Identical Twins DRIVE THRU Swap Challenge

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey - 2 månader sedan
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Mario Sakoman
Mario Sakoman - 5 dagar sedan
Aj lako jel her
IAMTASSIE - 7 dagar sedan
I just love fast food. I of any kind lol. I did a mukbang based solely on fast food.
Jess Harrison
Jess Harrison - 7 dagar sedan
Ava Argitis
Ava Argitis - 10 dagar sedan
Yuli Aviles
Yuli Aviles - 22 dagar sedan
Baba mirror
Baba mirror - 11 timmar sedan
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Shreya Chittari
Shreya Chittari - 12 timmar sedan
Shreya Chittari
Shreya Chittari - 12 timmar sedan
Please do more PRANK VIDEOS😃
Natasha pathirana
Natasha pathirana - 18 timmar sedan
Anj1324 Xx
Anj1324 Xx - Dag sedan
Every time you guys switched I kept on chanting: QUICK QUICK GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Cr7osama Yousef
Cr7osama Yousef - Dag sedan
Your purple hair is so beautiful
Jasmine Sandhu
Jasmine Sandhu - Dag sedan
Yeah👍I Love Your This Purple Hair❤
Kim  Johnson
Kim Johnson - Dag sedan
Yas i Love ur purple hair
fernandezmarimf - Dag sedan
One-hit Rick wants to go on a date with you
aisyah rasidi
aisyah rasidi - Dag sedan
I love them so much..they are so beautiful..but i still dont know which one is brooklyn which one is do i know?they so identical..
《Itz_LazyPotato101》 z
The best perks of being a Youtuber... You get things for FREE! ( IF you take a picture with them
Fun with the M’s with Mackenna
I think your purple hair
Noelle Mullins
Noelle Mullins - 2 dagar sedan
I love your family so so much
Leo Campuzano
Leo Campuzano - 2 dagar sedan
Make that hair blue. Please.
wat - 2 dagar sedan
YUMMY YUMMY, thank you Youtube for recommending me this.....
Jack Adkins
Jack Adkins - 2 dagar sedan
I love yer perpol hera
Spencer JacksonYT
Spencer JacksonYT - 2 dagar sedan
OH MY GOODNESS!!! The taco bell guy is the same guy from the letting the person in front order challenge!!!!😱
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson - 3 dagar sedan
Chick-Fil-A was my favorite restaurant!
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson - 3 dagar sedan
I cringed really bad! They could have thought that you were just adjusting how you were sitting if they didn’t notice the shirt change!
Dwayne Baptiste
Dwayne Baptiste - 3 dagar sedan
Kristen French
Kristen French - 3 dagar sedan
Dye it blue
Kristen French
Kristen French - 3 dagar sedan
Bailey should
Rianna Crocker
Rianna Crocker - 3 dagar sedan
honestly did nobody recognize the Napoleon Dynamite thing that Bailey and Asa did lmao that was my favorite part of the whole video
Denise Padilla
Denise Padilla - 3 dagar sedan
2:47 & 10:31 Brooklyn just said “Crap!” She just used some strong language. Well Crap is not a cuss word, it’s a vulgar/slang word.
Denise Padilla
Denise Padilla - 3 dagar sedan
I’ve also seen the Merrell Twins do this challenge on YouTube
Scarlet Om
Scarlet Om - 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who seees that twins don’t look alike 😂
CrissyAmber - 3 dagar sedan
But isn’t the point so that they don’t notice? Like if they notice then you fail. Idk sorry
Ulysses Luna
Ulysses Luna - 4 dagar sedan
THat's Sooo Much foOd!!😄
Oliver Weng
Oliver Weng - 4 dagar sedan
You should die your hair blue
Oliver Weng
Oliver Weng - 4 dagar sedan
I love I love this kind of videos🤙🏽👍
Gaming Cookies432
Gaming Cookies432 - 4 dagar sedan
It’s funny they don’t notice you guys have completely different outfits
Superians - 4 dagar sedan
Man they're both pretty asf why ain't there hot twins in New Zealand 🤨
JUNIORW3000 - 4 dagar sedan
Purple hair I like it so much💜
Kookie Crazy
Kookie Crazy - 5 dagar sedan
My heart was beating so fast!!! I was like GO GO GO GO cause I thought they were gonna see you when your switching!!! 😂😧
Shona Steadmond
Shona Steadmond - 5 dagar sedan
I like your purple hair
Evy Dillon
Evy Dillon - 5 dagar sedan
U guys should do order what the person in front of you plus the twin swap 😆
ali alemam
ali alemam - 5 dagar sedan
تفاهة وقشمرة
Nora Almutairi
Nora Almutairi - 5 dagar sedan
Gabrielle Wold
Gabrielle Wold - 5 dagar sedan
i like the purple Hair
Paola Loeza
Paola Loeza - 5 dagar sedan
Brooklyn takes too long to switch ;(
Emelie Castellanos
Emelie Castellanos - 5 dagar sedan
6:11 anyone else see Brooklyn hit her head LOL
Luna Wolf
Luna Wolf - 6 dagar sedan
It's a little wird seeing you with purple hair
Edgar A Carranza
Edgar A Carranza - 6 dagar sedan
i think u would look good with blue hair
Abrianna Bachrach
Abrianna Bachrach - 6 dagar sedan
love your purple hair leave your hair purple
Daisy_UNICORvlogs :D
Daisy_UNICORvlogs :D - 6 dagar sedan
Die your hair pink
Maggie Padron
Maggie Padron - 6 dagar sedan
I love Brooklyn's purple hair!!!!!!
