UFC 242 Press Conference: Khabib vs Poirier

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Prince bosch
Prince bosch - 3 timmar sedan
Two dollar mics. Cant hear a damn thing!!
Trumpet Friday
Trumpet Friday - 5 timmar sedan
I see a lot of McNuggets fan crawling out of their basements and saying their stupid shit again.
Cliff Works
Cliff Works - 7 timmar sedan
can hardly hear it
Mud Mad
Mud Mad - 7 timmar sedan
Khabib LIKE 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Matt VG
Matt VG - 9 timmar sedan
Poirier is a beast! Win by KO.
craig swift
craig swift - 10 timmar sedan
Jesus! I’d rather watch live chess than khabib. Buy the belt off him and send him back to the back. I wouldn’t drop a dime to watch the prick fight a grizzly.
Zwerewolf - 16 timmar sedan
Khabib says some of the scariest shit... "Nothing change for me... Cage door close and I continue..." "I test myself against good striker... helf of them beat Dustin... You tell me..."
spyGabriel1984 - Dag sedan
28:50 savage Nurmagomedov
spyGabriel1984 - Dag sedan
* 26:50
Jhonatan Navarro
Jhonatan Navarro - Dag sedan
Ojalá de poirier lo parta
pak islam
pak islam - Dag sedan
Love u khabib
David Orozco
David Orozco - Dag sedan
Khabib should fight ferguson and quit fucking around
djogo bier
djogo bier - Dag sedan
Dustin was flatfooted against Hollaway and kinda gassed out plus he was way bigger than Max.
Pradeep Poonia
Pradeep Poonia - Dag sedan
Whos this Dustin guy now? What happened to Tony?
Josh Ott
Josh Ott - Dag sedan
Khabib gouna smash dustin khabib time bitches
Amer Elayan
Amer Elayan - 2 dagar sedan
only 1.2 mill views , and people still say khabib will sell more than conor
هزار مرد
هزار مرد - 2 dagar sedan
Khabib "He broke bus" Normagomedov
Sameer Gak
Sameer Gak - 2 dagar sedan
so much respect for both of these guys, cant wait for the fight
Masti TV
Masti TV - 2 dagar sedan
Inshalla khabib will win🤲🏻
Lots of Love from Germany ❤️
Александр Климов
Пионер чую отхватит. Но болеть буду именно зо Порье.
DDAWG 4kt - 3 dagar sedan
Can't hear a damn thing 🤦🏽‍♂️
Baranka den laman
Baranka den laman - 3 dagar sedan
Matias Kočner
Matias Kočner - 3 dagar sedan
Khabib do u trully want fight in Russia??
Sam Ahmed
Sam Ahmed - 3 dagar sedan
sound quality is so poor, even conor mctapper's fighting skills r better than this. LOL
Mithu Sk
Mithu Sk - 3 dagar sedan
Khabib win
General A7md
General A7md - 3 dagar sedan
Let's go #TeamKhabib
j dawg
j dawg - 4 dagar sedan
ufc is an absolute shitshow
Obi Wanz
Obi Wanz - 4 dagar sedan
Khabib will win this match trust me
Ferhat - 4 dagar sedan
easy Job for khabib
nial obrik
nial obrik - 4 dagar sedan
one4all - 4 dagar sedan
Khabib super boring in press conferences and in fights. No personality.
Dick Kickem1996
Dick Kickem1996 - 4 dagar sedan
28-0 do it again khabib 🔥
Raj Demidy
Raj Demidy - 4 dagar sedan
Your Martial Arts
Your Martial Arts - 4 dagar sedan
Khabib, Khabib, please say " I AM VERY EXCITED " , not " I AM VERY EXCITING ".... someone tell him pleaseee.....
Mikey Badibbi
Mikey Badibbi - 4 dagar sedan
Cant belive this is not Tony getting the title shot.....
LFUFMNX - 4 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is the audio on this way too low?
Yun Ridwan
Yun Ridwan - 4 dagar sedan
Gue kaga ngerti ngomong apa
Spencer Dug
Spencer Dug - 4 dagar sedan
When Dustin grows his hair he don’t lose
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed - 5 dagar sedan
both of them are respectful guys very nice
ZaRBlog. Tv
ZaRBlog. Tv - 5 dagar sedan
*Вставьте лайки за Khabiba*
ZaRBlog. Tv
ZaRBlog. Tv - 5 dagar sedan
*Khabib Таджики, Таджикистан, и мусульмани с тобой*
Vincent Andritsis
Vincent Andritsis - 5 dagar sedan
Khabib time!!!! Whooohooo!!!
