Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show

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Nathan Frenette
Nathan Frenette - 11 timmar sedan
I skipped this video when it came out cause I was already extremely mad about how this ended and I really didn’t need to see someone else be mad about it too but I enjoyed the video and thought you brought up some good points also episode 2 of season 8 was by far the best of the season dont @ me
Aaron Ingram
Aaron Ingram - Dag sedan
I don't buy they ran outta material the books had so much material they could have added but instead they went their own way
RandomTipsyLemon - Dag sedan
A bit late but: they didn’t run out of books. Book 4 and 5 weren’t adapted for the most parts.
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis - Dag sedan
I like the Castlevania music, that stage was awesome!
Draggonetti - 2 dagar sedan
I think George saw how these guys removed and skipped TONS of the source material, so he wasn't motivated to keep writing stuff for these guys, he just waited for the show to end... He said in an interview there was enough material in his books (even without Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring) for 13 seasons...
Jaxon hinds
Jaxon hinds - 2 dagar sedan
Theon is a main character don't @me
Delena Paw
Delena Paw - 2 dagar sedan
her burning down the whole kingdom is stupid and unnecessary. Also her lock the dragon up is stupid too. Arya is my favorite.
Daniel Reis
Daniel Reis - 2 dagar sedan
Pretty cool the Grim Matchstick song on the background of Daenerys's section
Marty ES
Marty ES - 3 dagar sedan
You sound exactly as I would picture someone sounding who would make a video like this.
Dank Scrote
Dank Scrote - 4 dagar sedan
I’m still pissed off, I hope D&D never find success ever again.
Roronoa D. Zoro
Roronoa D. Zoro - 4 dagar sedan
To this day I am still upset
Ajaws2414 - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Alchemist Brotherhood
King Vinny
King Vinny - 6 dagar sedan
Just found out they didn’t even really read the books lol
MsB inSYDNEY - 7 dagar sedan
I like all of you feel completely and utterly ripped off by the show runners lack of writing skills, the general inconsistency of the characters and their story arcs, the speed in which we the audience were pushed through the final 2 about a couple of prick teases...all build up and no delivery. I'm still annoyed about it even after all these months have passed since the show came to an end. It's as if they tried to make up for their lack of writing skills by going out of their way to attempt to surprise us but we all saw through it didn't we? They actually thought we wouldn't notice how bad the writing was or how the characters suddenly started doing things/acting in ways that made no sense to their story arc. How insulting. Aside from those things,it us also the mystery elements of the story they never addressed in the end that have bothered me the most:
1) Did John Snow's parentage even matter?
2) what did the White Walkers actually want?
3) what happened to Craster's baby boys once they were turned..that scene in one of the episodes during S2 when the baby was picked up by the Whyte and carried with him by horse then placed within the icy circle formation with the other white's standing in the background then the NK picks baby boy up and turns him...that whole scene seemed to hold a lot of mystery and importance that we were yet to find out...but in the end..nothing.
4) speaking of those circle formations in the ground made/formed by the Whites...what was the significance really?
5) The Valenquor prophecy...none of it came to fruition so it seemed odd that an entire seasons very first scene put so much focus on this.
6) why did Bran need to go beyond the wall and what did he really need those powers of foresight because once again, in the end it was all for nothing and made no sense to the outcome of his story.
7) Jacqen Hagar/Faceless Men...there was so much more to him, who was he really? Why did he focus on Arya? When he drinks the poison in s5 and falls to the ground then she starts peeling the faces off and suddenly sees her own - what was all that about?
8) Kinvara, the other red witch, there was do much more to her so why no follow up?
9) what was so special about Varys? Why did the sorcerer cut off his parts and who was the voice in the flames and what did it say exactly? He was going to tell Tyrion "one day".
10) when Tyrion and Varys are travelling to Mereen and before Tyrion is capturer by Sir Jorah, T and V are sitting outside in that village square listening to another red witch then suddenly she notices Tyrion and stares at him while he stares back at her and the musical score builds as if she knows something about him like he is special in some way but once again just another scene that built us all up for this brilliant ending with all these pay offs and instead we are left holding our dick in our hands...well actually I don't have a dick but u know what I mean!
