Beneath Bazzoxan | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 66

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Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian - Månad sedan
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
0:50 Yeah, but can we hear this song though?
1:55 Liam makes the case for trusting Travis
2:55 Sam’s Liam impression
3:50 Damning footage
5:15 SUBMIT the full clip
6:35 This bit has destroyed Matt’s game
7:35 Sam is gone forever
8:50 Laura’s merch corner
9:55 Intro cinematic
11:30 Episode Starts
13:50 Recap Ends
14:30 Jester creates a Tingle costume
16:05 Are there pics of Taliesin dressed as a strawberry?
17:20 Matt, how dare you bring that up?
19:20 Bailing on Beau
27:00 Jester thanks Fjord
29:45 We built this Fjord on roc and rolls
32:05 Hop on my filthy back!
37:35 The fearsome roc
41:40 Matt and Liam are communicating
43:30 Marisha is a bird momma
49:00 Feed that bird
53:30 High stakes bat wrangling
56:25 Laura angers the sound gods
59:45 Mounting Yonick
1:05:20 Listening for the roc
1:12:30 New Caleb
1:14:15 Beau went to Jared
1:22:55 We miss you, Eric
1:25:40 Sad horn
1:28:15 The new It Follows sounds great
1:36:30 Break Starts
1:45:20 Art Montage
1:58:00 Break Ends
2:05:20 Looks like we made it
2:13:10 Jester is here to help
2:24:25 Surprisingly well stocked
2:25:15 Repainting the sign
2:28:30 Obon-Wan
2:36:50 Oh no, not the flask
2:38:55 Yasha is shifty
2:39:45 That kind of alchemy doesn’t usually turn out well
2:41:05 Laura gets Sam’s eyelash
2:41:35 Fjord and Caduceus
2:48:40 MediClaytion
2:50:00 Yasha’s wakeup call
2:55:10 Sholdiers
2:57:15 Nott’s looking pale
2:59:40 Yasha intimidates Nott
3:00:40 Nott goes crazy eyed
3:06:20 Travis is smooth
3:10:35 Fjord is toned
3:15:40 Workshopping the message
3:17:20 She comes alone
3:18:20 The final message
3:21:00 Isn’t it ironic
3:25:45 Fjord narcs on Nott
3:38:15 Jester and Yasha
3:49:30 Caduceus catches Beau
3:56:00 Weirdly inspirational
4:02:15 The creepiest room
4:15:25 They’re so in sync
4:21:45 Well, hell
4:23:35 Orphanmaker
4:24:50 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 11th of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask says “New Flask Pro by Apple”
Okay, well, looks like nobody sold us out to those Brits. I withdraw my endorsement of Sam. I don’t know who to believe anymore, for now I think the timestamps will be a neutral news organization until one or both sides actually try to bribe me for an endorsement.
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
idiot stupid
idiot stupid - Månad sedan
3:47:27 sam signals the uk to rise up, with his covert skills, by sounding like big ben!
Tiller Intoxicated
Tiller Intoxicated - Månad sedan
3:03:30 Matt starts rolling and I dunno why
Mr Fusion
Mr Fusion - Månad sedan
Tol Hobbit
Tol Hobbit - Månad sedan
1:10:36 Jester takes Nott’s Flask. Seems like the table (and majority of us critters) missed it
TheDreadedScythe - Månad sedan
I appreciate u greatly
Addison Lund
Addison Lund - 13 timmar sedan
The Excalibur was totally hidden in that Roc’s nest lol
Jessica Tsui
Jessica Tsui - Dag sedan
2:39:40 Ed......ward (Ca...... leb..........)
Bishop Gilchrist
Bishop Gilchrist - Dag sedan
"I feel like your a key to dude bro's final plan" frickin pidgeons
Jessica Tsui
Jessica Tsui - Dag sedan
1:08:35 Shouldn't Caleb be immune to the fireball because he's in the middle of Leomund's tiny hut?????
Edit: I Need a pastel Fjord
Miri S
Miri S - 14 timmar sedan
They were all inside the hut as that took up the majority of the space, and they were using it to shelter
Grace Baumann
Grace Baumann - Dag sedan
Is it just me or did the intro change to show Nott, while in the cart, shifting the big flask back and forth like same does? I’ve never noticed that.
Seraphina Edan
Seraphina Edan - 2 dagar sedan
reganator5000 - 3 dagar sedan
I like how sometimes fjord's low wisdom is terrible, and sometimes its the only thing keeping everyone from loitering outside a door for an hour
Corwyn Corey
Corwyn Corey - 3 dagar sedan
So... this episode remind anyone else of the mood in the cow episode from campaign one? Lol
Cam Vilar
Cam Vilar - 3 dagar sedan
I love the immersion and characters and story of CR, but does anyone find themselves distracted or daydreaming about your own campaign while watching? I find myself daydreaming of what my own next session will bring often. Matt's DM style is truly inspiring and I find myself drifting off into my own thoughts frequently. Probably why I'm not caught up yet
ebony1442 - 4 dagar sedan
I feel like Fjord's identifying phrases need silent Js. "Wjell, hjell...."
JuanSewDLKS - 4 dagar sedan
Polymorph is broken
tomisabum - 4 dagar sedan
...Wait, why does Beau know Deep Speech?

