Stealing My Moped Back

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PhilTheThrill - 15 dagar sedan
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aryam aseeri
aryam aseeri - 5 timmar sedan
PhilTheThrill When u hold the gun XD
Charles Mcfadden
Charles Mcfadden - 16 timmar sedan
My,god! 😲
Кольо И Слави
Кольо И Слави - 19 timmar sedan
100% fake
Leonardo Morales
Leonardo Morales - 21 timme sedan
@Sarah Alajmi u stupid or what
Sarah Alajmi
Sarah Alajmi - 22 timmar sedan
Why did you not kill him philthethrill
LaserSpace JellyBeans
LaserSpace JellyBeans - 2 minuter sedan
Lol why didn't you shoot the tires
Shaikh Quader
Shaikh Quader - 11 minuter sedan
Frank Nguyen
Frank Nguyen - 12 minuter sedan
These videos seem fake
Itamar Zafrir
Itamar Zafrir - 17 minuter sedan
Does any one get triggered when he holds the gun
Landyn Cagle
Landyn Cagle - 46 minuter sedan
Why does tommymx and the theif have the same goggles
Pavel Kulakov
Pavel Kulakov - Timme sedan does he run it’s cringy
Thatboii Najee
Thatboii Najee - Timme sedan
Y does he hold his gun like that🤣
StoryShift Dino
StoryShift Dino - Timme sedan
yo u holding that gun like a boss
Charlie Gonzalez
Charlie Gonzalez - Timme sedan
I wanna know why you hold the gun like that
The RHINO 202
The RHINO 202 - Timme sedan
Why do u have 2 bullets
forest games
forest games - Timme sedan
look skripted(sorry dude )
why he hold the gun all retarded
The RHINO 202
The RHINO 202 - Timme sedan
'' for a school project '' nice
Shadow Hawk
Shadow Hawk - Timme sedan
its a bunch of kids
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz - 2 timmar sedan
What a way to hold a gun and run from a guy holding a gun
Ryan Dell
Ryan Dell - 2 timmar sedan
You. Hold your gun in a weird way
Bette Coughran
Bette Coughran - 2 timmar sedan
Should of shot his ass
goldencar31112233 22hgh
goldencar31112233 22hgh - 2 timmar sedan
Thus is all fake
Game Over
Game Over - 2 timmar sedan
This is fake af
Baran Karadavut
Baran Karadavut - 3 timmar sedan
This is Fake
Bryan Maclyod
Bryan Maclyod - 3 timmar sedan
Eventho i dont own a gun but i do know that you dont hold a gun like that the way you're holding the gun shows you're an amateur in firearms .. you should hold the grip tightly and your index finger should be at the side of the trigger and your thumb i think is for safety switch (non-revolver) and please don't point from upwards it shows clearly that is an amateur way to hold a gun
sebastian acvevdo
sebastian acvevdo - 3 timmar sedan
phil you hold a gun like you in gun simulator
JarvisJrn6 - 3 timmar sedan
6:51 bruv you do not hold a Gunn like that
Alex Hazeu
Alex Hazeu - 3 timmar sedan
this just looks sooooo fake
Andrew Hatten
Andrew Hatten - 3 timmar sedan
This is sooo fake dude
Watermelon Man
Watermelon Man - 3 timmar sedan
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer - 4 timmar sedan
He holds his gun so weird
Unicorn_ Man
Unicorn_ Man - 4 timmar sedan
Why people make fun of the way Phil holds his gun like it’s pretty mean😢sorry Phil if you broke your hand
Kerim goku fan
Kerim goku fan - 4 timmar sedan
Yes the you tuber is good
Jackanator 81
Jackanator 81 - 4 timmar sedan
Faaaake so fake
Theaussiebluebottle - 4 timmar sedan
These videos are fake but but their fun to watch
Mr. Shweppes1
Mr. Shweppes1 - 4 timmar sedan
Why you Hold your gun Like an Idiot ;-;
Freddy Plaza
Freddy Plaza - 4 timmar sedan
This is not real
Freddy Plaza
Freddy Plaza - 4 timmar sedan
This not really
janet smith
janet smith - 4 timmar sedan
Do you not no how to hold a gun
SnowGlitchUwU - 5 timmar sedan
How do you hold your guns bruh if u shoot like that the gun just fly's out ur hand
Wild Bear6
Wild Bear6 - 5 timmar sedan
The guy is chilling with no shirt and ski goggles and a shirt tied around his head
Wild Bear6
Wild Bear6 - 5 timmar sedan
This guy
Lennie Fry
Lennie Fry - 5 timmar sedan
This is sooo fake
Charles Morgan II
Charles Morgan II - 6 timmar sedan
This is fake
Officer Star. ROBLOX
Officer Star. ROBLOX - 9 timmar sedan
*"This Ain't My House"*
*"I'm Lockin My Shed"*
*"Get Off My Property!"*
Mr Floop
Mr Floop - 10 timmar sedan
This doesnt make any sense no hate but why dont you just call the cops
Brittnee Bugatti
Brittnee Bugatti - 10 timmar sedan
Look how the dealler run 6:57-7:03
Daisy Castel
Daisy Castel - 11 timmar sedan
What was that run?
Poop Head
Poop Head - 11 timmar sedan
Is your hand broke
Mystic Gaming
Mystic Gaming - 13 timmar sedan
Who holds a gun like that
The Emerald King Tek
The Emerald King Tek - 13 timmar sedan
I want to join I only have 0.00 money's
RTV_Ace2Yt - 14 timmar sedan
It’s fake
christopher sandoval
christopher sandoval - 16 timmar sedan
just move pill the thirll
boneless pizza
boneless pizza - 16 timmar sedan
You make me so nervous😂