Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona | THE GREATEST ANFIELD COMEBACK

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TheBigDogNL - Timme sedan
We deserve to win the Champions League!!
SOULAN 77 - Timme sedan
Великий матч Великой команды!!!!
먐먐 - Timme sedan
Thank you for offering korean subtitles!! YNWA!!!!
umar naseef
umar naseef - 2 timmar sedan
Look at the crowd
Gustavo González
Gustavo González - 3 timmar sedan
nunca caminaras solo....
የሳላህ ቀበጥ ሊቨርፑል
This is anfiled😘
we are liverpool
tnxs so machi reds🙏😘
Derdderd 123
Derdderd 123 - 4 timmar sedan
watching this video now from different angels liverpool played dirty in some in barca did aswell like suarez but wth
despacito 3
despacito 3 - 4 timmar sedan
9:44 look at that ball boy his smiled like he knows what hes doing.
thewonderofyou1 - 6 timmar sedan
WOW....just WOW
maxamed lfc Cadood
maxamed lfc Cadood - 6 timmar sedan
I love my job club and I fun ynwa
covers band
covers band - 6 timmar sedan
why are liverpool being allowed to play City in the community shield ? they haven't won anything . City should be allowed to field 2 teams made from their squad of 25 and play themselves . it's gonna be embarrassing for liverpool , knowing that they're at wembley under false pretences , still it'll give salah a chance to practice his diving before the league starts (not that he needs it)
Am Cha
Am Cha - 8 timmar sedan
Degzy Lovren. Gotta love the guy lol
WWE stands for Walk with elias
Anfield is the fortress ✊✊
Muaz Khalid
Muaz Khalid - 8 timmar sedan
No single liverpool player was smiling before the game
Alehandro Da Costa
Alehandro Da Costa - 8 timmar sedan
I'm not even a Liverpool fan..
But this is absolutely beautiful ❤
Abdulrahman Shamiri
Abdulrahman Shamiri - 10 timmar sedan
Barcelona are the worst team
Dan the Man
Dan the Man - 10 timmar sedan
Down 3 goals.
To Lionel Messi & Barcelona.
No Salah.
No Firmino.
No Keita.
And for half the match, no Robertson.
No problem.
Anfield is an absolute fortress. Klopp is an absolute genius. And to a man, the players on this team have the hearts of lions. Amazing!!!
patsook kittikakul
patsook kittikakul - 11 timmar sedan
Best Anfield comeback ever
halak hita
halak hita - 13 timmar sedan
robbo : "wake up son,this is not telenovela"
Anil Singh
Anil Singh - 13 timmar sedan
Never question about lack of passion to liverpool fans cuz they are the type of fans who would clap and cheer just for a good tackle as well.
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen - 14 timmar sedan
I love liverpool so much
Prazol Raut
Prazol Raut - 14 timmar sedan
Etihad is temple of football
YaBoiFuzion - 14 timmar sedan
I fucking love this club.
Ousmane Diallo
Ousmane Diallo - 15 timmar sedan
Incroyable mais vrais
Mustafa Malik
Mustafa Malik - 16 timmar sedan
l have watch this match like 10 times
Anas yahaya
Anas yahaya - 16 timmar sedan
I hope that ball boy will get a ticket to the finals.
Trần Quốc Lương
Trần Quốc Lương - 16 timmar sedan
can not count how many times i have watched this video. La lah lah
Marlon Sandapa
Marlon Sandapa - 18 timmar sedan
Great video, sensational to see how happy the boys are.... bloody brilliant
enjoyextracold - 18 timmar sedan
unbelievable.. this means more....YNWA
Antoine Wyss
Antoine Wyss - 19 timmar sedan
cmbutterbell - 20 timmar sedan
Yesterday I suddently started to feel really sad about loosing the league by just a point. I thought I was at peace with it but I guess I am not yet. Watching this is making me feel so much better. I am so proud of these players.
andy mcalpine
andy mcalpine - 21 timme sedan
Khaizan Baihaqi
Khaizan Baihaqi - 21 timme sedan
i hope liverpol gone a be one fans city frome man blue and the reds....4 ever
Ahmed Faqih
Ahmed Faqih - 21 timme sedan
These fans are the best fans in the world!! This club is most special club in the whole world!!
Richard Banibensu
Richard Banibensu - 21 timme sedan
You need to add 360° features to these soon
Kumar Kartikeya
Kumar Kartikeya - 22 timmar sedan
Victoria Chiocchi
Victoria Chiocchi - 22 timmar sedan
I am part of you liverpool family please send me a letter to come to the champion legue
Matt S
Matt S - 23 timmar sedan
we love Liverpool xxx
Tomek janecki
Tomek janecki - 23 timmar sedan
temp;e of football is anfield
Norse John
Norse John - Dag sedan
Good perspective, good quality ofvideo. And on a personal basis, glad to see 2 English clubs fighting it out in the champions league final - a pompey fan.
Thebat497 - Dag sedan
Anyone see Robo push Messi hahaha 4:25
Игорь Семенов
Long Live Liverpool !! Respect from Rostov on Don
KeyBoard Warrior
KeyBoard Warrior - Dag sedan
robertson savage at 4:26 xD
TruthandjusticeXXL - Dag sedan
Barcelona thought:"They will never score 3 goals!"
Lyubomir Marchev
Lyubomir Marchev - Dag sedan
The way Robertson pushes Messi`s head @ 4:26 :D Epic !
Umar IFL Umar
Umar IFL Umar - Dag sedan
This makes me so proud to be a Liverpool fan
Arjun Saha
Arjun Saha - Dag sedan
Liverpool is better than barca👍👍🤹
Barca out of EPL and FAcup and champions league and laliga 😁
JMUDoc - Dag sedan
Nowhere - nowhere else in the world could this have happened. Anfield won that game.
