Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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Suarez.Mario_Virtual Space
Suarez.Mario_Virtual Space - 11 timmar sedan
Adaptation is our future as mitigation becomes secondary:
PDVS77 - 19 timmar sedan
One can actually read the bill by going to - Read and decide for your self
Franklin Doom
Franklin Doom - Dag sedan
Surely if carbon dioxide is a pollutant and trees breath it out we just chop down all the trees so they can’t “pollute” our precious air. Seems very much like some dodgy science.
Stephen2462 - 20 timmar sedan
Trees don't breathe out carbon dioxide lol.
Auspol Explained
Auspol Explained - Dag sedan
Australia had a carbon tax that was just outright known as "the carbon tax" under the Julia Gillard Labor government. The conservative party (The Liberals - I know this is confusing for people outside of Australia) hounded it as a bad policy that would increase people's electricity prices for their homes. It had minimal impact on that (and actually coincided with major infrastructure upgrades, the cost of which was passed onto consumers) and actually caused emissions to decline. When Tony Abbott came into power in 2013 he made a huge point that one of his crowning achievements was to remove the carbon tax. Since then emissions continue to rise every year. The idea of revisiting this would be dangerous for political success and so the issue of how to decrease emissions in a country that is so deeply connected to coal mining and exports (we are one of the biggest exporters of coal in the world and therefore responsible for a huge amount of emissions) still remains a difficult to answer one, with little to no progress made on it in the past 7 years on a federal level. State governments on the other hand have been transitioning towards renewable energy for powering homes as it is a cheaper alternative to coal. It's unlikely, despite the success of it years ago and its success in other countries, that Australia will revive its carbon tax policies for many years - or maybe even many governments - to come.
Chidubem Ezugwu
Chidubem Ezugwu - Dag sedan
Marking this so I can easily come back for the joke
whatit isn't
whatit isn't - Dag sedan
in the u.s. climate change is a "belief " americans are ignorant af
Spearka - 2 dagar sedan
Storm McBeth
Storm McBeth - 2 dagar sedan
Conservatism will be the end of humanity.
Jannie Coreas
Jannie Coreas - 2 dagar sedan
omg Isabella lol I will bring this up at every one of his videos. lol
Gangster Cow
Gangster Cow - 3 dagar sedan
My SCIENCE TEACHER at my christian school said global warming wasnt real

adonixp - 3 dagar sedan
Safety glasses off motherfuckers! 🤣🤣🤣
adonixp - 3 dagar sedan
Bill Nye dropping the f bomb is the highlight of this 🤣
Narwhal Tophats
Narwhal Tophats - 4 dagar sedan
But I can see curvature north and south
laurel marie
laurel marie - 4 dagar sedan
Robert Tanguay
Robert Tanguay - 5 dagar sedan
The Green New Deal is absurd - I've reached out to Democratic candidates to discuss #EmissionsTax in New Hampshire and to defend their environmental policy. Crickets -
Charles Cannon
Charles Cannon - 5 dagar sedan
Me rewatching: The green new's one page? Multiple pages? It's belching not farting cows.
I've let gou down John. I've let you down.
APOKOLYPES - 6 dagar sedan
u r idiot jon... u could've just interviewed Andrew Yang or covered his campaign, fail (he had no problem brining up #carbonTax)
John Abbott
John Abbott - 6 dagar sedan
Fuck you cake! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TimeLord 103
TimeLord 103 - 6 dagar sedan
Bill Nye the Cursing Guy.
chewyjello1 - 6 dagar sedan
Maybe I misunderstand the details, but my only problem with carbon taxes is that lower income people should not bare the burden of fixing what irresponsible corporations have done to our planet. Some people are just trying to get by and have enough gas in their car to get them to and from work for the week. Making survival more expensive for these groups is not ethical and won't change buying habits because some people just don't have other options. I have been there...and when my car was on E and I had to get my kid to school I needed to be able to afford the gas at that time, not get the money back at tax time.
Aaron Lassen
Aaron Lassen - 8 dagar sedan
We are soooooo fucked... thanks Donny... you stupid fuck
pete kelly
pete kelly - 10 dagar sedan
Gotta love Bill Nye.
Zilong Nez - The Terrible Video Gamer
ScizzorCut Animations
ScizzorCut Animations - 10 dagar sedan
oh no
The Void
The Void - 11 dagar sedan
Who else only watched this for bill nye
Ik Ben Er Pik.
Ik Ben Er Pik. - 11 dagar sedan
John Oliver looks like a Russian walnut with an English accent.
DuranGan - 11 dagar sedan
18:32 Bill Nye
DuranGan - 11 dagar sedan
The Latin version host is Chumel
joe cole
joe cole - 12 dagar sedan
The green new deal was meant to start a conversation. OK. I vote NO on any green deal, new or old.
Gnomicality - 6 dagar sedan
joe cole Imagine wanting everything to die
A Human
A Human - 12 dagar sedan
Bill nye
Neyu - 14 dagar sedan
this is painful to watch
Rebecca Patrick
Rebecca Patrick - 14 dagar sedan
Bill Nye is king!
Rajeev Samuel
Rajeev Samuel - 16 dagar sedan
Attn Commies: Sea levels will rise no matter what.
