Avengers: Endgame Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled Marvel Questions | WIRED

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Vidhant Naik
Vidhant Naik - 4 minuter sedan
hawkeye has just 1 job....
throwing those question cards
Richard Yeet
Richard Yeet - 52 minuter sedan
how did Captain Marvel get her powers?Don: CRACK
Jack Gardiner
Jack Gardiner - Timme sedan
Wow I thought they would actually know stuff lmao
But I can’t believe don cheadle knew about captain marvel’s stash of crack
Jayden Laver
Jayden Laver - 2 timmar sedan
"What language do they speak in wakanda?"
*Starts Ugandan clucking!
Ob1ivious Ninja
Ob1ivious Ninja - 3 timmar sedan
I'm surprised on how little they know about there own movie 😂
Side Swipe77
Side Swipe77 - 4 timmar sedan
Guys,there are 22 marvel movies
Sanket Patrikar
Sanket Patrikar - 6 timmar sedan
Oh my God
AAQ 08
AAQ 08 - 9 timmar sedan
I am pretty sure Chris has alzhimers
BANGTAN TRASH - 11 timmar sedan
i always comeback to this video
Kurt TheHuman
Kurt TheHuman - 19 timmar sedan
They don't know sheot about the movie their in 🤣🤣
MLG gamer
MLG gamer - 20 timmar sedan
No captain America is 200 years old because he went back to live his life with Peggy get it right
Nova Storm
Nova Storm - 23 timmar sedan
“If you looked like that you’d have a chip on your shoulder. And a ballsack on your neck-“
Rebecca Walsh
Rebecca Walsh - 23 timmar sedan
What does the end of infinity war mean
Me: that Thor should’ve gone for the head
XD Gaming
XD Gaming - Dag sedan
0:42 hahahaa omg u will lose ur tongue
Emperor Mike
Emperor Mike - Dag sedan
7:04 but your family did
Ranjan Roy
Ranjan Roy - Dag sedan
What are the infinity stones
Ranjan Roy
Ranjan Roy - Dag sedan
Hey Itz Jess
Hey Itz Jess - Dag sedan
Question:How to draw the Avengers?
Don:Carefully.And take a lot of time when you're drawing War-Machine,you wanna get that one right.😏

Me:Wow rude -.-
Pixel A.
Pixel A. - Dag sedan
Are they serious or why don't they know the world in which they are playing?

Galaxy Exile
Galaxy Exile - Dag sedan
*that moment when you realize you know more about the MCU than the MCU cast*
Galaxy Exile
Galaxy Exile - Dag sedan
“How did Captain Marvel get her powers”
Don : Crack
36 Matttifftfan
36 Matttifftfan - Dag sedan
What are the infinity stones?

Chris hemsworth: Christmas decorations
XxShadowSamGachaverseLover or THEPOTATOPLEB
Mjölnir? Come on pick a better name!
Darth Batman
Darth Batman - Dag sedan
The funny thing is, Cap is probably over 173 years old at the end of Endgame.
mc ma
mc ma - Dag sedan
no hate but imagine if brie was in this interview

*wHy dO YoU NeEd tO kNoW ????*
nik - Dag sedan
I love how these people are so oblivious to the lore of the movie they are apart of
Luca Pulizzi
Luca Pulizzi - Dag sedan
I love how I know more about avengers than them
SkeleKid - Dag sedan
Thor, Odin, Vision, Hella, And Captain Amerca (By Endgame)
Dusksky Your Worst Nightmare
“What does the end of Infinity War mean?”
My instant thought: *It means that Thor should have gone for the head*
Plasma X
Plasma X - 2 dagar sedan
Um no captain marvel can’t
Luke Loke
Luke Loke - 2 dagar sedan
Only those who are worthy can lift thors mjolnir. In the movies, these Include Thor, Odin, Vision, Hela
Steve: ᴘᴜᴛ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ɪᴛ.
Taha Usman
Taha Usman - 2 dagar sedan
Basicaly this video: the avengers cast not watching enough mcu films
Chaise? - 2 dagar sedan
no xmen questions?

Anastasia Marinopoulos
Anastasia Marinopoulos - 2 dagar sedan
I love how Don is just like...

Q:What does each infinity stone do?

and he just answers like... "Different things", and they count it as correct.
Subsetgaming - 2 dagar sedan
Yes, if Thanos’s sword can break Captain America’s shield, then surely a lightsaber can too.
2024Grace B946
2024Grace B946 - 2 dagar sedan
“How did captain marvel get her powers?

Evamaria Ingvarsdóttir
Evamaria Ingvarsdóttir - 2 dagar sedan
I love how confident Hemsworth was that he said Mjölnir right but he still didn't! 😂👏
Orlando Red
Orlando Red - 2 dagar sedan
i like how the thor one is wrong. Hela isn't worthy of lifting it, she only wielded it before it has the spell.
Chat- pristi
Chat- pristi - 2 dagar sedan
captain marvel did NOTHING in end game
Chat- pristi
Chat- pristi - 3 dagar sedan
its kinda weird to see them when they are "not the avengers"
Rosie Kelly
Rosie Kelly - 3 dagar sedan
“What’s the purple infinity stone?”
Scarlett johansson: “I think it’s an amethyst?”
Harleen Maximoff
Harleen Maximoff - 3 dagar sedan
Don Cheadle is mood 😂😂😂
Ceice - 3 dagar sedan
Don Cheadle 😂
owais farooqi
owais farooqi - 3 dagar sedan
Can cosmic Karen kill thanos
Karen Aplaon
Karen Aplaon - 3 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert:

Umm captain America can lift the glorious hammer in end game
silverpower22 - 3 dagar sedan
Scarlett Johansson is hot.
Josh I
Josh I - 3 dagar sedan
It’s actually amazes how clueless these actors are about their own movies
Deacon T.V.
Deacon T.V. - 3 dagar sedan
Why does thanos what to destroy the universe:

Traffic? 😂
Ice Productions
Ice Productions - 3 dagar sedan
What happens in infinity war

Hawkeye:I don't know

Because he was never in it
MRB Banks
MRB Banks - 3 dagar sedan
I would be the one to give the longest answers ever and yell if one of them got them wrong