Beneath Bazzoxan | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 66

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The Mighty Nein tussle with a roc and make their way to Bazzoxan, a village holding the line against historical terrors...
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Varaktighet: 4:25:05


Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian - 5 månader sedan
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
0:50 Yeah, but can we hear this song though?
1:55 Liam makes the case for trusting Travis
2:55 Sam’s Liam impression
3:50 Damning footage
5:15 SUBMIT the full clip
6:35 This bit has destroyed Matt’s game
7:35 Sam is gone forever
8:50 Laura’s merch corner
9:55 Intro cinematic
11:30 Episode Starts
13:50 Recap Ends
14:30 Jester creates a Tingle costume
16:05 Are there pics of Taliesin dressed as a strawberry?
17:20 Matt, how dare you bring that up?
19:20 Bailing on Beau
27:00 Jester thanks Fjord
29:45 We built this Fjord on roc and rolls
32:05 Hop on my filthy back!
37:35 The fearsome roc
41:40 Matt and Liam are communicating
43:30 Marisha is a bird momma
49:00 Feed that bird
53:30 High stakes bat wrangling
56:25 Laura angers the sound gods
59:45 Mounting Yonick
1:05:20 Listening for the roc
1:12:30 New Caleb
1:14:15 Beau went to Jared
1:22:55 We miss you, Eric
1:25:40 Sad horn
1:28:15 The new It Follows sounds great
1:36:30 Break Starts
1:45:20 Art Montage
1:58:00 Break Ends
2:05:20 Looks like we made it
2:13:10 Jester is here to help
2:24:25 Surprisingly well stocked
2:25:15 Repainting the sign
2:28:30 Obon-Wan
2:36:50 Oh no, not the flask
2:38:55 Yasha is shifty
2:39:45 That kind of alchemy doesn’t usually turn out well
2:41:05 Laura gets Sam’s eyelash
2:41:35 Fjord and Caduceus
2:48:40 MediClaytion
2:50:00 Yasha’s wakeup call
2:55:10 Sholdiers
2:57:15 Nott’s looking pale
2:59:40 Yasha intimidates Nott
3:00:40 Nott goes crazy eyed
3:06:20 Travis is smooth
3:10:35 Fjord is toned
3:15:40 Workshopping the message
3:17:20 She comes alone
3:18:20 The final message
3:21:00 Isn’t it ironic
3:25:45 Fjord narcs on Nott
3:38:15 Jester and Yasha
3:49:30 Caduceus catches Beau
3:56:00 Weirdly inspirational
4:02:15 The creepiest room
4:15:25 They’re so in sync
4:21:45 Well, hell
4:23:35 Orphanmaker
4:24:50 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 11th of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask says “New Flask Pro by Apple”
Okay, well, looks like nobody sold us out to those Brits. I withdraw my endorsement of Sam. I don’t know who to believe anymore, for now I think the timestamps will be a neutral news organization until one or both sides actually try to bribe me for an endorsement.
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
yannick martens
yannick martens - 9 dagar sedan
Just a spelling correction for timestamp 59:45: According to the wiki ( Caleb's moorbounder's name is spelled Jannik. Though I should also add, as a German, I have never seen my name spelled with an O in any variation (French or German). Most variations of the spelling are: Yannick, Yannik, Jannick, Jannik, and Yanic.
Desmond Blenio
Desmond Blenio - 26 dagar sedan
Hello, bees!! Lol
James Evans
James Evans - 2 månader sedan
Antonia - 2 månader sedan
@cate thank you for your service
idiot stupid
idiot stupid - 5 månader sedan
3:47:27 sam signals the uk to rise up, with his covert skills, by sounding like big ben!
Olin rage
Olin rage - 11 timmar sedan
4:21:48 when Sam asks Ashley if she can sound like Fyord, Matt's look of anticipation so genuine it's awesome to see.
Bran R
Bran R - 21 timme sedan
Each time they take a big attack all I can think is the pets and how they are STILL ALIVE!?!
Doez Roo2
Doez Roo2 - Dag sedan
Theu gave the gator skin to the kobolds
Mac Tireliath
Mac Tireliath - Dag sedan
I would’ve made “Ready Room” into Heavy Moon. With a butt
Epic Glitter
Epic Glitter - 2 dagar sedan
(SPOILERS for later in campaign - Yasha's arc)
around 3:38:15, Jester talks to Yasha as they're crossing the threshold into the mountain/tomb, and knowing what happens later, it's just crushing to watch. Jester cares so much for Yasha, tells her the M9 can be her family and they love her, tells her they can protect her. Yasha's "rock harp" joke helped a little bit after. But I hate knowing how terribly wrong Jester is - they can't protect Yasha - they're more-or-less walking her to her doom (at least, temporarily)
ninesquareinches - 2 dagar sedan
Sorry if this has been asked somewhere: Could they have placed the trapped polymorphed roc in the small tree alcove before it embiggened? What would/could have happened?
