Identical Twins DRIVE THRU Swap Challenge

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey - 11 dagar sedan
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
x yaongi x
x yaongi x - 3 dagar sedan
Hibachi Of Japan
Marinette Dupan Cheng
Marinette Dupan Cheng - 9 dagar sedan
@Shakira_ Da_Queen yass queen!
Shakira_ Da_Queen
Shakira_ Da_Queen - 9 dagar sedan
Tierra Crittenden
Tierra Crittenden - 9 dagar sedan
Taco Bell
Marinette Dupan Cheng
Marinette Dupan Cheng - 9 dagar sedan
@Gacha Duck I like your yt name.....
Kinsley Thomas
Kinsley Thomas - Timme sedan
soo many people cringed
Violet Cork
Violet Cork - Timme sedan
I love it
Erin Leizh Lozano Camarillo
Erin Leizh Lozano Camarillo - 2 timmar sedan
Oh M. You spent too much money just for this challenge. Hahahahaha 😂
Sasani Talosaga
Sasani Talosaga - 4 timmar sedan
Hi brooklyn and bailey did you know my name us brooklyn too
Elena Rojas
Elena Rojas - 4 timmar sedan
f k
f k - 4 timmar sedan
Nice Prank! But Did you eat all the food afterwards ?
Marian Alawieh
Marian Alawieh - 5 timmar sedan
I love your videos and can you do another one please please please
Mustafa Akyuz
Mustafa Akyuz - 5 timmar sedan
Olivia Arden
Olivia Arden - 5 timmar sedan
I love your hair😆
Olivia Arden
Olivia Arden - 5 timmar sedan
my favorite fast food place has got to be KFC and Makdonulds
Olivia Arden
Olivia Arden - 5 timmar sedan
hi I am a new fan of yourd
Lee Richard
Lee Richard - 6 timmar sedan
I am at the end of the year and a half hour or so later today is the best way to get back to the new year to you and your family and friends of mine who tried to call you and your family and friends of mine who tried
Megan Crown
Megan Crown - 6 timmar sedan
k f c for shore
Marck Datnesh
Marck Datnesh - 6 timmar sedan
*15:15** When pewdiepie working in mcdonalds*
Whitley Sunderland
Whitley Sunderland - 7 timmar sedan
Keilah :official
Keilah :official - 7 timmar sedan
Dye it blue
da jeanne da jeanne
da jeanne da jeanne - 8 timmar sedan
these girls are totally full of ideas
francey marshall
francey marshall - 8 timmar sedan
I love you purple hair! you should dye it blue pink or Red!!
Serene Gacha
Serene Gacha - 8 timmar sedan
Am I the it one wondering how the heck they're gonna eat all of that food😂
Olivia Ruiz
Olivia Ruiz - 8 timmar sedan
they got so much free food hahaha
Kendall Gomez
Kendall Gomez - 8 timmar sedan
Does anyone want to talk about how Brooklyn glides through the seats 🤣🤣
Kate Schuetz
Kate Schuetz - 9 timmar sedan
I feel like if I were the drive through person I wouldn’t react either 😂 even if I noticed it
yaretzi cabral
yaretzi cabral - 9 timmar sedan
I love your purple hair you look so cute
Roze Bud
Roze Bud - 9 timmar sedan
Strip me lololol
Peytyn’s Personalities
Peytyn’s Personalities - 9 timmar sedan
You should have one twin in the passenger seat and one in the driver seat and switch from their to see if they notice!
Khayla Jones
Khayla Jones - 9 timmar sedan
I’m a big fan love your videos ❤️❤️
panda girl
panda girl - 10 timmar sedan
Keleti Wainiqolo
Keleti Wainiqolo - 10 timmar sedan
I love your hair
Presley Wilson
Presley Wilson - 10 timmar sedan
I like your purple
Jordyn Sullivan
Jordyn Sullivan - 10 timmar sedan
You should do a video where you each go to the same drive thru in 2 different cars and get in line behind each other so whoever gets their order first the other one will get their food right after and the person at the drive thru will think they’re losing it
MR Sweaty
MR Sweaty - 10 timmar sedan
We can all admit we came here for one reason

Dat botty
iza_ _elle
iza_ _elle - 10 timmar sedan
Yes I like your hair
Leilah Maxcy
Leilah Maxcy - 10 timmar sedan
I love your purple hair and I love la Lana but that’s only in San Diego :)
All Things Anime
All Things Anime - 11 timmar sedan
My fav fast food place(s) iz McDonald's, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, and subway XD
My fav restaurant is um... Golden Corral and some type of Chinese place😂
Brayden Pinkston
Brayden Pinkston - 11 timmar sedan
I love it so much
darrold john parker 3 3
darrold john parker 3 3 - 11 timmar sedan
More please
Paul Madrigal
Paul Madrigal - 11 timmar sedan
You guys both look pretty Brooklyn you look gorgeous and your sister looks for just you and love you guys I've been watching you guys for a year just so awesome I love you video it's so funny how much please um my please give me AA text on down down the description and please my name is Tom what
Martha Dixon
Martha Dixon - 11 timmar sedan
I love your hair
Candice Bouchard
Candice Bouchard - 12 timmar sedan
A good excuse would have been to say oh man my mom just ask me to pick her up a medium fries. I’m sorry but could I please get another fries or something like that
Maegan Nichols
Maegan Nichols - 12 timmar sedan
Your hair could be a rainbow. What is your favorite fast food
Jamie Jewell
Jamie Jewell - 12 timmar sedan
Wait they’re so cute I can’t
Pauline Perry
Pauline Perry - 12 timmar sedan
I like it
Chloe Mackenzie
Chloe Mackenzie - 12 timmar sedan
I think you must diy your hair blue plzz😘
Judy Smith
Judy Smith - 12 timmar sedan
My name is Logyn Knight
Judy Smith
Judy Smith - 12 timmar sedan
You live in Dallas
Criag Wehrle
Criag Wehrle - 12 timmar sedan
you gyeslook sooooo alik
Ana Clara .Vilhena
Ana Clara .Vilhena - 12 timmar sedan
The Owl Lover
The Owl Lover - 12 timmar sedan
@Brooklyn and Bailey I think you should do this challenge again and where different clothes and you should get wigs!
