maajid Siddique:official
Maajid Siddique:official - 15 timmar sedan
My new video pls share n subscribe
ThAnOs - 10 timmar sedan
SIVAPRASAD J - 15 timmar sedan
Thank god its a spin off