ThorsShadow - 3 dagar sedan
Liam has way too much fan being an eagle, haha. :D
Foxique Somewhat
Foxique Somewhat - 3 dagar sedan
Travis' the fookin best. I believe he's the funniest player doing the funniest things with his charackter. (Yes I'm catching up, leave me alone)
Ari The Dota Newb
Ari The Dota Newb - 6 dagar sedan
That look of pure joy on Matt's face everytime he attacks with that bat.
Ioraek - 7 dagar sedan
15 gold for a bottle of whiskey? 10 for a fine bottle of wine? As Tal said, a modest lifestyle is 1 gold a day. They party were able to bunk 8 people for just over 1 gold. Caleb was able to get an entire outfit, custom made from fine materials for 10 gold. *What is this crazy dnd economy??!*
Quinn Sinclair
Quinn Sinclair - 8 dagar sedan
Did Travis feed that footage into the Bat computer?
John Sharplin
John Sharplin - 9 dagar sedan
Fjord: *Teleports onto roc's back*
My weak, pun-addled brain: For those aboard the roc, we salute you
Leh Tamohan
Leh Tamohan - 9 dagar sedan
Damn Laura was killing it this episode lol
John Doe
John Doe - 11 dagar sedan
Liam cast polymorph four times when he only had 3 spell slots. First time to fly Nott up the tree. Second time while they climbed around to the other side of the tree. Third time trying to make the Roc a sparrow. Then a fourth time attempting to save Fjord.
Lillian Early
Lillian Early - 11 dagar sedan
So i relized that the begining sequence had been changed so this is what i noticed. Theres a ton of spelling errors i know but idc
-3 eyes in fjords scene
-brief picture of Veth before Notts alley scene
-caleb is hiding behind a wall during mimic scene and is casting a spell by the end
-caleb uses the glove of blasting against the slime
-yasha is electric while slamming her sword down
-during "can you answer the call dig deep in your soul" a little bit of cad's magic is around beau
-characters in matts hands in order darrion, caliana, shakeasta, kiri, yeza, luc, nila, keg, bright queen, essik, and wacco
-new weird human figure behind matt in the end
Nicholas Dye
Nicholas Dye - 13 dagar sedan
love ashley's hair in this
Arthur Câmara
Arthur Câmara - 13 dagar sedan
Keep recasting polymorph until get to obann and drop a roc in it
Zethera Mueller
Zethera Mueller - 14 dagar sedan
3:54:07 That's a pretty neat way to get your wizard's attention XD
RL - 14 dagar sedan
They really need to clean out that bag of holding.
JEST3R - 16 dagar sedan
41:40 by far my favorite part of the entire series so far. Campaigns 1 and 2. Matt and Liam squawking at each other with compete seriousness
SecXy - 16 dagar sedan
I love that they basically banned the Luck feat for being too OP and annoying af, Then they go and give Liam a spell that allows everyone to have it (:
David Webb
David Webb - 18 dagar sedan
I've watched the Critcal Role opening credit scene so many times and it still never gets old for me. It makes me pretty hopeful for how good the up coming Critical Role animation is going to be.
Johanna Dracona
Johanna Dracona - 18 dagar sedan
Clara NOPE
Clara NOPE - 18 dagar sedan
Rocs fall everyone dies
TheThreeMavii - 19 dagar sedan
Was listening to this fairly loudly across my living room, and Matt's rok noises frightened my pet hamsters, d'aww!
Joy Pomeroy
Joy Pomeroy - 22 dagar sedan
Marisha at 1:25:00 made me die
Ronnie Shores
Ronnie Shores - 22 dagar sedan
When there's trouble you call DW
James arnol-scales
James arnol-scales - 23 dagar sedan
Love how baeu go's off at Caleb for invesagtion shit buts it's alright for her too
Scott The Brewer
Scott The Brewer - 23 dagar sedan
No detect magic in the Nest! Common!! I'm going nuts
Matt D
Matt D - 24 dagar sedan
Caleb you reaming my ears wasn’t funny the first time fucking stop jesus
A. Doran
A. Doran - 25 dagar sedan
Polymorphing a Roc?? What is the next? Taming a Tarrasque??