Jay Bird
Jay Bird - 7 dagar sedan
I didn't mind the ending, I disliked the pacing and lack of logic. Also, Jon Snow didn't fight the night king!!!!!!!! I'm okay with Arya killing him but Jon should've had a few moments with him. Writing was pretty meh.
Austin Elmore
Austin Elmore - 7 dagar sedan
How about that Castlevania Symphony of the Night music playing in the background
Robin A. C.
Robin A. C. - 7 dagar sedan
I guess at this point it's better if I just wait for A Song of Ice and Fire: Brotherhood (2030)
Dabes - 8 dagar sedan
want to know who else predicted Jon snow's parents. Matpat. Why didn't he write this show.
raq_staristry - 8 dagar sedan
If y'all are looking for a satisfying ending that stays true to the character arcs and the storyline, please check out Macabre Storytelling here on youtube. Be sure to check out his Tyrion episode first! Instead of fixing the ending as a whole, he picks up where he feels each character arc went astray ( all sometime after season4) and tweaks it into perfection.He's currently on Episode 9 of his rewrites. You wont regret it!!
Sarah G
Sarah G - 8 dagar sedan
The books are better
Der Carrot
Der Carrot - 9 dagar sedan
In all the interviews, all I think of is the Flashgitz Animation vid
Katherine Jones
Katherine Jones - 10 dagar sedan
i agree so much. i never liked Dany, and I got bored with her part so i stopped reading the books. I used to like Arya, but then after she got too OP, she became my least favorite. And then Jaime is my favorite character, for all of the reasons you mentioned. Never found anyone who agrees with all these points.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 13 dagar sedan
t - 13 dagar sedan
Jon being a Targaryen did nothing, if was just a shitty bad executed excuse to kill Daenerys and let a man be King. And yes, I'm going there because this show basically it's a power fantasy of men in power so not really surprised she's dead. Like at least she should had earned the Mad Queen treatment but nah... There was no foreshadowing about the Mad Queen, crucifying, killing enemies and wanting to destroy cities it's not foresadowing when it's a standard by GOT. If Danny was mad then so was Nedd for beheading people, Arya and Jon Snow too. They even failed to do that. The Danny from the show was showed as a liberator until s7 when she went to conquer Westeros. You can be both, she was that. GOT failed to establish the seeds for the Mad Queen right from the get to go.
Torusaurus Rex
Torusaurus Rex - 15 dagar sedan
Marcus: "This is how X is ruined."
Also Marcus: "Which is a shame because I really like X."
douchemonkey44 - 16 dagar sedan
Dany's progression is totallllly foreshadowed
Sam - 16 dagar sedan
Dany's character personality being destroyed and tyrion becoming super dumb was what ruined this ending for me besides other things
oof oof skeet
oof oof skeet - 18 dagar sedan
My favorite season was the first
Top Dollar Black Pill Gangster
It's a Jewish story, written by Jews (George R Martin included), get over it.
My opinion is ass, but
My opinion is ass, but - 20 dagar sedan
Remember when Ed Sheeran singing for 5 seconds was the most hated thing about Game of Thrones? Me neither
Slovak Danny
Slovak Danny - 20 dagar sedan
The dumbest part is when they get stuck on that frozen lake surrounded by white walkers and Dany is coming with the dragons not thinking hey if they kill one of them...then they have a dragon on there side! Plus after the dragon is killed and slides into the lake. The white walkers (who can't swim) suddenly have huge 3 foot thick chains that pull the dragon up.... Doesn't make sense
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 21 dag sedan
i wish there was an animated version of a song of ice and fire. One with some traditional animation, with accurate writing. what the books deserve.
Zack S
Zack S - 22 dagar sedan
y’all think it’s a choice to not watch GoT but hbo costs money that i don’t have 😐
Calum Yeaman
Calum Yeaman - 22 dagar sedan
Okay can we all agree Lord Of The Rings is better
Mickipepsi - 23 dagar sedan
Glad I never jumped the hype train and got dissapointed like everyone else.