ابو عمر
ابو عمر - 6 dagar sedan
Mark Lux
Mark Lux - 6 dagar sedan
you guys should die your hair turquoise and a dark purple and dark blue and don't forget some glitter you guys are my favorite YouTube or's you guys are the best videos ever from your favorite fan Maddie well Madison gray lux
las ideas de esmeralda
las ideas de esmeralda - 6 dagar sedan
Like si eres la unica que habla español!
Buggy Belcher
Buggy Belcher - 6 dagar sedan
12:45 - 12:51 and 13:44 - 13:55 killed me
Nevaeh Rawlings
Nevaeh Rawlings - 6 dagar sedan
I love your purple hair Brooklyn
Nevaeh Rawlings
Nevaeh Rawlings - 6 dagar sedan
I love your purple hair
IAMTASSIE - 7 dagar sedan
I enjoy yal videos guys
Emma Lance
Emma Lance - 7 dagar sedan
you guys should do going through the drive threw as celeberties like niki and gabi did
Sophie Toghill
Sophie Toghill - 7 dagar sedan
"Have I been working too long?"
Wakilahmad Walizada
Wakilahmad Walizada - 7 dagar sedan
No don't dye yo hair
21592870 - 7 dagar sedan
I love your purple
Entropi Clips
Entropi Clips - 7 dagar sedan
I can see this video was painful for your legs
Randy Greenwood
Randy Greenwood - 7 dagar sedan
Diet blue
Imtiyaz Gandevia
Imtiyaz Gandevia - 7 dagar sedan
I ❤💘 2&1
Sophie G
Sophie G - 7 dagar sedan
I love your hair
James Luong
James Luong - 7 dagar sedan
It change blindness
LondonDrumCompany - 8 dagar sedan
Wanna do that
LondonDrumCompany - 8 dagar sedan
InfiniteFlight Ismail
InfiniteFlight Ismail - 8 dagar sedan
My favourite colour is purple💜so pls don't change your hair color
SEBASTÌAN - 8 dagar sedan
My favirote fast food reastraunts is golden corral and taco bell
Sisters For Life
Sisters For Life - 8 dagar sedan
I like ur hair
papiya ghosh
papiya ghosh - 8 dagar sedan
Dye your hair purple. My favourite colour is purple.💜💜
Fulu Matsila
Fulu Matsila - 8 dagar sedan
Your hair is butiful
Gayatri Mishra
Gayatri Mishra - 8 dagar sedan
How many of you guys can really differentiate between the two twins?? Honestly i can't!!
Gayatri Mishra
Gayatri Mishra - 8 dagar sedan
I can't but i still liked my own comment😅😁
Gayatri Mishra
Gayatri Mishra - 8 dagar sedan
I can't but i still liked my own comment 😁😅
Big Mac
Big Mac - 8 dagar sedan
That would be heaven eating all those fries and food
Carmen Ontiveros
Carmen Ontiveros - 8 dagar sedan
When she said thank you it was so funny
lozz - 8 dagar sedan
and my fav is starbux
lozz - 8 dagar sedan
omg this is how much thay lol
Abdullah Muhammad
Abdullah Muhammad - 8 dagar sedan
My question is can i have some of that food i hungry
Hayleybailygamer5 5
Hayleybailygamer5 5 - 8 dagar sedan
Ghastly UwU
Ghastly UwU - 8 dagar sedan
I’m related to you 😆😆😆👍👍👍👍👍👍
Syd Turman
Syd Turman - 9 dagar sedan
Gave me anxiety but it was so cool I wish I had a twin so I can do it
FlyGirl V
FlyGirl V - 9 dagar sedan
Lol did y'all eat all that food?
Tyranno Anims
Tyranno Anims - 9 dagar sedan
U guys are the a exact replical of ireland boys but girls