Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Alan  Choi Chang
Alan Choi Chang - Timme sedan
climate change is a double edge sword.. many animal species may go extinct, but the warmer climates also favors other species... but that does not mean we shouldnt do something to try to make it more sustainable...
PLUSHMONKEY1 - 14 timmar sedan
"It’s framed even in the FAQ as creating conditions where ‘air travel stops becoming necessary’ because alternatives are available -- not limiting or ending air travel"

What's the alternative? this was a nonsense bill
Andrew Z
Andrew Z - 15 timmar sedan
It is not if a carbon tax is good or bad. It is all about what you do with the money. In Canada the politicians used the money to buy people’s votes, which as a byproduct encouraged consumption which generated more carbon. In the end the net benefit on the environment of the carbon tax set up this way was in the best scenario zero if not negative.If they would have done something to actually help the environment that would have been a completely different story...
jennifer yvette reyna
jennifer yvette reyna - 17 timmar sedan
This version of Bill Nye needs to be a show!!
MR. DUMPLING - 20 timmar sedan
Changing policies in the U.S. would be amazing, but won't matter much unless China, India, Russia, Japan, and every other country that collectively pollutes ~30% of global emissions do something about it as well. ;
usarocks69 - Dag sedan
Justin Trudeau is a fucking idiot. any fucking idiot that thinks a tax will help pollution levels is a fucking nut job who deserves a hammer to the face.. starting with JT
lefenec - Dag sedan
Bill Nye at 18:33
h g
h g - Dag sedan
Jon oliver got this wrong.
Richard Totallynotafakename
Richard Totallynotafakename - 23 timmar sedan
h g Nope, he’s right.
0jikori - Dag sedan
Yes Bill Nye...Yes I am happy now.
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez - Dag sedan
Isabela por que
christian penchev
christian penchev - 2 dagar sedan
The clown really didn't talk about the insanity of the plan itself.
Mohammad - 2 dagar sedan
If they don't agree for a tax... Let them cancel out the co2 emmissions buy buying some land and growing trees in them to equalize thier emmissions .. the sea can be used to make farms also just grow a plant that can survive on salt water and keep them at sea if you don't have land space.
Michael Grammatikos
Michael Grammatikos - 2 dagar sedan
nuclear is mysteriously absent in his list of solutions
AceTriggerz - 2 dagar sedan
Just in case anyone is wondering, at 14:40 that dude does the weird poetry thing, and he talks about how farms will be the ones taking a hit. He's wrong. Areas with farmland have vastly reduced gas prices, the difference is where I live if the price is 139 cents per litre, in the closest area with high agricultural land, their gas prices are 124 cents per litre.
D ban
D ban - 2 dagar sedan
the village idiot
the village idiot - 3 dagar sedan
Dear 🌍 stop pandering to ignorance !!!!!!
the village idiot
the village idiot - 3 dagar sedan
the village idiot
the village idiot - 3 dagar sedan
Meh. The future looks to expensive to live in anyways .
A Person
A Person - 3 dagar sedan
Safety glasses off Motherfuckers 😂😂😂😂
Jason C
Jason C - 3 dagar sedan
Cake > pie. I like you Oliver, but this is your Waterloo. Change course now.
Sandeep Inuganti
Sandeep Inuganti - 3 dagar sedan
Was this video about Green new deal or carbon pricing?
socially inept spider-man
socially inept spider-man - 3 dagar sedan
Bill nye says fuck now, he's awesome
Zoe Nicole Oelkers
Zoe Nicole Oelkers - 3 dagar sedan
If not being able to eat hamburgers means i live past 37 I’m down
Jiří Domanský
Jiří Domanský - 3 dagar sedan
I like John Oliver, some of his shows are a bit of bullshit, but still he is the best host on air
Dangerously Caffeinated
Dangerously Caffeinated - 4 dagar sedan
In Canada, we have a beautiful ballad to the farting cow. I Am Cow by the Arrogant Worms.
JimBlock999 - 4 dagar sedan
2:19 "They want to save the US and the world? Booooo!" Trump supporters ...
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker - 4 dagar sedan
Human caused climate change is a total hoax. Set to be the greatest rip-off in history. The real problem is too many people. You can go full Amish and you will have reduced your 'carbon footprint' by about 30%. As soon as your neighbor has another kid, there's another MINIMUM 60%... so all of your sacrifice was for nothing. And the kicker is... It doesn't fucking matter. Earth's temperature is affected teh greatest by the Sun's output, which should seem obvious to anyone who has gone outside during the day.