HC C - 17 dagar sedan
Bill Nye and Greta Thunberg
"Our planet is on fucking fire, dumbasses"
A new HBO Original Series
Asher The Nerd
Asher The Nerd - 17 dagar sedan
i heard sardinia and instantly thought of part five of jojo i need to stop honestly
cybamuse - 17 dagar sedan
Scientifically, carbon pollution is near zero (going to make a little allowance for coal dust blowing off piles of coal). When will the lay people get that carbon and carbon dioxide are 2 completely different things?
And I do find it odd to put a price on CO2 and call it pollution. We exhale CO2 - are we polluting??? And there is an awful lot of gases out there which have no price on them... What about steam? The chemical gas underlying that (H2O) makes up a massive 96% of greenhouse gases!!! Not 0.42% but 96% of greenhouse gas! Surely there should be a movement out there to put a tax on steam!!!
bitch ?
bitch ? - 5 dagar sedan
Gnomicality - 6 dagar sedan
cybamuse You're ignorant
Angus Noble
Angus Noble - 19 dagar sedan
You mean conservatives take a fundamentally dull piece of legislation proposed by democrats and make it seem like satan himself created it?

Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 19 dagar sedan
speaking of lowlife reactionary mysogynist fundy supposiTories
@ArnoldViersen would like you to talk to his lovely assistant
and tell him to fucking resign
The phone number to Arnold Viersen’s office in Ottawa is 613-996-1783
Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 19 dagar sedan
Friggenlimp-dick wanker fancies himself a "rappa" 'cept he aint got rhythym, drive, punch, or moves, can't memorize squat, and rhymes like a 6 year old in sunday school
Ezra Gans-Crocker
Ezra Gans-Crocker - 19 dagar sedan
John needs to eat a bread pudding
柳岑焉 - 19 dagar sedan
Patsy Sadowski
Patsy Sadowski - 22 dagar sedan
I would have thought libertarian types would love Green Energy - decentralised grids and self sufficiency. Saves money, removes reliance on corporations and public services. Higher building standards are necessary with weather changes anyway. You have desert, rivers and coastal wind to harness plenty of energy.
Crookshanks - 22 dagar sedan
Crowder need to debunk this one
bitch ?
bitch ? - 5 dagar sedan
Crowder has been debunked
Angus Noble
Angus Noble - 6 dagar sedan
@Crookshanks The elites think climate change is a hoax you absolute bufoon
DarthEatsDonuts - 9 dagar sedan
@Crookshanks Ahh yes propaganda.
Angus Noble
Angus Noble - 9 dagar sedan
@Crookshanks Crowder is a lying moron. His "debunking" videos are chock full of misinformation. Don't trust that nonce
Crookshanks - 9 dagar sedan
Angus Noble ?
Mads Dam Jensen
Mads Dam Jensen - 25 dagar sedan
Pie fucking sucks
Thats Maik
Thats Maik - 25 dagar sedan
I knew it! Climate is stealing hard working people their hamburgers! Let's stop the weather at our borders!
SargentMayham - 27 dagar sedan
Who’s watching this after the Australian fires
Joseph Zhang
Joseph Zhang - 28 dagar sedan
[me, 29-jan-2020] 20 years to 2040. To sum up Australia is on 🔥.
zakfoster8245 - 29 dagar sedan
good to know I'm not the only pie guy
Flame that Sings to the Wind
Flame that Sings to the Wind - 29 dagar sedan
Carbon tax = Wexit. *Sigh*
Carlos Spiceywhiener
Carlos Spiceywhiener - 29 dagar sedan
Its already far far too late. Enjoy your money rich assholes. You got about 20 years left to spend it.
Fred Nurk
Fred Nurk - Månad sedan
You're a paid up scammer, Oliver, just a snake oil salesman. Climate Change is 100% about an emissions trading scam. That's it . Don't listen to this scammer.
murat birol
murat birol - Månad sedan
Yup, I only remember the belch fact
Martin Jara
Martin Jara - Månad sedan
Did anyone else notice Bill Nye aimed the blow torch around where Australia is?
Seeds Of Freedom
Seeds Of Freedom - Månad sedan
Martin Jara Something’s up...
Jazzdog5 - Månad sedan
What about us coming out of an ice age from a long time ago?
Miguel Cunha
Miguel Cunha - Månad sedan
The green new deal and similar financial penalties on carbon etc make no sense as it basically allow big and rich companies to spend money to make money while fuckimg over the poorer ones because they can't afford to pollute essentially
AusMade - Månad sedan
Imagine how great America could actually be if Republicans did not exist.
Das Snek
Das Snek - Månad sedan
Pretty Damm fucked.
Toy - Man
Toy - Man - Månad sedan
John sides with idiot AOC??? Unsubscribed.
ADHAiiN7 - 14 dagar sedan
Cya bellend
James Petersen
James Petersen - Månad sedan
Technically the carbon was captured until Mr Nye released it into the atmosphere with a Mentos tablet.
Also should talk show host who speak for 30 minutes, thereby releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, pay a higher carbon bill than the rest of us who are just breathing normally?
Clayton Hurdle
Clayton Hurdle - Månad sedan
“Safety glasses off, motherfuckers” has to be the greatest sign off line of all time.
I.B.M. do u?
I.B.M. do u? - Månad sedan
John: Intelligent discussion about fighting climate change
This comment section: *hAmBuRgErS*
QuestionableSprite - Månad sedan
18:37 Im selling replay buttons