H new7هاني الجدبد
H new7هاني الجدبد - 5 dagar sedan
ايه يا ناس الكلام ده فين المباره احنا بهزر ولا ايه اقعد ده كله وفي الاخر ما شوفش حاجه
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby - 5 dagar sedan
Khabib may mess himself up in media cuz of his english!
ehhh tai
ehhh tai - 5 dagar sedan
Jst keep attacking his legs so he can think twice about shooting for takedowns n you might have a chance
USADA - 5 dagar sedan
Khabib on xanax.
Bad Redboy18
Bad Redboy18 - 5 dagar sedan
Even tho I want Poirier to win Khabib is gonna punch the lights outta him 😂
3Way Entertainment
3Way Entertainment - 5 dagar sedan
what a snooze conference.
Galimah - 5 dagar sedan
does anyone think that the muslim villain will have a chance agaisnt poirier?
andy daeng moncrot
andy daeng moncrot - 5 dagar sedan
From indonesia
Mike - 5 dagar sedan
Dustin voice jumps and stutters when asked abt his chances. Looks like hes scared. I got my money on khabib.
Moni Poppaea Di Maria
Moni Poppaea Di Maria - 5 dagar sedan
Lol i up my volume to 300 procents
Julio Vieira
Julio Vieira - 5 dagar sedan
Eu não sei falar em egles
Riky Pratama
Riky Pratama - 5 dagar sedan
1 round for khabib🤘👍
dzaki asyakir
dzaki asyakir - 5 dagar sedan
u not gonna get booing in abu dhabi
Eli Cassotta
Eli Cassotta - 5 dagar sedan
Can't even hear this shot. Sound quality sucks Dana!
George Dave
George Dave - 5 dagar sedan
The real winner is Dana
Orxan Elizade
Orxan Elizade - 6 dagar sedan
Yox artiq
Robert McCallum
Robert McCallum - 6 dagar sedan
27-1 or 28-0?
I really don't know how good Dustin is?
Dejan - 5 dagar sedan
It's less about 'good' and more about *luck* against Khabib. You can't say that none of the 27 were good, but you can say that they weren't lucky enough. If you are fighting somebody who is at the pinnacle of good, your only choice left is to be lucky. If you don't get a lucky punch- or kick in at the start of the game, before he gets hold of your legs, you are finished. After he's dragged you around on the ground like a bear and tired you out, there will be no more energy in you left for a lucky and powerful punch or kick.
Dhika Wikibi
Dhika Wikibi - 6 dagar sedan
they probably rent University Library for this conference, its so quiet
Gnostic Demon
Gnostic Demon - 6 dagar sedan
"Says anything"
"I no understand"
leo - 6 dagar sedan
He broke bus so I must smash your boi
Ilias Maglaras
Ilias Maglaras - 6 dagar sedan
new UFC belt is a joke!
TK fam5
TK fam5 - 6 dagar sedan
When u take many L's u accept defeat.
Sometimes losing not an option who's the winner? Fights already over.......
Roshan vermezyari
Roshan vermezyari - 6 dagar sedan
London Tirane !
London Tirane ! - 6 dagar sedan
Fuck Khabib bitch
London Tirane !
London Tirane ! - 6 dagar sedan
Fuck Khabib bitch
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift - 6 dagar sedan
Zdikki Anjaya
Zdikki Anjaya - 6 dagar sedan
A really peace, respectful pre-fight, no drama no chaos
Erik S
Erik S - 5 dagar sedan
That will sell some ppvs
hanadi saffieddine
hanadi saffieddine - 6 dagar sedan
We we
Nissar Ali
Nissar Ali - 6 dagar sedan
Dustin doesn't even believe his own words. Come on guy.
Michael Fridelle
Michael Fridelle - 6 dagar sedan
I don't think Dustin has the power to knock out Khabib. Connor tagged him several times and he just walked through them. So you have grappling and oh my goodness, khabib will drain him. Fatigue will be a huge issue for Dustin. He was gassing against Max and Max did not lay on top for three rounds and ground and pound him.
Twitchy POW
Twitchy POW - 6 dagar sedan
"see the belt unified"... omg stop with that nonsense.
Arya Skul.