Angel Williams
Angel Williams - 12 timmar sedan
I love your hair color and you guys are my favorite youtubers i love you guys so much 💟💜💗💖💝
Neema Kahira
Neema Kahira - 13 timmar sedan
Brooklyn didn’t care she got a free slushy
Elise Jazynka
Elise Jazynka - 13 timmar sedan
No I don't.... I Love it
Lexi lulu
Lexi lulu - 13 timmar sedan
I think the restaurant needs to watch these videos
Jessie Reese
Jessie Reese - 14 timmar sedan
Anybody know where to get their shorts from??
Sulenny Marte
Sulenny Marte - 14 timmar sedan
Yes i love the color can you dye it pink next
Kristie Kirk
Kristie Kirk - 14 timmar sedan
I think you should do another one like this
Yasmine Salim
Yasmine Salim - 14 timmar sedan
Leah Smothers
Leah Smothers - 14 timmar sedan
Fred Eversole
Fred Eversole - 15 timmar sedan
It’s a face. If the face has the money, hand out the food and get ready for next face.
Brienne Alder
Brienne Alder - 15 timmar sedan
I love your purple hair!!
Samantha Pineda
Samantha Pineda - 15 timmar sedan
The whole point is to not get caught
Sandra Ortega
Sandra Ortega - 16 timmar sedan
Die it a different color
Aaqil muhammad
Aaqil muhammad - 16 timmar sedan
I like it
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 16 timmar sedan
I love your vi4
Princess unicorn Betty
Princess unicorn Betty - 16 timmar sedan
I think you should die your hair blue
Linda McConnell
Linda McConnell - 16 timmar sedan
I like it!!
Randy Wood
Randy Wood - 17 timmar sedan
One of y’all can dress up as a goth and grily gril
Stephanie Zahn
Stephanie Zahn - 17 timmar sedan
It's because ppl are like robots when they work. They hardly notice the customer.
Marissa Dodson
Marissa Dodson - 17 timmar sedan
Keep the hair purple 💜💜
SpecialA - 17 timmar sedan
Brooklyn , you look so good with that purple hair, make it permanent
Alyssa Molina
Alyssa Molina - 17 timmar sedan
Love the purple hair
Aileen Mouritsen
Aileen Mouritsen - 18 timmar sedan
I love it a lot
H1N1Survivor2011 - 18 timmar sedan
Love the purple hair acually
Maybe do blue with your hair.
Lalinni - 18 timmar sedan
Now i'm hungry ._.
JRB KIDS - 19 timmar sedan
this was so funny lol and my favorite fast food restaurant is Mcds
Isabella Manga-David
Isabella Manga-David - 19 timmar sedan
Niyah Bae
Niyah Bae - 19 timmar sedan
It was more fails than GOOD
Britaney Simpson
Britaney Simpson - 19 timmar sedan
Who else feels for some of those food...its obvious that they need help
Justin Singh
Justin Singh - 19 timmar sedan
Mc donils
Justin Singh
Justin Singh - 19 timmar sedan
Lol I tried to do it it was hard
Justin Singh
Justin Singh - 19 timmar sedan
And I have a twin
And you sode go in different cars and one derives away and in one at her car you get the order
Justin Singh
Justin Singh - 19 timmar sedan
You sode colour red and blue
Games and Fun
Games and Fun - 20 timmar sedan
You should go thru thrive threw as singers love you . You guys are angels 😋😇❤️😂
gianna guerra
gianna guerra - 20 timmar sedan
Ricarda Rasmussen
Ricarda Rasmussen - 20 timmar sedan
Ich bin der Deutsche Kommentar den du gesucht hast😂
Keeping up with Shida
Keeping up with Shida - 20 timmar sedan
Wish I had a twin
caramel cuttee
caramel cuttee - 20 timmar sedan
You should ask. Fry. Slut. Asst
Greeneyedgirl - 20 timmar sedan
You girls are cute. Funny video.😁
Jennifer Cygawnoski
Jennifer Cygawnoski - 21 timme sedan
I temp died my hair blue lol 😂
Eva Jackson
Eva Jackson - 21 timme sedan
I love your vids
Katie Malfoy
Katie Malfoy - 21 timme sedan
That's more pink than purple but k
Cows Moo
Cows Moo - 21 timme sedan
L. Woiwod
L. Woiwod - 21 timme sedan
I prefer the blond hair 😘
Beatriz Farias
Beatriz Farias - 21 timme sedan
I love 💕 you’re purple hair . Like if you do too,
Haley Bernard
Haley Bernard - 21 timme sedan
Love the hiar you should go pink
Lauren Benner
Lauren Benner - 22 timmar sedan
You should try it with kamri or your mom
aNoNieM lol
aNoNieM lol - 22 timmar sedan
u should just drive trough the drive tru and dont answer only say ‘’uh’’
sorry for my bad english btw
unknown girl
unknown girl - 22 timmar sedan
KEEp your hai purple it's lush xx
Bekah Gordon
Bekah Gordon - 22 timmar sedan
i love your purple hair💜