10 Times Keanu Reeves BROKE the Internet

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At E3, Keanu Reeves stole our hearts and broke the internet when he called us breathtaking! But that wasn't the first time he proved he was the best boy of the internet! Here are 10 Times Keanu Reeves Broke the Internet! What's your fav moment?
#KeanuReeves #E3
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stubb0rnz - 6 timmar sedan
peter sark is one lucky man
Swagmcbobface - 7 timmar sedan
Surprised this list only made it to 10.. Is this part 1?
K Kr
K Kr - 9 timmar sedan
He should have been BATMAN
Moehammad Akbar
Moehammad Akbar - 13 timmar sedan
Blue flame
Blue flame - 15 timmar sedan
luke ketchum
luke ketchum - Dag sedan
I would go back in time and Keanu to marry Sandra Bullock because DAM IT they are so good together!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
2B or not 2B
2B or not 2B - Dag sedan
brandon molina
brandon molina - 2 dagar sedan
In other words:
Keanu Reeves is a legend
The rest of the video is why we haven't been able to end his career.
TapToPlay - 2 dagar sedan
i don’t know why but Keanu Reeves looks like kinda Jesus
lord skrolk
lord skrolk - Dag sedan
His jesus with black hair.
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S. - 2 dagar sedan
TapToPlay Because he is Jesus
Jaydenz Epic
Jaydenz Epic - 3 dagar sedan
3:06 is that the one power ranger lol
On the left
MaximusMotion Movies
MaximusMotion Movies - 3 dagar sedan
You have to have passion for life and what you do... FACT..
Support others and never give up..
Please check out my first ever short movie I've just done.. I'm a newbie with a passion lol..
Thanks ♥
Rymid Bulk
Rymid Bulk - 4 dagar sedan
Xbox players got Keanu Reeves
D K90
D K90 - 4 dagar sedan
Keanu reeves for president 2020!!
Parastoo Javan Bakht
Parastoo Javan Bakht - 4 dagar sedan
-Wreck it Ralph wants to know your location-
PainfulNostalgia - 4 dagar sedan
he's part Asian?
maybe that why he doesn't age huh..
Roky Boky
Roky Boky - 4 dagar sedan
*Inhales again*
KicK - 5 dagar sedan
watchmojo more like watchjojosiwa
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi - 5 dagar sedan
Chivalry is dead
Keanuu: hold my beer
Gagan Shankar
Gagan Shankar - 2 dagar sedan
More like "here,you can have my beer"
Secret Seeing
Secret Seeing - 5 dagar sedan
he has never ever done a terrorist movie role or took the piss out of religion in any movies. we are cool with movies he does and thats what we LIKE about him !
Veronica Duron
Veronica Duron - 5 dagar sedan
What if Keanu reaves is the new JESUS
agasttya dixit
agasttya dixit - 6 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves scratches ass
get handles
get handles - 6 dagar sedan
Who else is here after spongebob movie trailer
Sajma Sinanovic
Sajma Sinanovic - 6 dagar sedan
He broke the internet with the spongebob film
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 - 6 dagar sedan
We need more of keanu 💕
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 - 6 dagar sedan
He is a blessing
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 - 6 dagar sedan
He doesn’t age because saint live forever ❤️
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 - 6 dagar sedan
He is adored ❤️
Dark Flora69
Dark Flora69 - 6 dagar sedan
AnthonyKusanagi - 7 dagar sedan
Keanu is a nice vandal Savage
Calvin Lam
Calvin Lam - 7 dagar sedan
Number 1: Acting in a Spongebob Movie
Paulo Hernandez
Paulo Hernandez - 7 dagar sedan
I'd crawl through a mile of broken glass to hear Keanu fart over a phone...sigh... help me
despacito spider
despacito spider - 7 dagar sedan
Your breathtaking
Guset 176
Guset 176 - 7 dagar sedan
Who Came here For Spongebob Movie Trailer
Gold Connor
Gold Connor - 7 dagar sedan
Now he’s a Sage in a Sage in Spongebob in a Spongebob Movie
Joshua Ledesma
Joshua Ledesma - 8 dagar sedan
Keanu is also in fortnite
Pretty Stained
Pretty Stained - 8 dagar sedan
Honorable Mentions: The Spongebob Movie
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor - 5 dagar sedan
Just saw the Trailer 😂
Lut Haqimi
Lut Haqimi - 8 dagar sedan
Now he break spongebob
Rofl Doffel
Rofl Doffel - 8 dagar sedan
we sacrifice our souls to keep him alive
Todd Courage
Todd Courage - 8 dagar sedan
He’s just Canadian.
Serillian - 8 dagar sedan
He broke the Internet!
Mike Pepper
Mike Pepper - 9 dagar sedan
Jim Davies
Jim Davies - 9 dagar sedan
Keanu has been through so much and still kept his integrity, his charisma and his great attitude towards people. I wish him all the best. Now...... If I could only borrow his time traveling phone booth..... Get me to April 2020!!! CYBERPUNK!!!!
Rayuga X
Rayuga X - 9 dagar sedan
John wick is a man of focus commitment and sheer fucking will and also humbleness
jackAll169 la la lang
jackAll169 la la lang - 10 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves on an Old Spice commercial
XDr. Unknown X
XDr. Unknown X - 10 dagar sedan
*You are breathtaking*

-Keanu Revess
Itsiwhatitsi - 11 dagar sedan
Niranjan Prakash
Niranjan Prakash - 11 dagar sedan
I don't know if Keanu broke the internet with cyberpunk, but my uterus did explode!
ww ww
ww ww - 12 dagar sedan
I m not a famous person or who achieved much in my life, yet this man is more humble than me.
ww ww
ww ww - 12 dagar sedan
If he would have lived in ancient times, he would have been a god among men.
Dylaseu - 12 dagar sedan
Wait what the fuck? He’s been to bakersfield?!?!?? WHERE HAVE I BEEEEEEN
popff7 - 12 dagar sedan
The first moment is the reason he is good at shooting, and lethal.
jesscsrangel - 12 dagar sedan
I'm so in love.
GAME MASTER - 13 dagar sedan
He is the my favourite actor
suriname.ballv2 - 14 dagar sedan
Morgan freeman is also immortal
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews - 14 dagar sedan
What's the music called being used in this video?
Redheadgeek - 15 dagar sedan
I'm a simple human being, I see Keanu Reeves and I click...
ThatguyNice - 15 dagar sedan
LOVED Bill & Ted's Excellent & Bogus Adventure.
PFC thomas W.
PFC thomas W. - 15 dagar sedan
Keanu, has breath taking HAIR.
just Amazing looking😍
Athanasios Dimitriadis
Athanasios Dimitriadis - 16 dagar sedan
I want a new witcher game with keanu as a witcher killing monsters and shit
MS Tube
MS Tube - 17 dagar sedan
"Keanu Reeves" a name of a legend.