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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna - Månad sedan
HEY GUYS!! I made a Patreon for my music stuff
I have a TON of behind the scenes stuff and more, but it doesn't really do well on these channels and I don't want to water down my content for most people who subscribed for my vlogs and stuff. I have a LOT of really cool, fun, exclusive content, click the link to see what I'm making over there :) HOPE TO SEE SOME OF YOU THERE! The community we've built so far is already SO SWEET, I love getting in the chat rooms with you!!!
My honor Cook
My honor Cook - 16 timmar sedan
Gabbie and Irene are high key flirting rn
i lish
i lish - 3 dagar sedan
21:00 that looks like the little brushes that come with depillers but i could be wrong lol
Charles Brobst
Charles Brobst - 5 dagar sedan
@Karmoo:p She is a grown woman, I am a grown man and I am obviously joking!!! Get a sense of humor, girl! If you can call me "boi" you clearly don't know me. And I am showing I watched her video, showing admiration for what she is obviously proud, and it would be fun for us both if that could happen which it clearly won't. I didn't feel like saying OBVIOUSLY again.
Karmoo:p - 5 dagar sedan
@Charles Brobst umm thats a little creepy boi.....
carnagethethief 101
carnagethethief 101 - 8 dagar sedan
Gab you can use all those bags and use them as your trash bags
Christina Velasco
Christina Velasco - 6 timmar sedan
The bags are never ending 😨😂💀😂😂😂😩
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell - 9 timmar sedan
I would’ve sooo made moves on a scene Gabbie
Mia Hensil
Mia Hensil - 9 timmar sedan
please say someone else noticed that was not a paperclip. It's a clothespin 😂😂😂
Madison Link
Madison Link - 11 timmar sedan
I'm so late but GABBIE I NEED to know where you got that second outfit!
Amithy Richart
Amithy Richart - 11 timmar sedan
xRebecckahx - 11 timmar sedan
Gabbie probably bought those thinking she was going to be so grown up & get her life together & finally use the name brand Magic Erasers but then just put them down there & kept them stowed away & forgotten about because of tunnel vision & stress
xRebecckahx - 11 timmar sedan
Definitely not a paper clip Gabbie
Ohhoneydarlingclemetine Yikes
Ohhoneydarlingclemetine Yikes - 12 timmar sedan
I want this friendship
Aaliy omg_mo3_gang
Aaliy omg_mo3_gang - 12 timmar sedan
Do a bedroom one pls😮
madeline quinette
madeline quinette - 13 timmar sedan
When Gabbie said "I just through up in my mouth“ I also through up in my mouth
Rosa Mello Jones
Rosa Mello Jones - 13 timmar sedan
Is Irene your gf??
Nights Laughter
Nights Laughter - 14 timmar sedan
Can we talk about all of the Emo’s (including myself)that have just continued the MCR lyrics?
Hailey Jones
Hailey Jones - 14 timmar sedan
Why the hell do you have pop that flavor😂😂
Kaylee Berggren
Kaylee Berggren - 15 timmar sedan
The environment is screaming. But so am I sis Lmaoo
Sage Fowler
Sage Fowler - 15 timmar sedan
my name is sage, so at 5:08 when she said "sage" (as in the herb) i kind of freaked the fuck out haha
emmy .s
emmy .s - 15 timmar sedan

brooke furness
brooke furness - 15 timmar sedan
I eat hot Sauce On popcorn and I’m from Pittsburgh and everyone else thinks I’m weird
Bloody X
Bloody X - 17 timmar sedan
I would of laughed if the video got copyrighted because of her singing.
Amie Rose
Amie Rose - 18 timmar sedan
This was posted a month from today😂
Amber S
Amber S - 18 timmar sedan
You need help
just a nerd
just a nerd - 18 timmar sedan
Cole Lynch
Cole Lynch - 19 timmar sedan
Irene and Gabby are dating and if not god damn they should
Kirsten Swander
Kirsten Swander - 19 timmar sedan
Ooooooh same girl first chair trumpet 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺
deandria moggy
deandria moggy - 20 timmar sedan
Thanks for making me laugh through a heartbreak
Jordyn Duncan
Jordyn Duncan - 20 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that kinda ships gabbie and irene
Yt_GachaKitty - 20 timmar sedan
Can I have the bear egg thing 🤣 I love it so much 🍳
Yt_GachaKitty - 20 timmar sedan
Gabbi: Bacon is my favorite food on the planet
Me: Well let me tell you... My friend haaaaastes bacon *yes I'm aware she's Satan*
L Hayward
L Hayward - 20 timmar sedan
I'm loving that rainbow magnet on your fridge Gabbie
Nicky van Veen
Nicky van Veen - 20 timmar sedan
that cabinet is a different dimension.... a bag dimension
Selina Barker
Selina Barker - 21 timme sedan
Also we need more "hydrated" Gabbie
Jules Gonzales
Jules Gonzales - 21 timme sedan
I'm so sore from working out and this video made me laugh till I cried.