Oh god. In b4 secret fake backstory illithid drone/aboleth thrall.
Cole Tellin
Cole Tellin - 4 dagar sedan
"the bat is baned" XD how did NONE of those comic nerds catch that?
Joshua Genal
Joshua Genal - 5 dagar sedan
Matt's poker face is incredible sometimes
Jason Poyner
Jason Poyner - 5 dagar sedan
Dear Lord people, get Yasha a set of Half Plate and be done with it. It is medium armor so she can still rage and extra speed. Get it custom made for her wings and some fancy looks. Maybe 100GP for +3 to her AC. Then give her the damn ring for a total of 18. Stop spending thousands on +2 AC. She will have Disadv on stealth, but it's not like she's ever made one of those anyway.
Jesse Sulman
Jesse Sulman - 6 dagar sedan
Had a Tabaxi called Leaf on the Wind... he died 2nd session
Kyouko Tsukino
Kyouko Tsukino - 6 dagar sedan
1:00 Scam Riegel exposed.
14:00 Be the motherfucking leaf, Korr- I mean, Jester.
20:20 The eagle is smarter than Grog. It knows what to do.
23:00 The best tip you can give people who's thinking of fighting a Roc is "don't."
26:00 Fjord gets 25 points of damage. That was a very low roll for the Roc's 15 d10s attack. Joking. Don't remember what it rolls. Probably 15 d20s.
29:10 Hard roc? That thing is like death metal roc. Just loud screeches, danger and pain.
34:30 That moment the DM has to pause to mentally count how many d# of damage you're about to take... The root of all fears. Edit: fuck Youtube automatically converting the symbol for "number" into a hashtag. Auto-stupid my comments, will you?
41:00 Katamari Rocmacy.
51:10 The bat is Baned. Hey I saw that movie. The one with the flat-chested Catwoman.
53:00 BatRoc's battle versus The Jester is an epic one.
1:08:00 Nott checking for traps is always a bad idea.
1:10:00 Jester sneakily "fixes" Nott's problem.
1:14:00 Beau gives Yasha a golden ring. I am not bothering with sea vehicles, but I can guess many others will see this event as one.
1:21:00 Caleb PTSDing like hell in three, two, one...
1:22:00 Or not. They're just Orcs.
1:23:00 Hell-o Bees.
1:25:30 The universal horn sound for "Holy shit guys, let's NOT mob those dudes." Skyrim bandits need more horn calls. As Sam puts it, "we just defeated a whole village in thirty seconds."
1:28:00 That Roc will be following them all through Campaign 2. And in Campaign 3 their final boss fight will be against Roc The Ascended.
1:59:00 Caleb: "Diplomatic immunity."
2:02:00 Well, they are about to enter another village. ETA before their strategic retreat: Ten hours, and that's just because they need a long rest.
2:05:00 It would be faster to count things that didn't almost kill Fjord.
2:24:00 Nott is seemingly planning a prank.
2:25:00 And Jester is trying to make this their shorter stay in a town ever.
2:26:50 Artagan will remember this.
2:36:00 Nott finally realizes that "someone" took her flask. Who could that be? Got to be a prankster to do that. It is not a nice gesture.
2:40:00 When booze is not available, Nott can survive with some pussy.
2:49:00 Yasha will watch you sleep and stare at you as you wake up. Orphan Maker, everyone.
2:55:30 Detective Nott will solve this case or sober up trying!
2:59:00 Nott tries to intimidate Yasha. Yasha doesn't even need to roll to reflect it right back at her.
3:05:00 Fjord drops his Diplomatic Immunity.
3:18:00 Jester, best Message user ever.
3:20:00 Fjord: (Wants to know what the hidden entrance looks like.)
Caduceus: "It will be the one that will be hidden."
Not sure if so genius it's dumb, or so dumb it's genius.
3:23:00 Beau watches too much modern anime.
3:26:00 Jester's inner Vex is shouting bad words in a few languages around this time...
3:34:00 Nott really misses that halfling...
3:40:00 Yasha's imaginary friend cares. Or is just trolling her. Or both.
3:46:00 Rocks fall, everyone gets railroaded.
3:48:30 DM: No, seriously, guys, there is nothing to be seen in this path. Stop rolling perception.
4:03:00 Logical explanation: Those statues were looking at Visual Novels. Hence the bleeding eyes. It's a known side effect for intelligent beings exposed to that disease.
sorsocksfake - 6 dagar sedan
Also, future plan:
Step 1: polymorph Roc into a really pretty turtle (or whatever is functional)
Step 2: catch Roc in small box
Step 3: Take box
Step 4: teleport to the bright queen's palace
Step 5: put down box
Step 6: walk out
For bonus points, have the box gift wrapped
sorsocksfake - 6 dagar sedan
Caleb and Matt are having way too much fun playing birdies xD
Apocalypse Cow
Apocalypse Cow - 6 dagar sedan
omg Sam, "Sad Sandpaper?" lol
Steven Bonnell
Steven Bonnell - 6 dagar sedan
im at 4:08:37 and I just went and got an icecream sandwich to eat
Kiwaldo - 8 dagar sedan
One box from a nest was worth like 10 spell slots and skirting with roc disaster? Let' see.
DHR T - 8 dagar sedan
I do say those are some weeping angels
IdkIts Domi
IdkIts Domi - 8 dagar sedan
BrutalBri - 9 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for the critical role crack for this episode
Jamie - 9 dagar sedan
2:59:40 Loved this episode, especially with Nott and her withdrawals played so well by Sam!