That sing-along at the end was... indescribable.
Ronny Ringnes
Ronny Ringnes - Dag sedan
I expected it from Liverpool to do something like this. But Thanks for That corner. Ill remember it forever.
at1ks911 - Dag sedan
I sleep well only after watching this video
Rusl4ncho Playz
Rusl4ncho Playz - Dag sedan
6:02 look at ter stegan.
Nilay Shah
Nilay Shah - Dag sedan
Olympiakos Milan Barcelona. Never forget
제라드스티븐 - Dag sedan
로마라고 나오는 자막
터키로 수정해야하지 않나요
파리 투 터키~
kasut bolong
kasut bolong - Dag sedan
Neil Lynch
Neil Lynch - Dag sedan
Players warming up to 'Life is life'! :D (Just missing Maradonna ;) )
Anas 363
Anas 363 - Dag sedan
Liverpool kondang pokoke Ayo Liverpool kmu pasti bisa juara liga campion 💪💪💪💪💪💪
Rayog Murphy
Rayog Murphy - Dag sedan
whats that song called
Kim Minh
Kim Minh - Dag sedan
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Ranazank Thapa
Ranazank Thapa - Dag sedan
Seria is farmer league they say
Epl is farmer league they say
But non table toppers destroyed them
Barca dogs
Milenko Cobanovic
Milenko Cobanovic - Dag sedan
this makes emotional and so happy having so much courage to go and play this is magic this is football
 - Dag sedan
4 teams in both European finals
 - Dag sedan
Tell the fans to cheer louder than the Tottenham Hotspur fans
 - Dag sedan
The only problem for Liverpool is that they are playing away from home
John Morland
John Morland - Dag sedan
Scouse not english YNWA .
Maliki  Mustafa
Maliki Mustafa - Dag sedan
3.44...respect to JK
Franny Darko
Franny Darko - Dag sedan
Trents 2nd CL FINAL in 2 seasons and the lad is only just turned 20yo
Dizzac B99
Dizzac B99 - Dag sedan
4:27 have some of that
Tyty Doosit
Tyty Doosit - Dag sedan
What's music in player room?
NOVAMY - Dag sedan
9:45 that black guy behind henderson like a robot with phone.
Terry Alex
Terry Alex - Dag sedan
Watch this video again and again and again.... So fantastic
TheGamer Man
TheGamer Man - Dag sedan
Good on you Andy nobody likes messi
Adam Perkins 2nd Channel
YWNWA ( you will never walk alone )
Simon Persson
Simon Persson - Dag sedan
Im a united fan and respect to liverpool hope they win the final
SpiceIsNice - Dag sedan
anyone else notice Rhian Brewster wearing number 8 on his training top? weird that, maybe it's his u23 one or something
Panagiotis Fwtos
Panagiotis Fwtos - Dag sedan
forever liverpool❤❤❤❤
Tobiah Tovijjah
Tobiah Tovijjah - Dag sedan
Someone tell Luis Suarez it's time to come home
Akil Aneuk Naga
Akil Aneuk Naga - Dag sedan
win or loose,you"ll never Walk Alone.
Adam Robbo
Adam Robbo - Dag sedan
Adam Robbo
Adam Robbo - Dag sedan
Am missing the football already 😭😭😭😂😂.
ลิเวอร์พูล สุดหัวจัย!
Sebastian Smallcombe
Sebastian Smallcombe - Dag sedan
Arguably a better comeback than AC Milan?
Nilar Myint
Nilar Myint - Dag sedan
Been a fan since i was 6 and now I'm 37. I am forever proud to be a fan. We are Liverpool and this means more! 😍
LUKE FOSTER - Dag sedan
What's that song in the dressing room called?
the bro Lombard
the bro Lombard - Dag sedan
Even the cameraman is saying boooooooo
Atan 12 Man
Atan 12 Man - Dag sedan champion UCL this year...yes LIVERPOOL champion UCL...3-1.
Kenneth Carvalho
Kenneth Carvalho - Dag sedan
Trent came of age in this game..
ابن مكه
ابن مكه - Dag sedan
8:02 💔 🙏
Petr Tolu
Petr Tolu - Dag sedan
Whenever i watch liverpool...i see HOME
hafidz alfathin
hafidz alfathin - Dag sedan
4:26 i really love it 😍😍😍
Los Muchachos de Marco Silva
What a season!!
What song?
eng lamphun
eng lamphun - Dag sedan
Deylton Castro
Deylton Castro - Dag sedan
não me canso de ver isso love Liverpool
Timothy Stamm
Timothy Stamm - Dag sedan
I see a Liverpool team with its head screwed on tight and a Barcelona that doesn't seem to know which way is up.
TypicBird7737 - Dag sedan
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes - Dag sedan
A camisa do Liverpool assustou os catalunhos kkkk
noniot alexas
noniot alexas - Dag sedan
Still not over that last Trent Alexander Arnold! What a player
jason gonsalves
jason gonsalves - Dag sedan
What song is rhian brewester singing ?
Peppy Ooze
Peppy Ooze - Dag sedan
amazing how LIVERPOOL have turned into a force in a year and a half...
corny165 - Dag sedan
Robertson and Fabinho 'dealing with' with Messi in this clip kind of sums up the game. Liverpool willing to do what it takes, Barca not willing to fight back.

Its the only criticism i'd have Leo Messi. Its just not in him to meet fire with fire in these games. The great players of the past wouldn't fade into the backround because Robertson pushed them in the head!