Vhalhallah Covarrubias
Vhalhallah Covarrubias - 22 timmar sedan
Adam - 22 timmar sedan
23:18 An actual Hungarian person. Note this: every Hungarian has a bag of bags somewhere. :D
Amanda Walrath
Amanda Walrath - 22 timmar sedan
Gabbie yelling in her kitchen about how to pronounce GIF is literally me..
RainlilyLPS - 22 timmar sedan
6:14 am I the only one that stans the fact that she only wore queen merch this entire video
regina minecraft and ladybug
Who watches Gabbie Hanna more than David Dobrik
Kk Keke Too
Kk Keke Too - Dag sedan
Gabbie: I need you to prepare yourself
Me: lol ok then
Gabbie: *Pulls out 50,000,000,000 bags*
Me: *Dies of laughter*
Lorenzo Flores
Lorenzo Flores - Dag sedan
Gabbie that was a clothes pin😂😂😂😂😂😂 not a paper clip!!😂😂 this is why I love you!
carly elizabethh
carly elizabethh - Dag sedan
are we not gonna talk about how gabbie called a clothespin a paperclip??????? 22:49
rachelll ramaaa
rachelll ramaaa - Dag sedan
there were def spiders in that bag cabinet
Tyler Leydig
Tyler Leydig - Dag sedan
The part w the bags had me in TEARS 😂😭
large homo
large homo - Dag sedan
hello fresh Is genuinely great i had it before this
Adelaide Rhys
Adelaide Rhys - Dag sedan
i literally fuckin love the baby voice it makes me smile everytime 😭
xXStephaniexoxoXx - Dag sedan
I literally want to go to her apartment so badly and clean it for her.
Jessica Sparks
Jessica Sparks - Dag sedan
I'm glad I'm not a Jessica with a "g".
Kaitalynn Foorst
Kaitalynn Foorst - Dag sedan
It's a GIF not jiff that's friggin peanut butter
Also ewww gessica
And I Stan gabbie (jabbie)
Ceramic Coyote
Ceramic Coyote - Dag sedan
Okay can I just say you and Irene act like cute girlfriends and I love it so goddamn much. Like you two are so adorable together even as best friends and I just can'tttt
Kaitalynn Foorst
Kaitalynn Foorst - Dag sedan
"I can't handle things that taste like things"
Elena Alaniz
Elena Alaniz - Dag sedan
Elena Alaniz
Elena Alaniz - Dag sedan
We love the queen shirt
Kaitalynn Foorst
Kaitalynn Foorst - Dag sedan
"I'm Gabbie and I love jars"
Bitch saaaaame
irie - Dag sedan
Is Irene noni from insatiable?
Em Dec
Em Dec - Dag sedan
22:52 do you always call that a paper clip? I see it as a clothes’ pin.
Kathryn Robinson
Kathryn Robinson - Dag sedan
Umm sometimes I kiss your ass so much new potential subs dont sub :S i actually loved all her vids till Irene stepped in and was disgustingly annoying.
Sierra Ferris
Sierra Ferris - Dag sedan
Oh hunnay that’s isn’t water is it?.... it’s vodka
Nicole Amber
Nicole Amber - Dag sedan
I love that Gabbie has a buccees bottle opener😂😂😂
James Wise Magic
James Wise Magic - Dag sedan
"This smells like fireball"
Non alcoholics call that: Cinnamon
Lochlan McCallister
Lochlan McCallister - Dag sedan
23:11 I finally realize I'm not as messy as some people out there. I'm dying XD
Sofia Thorpe
Sofia Thorpe - Dag sedan
Gabbie. Please clean your magnets on your fridge!!
kathryn sleezer
kathryn sleezer - Dag sedan
Now Gabbie you take all those bags back to the grocery store and put them in the special bag returns bim
kathryn sleezer
kathryn sleezer - Dag sedan
*no IM NoT a HoArDeR*

That sounds like something hoarder would say.... XD
Vidal Cruz
Vidal Cruz - Dag sedan
•Lucid Dreams•
•Lucid Dreams• - Dag sedan
23:18 showing off my mental disorders
Hailie Fowler
Hailie Fowler - Dag sedan
Honey that’s a clothes pin not a paper clip😂❤️
alexa meier
alexa meier - Dag sedan
11:10 is me when i tell my friends about the guy i like
liam coates
liam coates - Dag sedan
Can you please do more cleaning videos. I love them. I love cleaning and your videos just inspire me so much. I literally love you and your videos.