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker - 4 dagar sedan
He's really good at avoiding the massively retarded stuff and joking about everything else.
Reverend Paul
Reverend Paul - 4 dagar sedan
I wish he'd gone after nitrous oxide. 256% the damage of CO and pretty much solved by existing tech.
itookallthenames - 4 dagar sedan
is that gorka v. cunt still around!?
Veritas aka Koru
Veritas aka Koru - 5 dagar sedan
I am Canadian. The carbon tax is worth fighting for and yes, we having been getting rebates.
Veritas aka Koru
Veritas aka Koru - 13 timmar sedan
@PLUSHMONKEY1 I am afraid you are wrong dear. Just google it.
PLUSHMONKEY1 - 14 timmar sedan
this is not true. few people get rebates
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, fuck this John Oliver MP from Alberta
Deus Morthem
Deus Morthem - 6 dagar sedan
When you can’t use facts because they’re against you, bring on some humour and a human puppet to sell a bullshit idea.
IntermediateJesus - 6 dagar sedan
9:17 Missed an obvious joke where he would go "No wait a minute! The Pringle taste is 'Saltcured pig ears and Verjuice'. Yeah ok that sounds about right!"
ARGUS RA-31 - 6 dagar sedan
It’s official, we have broken Bill Nye.
Ravi - 6 dagar sedan
Its times like these i wish i lived under dictatorship or monarchy rather than democracy because atleast then we would take necessary steps to combat climate change rather than debating and fighting silly stupid idiotic arguements......i mean look at how far china has invested towards cleaner energy and less global warming in last decade alone
Adrian Dejacomo
Adrian Dejacomo - 6 dagar sedan
This show can get disgustingly leftist
Huntersmoonx Grim
Huntersmoonx Grim - 6 dagar sedan
The true environmentalists must start voluntarily killing themselves to reduce the global carbon footprint. Ready....go!
Chad Finneman
Chad Finneman - 6 dagar sedan
Like government wont totally fuck that up
Racquel W
Racquel W - 6 dagar sedan
So no Suits fans here?
Inochian assbutt
Inochian assbutt - 7 dagar sedan
Bill Nye, the sick-of-your-shit Guy
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer - 7 dagar sedan
Bill Nye's Scientific prowess must not require eyesight because you cant even pass a driving test if you cant tell the difference between an "X" and a "Y"
pd t
pd t - 7 dagar sedan
He did the actual thing! Bill, lit it up! To show how everything burns us in bottom-up. We need to do more or else, yay.
Modern GEAIsha Music
Modern GEAIsha Music - 7 dagar sedan
OMG @ how he dragged Suits!!!
MadLane - 8 dagar sedan
the Planet doesn't need saving, it was't our pollution that made the Ice age and all that other horrible times right? the Planet is a living thing, we can't destroy it, we can only make life worse and harder for our selves, China has so much pollution that they have to wear masks in the street, Planet doesn't die, life just becomes that shity.
Donna Corcoran
Donna Corcoran - 8 dagar sedan
Rose are red violets aren't blue the part you are looking for is 18:32.
taher tufenkeji
taher tufenkeji - 8 dagar sedan
Bill Nye . Legend.
Sibling Toy Review
Sibling Toy Review - 8 dagar sedan
Hahahah thank you for some making the truth main stream!!!! Hahahaha
Christian LauSaavedra
Christian LauSaavedra - 8 dagar sedan
HyperOpticalSaint - 9 dagar sedan
I live in BC Canada, we had carbon pricing for over 10 years now, other than making cost of living higher and business less competitive it has done little else. It seems worked for first 5 years, but now it's just making things more expansive, because people's essential activities still needs to be done.
HyperOpticalSaint - 9 dagar sedan
To add, BC is the first in Canada to have carbon pricing, it was only revenue natural(tax goes into rebate) in first few years, then goverment just take it like any other taxes.
MoonMan - 9 dagar sedan
You are certifiably retarded if you think the green new deal is "good." AOC literally said the world is going to end in 12 years. Interesting how Oliver here doesn't show where the US ranks for carbon emissions and what country ranks at the top. It's China btw and they are doing nothing to reduce emissions and AOC doesn't seem to care about China whatsoever. John clearly supports another tax on people, what does he care, he can certainly afford it while most of us can't.