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Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz - 4 timmar sedan
They made 2 videos in the same day I just watched the draw my life one
Dead Inc
Dead Inc - 5 timmar sedan
Fucking horror ads at 2am brilliant 🙄
Hi - 9 timmar sedan
How did this one get less views than the second one?
purplevoltage 99
purplevoltage 99 - Dag sedan
Harry did say the N word
koojo - 2 dagar sedan
Where’s tobi?
Ashrune - 4 dagar sedan
11:06 his dad did
DarkAssassinPlays - 4 dagar sedan
F Randolph
Winston Harriott
Winston Harriott - 4 dagar sedan
I'm subscribed to both channels and every single member of the sidemen channels ok
JUICE WRLD - 4 dagar sedan
My hole class is subbed to u
Blake_Duffin14 - 4 dagar sedan
Just saying, my sisters great nan is payed to pretend to be the queen cause she looks exactly like her so if you need the fake queen hmu and I’ll give you her number
That Mancunian
That Mancunian - 4 dagar sedan
Harry 100% said fetus deletus
Random Opinion
Random Opinion - 4 dagar sedan
The sidemen calling Americans dumb 😂👍
Oscar Treee
Oscar Treee - 4 dagar sedan
I hate how kids are just forcing the sidemen to do stuff that don’t make sense. Like just stop it’s annoying
JOrdan 101
JOrdan 101 - 4 dagar sedan
I want a number 2 cos there’s been some sick stuff recently
Kryto - 6 dagar sedan
Sidemen tinder with adonis
Minievo06 - 6 dagar sedan
Josh is the odd one out vik Ethan and Jj all getting ripped
Mia Schulz
Mia Schulz - 6 dagar sedan
They should do more of this! :D
Seceretsalmon - 6 dagar sedan
8:25 ethans mouth movement when he laughed
Aux - 6 dagar sedan
Harry and simon did say the nword tho
Sophia Paj
Sophia Paj - 5 dagar sedan
Aux when?
Toffy 999
Toffy 999 - 6 dagar sedan
7:05 they followed up on
Jackson Lyons
Jackson Lyons - 6 dagar sedan
black vs white rap battle not to be racized
JustDragonBall - 6 dagar sedan
Faze barely gets view
Eman - 7 dagar sedan
Notice how nobody laughs at viks jokes 😳
T Rex
T Rex - 7 dagar sedan
10:27 playback speed 0.25 Harry's face😂
Ante Toni Didić
Ante Toni Didić - 8 dagar sedan
my man tobi is camouflaged with the background
i didnt mean anything racist!
Ed XII - 8 dagar sedan
17:30 everyone i know is subscribed!
Emily Watters
Emily Watters - 8 dagar sedan
Simon reads like a spastic
Superior_ Gaming
Superior_ Gaming - 8 dagar sedan
What did harry say during the sidemen school video
Erky Perky
Erky Perky - 8 dagar sedan
Who else thought this was a compilation 😂?
MR_rednose 3
MR_rednose 3 - 8 dagar sedan
100$ vs 10$ camping

Cause you know 10000$ is not camping
That’s glamping
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 9 dagar sedan
THEIR Reddit
NoLoaf - 10 dagar sedan
JJ: stares right into everyone’s soul
Mx1air - 11 dagar sedan
I'm a simple man

Vik talks, I skip

Cringe fuck
SY S - 11 dagar sedan
Sidemen die in a house fire

SY S - 7 dagar sedan
@Freddie Novis ikr graduated from comedy school
Freddie Novis
Freddie Novis - 9 dagar sedan
SY S wow so funny
Jamisen L
Jamisen L - 12 dagar sedan
Does anyone notice that at 18:52 their subscriber number on the video is 5,000,000 but their actual one is 2.82 mil at this exact point in time
Z-kun !!!
Z-kun !!! - 12 dagar sedan
Has no one put the Hells Kitchen w/ Phil on reddit (put it on KSI's reddit)
H2O jellyfish
H2O jellyfish - 13 dagar sedan
Objective: Spend $100k in 1 hour
Ethan: fuck that bro I’m spending it on the next holiday video
Ethan’s dad: 😯
Yohan Pinto
Yohan Pinto - 14 dagar sedan
Who’s here after the reddit post at 7:02 became a sidemen Sunday
Joshua Briers
Joshua Briers - 9 dagar sedan
Yohan Pinto when is it?
thinking raptor
thinking raptor - 12 dagar sedan
N Grebic
N Grebic - 14 dagar sedan
I was scared when they were all looking at me
eatmethrice - 15 dagar sedan
7:03 hmm
Hault Rxst
Hault Rxst - 16 dagar sedan
Nah we want more Phil
Aurora - 16 dagar sedan
Ethan looks extra sexy in this vid
Neel Spinoy
Neel Spinoy - 16 dagar sedan
bruh the word autistic is pretty derogatory
Malik Danial
Malik Danial - 17 dagar sedan
they engulfing views
TTV Sweatyzz777
TTV Sweatyzz777 - 17 dagar sedan
sidemen charades

like if u want this to happen
Lauren Tordoff
Lauren Tordoff - 15 dagar sedan
TTV Sweatyzz777 it already has happened
Isaac Murray
Isaac Murray - 17 dagar sedan
When jj stared at the camera he actually stared at my soul
Kenny Lassen
Kenny Lassen - 17 dagar sedan
nothing gets more uncomftable then when you are picking your nose as a 26yr old and they all sit there and stair at you.
Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman - 18 dagar sedan
2020 anyone?
Jeppe Leth
Jeppe Leth - 18 dagar sedan
Jäčk - 19 dagar sedan
I think harry did eat 10k calories but I’m convinced that 9k of it was edibles
Harry Darbs
Harry Darbs - 19 dagar sedan
Where do they know Phil from?
Liam Carter
Liam Carter - 20 dagar sedan
How about like if I want them to do a 24 in shop everything of cinema or just 24 hours on morgz house sidemen
Liam Carter
Liam Carter - 20 dagar sedan
Sidemen be funny for a day lol jk
Andrei Adams
Andrei Adams - 20 dagar sedan
what is the song at 14:49 ?
Eh Ler
Eh Ler - 20 dagar sedan
For the first 2 minutes, I was wondering were Tobi was. Not racist at all could not see him for those minutes
Max Unger
Max Unger - 20 dagar sedan
Phil in tinder but is one of the girls but dressed as one and shouts at vik or something
mochi’s jams
mochi’s jams - 22 dagar sedan
vik: **points at camera and says you**
also vik: **poking my eye and saying you**
sameer Sheikh
sameer Sheikh - 22 dagar sedan
Y didnt deji vlog their christmas sigh🤥😔
Anas Bennane
Anas Bennane - 23 dagar sedan
What is funny is that instantly looking at the picture they know what FAKE TAXI means..... honestly, cmon boys.
James Webb
James Webb - 23 dagar sedan
Do you reckon Ethans dad watches the videos like “😳”