Used some quotes from the show to make a song right here (for those that are interested!)

Thanks for a consistently great show Critical Role :)
Tristan Lewin
Tristan Lewin - 9 dagar sedan
drow with a beard? wth mercer?
timeotter - 10 dagar sedan
Something is very wrong about subtitles for this episode. );
Charlotte Dask
Charlotte Dask - 10 dagar sedan
3:46:26 When the whole crew knows labyrinth references.
Lefvaid arts
Lefvaid arts - 11 dagar sedan
All this time I've been thinking it's spelled "Basassan". Thank's, Critical Role!
jones81381 - 11 dagar sedan
Oh man if they had just left the bat/roc tied up or bagged up inside that alcove and let it revert back to itself it'd have just died because it'd pop back to its full size inside a place much too small for it. It'd basically be like cramming a whole adult human into a shoebox.
jones81381 - 11 dagar sedan
Barely a few minutes in and already these subtitles are horrible. It's like someone just said fuck it and let the computer do its horrible auto captions and was like "eh good enough."
Shafkin - 12 dagar sedan
What happened to the subtitles? They are worse than automatic CC. I miss CR Transcript team already
Someone's Side Channel
Someone's Side Channel - 12 dagar sedan
Augh you can hear Caleb struggling to cover his Zemnian accent after the gate guard's comment,, probably for the best but it still hurts
Agriffindor - 12 dagar sedan
When will the M9 learn that you don't need to use all 25 words in sending
Someone's Side Channel
Someone's Side Channel - 12 dagar sedan
If you wanna look like a non-threat, be professional and then immediately start joking around (while talking about how you almost died multiple ways)
Bryan Ihsan
Bryan Ihsan - 12 dagar sedan
does anyone not gonna complain about the subtitles???

because i do
Shafkin - 12 dagar sedan
Yeah subtitles are totally messed up. Don't know what happened
Callum Scott
Callum Scott - 13 dagar sedan
The Bat is no match against Bane.
CommanderLemur - 13 dagar sedan
I'd legit just murder the baby roc when I first seen it
Shrek Hentai
Shrek Hentai - 13 dagar sedan
Unless Matt is using a homebrew roc thats above CR11 the encounter should be below easy for 7 level 9 characters. The fact they were falling from a tree didn't help them, but it was still technically far more than possible. Granted, like I said Matt might be homebrewing the roc, but the biggest factor to them running was intimidation alone.
JTSulewski III
JTSulewski III - 13 dagar sedan
I'm not the only one who saw sam take off multiple shirts
kuro shini
kuro shini - 13 dagar sedan
Balu Fejes
Balu Fejes - 14 dagar sedan
Liam assuming the Marisha-style perch is strangely threatening.
LoopDeLoop - 14 dagar sedan
Marisha in shades fake ashing a fake cigarette onto Liam's shoulder is big dick energy
Alex Dignard
Alex Dignard - 14 dagar sedan
Hope someone from crit role team will see this but the subtitle are crap now, there a mistake every like 10 words... All of 1st campaign and first part of second one was legit perfect. Its like someome wrote exactly wjat tbey heard without actualy thinking to himself if that makes sense.
Alex Dignard
Alex Dignard - 14 dagar sedan
no hate, but legit, youtube automatic translation was better. It really looks like it was translated by a machine
Hunter Teal
Hunter Teal - 14 dagar sedan
Jester just barely passed concentration on her polymorph for the bat roc. That could've been scary.
Melissa McIntyre
Melissa McIntyre - 15 dagar sedan
These closed captions are atrocious. I have no idea what's going on lmao There's no point in having CC if it's entirely illegible!
Wesimations - 15 dagar sedan
*Rodan's theme intensifies*
Plice - 16 dagar sedan
By the end of it they're playing Dark Souls.