Arya Skul. - 6 dagar sedan
Road to 28-0
abd al
abd al - 6 dagar sedan
Inshallah Khabib will win by smashing this chicken also ☝💪
Redback Shanto
Redback Shanto - 6 dagar sedan
UFC not about playing game.... so Conor should go to WWF not UFC
Benet Johnston
Benet Johnston - 6 dagar sedan
With out Conor ufc press conference is nothing
smackdowner - 6 dagar sedan
Dustin winning this by KO
saif azrulrezza
saif azrulrezza - 5 dagar sedan
Yeah right. 🤣
pirzada asif
pirzada asif - 7 dagar sedan
when is the fight scheduled to be????
Bianco Nero
Bianco Nero - 7 dagar sedan
Yawn 😴
Games Tech
Games Tech - 7 dagar sedan
go on dustin!!!
sk mangbawi
sk mangbawi - 7 dagar sedan
Dustin i want him down. Khabib is. I play for you. This Muslim boy is take him down
Alan T
Alan T - 7 dagar sedan
Why is one of Dustin ears 👂 facing forward while the other one is back??? 😳😳
jesse nuno
jesse nuno - 6 dagar sedan
because he sleeps on one side lol
Que Far
Que Far - 7 dagar sedan
Picture this
I'm a bag of dicks
Put me to your lips
I am sick
I will punch a baby bear in his shit
Give me lip
I'mma send you to the yard, get a stick, make a switch
I can end a conversation real quick
Karim Angling
Karim Angling - 7 dagar sedan
Khabib is losing the language again, in a while he was coming close to speak normal.. don't know what happened to him?
Antibiotic Antibiotic
Antibiotic Antibiotic - 5 dagar sedan
@Karim Angling )))) a little bit teach him
Karim Angling
Karim Angling - 5 dagar sedan
@Antibiotic Antibiotic wish i could teach him lol
Antibiotic Antibiotic
Antibiotic Antibiotic - 7 dagar sedan
Yes, you are right. It becomes better when he stayes in AKA before the fight.
Aston Tenby
Aston Tenby - 7 dagar sedan
Khabib building schools & Dustin building playground for disabled kids. 😢👏🏻
Barking Shark
Barking Shark - 24 minuter sedan
@Theodore Gideon Shisha Your reply to me isn't showing up.
Barking Shark
Barking Shark - 28 minuter sedan
Someone replied to my comment with some long winded ass reply but since you lack intelligence, yes I watched the video clearly. So by sources what else could I mean? Well not this video right? Common sense would say so. I simply meant are there other sources I could read up on and stay updated since I find these to be worth the attention.
Barking Shark
Barking Shark - 11 timmar sedan
Theodore Gideon Shisha
@Banana Creampie Don't count another man's money. It's not your business. Throw yours wherever you want and be a good example.
bouki749 - 7 dagar sedan
Amir Hamja
Amir Hamja - 7 dagar sedan
It will be awesome 🇧🇩😇 can't wait
Maynard Acosta
Maynard Acosta - 7 dagar sedan
Love Dustin but he’s too slow for Khabib. If he wants to be able to defend Khabib’s takedown attempt he should watch anti wrestling videos and learn from them
Armands Sviķis
Armands Sviķis - 7 dagar sedan
Aye this is dustins premature funeral that's why khabib is whispering to show respect. Ahaaa..
GraveDigger388 - 5 dagar sedan
I don't wanna speculate anything but Goddamit this makes me laugh. Along with other comments about the volume.
David Rida
David Rida - 7 dagar sedan
Kabib represents the power of whole Muslims...
Kid Kool
Kid Kool - 7 dagar sedan
I wonder if the UFC will ever realize they are desperately in need of someone who knows how mics work. Audio sucks always!
Nibras Hack
Nibras Hack - 7 dagar sedan
less than a god ...
more than a king
Arnas Petravicius
Arnas Petravicius - 7 dagar sedan
Dustin is a nice guy i just dont want khabib to kill him. Hope khabib wont hurt him much.
Marcus B
Marcus B - 7 dagar sedan
robertg305 - 7 dagar sedan
Should be Tony Ferguson
Amber the Awesome
Amber the Awesome - 7 dagar sedan
2nd or 3rd round submission
Nikola Vladimir Wayne Strange
dustin sooo borinnggg
Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed - 8 dagar sedan
Khabib vs pairor subparb peace pool🌹🌿
kuratu ayuni
kuratu ayuni - 8 dagar sedan
Wahh cant wait 😍 khabib time
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez - 8 dagar sedan
Cejudo vs Khabib Poirier vs Ferguson