How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball? (at 100,000 FPS) - Smarter Every Day 216

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Mark's Rocket Golf Club:
We used a pressurized vacuum cannon to get the golf ball up to speeds of over 500 miles per hour.
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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lemoncy - 3 timmar sedan
girl:im not that hot
also the girl: 7:08
Angie Troy
Angie Troy - 14 timmar sedan
That look like a quasar
Demonic Master
Demonic Master - 15 timmar sedan
Golf Ball "Ima end this whole mans career"
RED BSTRD - 20 timmar sedan
12:49 Ultra 🤣
Jack Menasco
Jack Menasco - 21 timme sedan
7:06 👌 🤣 👌
Apexz Creation
Apexz Creation - 2 dagar sedan
No one:

6:59 Golf ball: *cough*
frog fish
frog fish - 2 dagar sedan
12:49 that's the backyard scientists thing to
California Dreaming
California Dreaming - 2 dagar sedan
It’s like what happens when John Daly hits a golf ball.
EMPEROR VIRUS - 3 dagar sedan
At 13:18 it looks like the ball went through a portal or something?!
migaseka - 3 dagar sedan
Smart chads are the best chads! that was amazing and got me pumped up! loved it!
Now let's do it with rifling and aeorynamic proyectiles to replace gauss canons!
Cybernonymous G
Cybernonymous G - 3 dagar sedan
Just imagine if that hit you on your balls

Goodbye children
John Thompson
John Thompson - 3 dagar sedan
The new myth busters series with you two maybe?
Muhammad Firdaus Azrai Idris
Remind me of mythbusters
Piston07 - 3 dagar sedan
See what happens when you shoot one of those prank golf balls that explode into a white cloud
shaka loo
shaka loo - 3 dagar sedan
Just like my balls
BOfan92 - 4 dagar sedan
Ich want to see the capilareffekt in the flame of candle under 60-80x zoom in in slowmo. Ich think it could looking pretty cool how the wax melting, sucked up,vaporizing and burning. Just making a simple thing complicate , nobody did this with that hugh zoom in. Cool channel btw. ,greethings from Deutschland.
Striker - 4 dagar sedan
Challenge: shoot two 500 mph golf balls right at each other
Kyle Angelo Zamora
Kyle Angelo Zamora - 5 dagar sedan
Woah that wix logo on the golf ball was a great advertisement
Elijah [REDACTED] - 5 dagar sedan

Minecraft cave sounds: 10:23
Elijah [REDACTED] - 5 dagar sedan
Zachary Kimmel
Zachary Kimmel - 5 dagar sedan
6:56 when you find that the school doesn't have edible food.
TheCheeseDud - 5 dagar sedan
People who play American football are 20
People who play tennis are 40
People who play golf are 60
Notice how when u grow older, your balls get smaller?
CreeperDude0509 - 4 dagar sedan
Erik Coons
Erik Coons - 6 dagar sedan
NASA should justvuse pressure cannons for rocketsvlike this. It saves fuel, time, and money. More to support my arguement, it is stupid fast.
hitoall123 - 6 dagar sedan
that minimalistic cannon: genius!
erikfren - 6 dagar sedan
Without using explosive :(
Jason Buben
Jason Buben - 6 dagar sedan

That’s what she said
Oof Plays number 2 boi
Oof Plays number 2 boi - 7 dagar sedan
Why arnt you guys world wide famous?
RickOtter - 7 dagar sedan
13:17 This is how the universe was actually created
Davidovich - 7 dagar sedan
Do blankets absorb more impact force?
gamerzando21 - 9 dagar sedan
yeah its all coming together
Harrison Wells
Harrison Wells - 9 dagar sedan
The animation and engineering (of course) is just phenomenal. That's why we love your channel.
Qwertle98 ッ
Qwertle98 ッ - 10 dagar sedan
Why do I now think that golf balls are squishy...?
Hello Sweetheart
Hello Sweetheart - 10 dagar sedan
When that ball lands those coyotes and wolves are finally going to have a ball to chew🤗
Hello Sweetheart
Hello Sweetheart - 10 dagar sedan
Watching these videos are making me feel "smarter everyday"
Mr Oneski
Mr Oneski - 10 dagar sedan
Should see how a long drive driver holds up
Nour NOUR - 11 dagar sedan
boys playing golF!!!
Flame Tuxedo
Flame Tuxedo - 11 dagar sedan
Flame Tuxedo
Flame Tuxedo - 11 dagar sedan
11:06 im about to end this golf club's whole carrer
Sean Lee
Sean Lee - 11 dagar sedan
Good job! Love Wix! Now it's time to get sponsorship from Titleist, Ping and Callaway!
Olivia Wolf Hye
Olivia Wolf Hye - 11 dagar sedan