Breton Multigrain
Breton Multigrain - Dag sedan
lets be honest, who does't have a bag drawer
Hunter ily
Hunter ily - Dag sedan
We love a good emo tb *im not crying*
Alexis Case
Alexis Case - Dag sedan
I want a food concoction video so bad, popcorn and hot sauce sounds so good
Alexis Case
Alexis Case - Dag sedan
Please open your videos with welcome Gabbie Fanna's lmfao
Talia Snow
Talia Snow - Dag sedan
Lps Shady
Lps Shady - Dag sedan
I love the bags 😂
D'Asia Grain
D'Asia Grain - Dag sedan
I can smell things through screens....
KKwolf5 Plays
KKwolf5 Plays - Dag sedan
I saw the bags and was like they just keep coming
Elizabeth Lea Ray
Elizabeth Lea Ray - Dag sedan
I have the same Queen shirt! Love this and you, Gabbie!
Aidan Conlon
Aidan Conlon - Dag sedan
CHARMAINE MARTIN - 2 dagar sedan
Your videos make me want to both clean and have my own apartment 😂🔥❤️🥴
Ashley Ruggiero
Ashley Ruggiero - 2 dagar sedan
Gabbie is so triggered about the gif pronunciation 😂😂
Cc_mi_23 - 2 dagar sedan
I got too obsorbed in the video and I forgot that I exist Im not joking I need help
Rachel Pederson
Rachel Pederson - 2 dagar sedan
When you first said "I'm not okay" I immediately thought that you'd start singing I'm not ok I promise by MCR
Jazmin :
Jazmin : - 2 dagar sedan
I love the friendship Gabbie and Irene have
Sporadic Tuber
Sporadic Tuber - 2 dagar sedan
Bleh nasty, dirty, cluttered apartment. When someone’s house is like this I assume they are unhygienic also. I’m sure not true but....
Katia Antonopoulos
Katia Antonopoulos - 2 dagar sedan
When she sang mcr I fucking can’t, they’re my fave ahhjahs
Pennie Hutchin
Pennie Hutchin - 2 dagar sedan
What cracks me up about Gabbie is that someone would say something and she would repeat it in a surprised tone.
Irene: You cook all the time
Gabbie: I dO cOoK aLL tHe TiMe
Joe: like Pixar
Gabbie: iT iS LiKe PixAr
syd - 2 dagar sedan
i agree it’s pronounced gif
Rebekah Herrera
Rebekah Herrera - 2 dagar sedan
why is no one talking about that 1 beer is equivalent to 7 slices of bread?????!!!!!!
random galaxygirls
random galaxygirls - 2 dagar sedan
Friend: I'm not okay
Me;do u promise
Linsey Rogers
Linsey Rogers - 2 dagar sedan
MCR vibes!!!!
Alivia Camillaa
Alivia Camillaa - 2 dagar sedan
“This just turned into a taste test video “
Nikki's Nightmares
Nikki's Nightmares - 2 dagar sedan
Bailey and Lex
Bailey and Lex - 2 dagar sedan
Who else sang along to mcr?
L C - 2 dagar sedan
You should deff sing a cover of Jolene, I think your voice is perfect for that song😍😍😍😍😍
Madsplayzzzgamess s
Madsplayzzzgamess s - 2 dagar sedan
Scottlyn Clement
Scottlyn Clement - 2 dagar sedan
Love how Irene keeps throwing complements at her and she just ignores it 😂
Scottlyn Clement
Scottlyn Clement - 2 dagar sedan
8:02 basically confirmed she legit kissed her and Gabbie DIDNT EVEN BACK AWAY BECAUSE SHE IS USED TO IT THEY ARE GOING TO BE THE NEXT ETHMA AFTER THEY ARE CONFIRMED (bc they will be)
Juliana Patefield
Juliana Patefield - 2 dagar sedan
All the magnets on ur fridge give me anxiety.
cheesygirl126 - 2 dagar sedan
^30 minute video of Gabbie showing us all how to procrastinate indefinitely and still manage to sneak in a sponsor😂👍🏼
Rachel - 2 dagar sedan
**calls clothespin a paper clip**
Brianna Wallerich
Brianna Wallerich - 2 dagar sedan
we stan a bucees bottle opener