Jose Perez
Jose Perez - 26 dagar sedan
When Jester's leaf costume was brought up again, I lost it.
Desmond Blenio
Desmond Blenio - 26 dagar sedan
"Hello, beez!"
RitzPlays - 26 dagar sedan
My God I wish I could see the entire Roc encounter animated.
Ainsley Smith
Ainsley Smith - 27 dagar sedan
Campaign one Grog- “I have an intelligence of six, I know what I’m doing.”
Campaign two Caleb- “I have an intelligence of eight I know what I’m doing.”
*Liam and Travis share a knowing look*
MrSHADOWANGEL999 - 27 dagar sedan
and beau calls it more then anyone realizes
1212 DanE
1212 DanE - 28 dagar sedan
I just noticed that the intro is altered now!
In the final shot with Matt and the book it used to show Evantica, Orly the Gentleman the Ruby ect... for Fjord's and Jester's arcs
But now it shows the bright queen, Doctor Wacco and Yeza for Nott and Yasha's arcs
CodexX - 28 dagar sedan
Critical Role: Dead space
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop - 29 dagar sedan
I'm surprised at the lack of comments telling Liam to stop squawking lmao
chainer8686 - 29 dagar sedan
I really want to see cosplay of Jester in a shitty leaf costume
WintersTheHero - Månad sedan
Matt describing a beautiful view while juggling two hand fulls of d6's
Christa Edmonds
Christa Edmonds - Månad sedan
"Nothing bad ever happens to someone who's a leaf on the wind..."
*jaw drop*
TheDarkestNight - Månad sedan
Polymorph is OP as shit. Twice has matts roc fight been bypassed. Ugh. I know its fantasy but i find the bending of physics and shit to be idk game breaking. Imo atleast
GuilhermePGF - Månad sedan
Almost caught up. Started campaign 1 in may and is now October 2019. Just a quick question, since Jester cast cure wounds after polymorph... shouldn’t the roc have come back?
shadow lord
shadow lord - Månad sedan
Nah, Cure Wounds isn't concentration
Kirk W
Kirk W - Månad sedan
The Group: We can't go back to the bright queen without that guy.

Also the Group: Hey look a tree!!
DragonFartMaysa - Månad sedan
redsweatersandrants - Månad sedan
liam had way too much fun being a giant fcking bird shfssksksk
SeaWaves :v
SeaWaves :v - Månad sedan
Love the fact that Ashley is in these episodes more. Episodes feels so much more better to have a full cast than one missing.
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen - Månad sedan
The reason why Nott accuses Yasha and Fjord is because Sam probably holds a grudge against them by ruining his chance as president for D&D Beyond
Thor8151990 - Månad sedan
Also Yasha doesn't need AC she has resistance while raging.
Thor8151990 - Månad sedan
should've just cast Leomund's Tiny Hut after the polymorph. Roc can't get in and you get a free long rest.
a lesbean
a lesbean - Månad sedan
1:03:50 This lineup is absolutely perfect
1:14:05 This whole chain of events is A+
1:23:00 Hello bees
2:49:40 At this point the 9 are just switching off the ship captain hat
2:59:40 Do not poke the barbarian
3:17:20 She comes alone
3:18:25 A message
3:23:40 Oh Yasha no...
3:38:15 Jester and Yasha - Y'all I'm gonna cry
3:55:05 Abyssal writing
Tadhg Hanrahan
Tadhg Hanrahan - Månad sedan
The Tom waits reference was the highlight of this whole campaign for me. "what's he building in there"
Dan Jason Bugayong
Dan Jason Bugayong - Månad sedan
A part of me wished Jester said "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch me soar."
Jimmy Lucas
Jimmy Lucas - Månad sedan
When Matt says that "they see a rock formation", I hear it as "they see a roc formation" and immediately think that they see a formation of rocs... like a WWII bombing run or something, lol.
G60J60F80 - Månad sedan
2:01:26 I would have told him "We returned the motherfucking Luxon, bitch"
EarthQuake - Månad sedan
I have just one thing to say about the beginning of this episode : KA-KAAAAW!!!!
Zachary P
Zachary P - Månad sedan
Does anyone know what was up with Sam's shirts??
He started with 4 shirts on and I wasn't sure if he was just going to end the session topless.
CR Fan
CR Fan - Månad sedan
It's just part of his schtick of trying to wear the same shirts he did last campaign.
Michelle Wade
Michelle Wade - Månad sedan
The Mighty Nein (and DM) are happiness level is rising.