- Blackemperor-
- Blackemperor- - 21 dag sedan
Read the books.
germibytes - 23 dagar sedan
i hope i'm still alive by the time we get all of the books and the TRUE tv adaptation years from now
and yes, i'm watching this in october because that's how frustrated i am with season 8
imicca - 24 dagar sedan
You want a good girl but you need the bad pusi.
Jackaboiii498 __
Jackaboiii498 __ - 24 dagar sedan
All I wanted in season 8 was Elmo to be a major character.
Jacob Joseph
Jacob Joseph - 24 dagar sedan
Breaking bad ending was better period
Alan David
Alan David - 25 dagar sedan
A garbage video from this shill, as always.
Adam L
Adam L - 25 dagar sedan
I just realized.... D&D brought gendry back just to have sex with arya....
That’s fucked up!
Mike Castanon
Mike Castanon - 25 dagar sedan
I’m not aloud leave me alone!
BuyMe4FiveBucks - 25 dagar sedan
The series' lackluster ending can be blamed by one simple thing: Star Wars
Aly Esperance
Aly Esperance - 25 dagar sedan
Arya becomes our random mandatory out of the rules super Wonderwoman
Aly Esperance
Aly Esperance - 25 dagar sedan
Tyrion drink so much of that dumdum juice Dany was just radioactive Im not even kidding
Aly Esperance
Aly Esperance - 25 dagar sedan
Aly Esperance
Aly Esperance - 25 dagar sedan
this is the video my soul needed to sleep in peace
Chillax - 26 dagar sedan
Show was shit since like S4 once they deviated from books and went full fan fiction it was garbage. Stopped watching around then ill stick with the books, thanks.
any who
any who - 29 dagar sedan
do one on bojack horseman
Amber Heino
Amber Heino - 29 dagar sedan
which one is Dumb and which one is Dumber?
Jefferson Keo
Jefferson Keo - 18 dagar sedan
@Amber Heino Ahhh.. I should've known.. "kind of forgot". 😅
Amber Heino
Amber Heino - 18 dagar sedan
Jefferson Keo haha i was talking about D&D
Jefferson Keo
Jefferson Keo - 18 dagar sedan
IMO I want to say Tyrion and John Snow.. I'm not sure in which order. 😓
Siren Nina
Siren Nina - Månad sedan
In all fairness it was never great. It had great intro and amazing cast, amazing clothing and set, but the writers were mentally ill, and non of their work made any sense. Just violence without purpose and logic. To quote MauLer: "That is not how humans work." Indeed. It is how mental illness works.
Cinema Playground
Cinema Playground - Månad sedan
Game of Thrones anime would be swag
Bender C. Moriarti
Bender C. Moriarti - Månad sedan
R+L=J wasnt predicted by dumb and was a famous fan theory since 1 year after AGOT publishing.
Marquis Anderson
Marquis Anderson - Månad sedan
Twars1105 - Månad sedan
it is fucking depressing somehow
Antonio Brooks
Antonio Brooks - Månad sedan
The first 3 episodes should’ve been the main cast coming together putting everything on the table, the middle 3 episodes should’ve seen the story twist with Dany going mad after gaining the Iron Throne, etc with the final 3-4 episodes seeing how the iron throne has corrupted her and turned her evil, had Jon killed her after all of that, it would’ve been a mire satisfying ending. Dany really could’ve been a great villain
Antonio Brooks
Antonio Brooks - Månad sedan
Fans and critics: we want to see all these have a well rounded character/story conclusion in season 8
D&D: reality can be often disappointing
Sophie Koch
Sophie Koch - Månad sedan
I will forever be pissed at the ending...
Ngl I will probably never be able to see it all from the beginning again and that's so sad
HAZZARD - Månad sedan
This has got to be the greatest let down in any media related content of all time.
Arix - Månad sedan
you know what really WRINKLES MY BALLS?